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Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния превод

С участието на: Кенан Имирзалъолу, Бергюзар Корел, Четин Текиндор, Мелике Ипек Ялова, Ръза Коджаолу и Явуз Бингьол

Re: Академия за dizi изкуство и литература "ХУЛИГАН 2"

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Господ е на небето, а Опел-а е на шосето!
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Re: Академия за dizi изкуство и литература "ХУЛИГАН 2"

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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Пон Сеп 29, 2014 9:34 am

Episode 77 Summary Part 1
for ... 3135352676
29 септември 2014 г. в 10:20

Епизодът започва с Махир и Ясин, който шофира на връщане, рано сутринта ... Ясин пита Махир дали съжалява и Махир кима с не.
Вестникарчето рекламира заглавието за Джунейт,който липсва от болницата, Махир го е отвлякъл за отмъщение.
Фериде е прекарала нощта в Суна ... Суна й носи нещо за пиене ...
S: You woke up? You did not sleep the whole night, right? Sweetie, what is it that upsets you that much? Since yesterday you desolated yourself... Not a single teardrop has left from crying. And I am asking and you do not tell. Feride... Please say something. I am scared now.
F: Bad things are going to happen, Suna... Very bad things are going to happen.
S: How? Feride for God’s sakes (Allah aşkına) do not say that (shut it).
F: I saw... I saw the anger (rage) in his eyes... He will burn everything that is on his way and go... If his intention was not bad, would he have looked at me with a cold stare? Would he have given up on me, and left me? Of course he knew that I would prevent it, this is why he said “leave”, “it is over” “forget”...
S: Mahir said that? Feride, have you both separated?
F: I have to prevent him, Suna.
S: Stop Feride, please. Please say something.
F: Later Suna, it is imperative that I find Mahir. I must prevent him from making a mistake.

Прокурор Аднан и МС на романтична разходка по безкраейния път, който води към ...(Ада) ...
Savcı Adnan and MS are having their romantic walk in that never ending road... (may it lead to hell please)...
SA: When the man (Cuneyt) got into jail, he had a fight with someone. He was severely beaten. When they found him in this state, they sent him immediately to the infirmary, but his condition has greatly deteriorated during last night, so he got transferred into hospital. And then, he disappeared from there. Whether he escaped or someone kidnapped him, it is still mysterious.
MS: How can this happen? The man is a prisoner, was not there someone to guard him?
SA: Would there not be, Mr. Minister... The police soldiers were there guarding him, but no incident nor appearance was noticed. Actually, they just discovered he was gone overnight. To put it this way (anlayacağın), Cüneyt Yanbal as currently disappeared.
MS: I cannot understand... The doctor has said that his condition was very bad that he cannot be left alone... and the man has simply disappeared?
SA: I do not think he did this by himself.
MS: Then who did it?
SA: The man has not run away, I believe he got kidnapped. And if we reflect on this, we find out that there is only one suspect who can do such a thing... Mahir Kara. He is the only one who cares about this Cüneyt's affair and to hurt him. Basing on that, I issued an arrest warrant against him. When they will bring him, I will personally interrogate him.
MS: What if it was not Mahir who kidnapped him? Although it is an incident that suits him well. The man’s characteristics (muhteviyat) are madness (divanelik), brute force (kaba kuvvet)...
SA: Even if he is not involved, all people will think the opposite. When I knew about the incident, I immediately sent the new to the press. I have insinuated that the principal suspect is Mahir Kara.
MS: You know what? I am seeing in you the sparkle of intelligence that used to belong to the deceased Turgut. Keep going in this way, savcı bey. Keep going.
God no this grim-looking savcı will never replace Turgut. Mamafih our cancağızım Magnificent Turgutness was a bliss to watch even though that bastard was always a step ahead.

Назиф сънува и се сепва, въобразявайки си, че Сафие го събужда, казвайки му, че няма навик да спи до това време на деня , внукът му е гладен и всички го чакат на масата ...
Nazif dreams and imagines Safiye waking him up – saying that it is not his habit to sleep to that time of the day... That his nephew is hungry, they all are waiting for him at the dinner table... Nazif runs to the dining room and no one is there except İlknur… Nazif asked her about what is she looking for, then she answered him that it was looking for a top (the child’s spinning top toy) which its nail (çivi) was removed then her brother fixed it again… She says she has been looking for it ever since… She gets angry because she cannot find it where she put it, İlknur said that sure the demon (cin) has taken it... Nazif looks at her astounding and no words came from him, she said that there is a sorcery in this house or maybe there is a big envy on their family, then she started to talk about something that Safiye used to do about things like this… Talking about old habits to face such things, then she went out leaving Nazif startled by her act… İlknur gets out of the house and sees a group of children running to go to school…which reminded her of Nazif Jr. So she felt panic…
(Valla on second thought, I would not say no to a İlknur/Seyis couple… But I still suspect this Seyis... making himself look like a compassionate gangster...)

Селим идва да вземе Айтен и да я отведе при Неждет. But first she hands him a tin tray and tells him to first pass by a bakery to get Börek or something like that for Necdet.
Кериме решава да напусне и да отиде и обясни всичко на Фериде ...за нейн късмет МС се прибира в същото време ...
MS: What is the matter (hayrola), Kerime hanım? Where to like this? Did I not tell you that you will not get out of the house?
K: You cannot prevent me from that, get out of my way (çekil yolumdan).
MS grabs her arm...
MS: You will do whatever I say. You will not go against my orders (sözünden çıkmamak).
K: You are wrong. I will go now and explain the truth to Feride and Mahir, and everyone else. They will find out that you took the lives of those innocent people.
MS: Really? Alright (pekala), if it is so, then let us go and tell the truth together.
K: What are you doing?
MS: Get going!
K: What are you doing, let go of my arm!
MS: I said get going.
K: I said let go of me!
MS: Open the door.
K: Where are you bringing me to?
MS: Go and you will see. Hurry up, accelerate right away.
I swear, this chauffeur Vedat must know way too much... I hope that this sour-faced fucker also opens his mouth one day.

Отново при Махир и Ясин в колата …
Y: To your house, right? When Nazif baba hears about this...
M: … he will pierce my chest (heart – bağır) with his words (sözleriyle delip geçecek bağırıma). But what solution... What happened, happened (olan oldu).
When they arrived at the Kara household, the Police was waiting outside. Fuuuuck ze police.
Y: Mahir, they got the news. If you want, let us go back from behind, and speak to Nazif baba.
M: Do not get yourself in trouble. Just do what you are supposed to do, kardeşim.
Police: Komiser Yasin, there is a arrest warrant against Mahir Kara. He is suspected of kidnapping Cüneyt Yanbal. We are here to arrest him.
Y: Tamam, Mahir Kara is with me, then, you follow me.
Police dude: We are going take him to Beyoğlu, the savcı will take his statement there.
Off they go.
Махир и Ясин пристигат в полицейския участък ...The grim-looking pest of a savcı came...
SA: So you have brought the criminal?
(here here, let me stuff your mouth and throat with enough paper and tissues... let me aid you in shutting the heck up)
Y: Where are we supposed to lead the suspect, your honourable savcı?
SA: Lead him to the interrogation room, I will come later to start the investigation.
Y: I cannot take in (stand him) that savcı! May god be with you.

Назиф седи сам ... Сонгюл слиза ...
S: Good morning Baba...
Door knocks…
O: Good morning.
S: Good morning.
O: I brought you the bread… I thought maybe there is none at home.
S: Thank you.
Her hands touched Osman's hands…Then he held her hands.
O: Say something Songül. Please, how can I stop (dindirmek) your pain? Tell me... Ask for something which can stop your sadness. I will make whatever you wish for. Haydi.
S: Nothing... There is nothing you can do... I do not know how their void would be filled and how my pain would stop.
O: Despair (hopelessness – çaresizlik) is a very difficult thing Songül...I am wandering around your house everyday… My eyes on your room's light, if it turned off for a moment, I think about if you slept a little bit and I wonder if your pain stopped? If you say your pain's cure is on the other side of this life I will go quickly to it.
S: Always look at me like this... In my eyes.
Ok yes Osman is sweet… But Jesus Christ I feel so sorry for Yasin... Look at them, holding each other’s hand in the middle of the street... UH HELLO?! Even Rıza Kocaoğlu said in a recent interview that tough days await Yasin from that love triangle. It is ok Yasin, you have me or Suna. ....... Ok let me move on before I get into an never-ending diatribe.

Отново при Назиф и Сонгюл ...
S: Shall I pour you a cup of tea, babaciğim? If you want, I will make menemen for breakfast (google it to know what it is but you have seen it in episode 7 and many times in the 2 seasons).
N: Thank you kızım, I do not have desire to eat anything.
S: But babaciğim, you must eat…

Фериде чука на вратата ...
S: Günaydın.
F: Günaydın.
S: Fortunately you came Feride abla. I was telling my father that he has to eat something.
N: Feride, what happened kızım? Is there anything negative?
F: No babaciğim, I came to see you and I also was going to talk to Mahir.
S: My brother (abim) is not here, he went out of home again while we were sleeping.
F: How was he last night?
S: I do not know, I did not see him.
F: Then he also did not come last night.
N: Feride, what is the reason of that worrying of yours?
F: Babaciğim, believe me there is nothing... It is just my imagination (kuruntu) because I could not see Mahir properly… This is why.
Nazif knows that there is something going on.

Илкнур отива в училището на малкия Назиф ... гледа играещите деца. Сеис я следва ...изказва й съболезнованията си. Тя му благодари ...
Then one of Nazif’s friends tell İlknur that they say Nazif died, why would he die...and he says he is coming with her so he can see Nazif. İlknur tells him not to touch her... she runs off.
Бюлент получава питието си. Орхан влиза в бара и пита келнера за Бюлент. ..Келнерът му казва, че е дошъл следобяд и пие нон-стоп, „бедният” , той се опитвал да удави мъката си. Орхан отива да го види ...
O: Enişte (brother-in-law)…
B: Do not call me enişte.
O: Peki (alright)… Come on let us get out of here.
B: Dude leave me alone. I will not go anywhere.
O: Enişte...Enough drinking now, let us have some fresh air.
B: The pain in here (his heart) did not ceased (dinmek) yet.... My son’s death is still on my mind… That means it is not enough yet.
O: Tamam, haydi come... We will drink together.
(I wonder how heavy it was for handsome brainless Orhan to drag this pig Caveman Bülent around)
B: Let go of me.
O: Haydi…
B: Orhan… They killed my son. They took my son from me. Now who will kiss my hand on feast days… Who will call me Baba?

Отново при тъпия (Handsome Orhan) и още по-тъпия (Caveman Bülent)…
O: Have you sobered up (ayıltmak) at least?
B: What sober? I will not sober up, is there something worse than this (var mı ötesi)?
O: Aaa you mean it is good?
B: Good or bad, what is it to you?
O: Will your pain cease if you numb (uyuşturmak) yourself like the alcoholics (ayyaşlar)... Will the truth change when you become senile (beyini sulanmak)?
B: I will forget even if it does not change... I will drink until his memory gets erased from inside of me, alright?
(Yes Caveman Bülent, maybe cirrhosis is also the answer for you)
O: Like this you will be consumed away (tükenmek) bit by bit (yavaş yavaş)... If you ask me, go and throw yourself (commit suicide – git at kendine). What do they say? A fart expected from a donkey (Eşekten beklenen bir osuruk). This suits you well anyway, coward man (korkak herif).
Bülent runs to Orhan and tries to beat him.
O: This is it (işte bu!), I want to see this fire in your eyes, enişte. Even more crazy, get angry! Let your blood flow from your veins burningly... Keep your pain always heavy... This is the most necessary (en elzem) for revenge.
B: From whom will I get revenge?
O: From the ones who made us live this pain.
B: Who is this dishonourable (şerefsiz)? Unless you know him?
O: No, No, but we will find him... We will find out who is he, and why he took my mother and my nephew from us... And then we will make the person who was the reason and he who did this pay for what he did, enişte... Now you tell me, are you in this path (sen bu yola var mısın)?

Отново при Орхан и Бюлент пияницата ...
B: Who is this Seyis? What kind of a man is he?
O: A brave (mert) man, a man who his heart and arms are strong.
B: Why would he help us… Our grudge (hınç) is not an important subject for him.
O: Do not worry enişte, what it links him is not this subject of ours but my gratitude to him. No matter how big my debts to him are, I am highly beneficial for him. He knows that I will not let any favours he gives unpaid. This is what comes through his heart.
B: Vallah I do not know what his heart says… But my heart says that I have to take my revenge for my son...
O: We said ok for once and we took off, the rest will come.
B: Let what will happen, happen Orhan. From this moment on, I have nothing left to lose in this life… Orhan be careful.
O: Lady, are you fine? Are you OK?
Oh hello miss fake eyelashes (Nilay/Zehra).
N: Orhan…
Orhan says nothing and just runs away from her.
B: Is she not your ex-girlfriend? Did you check her well? No wounds? Take her to hospit...
O: Shut up enişte, Allah aşkına shut up.

Ведат, шофьорът на МС, спира колата в края на улицата и паркира отстрани до някаква къща ... Ведат излиза ...
K: For what reason did we come here for, will you tell me?
MS: Shut it and watch.
Cihan, his wife and daughter get out of the house… on their way to drop off the daughter to school.
K: Who are these people for God’s sakes… How are they relevant to us?
MS: I brought you to your son, Kerime Hanım. To your son Cihan.
K: This is not possible... It cannot be.
MS: Drive to the Çay Bahçe down there... Let Kerime Hanım get from fresh air.
Look at Mega Sack of shit smiling like he is the boss, able to control everyone and everything in this life... Let me tell you, you will not be able to control Mahir nor me by the end of this season get ready for a painful death.

Отново при тиранина Мехмед и Кериме Ханъм ...
K: I beg you to stop this joke, because it is a very unpleasant (nahoş) subject.
MS: And why do you think it is a joke? He is your real son. Your illegitimate (gayrimeşru) son that you gave birth to years ago.
K: Are you serious

[Flashback (pardon while I die from laughter)]
K: You do not know anything.
MS: Explain then. What has choked you with this sadness and cloudiness? What is keeping you from getting rid of Kemal?
K: The situation is direr (catastrophic – daha da feci) than you think. I am carrying Kemal’s child. I am pregnant.
MS: I accept that. We will go to Europe right after our wedding. And after the child is born, we will give him up for adoption. And this way, no one will find out about this inappropriate situation.
K: Are you serious? I…
MS: I accept anything that comes from you. Say yes. It is enough that you just return my desperate love (barffff… hahhahahahahahahhahahahah)

[End of Flashback]
MS: But you, you did not keep your promise. I understood from your eyes that you had changed your mind about giving the child up for adoption. Above that, you were attached to the child while he was still in your stomach. I knew that I would not be able to convince you. Plus, I absolutely had no intention of becoming a father to Kemal’s child. For that reason, I told you that the child died.
K: You could not have done something like that. You could not be that unmerciful (heartless).
MS: I did what was right. Look, you have a son in this life after all this time. He has established a beautiful home. You should really thank me.
K: Do you know the pain that I suffered? You fooled me. You hurt me. What is this injustice? Did you not have any pity at all, as you were separating mother and child? He was only one day old and you took him from me.
MS: You have reunited with your son after all these years. What more could you want? You have a son in this life from now on. Go. Get to know him and introduce yourself. Be his mother if he accepts. He will help you forget Melih’s pain. Ahh, if it was me I would not hesitate at all. I would have enjoyed it. Not every mother has the chance to find the son that she once lost. In addition, is it clear to who and for how long God grants life? Maybe there is not much time left for your son.
K: What does that mean? What are you getting at?
MS: If you do not stay quiet I will take the life of your son that I permitted to live many years ago. Do you understand, Kerime hanım? I will kill your son. Eh, the choice is yours after this, my beloved wife (sevgili karıcığım). Son, bring us two plain coffees.
Man: Right away, sir.

Кериме се връща у дома в сълзи ... Муала я пита нещо лошо ли се е случило ...
M: Did something bad happened, efendim? Kerime hanım what happened, what is with this state of yours...
MS: Leave her alone. Kerime hanım received a bad news… Nothing important. Let her cry, relax a little. Why do you not make me a coffee…? But let it be very bubbly (foamy – köpüklü).
M: Of course efendim.
Omg f*** you MS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Дайлян чете статията за Махир във вестника...It is written that the person who is responsible of the car explosion (Cüneyt) has been arrested and then, has been kidnapped from the hospital. The major suspect is Mahir Kara, who lost his mother and nephew in the incident, and this can lead him to serve justice by himself.

Айтен, Селим и Сюеда на входа на затвора ...
Ayten is pissed to see Süeda... Süeda (ayyy our promiscuous blonde duck is back) told Ayten they have not allowed her to see Necdet because she is not officially his wife (they have different names – religious marriage) even if she begged them and confessed she is pregnant. Ayten replied that it is too bad, where would they know that she is saying the truth... Unfortunately the rules of the state must be applied... Süeda asked her then to tell Necdet she is missing him and that she cannot wait to see him free, and send him her regards. Ayten says she will tell him. After that, Süeda told Selim that no one is helping her since Necdet is in prison, if she is ok, or if she has enough money... and that was inacceptable. She said at last she will inform Necdet how much they had took care of her. Ayten signals Selim to get a move on by stomping on the ground with her heels... Selim replied he will send someone in the afternoon.

Сердар (нашият слънчев лъч в тази тъмна ситуация, ееее ... като го гледам, все едно е в комедия) информира Неждет, че има посещение от съпругата му.
Serdar, (our little sunshine in this dark situation, is he not... just watching him is a comedy), informed Necdet that he has a visit from his wife. And also that he had a visit from Süeda but they did not let her enter. Necdet got angry and asked him who dare reject his visitors. Serdar said it is because of the new director, who is really strict. He ends by ask him how he can be with two woman. Necdet got angrier and told him he better shut up because he could finish him. Then he goes to see Ayten... She plays the card of the innocent wife... Asking him how is he... Etc. She tries to act as if she misses him, he tells her that there is little left to his discharge. She asks how so... He says it became clear that he is innocent. She says really... Necdet says yes really, it is the guard that killed Sinan, and went to confess his crime, anyway what would be his business with the boss of a newspaper... Ayten says this means that they will release him, really... Necdet says yes, a day after tomorrow to a week the latest he will be home. Ayten acts like she is happy about the news, that their longing for each other will end, bla bla.
Lol that hair smelling is ridiculous, rather Necdet altogether was ridiculous haaaa.

Айтен излиза от затвора ...Our little dwarf spider Ayten comes out of jail… Selim asks about Necdet, how is he, etc… Ayten says he is fine, maşallah. He asks if Necdet has any wishes, Ayten says she does not know for him but for her there is… She tells Selim that no one will go to Süeda’s house, that she looks after herself on her own. She tells Selim to follow her order without objections.

Махир в стаята за разпит ... и Прокурор Аднан ...
Mahir the handsome human candybar is waiting in the interrogation room... He asks the officer that came in...
M: Savcı bey was going to listen to my statement, and a lot of time has passed for him to come. Will I have to wait more, arkadaşim.
Officer: I have no information. I think he will come once his work is done.
A: What do you mean we are not able to find anything? They kidnap the man at night from the police jail cell, and you stand in front of me and say there are no witnesses.
Officer: We questioned the people in the hospital and the doctors, and even the workers, savcı bey. Their statements are in the file that is in front of you.
A: If we look at what is in here, then Cüneyt must have grown wings and flown away. We brought the suspect and locked him up inside, and we have not one thing in our hands to trap him in the corner. Well done! Get out of my sight!
(If it was Turgut in Adnan’s place, he would have hit that table in a much more gracefully… and mentally tormented the officers with his lovely moves and way of talking… Valla I think I need to go to the show Reaksiyon’s set and kidnap Yurdaer Okur… and somehow miraculously reincarnate him. Mamafih…)
Обратно към Прокурор Аднан и Махир в стаята за разпит ...
SA: Mahir Kara. We are meeting again without much time passing by. I was invited to the wedding. As you know, Feride and I are colleagues. You may not believe it, but I was talking to my wife if we should accept the invitation or not. Then we received the bad news. My condolences, believe me I was very sad (asshole, on top of that the bastard is married hahahaha).
M: Eyvallah.
SA: Anyway, in the end, thanks to the hard work of our officer, we caught the culprit right away. You know that he turned himself into justice. But many things happened afterwards, that we are not able to understand how they took place. The day the man entered into prison, he was beaten by an unknown person, and was transferred to the hospital. The doctor went to his room in the evening, and Cüneyt Yanbal was gone. That means, the man has disappeared. And I am curious, if you have any knowledge about all that has happened, Mahir bey.
Връщаме се при прекрасния Прокурор Аднан и Махир ...
A: Your silence makes me more suspicious, Mahir bey. After all, you are the only main suspect (baş şüpheli). You are the only person that would want Cüneyt Yanbal dead. Now tell me, how did you get the man out of the hospital?
M: Am I the one who took him out? Who saw me? Do you have a witness?
A: I ask the questions, Mahir bey. Your job is to tell the truth. Did you kidnap the man from the prison or not? Answer this.
K: Savci bey…
A: What is this lack of respect? We have an interrogation here.
K: Forgive me. Komiser Yasin sent me as this has to do with the subject, sir.
A: Understood, you can leave. Do these look familiar to you, Mahir bey? If you want, take a closer look. These things belong to Cuynet Yanbal, they found them in the Bosphorus though, you probably already know this. But it is a good idea. Capture the man and throw him in the Bosphorus, and he will get buried in the water and be gone. They will not find any body or any traces. The matter will get closed up, and you would have cooled your insides.
Back to our lovely Savcı Adnan… Look at how cute he gets when he gets really mad, right…?
A: Enough is enough, Mahir Kara! We are not in a library but in an interrogation room. Give your statement like a man! I am asking you for the last time... Are you the one who kidnapped Cüneyt Yanbal from hospital? Have you thrown him into the Bosphorus?
Mahir with Cüneyt the night before... Cüneyt begged Mahir for liberating him, he said that he told him all what he knows...
[End of Flashback]
A: So you want to play this game? Well, then tell me, where were you last night?
M: Your intelligence unit works wonderfully. What is the need for me to answer you, they know. And if they do not know... They will find out... where was I and what I have done.
A: I got it. No. Benden günah gitti (Do not blame me if it goes wrong).
*He asked for a police man* and said: Take “this” to jail.
M: “this”? Olmadı (literal this did not happen – when someone says something like “bak, bu olmadı” or “bu olmadı” it is a way to express disappointment) Savcı bey. You still know my name.
A: "This" will remain in custody until morning. You will go to the tribunal tomorrow, so you can explain your problem to the judge. Take "This" from my eyes! Take him in custody immediately.
(To answer your question Adnan bey, yes let us play a game – let me be Jigsaw from the movies Saw and ask you that question... then torture both you and MS. How about that...)
Right when Mahir left... Feride comes.
F: Prosecutor (savcı) bey.
A: Ohhh, Hakime hanım, buyrun.
F: Merhaba. I heard Mahir Kara was brought to the police station.
A: That's what happened indeed. I personally gave the order.
F: What for? Is he suspected?
A: Yes Hakime Hanım. He's the only suspect for the disappearance of Cüneyt Yanbal. On top of that, after I got his statement, my suspicions have grown. I sent my request to have him detained. He will face the court tomorrow. Now, please excuse me, I have to prepare the documents for tomorrow.
F: Where is Mahir? I want to see him.
A: Sure. I will not interfere. But, of course you may understand I cannot let this beyefendi (Nazif baba) see him.
F: Haydi babaciğim. Merhaba, I am Feride Şadoğlu. I want to see Mahir Kara.
Adnan to the policeman: Escort Hakime hanım and do not let the visit take a long time. Also, do not let the old man who is with her see him, or I will burn you!
Officer: Mahir Kara, Hakime Feride Şadoğlu came and she wants to see you.
Officer opens the door but Mahir refuses to come out.
F: Babaciğim, I want you to see Mahir but we are going to leave and he will stay here. I do not know... they will say something behind our backs and hurt us.
N: No need, you go to see him. Ask him what is in his mind. I will go outside a little to breathe some fresh air.
F: Are you fine babaciğim?
N: Almost yavrum.
O: He does not want to come to the visit, Hakime hanım.
(Did I say how much I love hearing Feride say Nazif baba or babaciğim freely like this... yet at the same time use the polite form of you “siz”? Very sweet... <3)

Фериде идва в полицейското управление, Ясин също пристига в момента ...
Y: Ah, that completes it (şimdi tam oldu).
F: I was waiting for you, Yasin.
Y: I assumed that (tahmin etmek).
F: I am not able to find Mahir or find out where he is. He is not anywhere. The last time I saw him was yesterday. He said to me some absurd ridiculous things, actually I did not even understand what he was saying. But many bad things are going through my mind, maybe it is related to this man Cüneyt Yanbal.
Y: Stop, Feride.
F: How can I stop, Yasin? I am saying Mahir is not seeing clearly. Maybe he told you, or maybe you do not know anything, I do not know. But at least you can investigate, we have to find him.
Y: Feride, listen, I already know where he is.
F: You know? Tamam, tell me then. No do not tell me, just take me to him right away.
Y: Feride, please calm down (sakinleşmek). Come, let us go in and sit down and I will explain everything.
F: Tamam, let us go in.
N: Yasin, tell me what is going on so I can know too.
F: I apologise babaciğim, you have been bothered because of me while you are among all this sadness.
N: Kızım, my pain is big no matter what. It does not mean I cannot give a voice to the things that are happening around me. Do you think that I cannot see the turmoil that is in your eyes? You coming and not leaving, and you not asking about how things are even if from the door... It seems it is not your responsibility, I even did not speak about Mahir’s state. My son has become the topic on everyone’s tongues, that means there is something. For that reason, let us go inside and I also find out what is happening.
They all go in…
Обратно към Ясин, Фериде и Назиф в кабинета на Ясин ...
Y: Right now, Cüneyt, the one that has said he placed the bomb, was exposed to a beating in prison.
N: And how is he? Alright, I assume?
Y: That is unknown.
F: Why?
Y: The man was transferred to the hospital, but he is lost.
F: Has he escaped, or…
Y: That is one of the possibilities. But he is in very bad condition. The doctor said he had internal bleeding. Actually, for that reason he has gotten worse.
N: If he did not escape, then he was kidnapped.
Y: Yes, Nazif baba. It is a strong possibility (kuvvetli ihtimal) (Oh Yasin, you are quite the good little liar).
N: Was it done by his relative or friend, I wonder? It is obvious they found out he was transferred to the hospital. They saw an opportunity.
Y: Or…an enemy.
F: Yasin. Where is Mahir? Has he been arrested? Ah, no way.
K: Komiserim, these things…
Y: Kemal, go out and I will follow.
Hahaha Kemal ruined it all.
F: One minute, Kemal, who do these belong to? Where did you find them? I am asking you, Kemal. Who do these belong to? To the prisoner that escaped from the hospital?
K: Yes. A fisherman found them early this morning in the Bosphorus. And he turned them in to the groups that were doing searches. And our friends took them to the prison and they faded from the cell. It became clear that they belonged to Cüneyt Yanbal.
Назиф и Фериде на излизане от полицейското управление ...
N: What is this disaster (musibet) that has come upon us? Will this game they are playing never end? It is clear that one of them killed the man and are trying to place the blame on Mahir.
F: I do not know what to say anymore, baba.
N: It is constant, we continue circling around the same place. They were not successful in the trap they set for me, now they will burn my son.
F: It is best if I go and talk to the savcı, then we can learn something.
N: Everything is as clear as the day (gün gibi ortada), kızım. Mahir would not harm a hair on that man’s head because he knows he is innocent.
F: He knows?
N: Of course.
F: How?
N: Yes, he came yesterday to the house, and he explained to me. He got the man to talk and he told him he did not do it. The poor man confessed to get some money. Why would Mahir kidnap that man when he is innocent? Why would he kill him and throw him in the water? As you know, even if it was the opposite, Mahir would not do it. My son would not kill anyone.
F: I am very surprised now, baba. I knew that the one who placed the bomb was not that man. Since Mahir also knew this, then why?
N: Hm? Why what, kizm?
F: Baba, we cannot learn anything as long as we just keep talking here among ourselves. It is best if we go and ask Mahir.
N: Tamam, let us go.
They leave for the Beyoğlu police precinct…

следва част 2 [difus_blush2.gif]
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Episode 77 Summary Part 2
for ... 35?fref=nf
29 септември 2014 г. в 10:22

Махир е в ареста ... когато той чува стъпки на ...He recognised them as Feride’s footsteps... Feride signals the Officer to leave them alone...
F: Why are you doing this to me, Mahir? Why? Tell me, what have I done? Tell me, what did I do? Until yesterday, you were the air I was breathing. And now, you are saying you are not here anymore? Do I not die from this? Tell me...
M: Feride, do not do this.
F: You do not do this! You, do not do this... Can you not see my state? I was finished in one day! I died from one word of you... so, you, do not do this!
M: You are complicating (zorlaştırmak) it Feride. Not yourself, kill the "Mahir" who is in you.
F: You do not know what you are saying. Your heart does not hear what comes out from your mouth Mahir. We had merged our hearts!
M: Feride go. Go, do not stand in my way. Leave Feride before the blood on my hands splashes on you.
Mahir turns his back to avoid her stares and reaction... Feride is in shock.
F: It cannot be true, it cannot be, Mahir! You cannot have done this...No! The man I love and that will become the father of my children cannot have done this Mahir! Say that you did not do this, give me an answer! Mahir please look at me, look at me please. Say "I did not do it"...! Mahir... Answer me, say “I did not do it”. Say that since yesterday everything was a nightmare... Mahir I beg you to answer me! Answer me...
M: Leave Feride. Leave me alone. Leave me with my sins and go.
F: Say “I did not do it”...
Feride leaves, slamming the door... Mahir sheds a few teardrops... Feride is devastated, and she cries outside the police precinct... Nazif comes to see her...
N: What happened kızım... What is this state of yours... Do not scare me kızım, come on tell me. What did Mahir say?
F: Babaaaa....
Our lovely dog Savcı Adnan overlooks them from his window...
A: Mahir definitely has done it...

The two idiots arrived at Seyis’ place...
O: Haydi.
B: It is a very nice place.
O: Yes, it is like that.
B: Maşallah, it is clear that your patron (boss) has a collection horse, woman and guns… Eeeh… where did he get all of this… Is the work he does as showy as this place?
O: Do not do this enişte, just enjoy it and do not worry about where it came from... Too many questions in this world (kabadayı world) shortens (reduces – kısaltmak) the age (lifetime).
A: Hoş geldin abi.
O: Is the patron inside, Arif?
A: No, Seyis Abi went out earlier this morning; he did not come back yet.
Ayten goes back into the office… Visibly pissed off at the news about Necdet getting out of jail… Selim knocks on door.
A: You can enter.
S: Yenge, if you are available, the singer wants to tell you something.
A: If she wants more money, I will give her. Haydi Selim.
S: No, I asked her, she said it is not related to money. She just wants to discuss with you.
A: Ok, well. Let her come in.
The singer explained to Ayten that she is getting married and her husband does not want her doing this job anymore, she too want to settle and have children, so she will quit the cabaret that day. Ayten wishes her congratulations but this is not a reason to prevent her from singing because in the end she is earning her living... The woman said Ayten is right but the men do not understand this and they get jealous – her fiancé does not like it when she looks at other men’s eyes while she sings... and said that anyway there is no end to that job so it is best if Ayten lets her go. Ayten says fine but give her a few days so she can find a new singer... The woman says no, she gave a promise and will quit that day. Ayten says is this a child’s game, can a singer be found from morning until the evening... The lady said to pardon her and to understand her as well, that nowadays it is not easy to find a husband (hahahaha). She asks her not to be upset.

İlknur came back home... Songül asks her where has she been since morning, she was going crazy and said that one at least tells that he/she is going out... İlknur says eh she came, look she is here. Songül says she has been on her own the whole day her father also went out. Songül tells her that brother got on the news again... İlknur asks what is it about... Songül says the man who put the bomb has disappeared, saying that their brother apparently kidnapped him... then Songül asks İlknur that these are not true, right... Their brother did not do this to the man, right... İlknur says that it is not on them to mess with their brother’s business.
Nazif took Feride to the park to calm her down after she felt from Mahir that he killed the man...
N: Come on let us sit down here kızım. Are you feeling better kızım? What did Mahir say to upset you this much? Haydi, say it. You do not tell me but I know your tongue will not pronounce those words. I am afraid even more.
F: Trust me baba, I do not know how it can be said... It is as if everything will become reality if I talked and if heard my voice...
N: Even if you say it or stay silent what happened, happened kızım. It will not be enough neither to change your voice nor my fear. Come on say it.
F: Baba, Mahir did not do it, he did not take that man’s life (I seem to hear Feride using the negation to make herself believe that Mahir did not do it...)... I could not believe what he said... I could not believe what he said baba. I saw Mahir very mad, baba. I saw him very mad and I have never saw him like this before as if it was not him who was talking. The eyes that were looking at me there were not Mahir’s eyes as if he is not the Mahir we know. He was not the Mahir we know...

Two assholes (MS and Adnan Savcı) in love having dinner at the restaurant...
A: I made Mahir Kara be put under arrest. He is at custody now and I will transfer him to the court with an arresting request.
MS: Look, this is very good news Adnan. Well done because you did not disappoint me (made his reliance on him go to waste).
A: Thank you efendim, but there is a detail. He did not confess of his crime yet, but I think he is the one who did it. His behaviour with people around him, his angry situation, and the things he does with his relatives all are leaning to prove that. But, he does not say he did it, he is well turned on (aware). In fact, during the investigation he hardly answered to all my questions. But he will confess very soon. Also, during the investigation he did not deny that he kidnapped the man. It is clear it is him who committed the crime. He even went further than we expect, they have found Cüneyt’s belongings in the strait.
MS: Then, Mahir not only believed that he is the man who put the bomb, but he revenged too.
A: That is how I consider it.
MS: We are putting the works that came out of their path in their place bit by bit. Seeing that Mahir’s ropes got into our hands, this matter is finished. Let him get sentenced, get in prison, and spend his life between the four walls. This is appropriate for me. Let him separate his road from my daughter’s and let him stay away from me. This is enough for me.
A: This cannot be easy as you think, efendim. We do not have one evidence against him.
MS: What is this evidence you say? The evidence that does not exist appears suddenly and if you say about the one that exists, puuufff, it disappears in a moment. These issues are like children’s games for us.
A: You are right, but this case is more sensitive comparing to others. Feride’s eyes will be always on us. The moment she finds out about us (the moment our fraud is uncovered), she will hunt us down.
MS: Look, you are correct in this regard.
A: Let us hope the judge believes tomorrow that Mahir is culprit, the case continues and he is detained. The rest will be easy. Let us brush the evidences slowly slowly without attracting the attention and eyes of anyone.
Smile some more MS, because the moment you are indeed uncovered you will not know what smiling is... bastard.

Feride came back home...
M: Hoş geldiniz Feride hanım.
F: Hoş bulduk Mualla. Where is my mum.
M: Upstairs, efendim. In her bedroom.
Kerime was crying in her bed...
F: Mum... Mum did you sleep... Mum please open the door... Mum, I really need you, please open the door...
As Feride goes... Kerime comes out.
K: Kızım...
Feride hugs her mum.
F: Mum. Mum I am in so much pain...
K: Canım... yavrum benim...
F: Please help me mum, I am in so much pain...
Ah... Glad to see Kerime come back to her maternal duties.

Mahir is in his cell... Looking at Nazif Jr’s handerchief... Then he remembers the promise he gave to İlknur in episode 76.

Ayten is panicking because she cannot find a singer...
Selim comes... Selim told to Ayten that he could not find a singer for the night. She asks how can this be... The reason is that Yusuf (Sosyete Yusuf) is opening his new cabaret/club and all the kabadayıs are invited, so a lot of entertainments (singers and so on) are needed. She criticises Yusuf, and Selim tells her she can like it or not because Yusuf is the king of the night he said, he can have all what he wants and he can be considered the manager of the best singers. Ayten exhorted him to find a solution instead of glorifying that Yusuf. He replies that it would be difficult because there is no enough alcohol and also no singer at their casino, so he thinks that they should close it for few days... or he can call Süeda who will come immediately though it is true that Necdet said she cannot appear on stage after the marriage. Ayten refused and told him to bring out the bottles as if the alcohol was abundant and to tell people there will be an entertainment on the scene.

Dumb and dumber Orhan and Bülent are waiting for this Seyis... But Bülent says that they will meet this Seyis in the morning and he bids Orhan good night... Orhan remembers that scar he inflicted on himself after his breakup with Zehra...

Yılan Berdan is talking about the kabadayı Sosyete Yusuf (I guess) who is opening his new club/cabaret that night. Yusuf has not listened to whoever said that he will never succeed, and now he earns a lot of money. He sent an invitation to Berdan and his lady for the opening. Then, Berdan asked Nilay (Zehra) what is going on. She replied she is just a bit upset because she met one of her friend in the morning (she is actually talking about Orhan) when she went to get her outfit for the night. She told her their friend "İnci" has died and she was still so young... that is why she so sad. She added that since she did not see her for a long time, she thought things are going well for her, but now that she knows what happened, she is convinced she will never forget her and that she loved her so much. She misses her. Berdan presented his condolences and tried to comfort her saying that he is also got sad, etc...

Ayten finally appears on stage to sing... The song being sung is “Ellerim Böyle Boş Mu Kalacaktı” Ayten finally appears on stage to sing... The song being sung is “Ellerim Böyle Boş Mu Kalacaktı”
“Ellerim böyle boş, boş mu kalacaktı? - Were my hands going to be empty like this?
Gözümde hep böyle yaş, yaş mı olacaktı? - Were my eyes always going to be teary like this?
Aramızda sıradağlar, dağlar mı olacaktı? - Were there going to be a chain of mountains between us?
Üzülme sen meleğim, gün olur kavuşuruz. – Do not be upset my angel, one day we will come together.
Ecel ayırsa bile mahşerde buluşuruz. - Even if death separates us, we will meet on judgement day.
Biz de mi böyle, böyle olacaktık? - Were we going to be like this?
Bu en güzel çağda yas mı tutacaktık? - Were we going to be sad in this most beautiful age?
Aramızda sıradağlar, dağlar mı olacaktı? - Were there going to be a chain of mountains between us?
Üzülme sen meleğim, gün olur kavuşuruz. - Do not be upset my angel, one day we will come together.
Ecel ayırsa bile mahşerde buluşuruz. - Even if death separates us, we will meet on judgement day.”

Selim was visibly impressed by Ayten.

Dalyan was leaving the casino, he told his men that before it gets any more late he will leave. He entrusts the place to one of his men. Another of his men came and said that he asked for Dalyan to come and accompany him at the park near his shop... Dalyan wondered what is wrong with Nazif and he went... + continuation: Then he came to the park and saw Nazif sitting alone...
D: Selamünaleyküm.
N: Aleyküm selam.
D: You requested me, Kibarim...
N: Estağfurullah, kardeşim. I hardly threw myself out here because of that melancholy, grief that is dragging me along with it... Even the breath that I take under the sky that has no end is not enough...
(Sometimes the way you talk Nazif – you too Dalyan – drives me insane)
D: Now the four walls seem like a world that has no beginning and ending.
N: How strange it is Dalyan... I wish to be separated from it but that cannot be done. My heart shrinks whenever I think about it. The subject is Mahir. I mean what he has done. I even cannot speak and explain. I cannot say a bad thing with Mahir being in it. He is crazy and irritable and cannot stand oppression (injustice). But my son is merciful (good heart). They wrote about him in the newspaper, for sure you have read it.
D: Yes I have read it.
N: There is something strange about it, this is clear (aşikar). I was not able to talk to Mahir and ask him. We could not get to him (able to see him). I could not reach his mind, but it is clear he is following up with something.
Dalyan remembered when Mahir came to him and asked him about the gangsters.
D: They will ask for blood in order to test you! Will you also kill a soul? You will become a killer?
M: I will. If necessary, I will stain my hands with blood.
[End of flashback]
N: Okay then is there anything that you might know? No, but there is no limit and calculation for the fear that is dragging me alone with it. If it happens and he comes to you for assistance, you hold to the promise that you gave to me.
Dalyan nods his head...
N: I tired you coming here at this hour. I took from your time, thank you. Haydi kal sağlıcakla (take care).

Say hello to our Murat... Waiting for his Belgin...
B: Ah I made you wait for too long, right? Do not mind me Murat.
M: Nevermind it (ziyanı yok). It is not a big deal. You are... so beautiful!
B: Thank you. Wait, let me see... you are also very handsome! You will make the girls at the cabaret/club go crazy for you valla. But you will see Murat, there will be a lot of beautiful women. I prepared them by myself. Just choose one girl and I will bring her for you.
M: I do not want to.
Ayy... he loves her but she does not love him back.

All the gangsters were invited to the new night club that Sosyete Yusuf opened. Yusuf, Seyis, and Sarı Cemal were there waiting for the rest. French dancers were dancing on stage...
S: Where are these ladies from (dancers)? Are they from France?
Y: They are as I know, my dear (azizim). Since there is a passion theme, it must be worthy of/suiting it. Is not that so?
Another gangster (Kütük Nail, ah my love :) ) arrived with his men. Yusuf went to welcome him.
Y: Hoş geldin Nail abi, you brought pleasure with you.
N: Hoş bulduk. I heard there is entertainment, and we said to come and see it.
Nail walked in heading where the other gangsters were sitting.
N: Selamünaleyküm Seyis.
S: Hoş geldin Nail abi.
N: Eyvallah, Sarı...
SC: Hoş geldin abi.
S: Buyrun sit down.
N: Vay, vay, vay, I see you attached yourself to the European-style (alafranga) again, Sosyete.
Y: We must change the country’s face to the west (batı) my dear. The civilisation is there.
(The way Sosyete speaks makes me die of laughter... Such a gentleman, well educated... yet a gangster.)
N: Like that, but our bread is different. A wonderful bar-like tavern (meyhane) must be opened. You will fry (roast) tasty smelling liver with lot of cumin, rakı next to it and hear nice Turkish music in the background, but where is it? We are accustomed to this. We aged, we aged, the brain cannot bear it.
Y: Inşallah, this will happen too abi.
N: Are we wrong Seyis?
S: You are right abi.
N: I am not asking you Sarı. You are young and you like such things.
SC: I like them abi. I like all the places where there are ladies. Men’s talk and taverns/bars irritates (rattles) me.
N: Then let us open women’s bath for you.
Sarı Cemal laughed when he heard that.
N: Hayırlı uğurlu olsun, I brought them from France. You like things like this.
Yılan arrived with his wife and his men. Yusuf’s man whispered in his ear that Yılan arrived.
Y: Yılan Berdan arrived. Excuse me abi, I have to welcome him.
S: This Berdan carries this woman with him everywhere like his bag.
N: Eeeh Yılan, he likes showing off. But it is obvious that he does not love the lady with him. If he loves her, he would not bring her here. The woman that you will stroll around with will be different from the woman who sits home. You cannot mix stems with hay (mix good with bad – sapla samanı karıştırmak). If you mix them then good things will not come out of it.
SC: Of course he knows the drill abi. Everyone knows from which hole she came out from. He could not make her a wife in his house. He will make her his appetite for drinking.
Then Belgin arrived. She headed to the group...
N: Belgin, hoş geldin.
B: Hoş bulduk.
Then Seyis kissed her hand too.
S: Buyrun.
B: Selamünaleyküm (to Sarı Cemal).
N: Belgin, I will ask you a question; what the word “Amor” means?
B: Love.
N: Is there such a word my dear? Also, what is the word in Turkish?
B: Where is Yusuf?
Then Dalyan Rıza and his men arrived. Yusuf went to welcome him.
Y: Hoş geldiniz Rıza bey.
D: Hoş bulduk, hayırlı olsun.
Y: Thank you. Please come on in.
Dalyan walked in and passed by Yılan’s table.
YN: You sit and I will go and say hi to the gang and return.
Yılan walked to say hello to the gangsters.
YN: Selamünaleyküm ağalar (big brothers/masters).
N: Aleyküm selam Berdan.
B: Congratulation (gözün aydın) Yılan.
YN: What is the good occasion?
B: I know that Mahir Kara was your enemy. I heard they have arrested him and he has court tomorrow.
YN: That is correct. But they say that there is no evidence to keep the man in prison. Though you should already know about it.
B: But Savcı bey said it is him who did it. In addition to that the man has not only disappeared, Mahir threw him in the Bosphorus.
N: Belgin, we should be afraid of you. You know everything. You are about to say if it is a boy or a girl before the seed falls into his mother’s womb.
B: This is my job, know the unknown.
SC: Who is this Mahir? Why do I not know him, arkadaşim?
N: Ah Sarı, while you were engrossed in the dantel work in between the ladies, you forgot to read the newspapers aslanım (my lion).
N: Mahir Kara, that young man who saved his father from the gallows.
SC: Ah, I know him. I know him.
YN: It is true what you said Nail baba. Mahir's blood runs wild. It was obvious that he would get his revenge for what has been done to his family. He seizes by the throat and strangles one who pushes his buttons (irritate him).
Ohoooo even the big gangsters are wondering about Mahir Kara...I get the feel that Belgın was mocking Mahir too. Pfff... Yes, mock him now, that man will bring you all down.
S: Instead of wandering around outside like a loose cannon (or floating mine - serseri mayın), it is best that he does not stay locked up.
YN: I barely said anything. Anyway, afiyet olsun to all of you.
N: You too my lion (aslanım).
SC: Let us drink then.
Dalyan was staring at them in an angry way...

Skip the Yazıyor boy.
Feride walked to her office and she was in bad shape. Suna came after her...
S: How are you doing Feride? I have been worried about you since yesterday. You did not come home in the evening and I could not reach you through the phone.
F: I am not well Suna. I am not well at all.
S: You will not tell me what is going on Feride?
F: I do not know. I do not know, Suna. My mind, soul, and everything that I know are mixed. The only thing that I feel is such a pain. A pain is roasting the inside of me and cutting it in fine pieces (ince ince kıyan) similar to what I lived when I lost Melih.
S: Alright, but why? There must be a reason for this torment.
F: Mahir… My pain and cure (deva) is Mahir. He is doing things that I said he will never do them. He is showing me faces that I do not know when he is the closest person to me and the person that I know the most. It is as if a knife is thrusting inside my heart (bıçak saplamak). Instead of pulling, taking it, and calming my pain he turns the blade around and it burns my soul a lot, Suna, I am in so much pain.
S: Feride...

Mahir arrived to the Courthouse. Songül tells Nazif that if he is going to go get bread, there is already some... Nazif said he wanted to go catch up Mahir’s trial... Songül asks her father that they will release her brother, right... Nazif does not say a word. Nazif forgot to put on socks... As Songül was going to bring her a pair...İlknur screams her son’s name... Nazif came to comfort her as she keeps asking where is her son...
Back to the Courthouse... Yasin is waiting for Mahir... Feride comes face to face with Mahir. They both look at each other, and then Mahir is brought to the room... Yasin signals the officers to get Mahir in that room. The officer is giving Yasin a bitch stare, Yasin insists that Mahir be brought in there...
O: The savcı said that no one is allowed to talk with him.
Y: Who am I aslanım... I am your komiser. I supposed that the savcı did not mean me, right? Then to Mahir: We got the news, his condition is not good. He requires (icap etmek) a doctor.
M: Handle the situation without a doctor.
Yasin gets out.
Y: Günaydın Feride.
F: Good morning Yasin. How is Mahir? He is fine, is he not?
Y: I was wondering the same, this is why I entered and saw him. He is fine. I have to leave immediately. I have work.
F: What? You will not wait for Mahir’s trial?
Y: I actually came here for that, but when my boss called me... Anyway, we cannot change the decision, so I decided to not neglect my work.
S: Feride. Your signature is missing on that dossier.
F: Something is brewing here, Suna. Go and try to distract Yasin’s attention (oyalamak) before he gets out from the court.
S: What? How will I do such a thing Feride?
Feride: I do not know. I have to hurry and go out from here.
Suna told Yasin she wants to tell him something important... a question of life or death, he tells her go ahead, ask...Suna says it cannot be here, let them get into the secretary office... It is very important.
E: So he came here to see if you are right?
M: I told you abi. He was wondering. There is no other reason, take it easy (rahat ol).
E: Then, why did you not let me be with you?
M: It is Yasin... I thought he might have said something particular.
O: The judge is waiting...
Yasin: Allah Allah, is that woman a manic or what?!
Yasin gets in his car... With Feride hiding inside at the back.
Bravo Feridemmmm. That is my Feride that takes risks.

Kerime hanım is lying on her bed and crying, then MS comes in the bedroom...
MS: Still sleeping my dear wife? It got very late. Still the same attitude? I am starting to get annoyed… Look, I gifted you a son, is this bad? I want just one thing in exchange... You have to keep your jaw closed (mouth – çene tutmak) as simple as this... Do not exaggerate (mübalağa etmek).
K: I will shut up, yes, I will shut up. But you have to know this too, I will not stay a criminal’s wife until the last breath I give.
MS: Look at what you are rendering such a simple issue. Cut it out, please.
He tries to touch her…she gets scared.
K: Sakın… Do you not dare (cüret etmek) touching me again. Yes, I will stay in your life, but my presence will be just like a shadow. Our surnames will stay the same, that is all... Do not expect from me any other duty/service.
Look at that stare… Urgh, *vomits*

The trial…
J: The suspect has been asked for the last time, are the allegations contained in this file true? Do you have a relation with what happened?
M: Sir, if the prosecutor has one evidence, and if he can prove his allegations then I am ready to accept any decision (boyunum kıldan incedir)... But if there is none, then release me and let me go.
J: Write down kızım. The dossier has been examined, because there is no evidence found needed in proving that the suspect has committed the crime and in arresting him, the decision to reject the prosecution’s demand for arrest has been made.
E: Geçmiş olsun Mahir.
Ha, right in your face Savcı Adnan.
Mahir comes out of the Courthouse… He tells the journalists “whatever is written in our fate happens... The rest is details.” Erdal asks where to now, home? Mahir says yes, he will talk to his father.

Seyis was at his farm and our handsome stupid Orhan came to talk to him...
O: Abi...
S: Oh… Günaydın.
O: Pardon me abi, I waited for you until morning. I slept before dawn and Gods know how it happened.
S: True, I came late.
O: I will ask a request from you abi.
S: Did you hear the news?
O: What news?
S: Your brother. Mahir turned out to be a warrior (fighter - cengaver). He kidnapped the man who exploded the bomb and got rid of the evidence. He threw the man in the Bosphorus, and then he came out of the court freely. Let yourself cool down now. Anyhow, your brother took revenge of your mother and nephew.
O: My brother did not do it. If he did it, he would not hide evidence. He will say I killed the man and will go to get his punishment whatever it is.
S: I wonder...
O: The other way around is not possible (başka türlüsü mümkün değil).
S: It is possible, aslanım (my lion). In this life everything is possible. For example, think about yourself. Did you imagine two years ago that you will come here and live such a life?
O: That is true (orası öyle) but...
S: There is no but Orhan. It cannot be known what the destiny will build and Mahir could not know either. He gave up (surrounded) himself to a moment of anger. When he understood that honesty (dürüstlük) and gentlemanliness (efendilik) are not enough to anything, he stained his hands with blood to take his revenge. Of course, he has a good soul. The youth is beautiful thing, but is it easy to spend lifetime in prison? Ah, if you dirty your hands with these things for one time, mankind knows that not any kind of water will be able to clean them. He drew to himself a road, just like you.
Orhan is confused.

Selim was talking to a customer when Ayten came in... He said to Ayten that if he tells her what is going on, she will not believe him... He said that all the tables are already reserved for the night even though it is still not noon. The Casino is full, he just got the last table reserved. Ayten asked why, is there a celebration... Selim answered that it is because of her... She became a star in only one night and everyone is asking if she will get up on stage again. He added that he answered yes before asking her, so, she does not have a choice anymore... He asks her that she will go on stage righr... she will, right?

Yasin arrived at that small shack... He came out of the car and went inside the house. Feride came out too and went to the house to spy him... She looked through the window and saw Cüneyt lying on the bed and someone was taking care of him. She had such a sincere smile on her face... (Ayyy my angel... I was so happy for you too.)
F: He is alive.
Mahir, Yasin, and Kemal took Cüneyt to the bosphorus and tied his feet. Mahir was trying to throw him.
C: Abi, I am telling you I did not do it abi. Please, do not do it abi!
M: If you do not want to die, we will make an agreement.
C: I am under your order abi. I will do whatever you want, order (emretmek).
Mahir waved with his head to Yasin. Yasin waved to Kemal to untie him and put him in the car. They took him to a house where they would hide him there.
C: Why did we come here?
M: You will live here for a period of time. You will have all of your needs met. You will not move a step from this door. You will not meet and call anyone. No one knows will know that you are still alive. If you do not keep your word (sözü tutmak) or listen to me, I will not forgive you. I gave you a chance the first time, but this time I will take it with no mercy.
They took Cüneyt inside and took off his clothes and came out... Mahir gave Cüneyt clothes to Kemal and asked him to do what is necessary...
Y: Do you think this will be of any use... If he tries to escape although he does not have the strength to do it, but if someone finds out he lives here, our game will fail. All will understand that we were playing a game.
M: You take it easy. I took my precautions.
Then one of Dalyan’s men arrived. The man came out of the car.
Man: Selamünaleyküm abi.
M: Aleyküm selam.
Man: Hopefully I am not late. Dalyan abi told me to be here after dinner.
M: The man is inside and he is entrusted to you. I do not want anyone to come in and out.
Man: Yes abi.
[End of flashback]
F: Thank you God, allahim sana şükürler olsun. Mahir did not do it. Mahir did not kill any one.

Back to Nazif’s house... Nazif was coming down from İlknur’s room and spoke to Songül...
N: She slept, but still you keep an eye on her kızım.
Nazif was going back to his room when Mahir came home...
N: Mahir... They released you then, huh.
Mahir shook his head with yes.
N: I know it would be like that. Why they arrested you? I said from beginning there is something wrong. It appeared that you are not guilty. They understood that you did not kill the man. But, there is something wrong again, is that right son?
M: Correct father. I did not get involved with anyone’s blood.
N: But I heard you stayed silent while giving your statement. You did not say that you did not do it. Erdal came by at night and told me.
M: There was no evidence proved that I did it. But everyone now thinks that I am the killer. This was my objective anyway, to make them think I am a killer.
N: Why Mahir? What is the reason for this game? Who do you want to fool?
M: I am running over the promise that I gave, father. I have made a decision. I will get our revenge. I will find the Beyefendi. The way to find him is to be one of them. Therefore, forget about the clean Mahir you have in your mind. Let him be in the past. I want them to think that I am criminal like them to get in between them. I stamped on my forehead the killer sign.
N: Do you hear what is coming out of your mouth? What do you mean you will become one of them? Are you going to become a gangster? Will you be a man of an order that you stood against for all these years?
M: At least they will think like that.
N: They will think ha, how will this happen son? Tell me how? Do you think you will walk into the swamp without getting dirty with the mud, Mahir? Their world is the hell itself. If you get in, you will burn yourself and people around you.
M: If it is needed, I will burn father. But, I will not give up. Rest, and peace of mind (huzur) is forbidden to me before I find out who made us live this pain, this void, and orphanhood. Sleeping is forbidden to me before I make that şerefsiz choke on his own blood. I will do this for us.
N: Shut up. Do not continue. I will not allow you. I will make myself like shield and still will not let you go.
M: Do not do it baba. I will find that man.
N: Saying I will find him is different from saying I will kill him. Do you think killing a human is easy? Leave the killing on a side, if you are going to be the reason of that, your guilty conscience will last a lifetime (ömür boyu sürmek). You will blame yourself all your life. You will see that moment in your dreams at nights. You will want to revive the one that was lost and gone, but what solution is there to that because he dies once and you die again and again from this remorse every day. I lived it. Do you think I will let you live this ordeal (pain)?
M: I have made my decision, baba. I will enter between them even if it is hell. I will walk on fire without blinking my eyes. I will do everything and find that beyefendi and cut his breath. Let me kiss your hand and forgive me.
Mahir tried to kiss his father’s hand, but Nazif refused.
N: By no means! I will not allow this.
Nazif got very frustrated and raised his finger.
N: Either you give up on this case or run over me and go.
M: I knew you will not agree, baba. I am determined (kararlı) despite of you. I wanted you to hear it from me not from strangers. I wanted to ask for your forgiveness and leave.
N: If you exit from this door now, you will not be able to enter again. I will not call you my son and I will not look into your face. I will consider you dead, not like my Safiye and my Nazif. They are dead too, but they live in my heart every day again. You will not be like that in my eyes, in my heart and in my mind. I will take and throw you out from everywhere. I will say I have no son named Mahir and never had one.
Mahir looks outside with his back turned to his father...with his watery eyes... The room gets darker... and the episode ends.
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Господ е на небето, а Опел-а е на шосето!
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Karadayi for English Speakers

Episode 78 Summary Part 1.
7 октомври 2014 г. в 15:22

Епизодът започва от мястото, където е спрял ...
N: Make your decision Mahir. Either you get out and leave or you close that door and go inside.
M: My intention was to take your blessings (hayır dua) from you and leave.
N: The good wishes are for good actions, my son. Give up on this affair, stay with us and then all my prayers will on you.
M: I entrust you my dignity and my honour baba. I will just take my heart that I darkened and go. May allah take care of you.
N: Stop Mahir. Do not leave, do not do this! Look, only you and I remain... You too do not leave and go! Do not go... Mahir... Do not make me live your pain.
S: Baba, are you ok? What happen? Why are you crying baba? Where my brother is going? Do not cry, I beg you, do not cry.

Ясин и човекът на Дайлян, който се грижи за Джунейт, в бараката...
Y: He needs to drink this morning and evening.
M: Tamam abi, but I cannot even get a sip of water in his mouth. How will I get him to swallow the medicine?
Y: How would I know, aslanım (my lion)? Crush it and mix it with water and put it in the soup. But let him drink it all. Look, give him this whenever his temperature rises, tamam?
M: Inşallah he recovers (şifasını bulur/şifa bulmak).
Y: If he does not get better, or if his condition gets worse, you know how to inform us.
M: There is no problem, abi.
Y: Tamam. Kolay gelsin.
Then Yasin gets out of the small house, and he finds Feride sitting casually on his car...
Y: Look at this now…
F: It looks like you have changed the location of your station, Yasin Komiserim.
Y: Look Feride, I…
F: I looked, Yasin. I looked. I came to you desperately, asking you to help stop Mahir, thinking you do not have any knowledge of anything. But actually, I am the one that does not know anything. But really, congratulations, you played the part very well. You are a good police officer, and a great young actor. But, I have written this on the side.
Y: Do not do this, Feride. As if it was up to me…I always get stuck in the middle so that you do not devour each other.
F: We will talk about these things later. Now tell me with what purpose you cooked up this plan, I am listening.
Y: Where did I tip you off? At the courthouse?
F: The man did not die. He is not even lost, he is lying down inside. Mahir is silent. Why and for what purpose did you design this plan? Tell me, I am listening, Yasin.
Y: There is no escape for me, is there, Hakime Hanım?
(there is never any escape from Feride, Yasin… You should know that haaa)
F: No.
Y: Mahir designed the plan. He wants to appear as a killer.
F: Why? This does not benefit him in any way except to get him into prison.
Y: I do not know, Feride.
F: Yasin!
Y: Feride, I do not know! He did not tell me anything, he just asked for my help in hiding the man.
F: Do not bother yourself for nothing, Yasin, because I do not believe you at all!
Y: Tamam, I know. But I will not tell you. Go and ask Mahir, and have him explain to you whatever his intention is.
F: Oh really? Tamam, let us go and ask him. Come on, we will ride and go, haydi.
Y: You, me…your car…Here I… Did you fit in here?
F: Get in the car, Yasin, let us go. Look at the state you have brought this great judge to. Yasin, get in the car! Do not dare say it! Aman, do not dare say it! Because we are enemies and we all do not want the best for Mahir.
Y: Do not do this, Feride. You know why I said that.
F: No, no, I understand. Of course you are better friends with Mahir. Do not be in the middle, do not dare get in the middle, I will ask Mahir and find out.
Y: You really fit back there?
F: Yasin, turn the car on and do not piss me off! I already came all this way while being bent down.
(that scene made me laugh haha).
Орхан и Сеис ...
Orhan and our little suspicious friend Seyis walking together...
O: I was not quite able to understand this thing. I know my brother, he does not mislead the justice, even for protecting himself. He admit his offense and serves his sentence with pleasure.
Seyis: There comes a day when one is not able to recognise himself Orhan. Look, your brother is not the Mahir you used to know. He got rid of the prosecutor and judge using a very brillant strategy. In reality, he has the same thinking than us, but he is not one of us. Of course for now… A lot of things can happen between now and then (gün doğmadan neler doğar) Orhan. Eyvallah.
Caveman Bülent makes its reappearance… Damn dude, take a shower.
B: What have you done? Will we be able to be honoured by your patron? Do not tell me he is gone... Uff! At least, have you told him about me? Does he know who I am?
O: We did not get time to talk about you, we had other priority subjects, abi.
S (to Arif): Do not let anyone get close to the horse Karakız. When I will finish my work, I will personally brush her. And tell to the idiot (gerizekali) Mustafa not give sugar to animals, do not let me cut his throat! ... What this piece of dirt (Bülent) is doing under my roof?
A: He is Orhan's brother-in law.
S: …Ex brother-in-law.
A: Orhan brought him yesterday, abi.
Then let tells Arif to drive him…and they go.
Махир отива при Дайлян в казиното ...
Mahir arrived at Dalyan’s casino… Dalyan’s men greet him. One of them scolds the other for calling him kardeşim saying that he is not the same Mahir he used to be, to treat him differently. Dalyan was talking to the doctor who was taking care of Müfide who was sick with tuberculosis. The doctor was giving Dalyan good news about her, and he was very happy. Mahir walks in, Dalyan tells the doctor that he will call later, to talk about the details.
D: Have you come Mahir?
M: I came, abi. I left behind me a broken hearted love. I left my sisters who will be able to have a rest in my shadow. I broke my father's arms and wings, bent his neck down and left him, he who has no support left other than me... I came like this all alone with no one left (kimsesiz). I burnt the ships (gemi) and came, abi.
D: Sit down aslanım.
M: I will not sit down, abi. If I stop and think, I will be defeated (succumb to – yenik düşmek) by the love I have inside me. I will go and apologise (af dilemek) to my father... and hold Feride’s hand and never let go of it once again... I will not stop, abi. Until this case is over with, and until I find those responsible and knock them down, I will not stop and think. I will not even take a rest.
D: Tamam. Anything you say (or let it be like you said – dediğin gibi olsun).
M: Tell me. What must I do now?

Отново при Дайлян и Махир ...
D: You have met the first condition, you killed someone (bumped someone off – leşini sermek). Those who heard have already started telling those who did not. And every place where the subject has passed by has especially acknowledged it. The current (şimdiki) stage (phase – safha) is to become notorious (nam salmak). And that will only happen by taking down a gangster. Either you hurt the man, or bring him down. And that way, the administration of his territory gets transferred to you. You will be surrounded by men that will do your bidding. The more your notoriety is spread, the bigger your name gets.
M: I understand, abi. Since this is the order (the way things are done), then we too will take on this path. But the gangster that we will take down needs to be deserving of it. We will not burn just any soul in order to spread our notoriety. This way my soul will not burn and my conscience will be at rest.
D: This matter is simple, Mahir. There are plenty of dogs in this world. We will choose the most dishonourable (namussuz), dirty dog. Ah, look, someone even occurred to me. Boksör Hilmi. It is clear from his name, he is a former boxer. He still carries the traces of his old boxing matches. His face and nose were not shattered just slightly. But, it is not just talk. He gives credit to his reputation. Half of the ones that fought him are not currently alive. Meaning, he has an arm (wrist) of steel.
M: Forget about his arm, abi. Tell me about his heart.
D: The heart he has pumps blood only. That dishonourable has no mercy nor morals. A disgusting person.

Отново при Дайлян и Махир ...
Back to the great Dalyan and Mahir…
M: If you are ready, let us go, Abi.
D: I am ready, but you are lacking.
Dalyan takes out a gun.
D: You cannot stroll around empty handed.
M: I do not need it, abi. I will not carry something that I will not use.
D: Look, Mahir. I know you do not want to become a kabadayı. Your goal is to not remain in this world once you get to what you want, eyvallah. But whoever enters this world, even with a tip of his hand, gets burned. Since you have laid your heart down and tightened your wrist, then you will do what is needed. You will defeat in this fight the rules and laws principles that you ran over (violated). Accept this first: you are a kabadayı from now on. What separates you from the rest is your origin (heart, self - öz). And no one else will know this other than us. Since we will work together from now on, then you will listen to my words due to my old hair and beard that have become white in this world.
M: Estağfurullah, abi.
D: Eyvallah, you are fearless (gözü kara). I see the black smoke that is flaming inside your eyes. I cannot tell you to extinguish (söndürmek) it off, you will decide that. But do not make them blind when you lose your temper. You will trust first in God, then in yourself, then in your weapon. There is no closer friend to a kabadayı than this. You cannot stroll around without a weapon. If you do, they will shoot you in the back. If you do not want them to catch you, you will take it for the sake of the game you set up. Just like you choose the men that will surround you with careful attention, you choose your weapon that way as well. A kabadayı resembles his weapon; you will choose a weapon that is strong and shoots his target. Yani, it will not miss. Just like…you.
M: Since it is just for show, and our goal is to hide it, then we do not need these.
Mahir takes out the bullets.

Отново при Фериде и Ясин в колата му на път за съда ...
Back to Feride and Yasin in the car on their way back to the Courthouse…
F: How is the man? Is he okay?
Y: He is a little sick, but I brought him medicine. He will get better.
F: You realise that you committed an offense (suç işlemek), do you not, Yasin? Do not look at me this way at all. If they brought my father before me with what has to do with justice, I still would not lose my reasoning, not just for my friend. And you also were supposed to do the same thing. But you are hiding a prisoner that has escaped from prison, and on top of that you are helping Mahir Kara in obstructing justice.
Y: Tamam, then do what is necessary, hakime hanım.
F: I will do what is necessary. I will do it. Let me first understand the situation and I will do what is needed.
Ясин и Фериде пристигат в съда и пред входа ги среща прокурор Аднан ...
Yasin and Feride have arrived to the courthouse when the grim-looking Savcı Adnan comes across them…
A: Feride hanım, you did not attend your fiancé’s hearing.
F: I found it more appropriate this way.
A: Oh really? When you came to the Beyoğlu precinct, and wanted to meet the suspect, I also was thinking differently. Anyways, maybe you do not know. Mahir succeeded in staying out of prison. His case will continue without him being arrested.
F: I do not think this is Mahir’s success, Adnan bey. There is no evidence against him, and the judge found the matter appropriate this way. Now if you will excuse me. Yasin, did you hear?
Y: Congratulations (gözün aydın).
F: I will say something, I should go to Mahir’s family, I am sure he went home. He knows how Nazif baba is distraught (perişan). Haydi, see you (görüşürüz).
Y: Eyvallah.

Сонгюл и Назиф седята на масата ...
Songül and Nazif are sitting at the table. Songül looks at her father, his situation is not good at all so she gets worried. She says that he did not say a word since Mahir has left the house, she begs her father to drink some water, then she starts with her questions “What happened? Have you and my brother quarreled? Where is Mahir going? Baba speak, say something…” Nazif keeps silent and very angry… She says that seeing that her brother came back home, the news about him are lies…That he did not even kill the man otherwise the court would not have released him. She carries on with her questions to Nazif: why did he get so upset like this, has Mahir brought bad news…? Where is he now? Is he at the shop?... Nazif has had enough, gets up violently and says “Enough! Do not say abim again” to which Songül replies: “Why baba? what should I say if I do not say to Mahir abi?” Nazif says that: “Mahir’s name will not be mentioned again under this roof. From now on, you have no brother, and I do not have a son named Mahir.” Nazif left the house in a hurry, very pissed off. Songül breaks in tears because of the situation…

Назиф отива да търси Дайлян .
Nazif comes to Dalyan's place. He was very angry looking and tells the men at the entrance to make way for him (give him way – yol vermek). He got in, and one of the guys tell to the other "I wonder what happened to Nazif baba?" then the other replies that “It is obvious that someone has badly stepped on his nerves”. Nazif without asking the permission he enters the Dalyan's office, and one of Dalyan's men comes and welcomes Nazif.
N: Where is Dalyan?
M: They just left, he had something to do with Mahir abi.
N: Did you say Mahir…
M: Yes, Mahir abi came and then they left together.
N: Together? With Dalyan?
M: Yes abi.
N: Where to?
M: I do not know, abi. … What do I tell to Dalyan abi?
N: Nothing. Do not tell him anything.
Nazif understood the situation and what is happening between Dalyan and Mahir… He left the place with an air of deception.
Далян и Mahir в колата на път за територията на Хилми Боксьора...
M: What work does this Boksör do?
D: Let us arrive (varmak) there first, then you will see with your own eyes.

Красивият тъпанар Орхан и пещернякът Бюлент пристигат в квартала на Кара ...
Dumb handsome Orhan and dumber Caveman Bülent arrive to the neighbourhood...
B: Why did we came here?
O: I will see my sister. I could not present my condolences.
B: If you had told me before, I would have stayed at the farm.
O: That place is not our father's barn. We did not even take the consent from Seyis abi yet. I do not want to collide with him (come into conflict – zıt düşmek). And let us see what is this problem with Mahir.
B: Has Mahir done such a thing for real (harbiden)?
O: There is a hidden problem (a snag – çapanoğlu). Killing is not from Mahir's character. If he made it, than why hide it? My brother likes to brag (böbürlenmek).
B: That is true. If Mahir does something, he would not hide it. Why would he act like this?
O: And that is what I am curious about.
B: Will you park the car here? There is no need my lion. You have a beautiful car, go in front of the house, then everybody will see it.
O: Haydi get out enişte.
B: Orhan, I will not come with you. This neighbourhood and that house... everything is full of memories of Nazif. Also, I do not want to come face to face (yüz yüze gelmek) with your family. Your brother, father and İlknur. I am going to the market, to see some friends, have a chat with them (sohbet etmek). We will meet after that.
O: Ok, you know best, enişte.

Орхан чука на вратата на дома си.
I: Songül... open the door. Songül I said... Tamam, stop knocking! Where are you Songül? Do you not hear the door? ...Who are you?
O: Abla...
I: Orhan? Kardeşim! Have you heard what happened to us? I lost my son. He joined our mother and left.
O: My condolences abla.
I: Peace is far from us right now. The pain is killing me softly... Orhan!

Отново при Орхан и Илкнур в къщата ...
Back to Orhan and İlknur at home... Orhan washes his face, İlknur gave him a towel…
O: It is always the same smell… Clean-smelling (mis gibi) white soap… Does someone miss the walls, abla? Yes he does... I miss very much for the smell, the voice and everything in this home abla.
I: Can it not be longed for Orhan? After all it is your home… Can it not be missed? Come, come and look at your bed.... Come. Enter, why do stay at the door like a stranger?
Orhan saw his photo still on the nightstand.
O: You did not remove it from here…
I: Why should we remove it? (she goes and opens his dresser) Look, your clothes, your bed and pillow and everything you left is as it was, they all are waiting for you... We are waiting for you, Orhan.
He looks at the family photo (he is not there).
O: Shall we go down (inmek), abla?
They go down…
O: How much has the house become quiet… Abla?
I: Yes, say Orhan.
O: If I can see my mother's room…
I: Of course, come.
O: It smells like my mum… Mum… My beautiful mum…
He takes her nightgown, he smells it, sits and cries… İlknur joins him…
O: My sweet-smelling mum… while I was longing for your warm breath...I could not even see your cold face mom… I could not ask your forgiveness.
I: When you were doing your military service (your duty) my mother was doing what are you doing right now... She cried every time she smelled your clothes… She said "let my son comes back home, and enters under my arm" she waited you saying these words.
Songül comes home...Orhan prepares himself to see her... Songül is surprised when she saw him... the two siblings hug each other...
S: Your sentence is finished, they freed you?
O: Yes, it ended! It ended my beauty... It ended.
S: Çok şükür you came back abim… If you knew how much I am in need of you…Your presence at home!
O: I did not come back, kardeşim.
S: What does this mean? Look you came back, even like a miracle. Abi I beg you please do not go....I am so alone.
O: What are these words, Songül? Look, your sister is here and my father...and Mahir abi is at the helm (looking after them)…
S: No, he is not... A heap of bad things happened, a heap of pains... Mahir abi left us… Father said his name (Mahir) will not be mentioned here and he is not our brother... If you go you too then to who will I say abi (brother)?
O: Hold on hold on, what is going on? Where did mahir go? Why my father say that? Explain from the beginning…
S: I also do not know abi, I asked baba and he said nothing... Please abi do not go… Stay here.
O: Look, I will come back again (he gives her money)… I will come to check if you are in need of something or if something is lacking.
S: We are in need of you abi, do you not understand?
As Orhan was about to leave, Nazif came home. He greets his son with a smile…
N: Orhan… Çok şükür. Even though it is late, you came back home, huh…
O: I came to ask about you (hatır sormak)... I was passing by the door… Başımız sağ olsun.
Orhan kisses his father's hand, then Nazif takes him and hugs him.
N: What is this? Asking about us like a stranger? This place is your home... We are in big pains, Orhan... Time, is not time of the good and the not time of the separation, but it is the time to be together and bandaging each other’s wounds, and standing up on our feet... Hoş geldin… Hoş geldin to your home.
O: You are right baba, but it is better if I go and not stay here.
N: Why Orhan? You are my biggest family in all these pains… Every night, I ask myself and I think where and what is he doing? Where is he sleeping? Is he hungry or full... Inside me, there is a big pain because of your absence, do you know that?
O: I am fine baba... Do not worry about me… I can take care (fend) for myself (başının çaresine bakmak). Do not let me come here and ruin your order…not spoil it.
As Orhan was leaving, Nazif started talking…
N: When your mum gave birth to you, it was the midwife who gave the happy news. “You have a son” she said… I said another son... I was very happy that I have a soul and for Mahir a brother, friend and companion... Two sons, two prosperities; they both were going to take the burdens off both my shoulders. I went to your mother, and I said "Safiye; we will not be defeated (overcome – sırtı yere gelmek) now… Çok şükür Allah, you granted (nasip etmek) us 3 radiant children” and after this our Songül was born, and our happiness got bigger... I said what man wants more than this… I said the day when our time to leave (die) will come, our daughters will not be in need of strangers... They will not stay alone at stranger’s doors, brothers as big as mountains are behind them… However I was wrong. You both attacked me separately where I am most sensitive and vulnerable. You both broke each and every one of the branches I was holding onto, and placed them into my hand. Even if your mother's death cut my inside into pieces… I said this is good that she did not live to see these days. Because if she did, the poor woman would have died everyday from her grief and suffering.
(Orhan leaves his family just like the way his brother Mahir did.
S: Abi… Please baba, do something, do not let him go... Baba, tell him to not go, please tell him, stop him and do not let him go…

Осман подготвя уроците си в дюкяна, когато Сонгюл идва да го види ...
Osman was doing his homework in the shop when Songül comes to see him…
S: Kolay gelsin.
O: Songül… Why did you come? There is nothing bad, right?
S: No, I was trapped at home, so I said to myself to go out and have some fresh air… and here I am.
O: You did well… Have a sit, I have brewed some tea, just like the way which Nazif Baba prepares his tea with cloves.
S: No, thank you.
Osman who was studying try to close his book, but Songul put her hand and didn't let him to close it.
S: Will everything go back as it was before? Will I hug my books and walk to the university again? Will we become a family again Osman? Will our face smile again?
O: Songül… Look, every pain comes and stays in our heart with all its heavy states...but with time its affliction that it gives reduces with time, is it not so? Otherwise it can not be lived, Songül... the human being would lose his mind.
S: It hurts a lot Osman, a lot. And there is none who I can share my revolt (isyan) with, everyone’s pain is worse than mine.
O: Songül, do not be so hard on yourself (kendine yüklenme)… A little patience… Believe me, your grief will diminish Songül… Believe it... Tamam, tamam maybe it will not be over, but it will diminish…
He gives her his handkerchief…
O: I am here, by your side… Tell me about revolt and your pain to me, is it not possible?
She smells his handkerchief and looks at him.
S: So glad that I have you (iyi ki varsın) Osman... I would not have known what to do and how to bear it all if you were not here…
Then she rests her head on his shoulder… He holds her hands, but takes them off upon seeing her engagement ring to Yasin… *rolls eyes*
Селим и Айтен са в казиното и все още се опитват да намерят решение на въпроса за певица ...
Selim and Ayten are at the casino, still trying to find a solution to the singer issue... This Selim is plotting something...
S: Allah Allah! Yenge, why are you hesitating? Remember how you were glorious yesterday. You will appear and do the same thing today, and you will have the same success. Plus, people did not even knew you yesterday, but now they are ready to applause you... And you...
A: It is impossible Selim. I cannot do it. I was obliged yesterday, but it was an exception for one night. Now it is not possible. Do what I am telling you, call everybody and cancel.
S: Do not, yenge! What is the difference from cancelling the program or shooting oneself in the foot?
A: You were supposed to think about that when you promised before asking me. Put that money in the vault.
S: Did I say that from my delight? Haaa, did I? It is for our financial survival. Vallah, we will be humiliated in front of people yenge. And no client will enter from our door again.
A: Alright then. You have time until the evening. Find a singer for this evening. Let us not be humiliated. Haydi… Get a move on (elini çabuk tut).
Haha...look at Selim’s-little-plan-did-not-work face.
Дайлян и Махирr пристигат в квартала, който се контролира от Хилми Боксьора ...
Dalyan and Mahir arrived in the neighbourhood that Boksör Hilmi controls...
D: This is the territory (mıntıka) of Boksör Hilmi. If you look at the man from the outside, he is a kabadayı. He collects protection money, and he collects revenues from those that sell smuggled goods. But if you look closer, you see a lot more.
Begger girl comes to beg, Dalyan sends her off…
D: The money goes to the Boksör. He kidnaps the children and makes them beg by force. The dog!
M: Where does he find all these children, abi?
D: Many of the kids are orphans left behind in an orphanage, and the rest he steals them. In short, he raises them when they are young. He makes them beg through beating and whipping. And that is how they are when they are older. First they beg, then they become big brothers to the rest. And when they grow up a little more, they give them weapons. They send them out in the underworld as bodyguards(bouncers). And the ones that carry weapons, get caught up with the gangsters. And the rest, low-lives.
M: And nobody tells him to stop.
D: Eh, that is how the order was established. Give and take (al gülüm ver gülüm). Last night a boy came to my place. If you saw, you would say he was a child that just grew his beard. He took a loan from the boxer, and the poor guy cannot pay it back. He took his brother from him, a child as small as a hand.
M: Look, abi, they are all like that.
D: I do not like to make comparisons, but he is the age of the late Nazif.
M: Şerefsiz. The boy they kidnapped, where is he? Among them?
D: No, they are sending him to another country. He sent other children along too. He is sending them all tonight through a train.
M: That means that this train will take off with some missing passengers, Dalyan abi.
Фериде пристига в квартала и забелязва Назиф Кара на разходка в парка. Тя паркира колата си близо до магазина и парка и отива при Назиф ...
Feride arrives in the neighbourhood... and she notices Nazif walking to the park. She parks her car near the shop and park...
F: Baba, are you okay? Mahir’s trial has been heard, the judge let him go. Did Mahir not come and tell you? Baba, we always said that there was something wrong with this issue. I solved the matter. I went and saw, the man is alive. The situation is that Mahir placed the man in a place far from sight. He did not kill any soul.
N: I learned that, kızım.
F: Really (öyle mi)?
N: Mahir came and explained everything, güzel kızım. What he did, and what his intention is. And the new future he drew out for the sake of this goal.
F: And what is his goal (objective – amaç)?
N: As much as I understood, neither you nor I will be present in this future. Nor anyone else that can stop him.
F: But he did not do anything bad. He did not kill the man.
N: Mahir’s problem is not the man. He swore he would find the ones that used him as a tool, and expose them. To find them and get his revenge.
F: Then why did he not say that he did not kill the man and was silent?
N: Mahir was the one who set up this game. He will appear as a murderer, and he will try to get in among them.
F: Among who, baba? Who is this game for?
N: The kabadayıs.
F: I do not understand. Mahir will become a kabadayı?
N: He will enter among them (aralarına girmek).
F: But why would they accept him among them because he killed a man?
N: You cannot become a kabadayı suddenly, kızım. The said kabadayıs do not grow in the dirt, and do not grow with water. You have to advance in this path, step by step. And Mahir has taken the first step. He allowed his name to be written in the book of killers. The ones in that world will know he is one of them because his hands are covered in blood.
F: No baba, not possible. There has to be a way, we have to stop Mahir.
N: You cannot stop the arrow that has been launched from the bow, kızım. Leave it and do not effort yourself (çırpınmak) in vain. At this time, the only thing that can stop Mahir, is the last breath of his enemy.
F: Please do not say this, baba.
N: What will happen if I do not say it? He caused them to call him a killer even though it is a game, and tomorrow he will make them call him a kabadayı. And they will believe it. What will happen if one of them puts a gun to his head one of these days?
F: God forbid (Allah korusun)!
N: How will he escape at that time from getting involved in crimes and dirty things? Yani, güzel kızım, in this world you are either a kabadayı or not. Since Mahir has taken a step towards this world, then there is no return. Even if it is a game, even if he denies it, Mahir is now a kabadayı.

Отново при Фериде и Назиф в парка ...
F: I will prevent Mahir, baba. I cannot allow this. Maybe it is out of my limit. He trampled on your words and he will not listen to me, but I cannot just sit in my place and accept this. If he is determined to go down this path, then I am determined to stop him.
Feride leaves. She leans on her car and then she sees Bonsai Ayten… Ayten walks away.

Махир отива на гарата ... мъжете на Хилми Боксьора изпращат момченцата ...
Mahir went to the train station... Hilmi’s men were taking the boys... Mahir was about to follow them but he went to help an old lady in need of help... Then he resumed going after their trail...
Gangster 1: Get in, get in. You ****, shut up.
Gangster 2: Stay in the corner and swallow your tongues. If someone opens his mouth I will burn all of you.
G1: If you do something stupid, I will make you pay for it.
Small child: Mommy, I want my mom.
G1: What am I saying, and what are you doing? Do you want me to take off my belt?
Big Child: Do not abi. I will silence him.
Mahir went to look for the children...
G1: This trip will not end like this...
M: Selamünaleyküm.
G1: Hop my friend. That place is ours.
M: Allah allah, really? But I too have a ticket?
G1: I do not care about your ticket. Put it in the right place!
M: It seems like here is the right place!
G2: Are you a misfortune?
M: Estağfurullah. You are the dirty troubles (calamities). Come on boys, no one misses his home? Haydi Haydi.
G2: You are doing a mistake. The Boksör will get very angry. He will not forgive you.
M: Go and send my salutations to that Boksör.
G2: Who are you even?
Mahir remembers what Nazif had told him (had been translated in episode 76)...
M: Karadayı. Let us go my lions. We finished our work here. Do not cry my little brother, it is over. It passed.
Small child: Karadayı, I need to pee (çişi gelmek).
Mahir hugs the child...
Фериде пристига в къщата и търси МС ...
M: Hoş geldiniz Feride hanım.
F: Merhaba Mualla… Mualla, my parents are not here?
M: Both of them went out, efendim. And they did not tell when they will come back.
F: Hay allah… Alright, I have a request from you. I have to go now but I will come back tonight. Tell my father that he must wait for me, to not go anywhere. I need his help, do not forget, tamam?
M: Tamam Feride hanım, do not worry.
F: Hoşçakal.
Feride leaves.

МС, Аднан и Селим обядват в ресторанта както винаги ...
Mehmet Zalim, Grim-looking Savcı Adnan and Puppet Selim with 3 hairs on his bald head are having dinner at that restaurant as always…
MS: Why do you not say that Mahir Kara got lucky (şansı yaver gitmek) again, Adnan… This thing with release pending trial is not good at all.
A: He succeeded this time because there was no evidence, my minster. But in his next trial, I will handcuff him. Do not worry, his end is very soon.
MS: Keep your eyes on him, let us see what will Mahir effendi do. You will inform me about every step he will take.
S: Of course, efendim. Do not worry about it.

Назиф, Илкнур и Сонгюл са седнали на масата за вечеря ...Всички мълчат.
N: Afiyet olsun children.
S: Baba, Mahir abi…
N: I said do not mention his name, Songül.
S: He will come home at all from now on?
N: Even if he comes, he cannot enter from this door. This door is forever closed to him. There is no place under my roof for who did not respect his father! Haydi; do not upset yourselves, eat your soup.
Nazif left the girls, and he went to his little garden to take some air… The man cannot bear what is he going through… Ah poor Nazif…

Махир и децата пристигат при продавача на дюнер кебап.Mahir and the children arrived at the liver vendor that he and Feride went to eat at in episode 44… He asks the children they are fine right? One of them says they are fine because of him, may God bless Mahir. Mahir says that he is very hungry, what about them? Another one of the children says that sounds are coming from his stomach. So he tells them let them go fill their empty stomachs then.

Фериде е в дома на Суна ... говорят за ситуацията около Махир ...
Feride was at Suna’s place... Both were talking about Mahir’s situation...
F: My father will arrange it. In the end, he is a big minister. He can discreetly send someone from the government, and then no one can approach Mahir, right? Plus, there is another person behind this affair, Mahir is convinced of that. When justice will find its way, everybody will be relieved. My father will help me!
S: Yes, it is possible.
F: Maybe they can send an officer from the police... Anyway, my father will arrange it and find someone.
S: The komiser Yasin then? He is the best... and he is also his friend.
Oooo Suna, I see that fire in your eyes... Yasin huh?
F: Yaaaa? So they will let me sleep upright again! No, my father is better. Of course, I have to find Mahir first. Who knows where he is. Ohh… if only I could find out where he is and what he is doing...
S: Tamam, sit down and take a breath.
F: If I ask Songül... She does not know anything because Mahir does not even pass by their home in the evening...
S: To whom am I talking?
F: I cannot even ask İlknur, her state is disastrous/distraught. Will she give attention to my troubles? Are you aware about the situation that I am living Suna? I have no idea where the man I love is, and what is he doing, and not even how I can find him!
S: I know Feride. Stop it, I am getting dizzy (başı dönmek).
F: I wonder if he is with Dalyan?
S: Who is that?
F: A kabadayı.
S: No, not a kabadayı, it is not possible.
F: You are right, it is not possible.
S: I had only 2g of brain and you took them. Stop walking... If I knew where Mahir is, I will bring him to you by his ears. I do not feel quite fine (içi kıyılmak)... If we can eat something? Let me go prepare a soup, I am hungry.
F: No, let us not do anything in the house right now. I have to go back home, my father is waiting for me. I will talk to him, I will inform him about Mahir's game. But if you want, there's a liver sandwich vendor not too far from here, I will take you there.
S: Yes, please!
F: Let us go then.
Хилми Боксьорът пред отворения си гардероб ...
Boksör Hilmi was checking his closet, he gets angry because all his pants and suits are not well ironed so he starts to throw them on his bed. He calls for his maid Hanife. When she came, he told her that she has to re-iron them one by one and he will see them in the closer in the morning. He says he wants them well ironed, and if they are not, he threatened her that he will iron her face and make it straight… He threw her on the bed… As Boksör was leaving his house, the men that Mahir beat up came back. Boksör Hilmi asked them what are they doing here, what about them on their way to Ankara? One of them answered that they could not go, Boksör has noticed that their faces have been beaten up. He asks them "what does it mean that you could not go"... One of the men replied that they fell into a trap, a guy attacked them, and took the children and left… Hilmi said mocking him "a guy, right?”… Hilmi started beating him up, then he said that he does not call someone who could not keep four children a “man”. Finally, he asks who the man was… One of his men said “Karadayı”. Hilmi asks “What? Karadayı? Who is this guy?”

Махир взема дюнери на децата за вечеря ...вижда фериде и Суна ... пристигат Ясин и Кемал, за да отведат децата по домовете им ...
Mahir got the liver sandwiches for the children for them to eat…
M: Haydi, let us begin eating right away. The liver is very hot, I did not made the man put pepper to your sandwiches and I made him put a bit of onions... Fatih, bring us the soda, haydi.
The kids were eating, they all thanked him and said the sandwiches are tasty…
M: Afiyet olsun...who will not be full I will buy another sandwich for him.
While they are sitting and eating their sandwiches, Suna and Feride were also going to the liver sandwiches vendor to eat…
F: Suna I said let us go to the liver vendor but I do not want to eat anything.
S: Is this possible when you are hungry Feride?
F: Really, I do not want to eat anything, Suna.
S: My late grandmother always said the human’s pain is different than the hunger.
F: Oh God Suna...
Suna was saying how the food smelled tasty when Feride stopped walking because she saw Mahir sitting with the children and eating his sandwich… She said Mahir…
F: Mahir… Mahir is here…
S: Feride… you asked for this a lot and look, Allah makes him appear just in front of you, do you see that?
Mahir got up to go get other sandwiches for the children when he notices Feride… and he just goes to the vendor… Feride goes after him.
F: Mahir!
M: What are you doing here at this time, Feride?
F: Me and Suna, we were hungry, this is why…
S: İyi akşamlar.
M: You too.
S: I shall go sit…
F: You, I mean all of you, what are you doing here?
Mahir did not answer her, Yasin and Kemal arrived.
Y: İyi akşamlar. Feride, it means that you found Mahir… It was this that I meant when I said to you that I have something important to tell you, kardeşim. Hakime hanım found out about your secret…though you tell her yourself. Afiyet olsun young men.
M: These are the two cops that I have told you about... They will take you to your homes one by one.
Y: You liked the liver?
M: They will eat the second now.
Y: Afiyet olsun.
F: Mahir! Who are these children? Say something, Allah aşkına (for God’s sakes)… What is going on?
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Karadayi for English Speakers ... 6818277641

Episode 78 Summary Part 2.
7 октомври 2014 г. в 15:23

Episode 78 Summary Part 2.
7 октомври 2014 г. в 15:23
Selim lied to the singer by telling her that there was a misunderstanding. They actually do not need her service. She told him they are messing with her, one ask her to stay and another to leave. Selim said he will punish these idiots and also, he will convince Necdet when he will see him to let her join their staff at the Casino. He promised. He tells her he has work to do and needs to take care of the customers, so she tells him she awaits for his call. Selim goes to Ayten...
S: We burned yenge!
A: What is happening again?
S: I called everybody but I could not find any singer for tonight. Even a girl with a correct voice would have been satisfying! But there is no one, no one! Allah kahretsin ya!
A: But you told me there was a girl named Rüya or something. What happened to her?
S: Yes, but no one came. Look at the hall yenge, there is no empty tables. Even the clients who remain at the door said that a chair in the back will be enough. People came to listen to you and you are saying I will not go on stage. Tell me, what am I supposed to do right now yenge?
A: I sang last night because we had not another solution Selim... now
S: Now, it is worse yenge. I will embrace your hands and feets, just save us! Yeditepe casino has never been so full. They will destroy the hall and our reputation... Haydi yenge Sultana, do us kindness. Look, even the journalists have come. Maybe we will meet the chance because of you tonight. Go on stage at least for us and for the workers that are waiting their salary.
A: Ok, I will.
S: Yani, you will go on stage?
A: Tamam, I said I will go on stage. Haydi!
S: Long life to you, you are great! Then, I will go inform the group.
Well well well Selim got waaaay too happy. Seems like that little game of his worked out well.
Back to Mahir, Yasin, Feride and the children…
Kadir (the small child) thanks Karadayı, saying that without him he was going to be very scared. Mahir hugs him (the child is so cuuuute).Mahir tells him not to be afraid, no one can approach him again… and Mahir says to him did he know that he has a nephew of his age… Kadir tells him to bring him to us, we will play together… Mahir says he cannot bring him because he is not here anymore… He asks unless something happened to him? Mahir nods with yes… He tells Mahir not to be sad, he is here and if Mahir wants, he can be his nephew. Mahir hugs him again…Everyone is getting teary-eyed…
Y: Kadir, now we bring you to your homes, haydi get on this car...your mothers and your fathers are waiting for you... Come... Take Kadir. As you have seen Hakime hanım, I am doing my job… I am doing what is necessary for my job... Eyvallah abi. Did you all fit in there?
Mahir waves them goodbye…
M: Size iyi akşamlar hanımlar. Afiyet olsun. You get back home before it gets too late.
F: Hang on! Hang on... What does this mean now? You are not going anywhere. We will talk.
M: There is nothing to talk about. I said what I had to say in the detention cell, hakime hanım.
F: But I did not say, Mahir Kara.
Ayten appears on stage... She sings the song “Seni Seviyorum Zalim” If you really need it I will translate upon request...
Back to Mahir and Feride...
F: What you did was very nice. You saved the lives of these children but your intention is not to only do such things... I learned from Nazif baba. I know what you are trying to do. Besides Cüneyt is living (alive). I also know that you also did not touch him at all. I found out the reason behind all the words you said to me, and all of this attitude (tavrını – tavır) of yours... However (yalnız) know this; I will not allow (müsaade etmek) it. I will not make you do what is going on in your mind, Mahir.
M: And how are you going to prevent (mani olmak) me from that?
F: I will go right now and give news that Cüneyt Yanbal is alive. I will even prove (ispatlamak) it. I will get my father’s help... Since you pursued (ardına düşmek) on this incident, everything will be done the legal way.
M: You will keep me under control (ipini çekmek) yani?
F: On the contrary (bilakis) I will acquit you before the justice.
M: There is no justice in this world, hakime hanım. You still have not understood this? While your trials are being acquitted, you are going to open the eyes of those who attempted to kill me. They planted that bomb for me, but I did not die Feride... Now they believe that I killed Cüneyt and that I took my revenge.
F: Yes but only in appearance (görünürde)... The truth will come out sooner or later (er ya da geç)...
M: I will get to my purpose (aim – maksat) by the time they understand this.
F: To the Beyefendi yani... I will not allow (müsaade etmek) this at all. This is so dangerous (tehlikeli). What if something happens to you?
M: Something did happen to me Feride. Piece by piece they tore apart my flesh (heart). They took from me my biological mother (öz annesi) and sister... And as if it was not enough, they also took the woman that I knew as my mother. They took my Nazif, a piece of my soul whom I loved like my son. Now if I do not stop them, they will stop me. Now the moment that you go and tell that Mahir is playing a game and did not kill Cüneyt, they will kill all my loved ones. Yani Feride, do not do this (yapma bunu).
F: I just do not want anyone to get hurt (canı yanmak) anymore... I want all of this to end...
M: This is why I told you that it is over. That I told you to kill the me that is inside of you. Kill me already Feride.
F: Never... Neveeeer (aslaaaa). You want something that is not possible (mümkun olmayan) from me. The you that I have inside me will only die on the last breath that I take. Tamam... Tamam. I understood that this has no going back (geri dönüşü yok). No one... I will tell nothing to anyone... I will not ruin/spoil your game (oyun bozmak). I will not prevent you from walking on this path... But know this, I am after you just like your shadow (gölge), Mahir Kara.
M: Shadow only appears in places where there is sun, Hakime hanım. The roads that I have gone into are complete darkness (zifiri karanlık).
F: Suna! Haydi we are leaving.
Feride leaves without saying a word to Mahir... With Suna going after her still eating her sandwich haha.
They finally arrive to Suna’s place...Mahir was following them the whole time to make sure they are safely home.
S: Feride, slow down! I will trip and fall (takılıp düşmek). He is still after us... What did he do, did he go?
F: He does not leave. He does not leave before we get inside.
S: Haydi.
Suna opens the gate, Feride and Mahir look at each other... Feride closes the gate behind her... and she cries...
F: My God help me... Help me God...
Suna comes back out to tell Feride to come in. Feride goes, and Mahir knowing they are safe, leaves...
Belgin arrived at the gambling den... The lady sure loves her gambling and dressing a bit too sexy for that huh...
B: May the devil be with you (a way to wish luck to people gambling – şeytanınız bol olsun) gentlemen, but I will disturb you.
Y: Mademoiselle.
(The way Sosyete uses French words here and there makes me crack up... It pairs well with his character, and he is not butchering the pronunciation that much haha)
N: We got worried when you were late.
B: There is no need (mahal yok) to be worried, the news (havadis) are good. The frontiers will be free tomorrow night, but only for 2 hours.
N: The honey (bal) is flowing from your mouth.
Y: No, it is not possible for 2 hours.
B: The period of time (müddet) is 2 hours. After that, the inspection (denetim) will begin.
N: What?
B: Yani, the merchandise passed... Otherwise you will wait for it longer.
Y: It will be difficult.
B: Ah canım benim, nothing is easy in that life.
N: We will hurry up (elini çabuk tutmak).
Y: Pfff on verra (French – we will see)!
B: Anyway (neyse) gentlemen (beyler), size kolay gelsin.
Boksör Hilmi: Selamünaleyküm.
Y: What is up (hayırdır) Hilmi?
BH: I will cut the group atmosphere, but I have a question. Someone disturbed me this evening. He beat my men and took my merchandise. I am looking for him but I did not find him yet. Has anyone of you heard about him?
Y: Who?
BH: His name is Karadayı or something... His name is karadayı and he is missing (kayıp), huh?
Oooo Teddy bear was also gambling there... LİKE A BOSS.
D: Did you say, Karadayı?
B: Yes Dalyan abi, unless you know him?
D: Karadayı, alias (namı diğer) Mahir Kara. Anyone who read newspapers must know him, and those who do not know him yet, they know from now on because you will hear his name and will see his achievements everywhere.
Mahir entered the house he and Feride were supposed to live in after their marriage... he enters the bedroom and he remembers the scene where he was showing Feride the bright yellow-painted walls in episode 74... Feride is laying on Suna’s bed crying about what is going on between her and Mahir.
Ahhh that piece of music is just too suits their situation so well.
Yazıyor child advertising the day’s headline of how Mahir Kara has been released despite him having killed Cüneyt Yanbal... Nazif left home... he remembers a scene from episode 1 of him and Mahir leaving together for work...with Safiye taking care of them and wishing them a good day at work and Mahir to be careful when crossing streets. Nazif buys a newspaper from the child... He looks at it and crushes it with both his hands...
Feride arrived to the Courthouse with Suna greeting her and were heading to her office...
S: You still have lot of time for your trial. If you want, let us go to the clerk room, have a coffee, relax little bit and pull yourself together (regain her sanity/control of herself – kendine gelmek).
Feride and Suna headed to her office and saw Himmet at her office door.
F: What is going on Himmet efendi?
H: Hakime hanım, your father is waiting for you inside. He came early morning and he is very mad. He continuously was asking about you and I could not say anything to him.
F: Ufff, I forgot about my father.
Kerime hanım was coming down to go and see her son since MS was not home...
Mu: Are you going out efendim?
K: Yes kızım.
Mu: Kerime hanım; you are not eating and drinking very well lately. I am worried about you. Are you alright?
K: I am alright, do not worry kızım. If Mehmet Saim bey asks where did I go, just tell him I went to Nişantaşı.
Mu: Of course efendim.
Mahir was about to enter Dalyan’s place when Hilmi’s men arrived in a car...
Boksör's man: Are you Karadayı?
M: Who are you?
BM: Boksör want to see you. He said to take you (derhal) and come back.
M: I will not go to see anyone.
Bm: If the Boksör called you, you will come!
M: Do not mess with me if you do not want to get into trouble. And tell that Boksör that if he wants to talk to me, he just have to present himself in front of me.
The men leave.
Back to Feride and her father at her office...
MS: What should I do other than worrying about you, yavrum? Look at your situation (state).
F: Baba, lot of things happened one after the other (arka arkaya). Believe me I am very confused (şaşkın) too and my emotions are completely messed up (karmakarışık).
MS: Since this Mahir entered you life, you are like this. If you ask me, your eyes will open again.
Look kızım, I embraced him (bağırına basmak) because you loved him. But you see that mankind (ademoğlu) is known of his behaviour and not for his thoughts. What Mahir imagines and what he does contradict each other (birbirini tutmamak). Killing and hurting someone are things that go against (is contrary to – aykırı) our religion. Unatoned sins – sins that cannot be made up for (Telafisi olmayan günahlar). He took his revenge and what happened? Is that not so kızım?
F: His crime has not been proved yet baba.
MS: It is opposite. Anyway and whatever it is, I am tired of talking and arguing about Mahir’s subject kızım. No matter how much we talk and investigate (irdelemek) about the incidents, what we believe do not get along with each other (uyuşmak). Mahir Kara is only thinking about his family from now on. And me with my family as well. But that view (manzara) I am seeing upsets me a lot kızım.
He stood up and went by her side.
MS: Kızım, sometimes accepting the truth can be very hard. But, understand that you could not be with Mahir.
F: Taking a decision is easy baba, but actually it is carrying it out (uygulanmak) it that is harder. Anyway I cannot get close to Mahir, and it is impossible to be next to each other. Anyway, I do not think he would want this at all.
MS: And this is more appropriate, to part ways (separate) from each other (yolları ayırmak). It will pass yavrum. It will pass. The bad days will pass, believe me.
YAAAA SİKTİR GİT (piss off) MEHMET ZALİM!!!!!! Do not be lecturing Feride on sins and what goes against religion when you are the biggest piece of sh*t of a sinner that ever existed!!!! Hypocrite! %^^&*&%$%#!@!! Omg... Guys, any of you familiar with the boo boo doll experiment in psychology? Imagine a MS boo boo doll and I give you a set of tools from a sledgehammer to knives and whips. Keep on hitting it, it will keep on getting back up itself. Beat it until the end of time...
Kerime went to where her son Cihan lives... She told the taxi driver to stop in the street. The driver asked her if she is getting out of the car or if they are picking up someone... She says no they will wait here, and the money is not an issue, she will pay whatever amount he will ask for. He says alright as she wishes. Cihan comes out... Cihan was calling for the taxi, and then Kerime tells the driver to leave right away. Man asks were they not supposed to wait? Kerime says did he not hear what she said, let them leave! Kerime tries not to look at Cihan...
Nazif was in the shop trying to work... Poor man has no mind left in him and is unable to work well; kept dropping tools and hitting his fingers with the hammer... Osman comes in...
O: Let me pick up (toplamak).
N: If only it will end by picking up these.
O: Do not tire yourself (yorulmak) boss (usta). If there is an order (sipariş) I will look after it. Go to home and rest well.
N: I did not find a house big enough for that, kid. Maybe if I find something to keep me busy (meşgale) here, I will clear my mind a little bit.
Dalyan arrived at his casino. One of his men at the door told the other that Dalyan abi is arrived. Another of his men came from inside to give him the news... He tells Dalyan that he waited for him but he did not come, Dalyan says he had work to do, did something happened... His man said no everything is alright, and he tells him about Nazif coming to his place... he said that Nazif asked about Dalyan and that he told Nazif that Dalyan left with Mahir. Dalyan asks whether Nazif had said anything... The man said no, he just turned back and left.
Man: Hayırlı sabahlar (good morning) abi.
D: Eyvallah.
Man: Mahir abi came and he is inside. I waited for you in the evening, but you did not come.
D: I had some things to do. Did something happen?
Man: No abi. Everything is alright. Thanks God, business was good too.
D: But you are saying there are news...
Man: After you left yesterday, Nazif abi came.
D: Eeee?
Man: He asked about you and I said you left with Mahir abi.
D: Did he say anything?
Man: No abi. He turned and left.
D: What would he say; Kibarim is a wise man (arif adam). He must have understood what is going on. He must have blamed me.
Dalyan went inside to see Mahir. Mahir was inside drinking tea and waiting for Dalyan. Dalyan walked in.
D: Sit down Mahir, sit down. I thought I came earlier, but you were faster than me.
M: I am having problem with sleeping nowadays abi. As you said, the Böksor has sent his men. They were here just while ago.
D: The şerefsiz was asking about you. I threw some nuts in front of him. Look he found his way immediately. Let him swallow the fish-shaped lure completely (he means by that let him take the bait/let him fall for the trick – zokayı iyice yutmak) and all you have to do is to catch it and pull it out.
M: Let us see if he is courageous enough to confront me. Let us wait and see.
Boksör Hilmi She was very scared of him...
BM: Aferin, go and prepare coffee for me.
One of his men came and was asking for him.
BM: Come on, I am here. What did you do? Did you bring Karadayı?
Man: He did not come abi.
BM: How did he not come?
Man: He said; let him come and say what he has to say.
BM: Look at that brave heart (mangal yürek), he is intimidating (posta koymak) me huh. I know how to bring him to my feet. Get going.
Feride was in her office with Suna...
F: How will I help Mahir without telling someone? How will I protect him? Above all will I live in fears if something bad happens to him? I have to find a way, Suna.
S: And I am taken aback too. A complete pressure (cendere).
Then the grim-looking butthole Savcı Adnan came in...
F: Come on in.
A: Günaydın.
F: Good morning.
A: Did you see the newspapers? Did you read that indifferent (futursuz) statement that your fiancé gave? “Whatever is written in our fate happens, the rest are details”. He truly is playing with us and also does not confess. Does not that mean “Come on catch me if you can”?
F: Why are you doing this Adnan bey? I know how to write and read.
A: He is challenging, but he does not realise what he is doing. I will find the evidence that will throw him in prison.
The butthole put the newspaper on her desk and left.
Feride and Suna looked at the newspaper and saw Mahir’s picture and statement. Then Suna saw the news about Ayten becoming a star.
S: Ah, new star born at Yeditepe casino (reading article about Ayten).
Both are surprised...
Ayten was talking to someone on the telephone...
A: Thank you very much Nur hanımcığım. I know I have put you in trouble (sıkıntıya sokmak), but believe me I am in a very busy situation. Yes yes, if you finish the changes (modifications) that I liked for the washrooms by the evening and send it to the casino, I will be very thankful to you. Thank you again Nur hanımcığım. Thank you from now (god bless your hands – şimdiden ellerinize sağlık). Tamam, görüşmek üzere (see you), hoşçakalın (good bye).
Songül knocked on her door. Ayten opened the door for her.
A: Songül! Hoş geldin.
S: Are you available abla?
A: What are you saying? Come on in.
S: Everything here is as it was, as if nothing happened. How did you get used to your mum’s absence abla? It seems that I will not get used to it at all.
A: Come on canım, come on. Sit down. You will not be able to get used to it Songül. Your pain seems like it diminishes as time goes by, but the emptiness (voids - boşluk) will never be filled even at the most moment where you smile. A side of your heart will always be bittersweet (buruk). As if you do not have the right to love, you suddenly know you are alone again and one side of you always will be lacking something (eksik olmak). Orphanhood (öksüzlük) will live with you all your life. But, it is liveable and you will also live Songül. You will live, because the truth does not die with the deceased. If it was opposite, I would have been dead already by now (çoktan), is that not so?
Then Songül saw the news about Ayten singing in the casino. She picked the news paper and read the article “new star born at Yeditepe Casino”
S: Is this news true abla? You really are appearing on stage?
A: I do Songül. You know best how I wanted this for years. While I retreat because of no luck and even without understanding what happened, I looked and the microphone was in my hand. It is life.
S: I am happy for your happiness.
A: Thank you. Did Mahir hear about it?
S: No. My brother is not coming home anymore and will not come.
Back to Mahir and Dalyan at Dalyan’s office. One of Dalyan’s men came in.
Man: One of Necmi’s men came abi.
D: Send him in. We have not met for long time. Let us see what comes from beneath of him.
Necmi’s man walked in.
Man: Necmi abi sends his regards.
D: Eyvallah.
Man: He said that we did not see you for a long time and missed you. He said if you can pass by our place tonight, it will be an honour for us and make us delighted.
D: What is it? Is there an occasion (ceremony – merasim)?
Man: No abi, Necmi abi is inviting you because he missed you and it seems Karadayı brother too (looking at Mahir).
D: Yes...
Man: Necmi abi is waiting for you too abi (means Mahir).
D: Go and give my regards to Necmi abi. We will pass by in the evening.
Man: Necmi abi said to come after midnight (gece yarısı). We will talk more comfortably after curious people leave.
D: It is suitable (münasip). Hadi, go with the news.
The man left.
M: I suppose (herhalde) that is the way abi?
D: Exactly like this. That means that Boksör has chosen Necmi to be the mediator (aracı). That means that if he invites us, we will go.
M: Then, he does not have enough heart (courage – yürek yok) to face me.
D: It is not easy. You are still a mystery (muamma) for him now. With one shot you can go to the other side of the world. He is fond of comfort (canı tatlı). Let us take our precautions (tedbir almak) and accept the invitation. Let us see what will happen after that.
Feride drove Suna home and parked the car in front of her house...
S: Thank you very much Feride. I bothered you (zahmet olmak).
F: What inconvenience Sunaciğim? Suna, what if we have him followed (takıp ettirmek)?
S: Who? Mahir?
F: Who else would it be? Of course Mahir. Is there anyone else on my mind?
S: Of course not canım.
F: Look it is definitely (kesinlikle) a good idea. This way, I would know where he is, whom he is with, and what he is doing. I can protect him and put a stop to him (önünü almak). What do you think?
S: Alright, but how? Paying someone to follow him up is not as we know.
F: I will find someone. I will find. Anyhow, I took from your time. İyi geceler.
S: Good night to you too. Go and get some rest if you want to.
F: Tamam.
Suna went to her house. While she was trying to open the door, Feride tapped on her shoulder and scared the hell out of her (she screamed). Hahahahahaha
F: I am sorry Suna.
S: You made me have a fright(scared her), Feride. Did something happen?
F: No, Nothing happened. But, you were right. We cannot find someone who can do the work of a detective (hafiyelik). But, I know someone who can find one.
S: Excellent then (şahane o zaman).
F: I do not know if it is excellent, because the person (şahıs) hates me.
S: Huh, why would the person who hates you help you Feride?
F: I do not know this either.
S: I understand.
Boksör Hilmi was leaving his house...
Man: To Karton Necmi, abi?
BM: No aslanım, what is the point of going there early and wait? I told him at midnight (gece yarısı). You go to Sarı Cemal’s house, let us get some rest with ladies first.
Man: Your wish is my command abi.
Meanwhile there was a wedding in the neighbourhood and the married couple were dancing in the middle. Boksör passed by.
BM: Stop, there is a wedding. Haydi, let us pass by.
Two men came running to welcome Boksör.
Man: Welcome abi, bring a chair immediately.
BM: Thank you, I will not sit.
He walked to the couple who were dancing and then the music stopped.
BM: What did I tell you kardeş? I told you to pay your debt first and then we will make your wedding. Is that not so?
Groom: I am sorry abi, my intention…
BM: Your intention is clear (aşikar). You are very excited to get married (dünya evine girmek). You completely (tamamen) forgot the debt, the promise you gave, and take permission from me.
Groom: Please abi (he tried to kiss his hand, but the Boxer refused). It is my wedding abi, please do not ruin it.
BM: What is done, is done. The bride has prepared and all people have gathered. But, we will see in a moment what will be the forgiveness of this negligence. Since we came, let us dance too. Play the music.
Then Boksör started dancing with the bride.
Kerime Hanım was reading the newspaper and the article about Mahir... The butthole MEHMET ZALİM came in.
MS: Mualla, can you bring foamy coffee (köpüklü kahve) for each of us and some Turkish delights.
Mu: Right away efendim.
MS: Hoş buldum sevgili karıcığım. Eeee, our daughter has finally found the right path. Mahir Kara is about to exit her life. Let us put it this way (senin anlayacağın), it is about to happen (eli kulağında).
K: Is it truly (gerçekten) Mahir who did it?
MS: Evet, Mahir Kara. He killed the man without hesitation (gözünü kırpmadan).
K: He killed him in vain. He became a killer in vain, because of you (senin yüzünden).
MS: No one has told him to go and cover his hands with blood. The man was in prison anyway and he would have served his sentence (ceza çekmek). But, Mahir Kara has asked for blood and took a life. A behaviour that suited him well. I hope he found peace (huzura ermek). He revenged for his family. Then he did his crime and the price was paid. Why are you looking at me like that karıcığım (my wife)? This is part of Mahir’s nature. As a result of this (bu vesileyle), the criminal that existed inside him appeared. He is clever; he did everything and did not get in prison. Forget about the annoying (can sıkıcı) side of the issue, do not read the newspaper and upset yourself. These are not subjects we used to them. What is important is our daughter Feride. She wrote off this Kabadayı from her life (hayatından çıkarmak). This issue is over and this is the important. The rest is nonsense (fasarya). Let him be (ne hali varsa görsün).
He did not like the dirty look of Kerime hanım and he stood up to go to his office.
MS: Mualla, bring my coffee upstairs, to my office kızım.
Mualla came with the coffee and tried to give one to Kerime hanım.
K: I do not want.
Ayten was getting ready to appear on stage, Selim comes in and tells her it is her turn... she asks how is it in there, Selim says it is full, they are sending back customers due to the place being completely booked. Back to the wedding... She prays to God not to let her down, to protect her from failure.
Boksör was still dancing with the bride. The groom was not bearing that, so he came to dance with his bride but Hilmi stopped him...
BM: Take it easy (calm down – ağır ol) my lion. Your brother is here.
The little bride was so shy and afraid. Then Boksör pulled from his pocket stack of money and sticks it inside the collar of her dress. THAT GOD DAMN FİLTH!!!!
BM: If I knew, I would have put on you a bracelet (bilezik)...
His men distanced the groom from them.
BM: It is enough, I am bored. Play something else.
The bride was not dancing because she was afraid, then Boksör held her waist.
BH: Dance little bit.
The Groom got mad upon seeing this.
Groom: It is enough, she is my wife.
Boksör punched him. He pulled his gun and hit the groom with it, dragged the bride after him and left.
Ayten was having the moment of her life on stage singing... Meanwhile Suna and Feride are driving to Ayten’s casino.
S: Feride... Are you sure that this is a good idea...
F: I have no other choice, Suna. I am forced to do this for Mahir. Nothing else is coming to mind. Anyway if I sat, doing nothing with my arms and hands tied any more, going crazy (go out of her mind – aklını kaçırmak) was almost going to happen (ramak kalmak).
S: That is true. Yok canım... I said this because I am very tired.
Mahir was at Dalyan’s office thinking and knocking on the table... Noise came from outside. The groom was trying to enter but Dalyan’s men were trying to stop him.
Man: Where to kardeşim? Hold on, hold on!
Groom: Let go of me, I will see Karadayı!
D: Allow him!
M: Who are you? What happened to you (blood on his face)...
Groom: Are you Karadayı?
M: It is me, what is your problem?
Groom: Are you the one who saved the children? Is that correct?
M: Yes...
Groom: Help me too abi. I will be your slave, help me too.
He was trying to kiss Mahir’s hand, but Mahir refused.
M: Stop, stop.
Groom: That şerefsiz Hilmi raided my wedding and kidnapped my wife.
Mahir looked at Dalyan... As if they were agreeing for Mahir to go beat up that fucker.
Meanwhile Hilmi brought the bride to his bedroom...trying to rape her. The little bride was so afraid.
Bride: Let me be your slave. Do not touch me (el sürmemek).
BH: There is nothing to be afraid of. I did not take you for good (temelli). I will bring you back to your groom. But, since you are the fruit of my garden, I have to taste you first. Do you understand?
REPULSİVE PİG!!!!!!!!! He does not even know what is about to hit him... Haydi Mahiiiirrrrr.
Mahir arrived to Boksör’s house. Boksör’s men were outside guarding the house.
Man: Ulan... Karadayı came!
Mahir went in and he beat the sh*t out of them one after another and went up to the boksör.
Man, the osmanlı tokadı looks so good when it is Mahir that does it.
Boksör was undressing himself...
BH: You are very young. How did your father make a mistake and gave you...
He tried to get closer to her.
Bride: Do not touch me.
Mahir opened the door and walked in.
M: Şerefsiz, what does it mean kidnapping a bride from her wedding? Who are you, son of a dog? Who are you?
BH: Who are you to enter my house?
He tried to retaliate and hit Mahir back. Then Mahir hit him with a good one (I think the guy is still sleeping – yes İ think he is).
The men came into Ayten’s room with the flowers saying that there are a lot of these that they cannot be spread around so what does she want to do with them...Ayten says to put them in Necdet’s room. Ayten says just to scatter them around in the casino. She says she will change so no one comes in. As she was changing, Feride came and knocked on the door.
A: I said do not come in, can you get out please!
No one answers...
F: Ayten, I need your help.
A (sarcastically): My help... I did not understand... For what matter, pardon?
F: For Mahir.
Ayten was dumbfounded.
Mahir drove to the police station bringing with him Boksör Hilmi wearing the bride’s dress.
Mahir pulled the Boksör from the back seat and threw him on the ground in front of the police station.
M: Get on going, this is the end of the road for you.
Yasin came out with photographers. They started taking pictures of Boksör with bride’s dress.
Y: Eline sağlık. The white looks good on the young man.
M: From now on, this dog is entrusted to you. You do what it is needed.
Y: Come on, take him.
Mahir walks away.

Karadayi E 78 - част 2 бг суб
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Господ е на небето, а Опел-а е на шосето!
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Господ е на небето, а Опел-а е на шосето!
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Laura вчера написа:Episode 79 summary is being finished, it will come later today.

Episode 79 Summary Part 1.
16 октомври 2014 г. в 16:57 ... 4124365577

Episode begins with the beautiful wedding gown-wearing gangster making a trip to the police precinct…
Boksör Hilmi:[/b] KARADAYI! I assure you, I will make you pay this… I will not forget what you have done to me! This will be paid for… write me in your mind!
Y: Shut up you! Shut up! Throw the little lady into the detention cell!
Journalist: Yasin komiser, what is the incident? If you could give us some information… What should we write tomorrow?
Y: Write like this; Karadayı entered the world fastly, he has made a mess of the Boksör, write like this!
Yasin goes back in the police precinct.
Back to Feride asking for help from Ayten regarding Mahir…
A: Wait a minute… Did I understand right? You want help from me for your fiancé, is it not so?
F: Actually, we were enga…
Ayten (interrupting Feride): What is your intention Hakime hanım? To hurt me (canı yakmak)?
F: No, not at all! I came here to ask your help...
A (again interrupting): There is none else left to ask for help from so you came to me, really?
F: Ayten, Can you listen to me for a minute and let me explain (izah etmek)?
A: No need for an explanation (izah) Hakime hanım. I have understood you. Rubbing salt into my wound (yaraya tuz basmak) pleases you, but pardon me I will not let it happen from now on. Now if you allow me, let me change my clothes.
Feride could not believe Ayten’s attitude and she left… Suna was waiting for Feride outside in front of the casino… Feride got out.
S: What happened? What did Ayten hanım say? Did she accept?
F: She did not even bother herself to listen to me.
S: How so?
F: She thought that I came to spite her (deliberately offend/hurt – nispet yapmak). She did not even ask me what is going on with Mahir, she only asked why I need her help and then she kicked me out.
S: To such an important judge? She has no limits (hadsiz).
F: Haydi let us go, Suna, haydi.
Our teddy bear Dalyan Rıza is giving orders to his men to change the tables and chairs of the gambling area and fix the door of his office… His man gives Dalyan the bills… His man leaves then Mahir comes in…
D: What did you do aslanım (my lion)?
M: I solved it abi.
D: Good.
M: I delivered the girl to her family, and the real enemy to the police station... Our friends cops will see if the bride’s dress suited the Boksör well or not.
D: You really made him wear the bride’s gown? Hahahahaha
M: Exactly abi.
D: What a beautiful punishement. The world never heard about such a punition… Everyone’s eyes will be on you now.
M: Was this not our goal, abi? To attract attention (dikkat çekmek) of the men you have enumerated… I want to sit with them on the same table. To have them call me and join them. To reveal their secrets to me. I want them to trust me in such a way, that they lead me to the beyefendi with their own hands.
D: This also will happen... The turn will come on this too... Look, you have bumped someone off (killed someone – leşini sermek) and you are notorious now… You took the territory by humiliating him... Now there will be an acquaintance ceremony for sure...but with the big heads of the world before reaching to the Beyefendi... Particularly, the time has come to show up... Karadayı.
Skip the news about Mahir humiliating Hilmi in front of the police precinct.
Mahir is in his house (actually THEİR house – Mahir and Feride’s)… Mahir was drinking a cup of tea and reading the day’s newspaper… (Is it me or Mahir flat out refuses to sleep in their bedroom without Feride? They always show the bedroom with the bedsheets untouched and Mahir sleeping on the couch... Very sweet touch.)
M: Karadayı who makes a mess of the Kabadayı world (causes chaos in the kabadayı world). Last night, an unaccustomed (alışılmadık) event happened at the Merkez police station. The informations which were given by the authorities, Hilmi Sucu one of the old boxers who became famous as a kabadayı in a small neighbourhood (semt), raised hell by raiding a wedding that took place in the same neighbourhood and kidnapped the bride. The new kabadayı Mahir Kara alias Karadayı, who has taken a part of this incident, has saved the bride from the Boksör's hands, delivered her to her spouse, and then delivered Hilmi Sucu to the police station by making him wear the bride’s dress. In this quarrel of settling accounts between the two kabadayıs, the humiliated Boksör Hilmi Sucu was put under arrest while swearing that he will take his revenge... Karadayı who makes a mess of the Kabadayı world…
Then Mahir hears a car coming… He comes out and sees Dalyan waiting for him.
M: Günaydın abi.
D: Günaydın Karadayı... This is your notoriety aslanım, it gets used to, used to your tongue and your ears... Haydi, let us arrive (varmak) to your new territory (mıntıka)... The notable people (rich people – eşraf) who heard that you defeated (beat – alt etmek) the Boksör are wondering about how you look like (your stature – endam)... Have you seen this? (he gave him the newspapper)
M: I did.
D: Very hot news (yakıcı), and quite showy (afili), let us see what kind of echo it will have in the world.
They get in the car…
Our little friend Seyis is at his farm…
S: Tell Mustafa to inform the veterinarians (baytar). Let them examine Karakız, She is not feeling good (in the mood).
Man: Right away, abi.
S: Where is Yusuf? He did not come?
Y: I came Monsieur, I came.
S: Hoş geldin.
Y: Bonjour (hello).
S: Please sit down. Let them bring the tea.
Yusuf looks at the newspaper.
Y: Is this not our Boksör? White looked good on him. This is bad.
S: Eh, he deserved it. He kidnapped the bride from the wedding.
Y: Mahir Kara, is he not the individual whom I bombed? A comical (funny – komik) man.
S: He is not just comical. Courageous, dangerous, someone different (değişik), yani.

FLASHBACK – a day before the wedding… Mehmet Zalim and his lover, puppet with 3 hairs on bald head Selim took a break from their romantic walk and were waiting for Seyis…
MS: Is this the kabadayı that we are waiting for?
Sel: Yes, efendi. Have no doubt he is the fastest and roughest man in the business. Very fearless (gözü kara). And he is very enthusiastic (hevesli) to kill Mahir.
MS: Beautiful. Selim, what if I am not the person addressed to (muhatap olmak)...? You coordinate the matter.
Sey: We did not make you wait, inşallah.
Sel: No, I just arrived.
Sey: The Beyefendi?
Seyis, as he was going to go enter the car to talk to MS, gets retained by Selim.
Sel: Let us not bother him.
Sey: Do not dare touch me again other than shaking hands (tokalaşmak). We do not cover our hands in blood for someone who does not step down to meet us, Beyefendi.
MS: Seyis bey, you came? Selim, why did you not inform me?
Sey: Honoured to meet you at last, Beyefendi.

Y: What is this face, Monsieur (sir)? Is there a problem?
S: It depends on how you look at it. For some it is a problem, and for others it is the chance of a lifetime.
Y: I am the chief of riddles (puzzles – bilmece), my dear (azizim).
S: Then solve it. I received a request…
Y: From Beyefendi.
S: I had the honour of meeting him today. He has a request. In order to establish a connection between us, I said yes, but…
Y: But?
S: The work does not suit me. I cannot do it.
Y: Excuse my curiosity, but what did he request?
S: There is a man, he will be killed. They will put a bomb in his wedding car. If he told me to shoot him in the middle of his forehead, I would not think twice, but this is a wedding. The women, and children, and family…it is contrary to me. In short (velhasıl), I will not do it.
Y: Wait, wait. Maybe we can find a way. We have to think in a big way. The Beyefendi means new doors opened to us in this trade. The weapons business is big.
S: My oath is also big, Yusuf. I cannot do it.
Y: Alright, do not break your oath. Say yes, and I will take care of the matter. Let the crime (sin – günah) and the merit (credit – sevap) be upon me.
S: Are you sure?
Y: I will place the bomb. Who is the target? You just tell me that.

S: Selamünaleyküm.
Y: Is it taken care of?
S: It is, abi. As you said, I prepared the bomb with my own hands, and put it in its place in a beautiful way. And I left the car in front of the owner’s house and came. It is a great wedding gift, yani. What is going on, abi? The demand for bombs is high. There is no need for this.
Y: Take your gift then. In my opinion, you can let go of the safety peg. Let go of the safety.
Sosyete plays a prank on Seyit. It is a fake grenade that plays some soothing music.
S: Abi, you made me lose my mind.
Y: But I spared your life. Bonsoir (good evening).

And then back to Sosyete Yusuf and Seyis having their breakfast…
S: Is there anyone from our group that knows you were the one who put that bomb?
Y: No, this subject has never been opened.
S: Good. Let them not know too. Because of insignificant matters, the human becomes like a burden on the back.
Y: Whoever knows knows, azizim. What is there to it? Would the real burden not be that it gets to Mahir's ears (hearing about it)?
S: It would benefit us to behave with sensitivity, Yusuf kardeş.
Y: For who? For Mahir? Who is he? Was there anyone who heard of his name until yesterday... Besides, he already killed a poor man and got his revenge, and the book was closed. He has no problem with us.
S: You never know with these matters. Look, he entered into our world through the heaviest seat. We will come face to face and stand side by side. And then someone will pop up that does not know how to speak and say this matter was not actually that way, it was this way.
Y: My character and my stance are clear, azizim. I do not come face to face and walk side to side with just any man that says he is a kabadayı. Be at rest (için rahat olsun).
S: Beautiful. But the issue does not get closed just like that.
Y: As long as you are insisting, let it be as you say.
S: Actually, I am regretful for giving this job to you. I wish we did not get involved (got mixed up with this job – bulaşmak) at all. A mother’s soul got burned. And I did too.
Y: Eh, it happened this time.
Ohoooo Seyis… you feel remorseful now huh… How are you going to get closer to İlknur now that you are mostly the reason behind the tragedy?!!?
Feride went down the stairs and saw the breakfast table set… Feride needs the newspapers, and as Kerime was coming down the stairs, she stashed the newspaper quickly into her purse.
K: Günaydın kızım.
F: Günaydın mum.
K: I was waiting for your wake up.
F: If you waited me for the breakfast, you will have it with my father, I have to go out immediately.
K: No Feride. I was going to say let us talk a little... Shall we go to the garden?
F: Why do we not talk here?
K: We will take some fresh air, you know it is autumn (sonbahar)… you will miss these days later... Haydi let us go.
They go out.
Mahir, Dalyan and his men were walking in Mahir’s new territory. People were talking about how he saved the bride, and made Hilmi wear the wedding gown and threw him in front of the police precinct. Everyone run to Mahir to kiss his hand as a token of gratitude but Mahir does not allow them and shakes hand instead… Dalyan says it cannot be like this, this is his territory now they will not show a lack of respect (saygıda kusur etmek) and Mahir will not avoid getting his hand kissed and seeing the people’s respect for him. Mahir asks how is he going to get used to this… Dalyan says this is how things goes… etc… The groom came to greet Mahir and tell him may God bless him for having saved his name and honour. He tells him let him do whatever job Mahir has because his debt is big and he is ready for everything. The man reaches to kiss Mahir’s hand, and Mahir reluctantly allows him. They continue walking around…
Back to Kerime hanım and Feride in their garden…
F: They still in a distraught (miserable – perişan) situation (vaziyet), mum… They lost two of their souls… It is very difficult.
K: May Allah give them patience.
F: I am going now mum.
K: Wait, Feride… And you, how are you? What is your state (situation)?
F: I am doing my best (gayret etmek) to be okay mum…
K: Yesterday, your father was talking (bahsetmek) about things… What is going on Feride? Did Mahir really kill that guy?
F: If only I knew mum. The only thing I know is that everything is not like it was before.
K: Seeing you in disarray like this burns my soul so much...but not being able bandage your wounds is tougher.
F: Do not worry, everything will be more beautiful than before... I will do my best and the necessary for this...because I love him so much, mum. I love Mahir helplessly (umarsız).
K: Kızım…
They hug…
F: Be at ease (müsterih olmak), everything will be more beautiful than before.
K: Good bye (güle güle) kızım…
F: Haydi, go inside, it is cold.
Kerime goes inside, and Feride gets in her car. She takes out the newspaper from her purse and starts reading it…
F: Karadayı who makes a mess of the Kabadayı world.
Mahir came to a small café… when he entered everyone stood up to show respect for KARADAYI… Mahir and Dalyan found a place to sit, but the men were still standing up; then Mahir saw an old man standing and showing respect, Mahir was wondering about him and he asked him “Amca (uncle), why are you standing up, sit down"… Then the old man said "this cannot be, you have to sit first my son, this is what is appropriate". Mahir politely replied that “I will also not sit down before you do, haydi amca”. The old man thanked Mahir, and then everybody took their place… The tea is ready and delivered to them…
The yazıyor boy is advertising the day’s headlines: the new fighter in the kabadayı world, how Mahir Kara alias Karadayı humiliated the Boksör… He arrived next to Nazif’s home of which Nazif baba was just in front of… Nazif told the yazıyor boy to give him one, and as he read the title, he got angry. He told the boy to take the newspaper back and to not come again and sell the newspaper on this street…then the boy said fine, and returned back from where he came from…
Back to Mahir and Dalyan at the small café… People are talking about the future of their neighbourhood, and how it looks great under the control of Karadayı, they said good things about him and they thanked Allah for such a gift; they are happy because they are saved from the filth that was Boksör Hilmi… May God bless Karadayı etc…
D: Do you hear? This respect (saygı) and such high regard (hürmet) is not gifted to everyone. The men salute you with their own will, you want it or not, they have accepted your rule (hükümet).
A man enters the café.
A: Abi buyrun… Abi, consider our little as a lot. We were not ready, we will complete what is missing the next time.
M: No need.
A: Forgive my negligence, abi. Have I annoyed you…
D: My friend, you leave it on the table and go.
The man left the café.
M: Why abi?
D: You have to take the offerings of the neighbours.
M: It cannot be abi... I cannot take the livelihood (money upon which one lives – nafaka) of the people.
D: Aslanım, those who has it, gives...and no one asks and takes from those who do not. You will consider it as a sort (nevi) of thank you for the neighbourhood’s system, order...
M: Is it obligatory (mandatory – şart olmak) to take it?
D: It is, everything will be according to the rules… and this as well.
M: I cannot not swallow this, the money that I did not work and earned for is not legitimate (permissible) for me.
D: This is up to you. If you want use it or if you want take it from the rich and give it to the poor... Since that this world (life – dünya) is not fair (adil), you be fair.
Aysel is working at Belgin’s beauty salon…
A: Ayşe do not stay like this, show to Sema hanım the new red lipstick that just came...
Lady: I read this morning on the newspaper, my dear (hayatım). The Boksör was truly wearing the wedding gown.
L2: Oh, these are lies for sure.
A: It is true, Şermin hanım. My father was at the wedding last night, he said it too. He saw him how he dragged the Boksör (boxer) with the bride's dress.
L2: Ayyy, so exciting (heyecanlı), look at the strength (kuvvet) and the power (kudret) the man has.
L1: How did he accomplish (becermek) it? The boxer is not a weak man, yani… When he punches he destroys.
A: Ayyy can Hilmi even be mentioned next to Karadayı, abla... This Hilmi is like a child next to him, a child (tıfıl)... The man is very tall.
L3: Do you not say, girl… Is he handsome at least?
L2: I saw him, he is handsome (yakışıklı).
A: Ayyy, and how very handsome he is abla! His photo came out on the newspapers, have you not seen it? Hay Allah, black brows, black eyes, and 2 meters
B: Who is this ogre (gulyabani – hahahhaa) Aysel hanım?
A: Hoş geldin abla! I was talking about Karadayı...he got rid of the boksör in one night, and all these places belongs to him now, this is what my father told me this morning.
B: Look at that… Hoş geldiniz hanımlar.
A: I am coming Şermin abla, just a second please... Abla, I will say something… Since this salon is in Karadayı’s territory, Karadayı is the one who will protect us from now on, right?
B: Ah goodness (ilahi) Aysel… Has the Boksör protected us until this day for Karadayı to protect us now? Ahhh, ahhh. Do not poke your noses (burununu sokmak) into things that your minds cannot understand (akılı ermemek)... Let your hands work, your hands not your tongues! Let them prepare my coffee and send it to me immediately.
A: Ayşe, go and make the coffee. Pardon me Şermin hanım, let me take...the feet are like hooved feet (toynak gibi).
Aysel is so cute haha… Brought some joy to the episode.
Ayten was trying to drink raw eggs down…The myth suggests that drinking down raw eggs improves/clears the voice but it is false… Ayten was so disgusted… Someone knocks on door, and it is Feride again…
A: It is you again, Feride? What do you want again this early in the morning?
F: We have to talk, Ayten? May you allow and let me come in?
Ayten opened the door and lets Feride come inside.
F: My shoes…
A: No, we are going to clean the house later, buyrun.
F: Just as you guessed, the subject is Mahir. But let me say it right now. We… I mean me and Mahir, we are no longer considered as engaged to each other.
A: How so? Did you two separate?
F: Like I said, we are not considered engaged anymore, because Mahir left and changed his way… He will take his revenge. Anyway you must have read the news on the newspapers.
A: I read it… Songül said something but where would I know…
F: One is not able to believe this, right? But Mahir is very determined, he will find the one who made his family living this pain and take his revenge.
F: And what would he do? His pain is very big, look at those who are at home, every each and single one of them is in a miserable state. What is suitable from Mahir is to find who was the cause of this, and not to stay afraid. What I did not understand is what do you want from me?
F: Ayten, do you not see how dangerous the way Mahir has chosen? He wants to punish them by himself instead finding and turning them over to justice.
A: Why I wonder? If we look at what Nazif Baba has lived, he cannot be deemed as wrong, right?
F: I did not come here to argue (tartışmak) about the past with you. Mahir has lost his self-control (gözü karartmak), he considers his soul as nothing. We must protect him, and I came to ask your help.
A: Have you lost your mind Feride? What can we do? You are a big judge, what can I do if you cannot do anything?
F: Mahir now became someone who flagrantly violates the law (kanun çiğneyen biri), the only way I can help him with is by sending him to the prison. But look, the man who Mahir humiliated yesterday is throwing threats, and said that he will kill Mahir… How can I sit when I know something like this? I am talking about Mahir's life, something not to happen to him. Ayten… There only is one person who just like me wants the best for Mahir, and this person is you… This is why I am in front of you.
Dalyan and Mahir are still touring around the area…
D: The territory is done for since your name on everyone's tongue.
M: Let them say my name with good and prayers, and there is nothing else for me to wish for, abi.
Mahir saw an old woman who was cleaning her house’s door and her child was sitting next to her.
M: Give me the cash...kolay gelsin bacım (sister).
W: Thank you abi. No abi, I do not want it. I work for my livelihood anyway.
M: May Allah make it easy for you. Take it for the child.
W: Thank you. May God bless you. May God bring you reunited with your loved ones at home.
M: Amen. Kolay gelsin…
D: Frown (kaşlarını çatmak), lose your temper, do what you want to do. The real (the essence of) gem is always clean, always brightly shining (pırıl pırıl).
A man stopped them.
M: Abi, hoş geldin. Buyrun abi, the news came, from now on this place is yours. We did our best in preparing it and in cleaning it… Come and take a look if you want. And if there is something missing, let us complete it (tamamlamak). Buyrun abi.
M: Let us enter and see.
Back to Ayten and Feride…having their coffee.
F: I heard that it is you who is in charge of the casino… I do not have that much information (malumat)... There are Necdet’s men over there, right?
A: Of course there are… In the end it is not an easy work, families and good people (düzgün insanlar) do not come to the casino. Sometimes vulgar, impolite people (it kopuk) come, and some people drink, get drunk then go crazy (sapıtmak)… Yani you find all the kinds you are looking for. And the men are there to secure the peace.
F: What if we put one of these men after Mahir? At least he will tell us where is he and what is he doing… And if a bad thing will happen to him, he will inform me and I will do what I can to stop (prevent – mani olmak) him...or we help him when gets in trouble.
A: Good, let us say we did what you have said… We put the man after Mahir… Alright, what would happen if Mahir hears about it? Did you not think about it at all? I will tell you, he will harass both of us (give us hell – canına okumak).
F: That means we will be careful. And we will pray for Mahir not to find out... We have no other choice, Ayten. We are obliged to do this to keep Mahir in safe and to not regret it later b y saying if only…
A: Offff. I do not know.
F: Ayten, please... You are the only one who can find a solution this. Find a guy, put him to follow Mahir. There is no need to protect him, it is enough for the guy to do the work of a detective (hafiyelik). For Mahir’s best interests…
A: Tamam, tamam. I will find someone and I will put him to follow Mahir... Then I will inform you.
F: Thank you very much, you relieved me, even if a little bit.
A: Let us pray that Mahir does not hear about this.
F: İnşallah. I am waiting for news from you. Thank you very much... Thank you for the coffee.
A: No problem (bir şey değil).
Feride leaves.
Nazif was at his shop working, then İsmet came to see him…
I: Nazif baba, kolay gelsin… Do you allow me to come in?
N: Sit, my son (evladım)!
I: What can I say? I do not know from where to start talking, Nazif baba. I am only aware of your situation... And I wanted you to know this...if there is anything you want from me, I am ready to do it, whatever you want.
N: Ahhh İsmet… If only death is the only thing which has no remedy (deva). Sometimes the human's willpower (iradesi) stands facing you (opposes you – karşısına dikilmek) like iron (demir), you cannot bend (eğmek) it and lean it... And you cannot say this is fate and accepting it. Mahir is not only my son, he is my support… my back rest (chair – mesnet)… The hand that I hold… My tongue that speaks… Mahir was my companion (yoldaşı)... Anyway I was hit where I am most vulnerable and sensible (can evinden vurmak) because of what I have lost. I have no desire (heves) left to continue living… And with what Mahir has done, all of it (toptan) made me have an awful fright (yüreğine inmek).
I: Nazif Baba, I am counted like your son too. Yani, not to the point of filling Mahir’s place, but night or day when you are in need of anything you can just call me, and I will run and come right away, Nazif Baba.
N: Thank you evladım. Allah razı olsun (may God bless you)
Back to Mahir’s new gambling den… The man working there tells him how the work has been slacking a bit nowadays etc… He goes to bring them some tea when Kütük Nail’s man Ziya comes in…
Z: Selamünaleyküm ağalar.
Man: Ziya bey, hoş geldin.
Z: Thank you, kardeş. Dalyan abi... Kardeş (brother), there is a greeting from Nail abi... He heard that the territory and the gambling den has changed its owner. He said “say that I raised up the price...from now on the bottles prices are raised by 3.”
Mahir is remembering what Dalyan Rıza said about Kütük Nail… "Kutuk Nail, a carpenter (marangoz). Only by name of course… All kinds of smuggling will be asked from him, but they are not goods like ours, tobacco (tütün) and alcohol (içki). it is him who provides (beslemek) for all the casinos and night clubs.”
D: Why is this necessary (icap etmek) now? Did Nail stand his guard for him to raise the prices?
Z: The drill (rule) is very clear Dalyan abi. Nail abi gives the alcohol permit (ruhsat) to the person and not to the place... If the owner of the place is changed, the contract is ruined and the raise is made. If it suits your plans.
M: Tamam kardeş, give my greetings to Nail bey. I accept with pleasure (başım gözüm üstüne) whatever he says. But tell him that Karadayı has a request (istirham). Tell him that I want to get acquainted and talk with him about this subject.
Z: Every person that comes in front of him freely like this cannot come before Nail abi, kardeşim. Did you understand? And these work by ranks (kademe). There is Mahmut abi, best is if you go and talk to him about your problem.
M: Be a messenger (elçi), arkadaş. Transmit it to him... Maybe he will say tamam.
Z: Alright then. Let it be as you said (whatever you say – dediğin gibi olsun). Haydi eyvallah.
D: What can I say. Well done (helal olsun sana). You took the pass and scored the goal immediately (anında). It is still too soon (dün bir bugün iki) but you have created a chance of meeting one of the leaders.
Sosyete Yusuf and Seyis’ romantic breakfast came to an end, and Yusuf was on his way to leave the farm…
Y: It was a wonderful (fevkalade) breakfast (kahvaltı). Merci monsieur (French – thank you sir).
S: Do not mention it (lafı olmaz), kardeşim. I will always wait (welcome) for you.
Y: I will let you know when the trucks come in the evening, let us be careful azizim (my dear).
S: I got this, do not worry.
Yusuf quits the farm and Orhan comes riding his car.
S: From where my lion?
O: I have delivered the deposit that you gave me yesterday abi...then I passed by my mum...I poured some water on her grave.
S: You did well.
O: Abi. I have a favour that I want to ask from you. Bülent, the father of my nephew that died... He lost his self-control (mind – dağıtmak) after the incident... Of course it is not easy, he lost his son… I brought him here and I said to let him kiss your hand. If you see it suitable, he can work with us.
S: You did well… But (fakat) what kind of work does he do? What is he able to do?
O: He does any work you give him abi… I mean he can run errands (getir götür bakmak)… If you allow.
S: Alright then, let him stay for now (şimdilik), we will see later what he will do.
O: Thank you abi, let me call him and let him kiss your hand.
S: I do not have time...later.
O: You know better.
S: Prepare the car... Let me change my clothes, then I will go out.
Dumb Orhan is happy for Dumber Caveman Bülent.
Ayten is in Necdet's office at the casino... Seems like she is waiting for our superstar the sweet Yaşar…
Y: You have asked for me, yenge.
A: Close the door and enter... I will give you a very important mission (vazife), Yaşar!
Y: Whatever you want, yenge.
A: But it is a very secret (gizli) job. I have chosen you from all these men, this means that I trust in you that much, but if a mistake is made and that you mess up (eline yüzüne bulaştırmak), you will pay a very big price for that.
Y: Do you not worry yenge. With God’s help (evvel Allah), I will solve whatever you want without being involved in a difficult situation.
A: Beautiful. (Ayten went to bring the Quran and made some gestures to show the respect for Allah's book (some habits) – thank God for a friend of mine otherwise I would not have understood why Ayten does this). First you will swear on the Quran (Kuran’a el basmak).
Y: Why yenge?
A: You will not repeat (say – tekrar etmek) what I will say to anyone. Especially your brother Necdet must never know. You will not say it even to yourself, this will be kept between us at that swear (yemin etmek).
Y: I swear, what you say will be kept just between us yengem.
A: Good, now listen to me very well. You remember this Mahir (hani … var ya)… Mahir Kara. You will follow him. You will be behind him day and night just like his shadow, where did he go and what did he do and who is he talking to. I want to know everything one by one (tek tek).
Y: What is up (hayırdır) yenge? Is there an enmity (düşmanlık)?
A: This part does not concern you, you only do what I said...but do not dare let Mahir catch you.
Y: Do not worry about this yenge. Know that this job is done.
A: Maybe he is at Dalyan, or in the neighbourhood, I do not know. Go and find him wherever he is.
Y: I will find him, and stick on him like a leech (be hot on his trail – ensesine sülük gibi yapışmak).
A: Do not forget what I said. There is no getting caught, there is no such possibility. Let us say (diyelim ki) something happened and Mahir noticed you (fark etmek). I did not put you to follow him, or even the best is that you forget that you know me.
Y: Tamam yenge.
A: Tamam, what are you waiting for (ne duruyorsun)? Haydi, get out hurry up!
I love this Yaşar, he looks so innocent and you all owe him one
The police officers were escorting Boksör Hilmi down the stairs at the Courthouse… Hilmi was resisting the cops. Feride is watching the bastard’s attitude… He kept yelling to let him go, he walks on his own… and threatens the cops… Journalists were outside waiting for Hilmi to take his statement. Feride follows.
Journalists: Will you not clarify on the incident?
BH: The judge is a human being (beşer), he also makes mistakes (şaşmak)… He will understand his mistake until the next (bir dahaki) trial, and I will be released.
Journalists: Karadayı will take care of your territory from now on, really? What do you say about the bride dress?
BH: I did not forget the good and the bad who has been done to me, and especially this dirty trick (backstabbing), I will also never forget this. Count down my days inside and Karadayı’s days outside. The day that I will be released will be my dawn, as for him, it will be his last day. Let the man write this like this in his mind, understood?
Journalists: Is this a clear threat to Karadayı?
BH: Let whoever understand as he wants.
Boksör Hilmi gets in the police car… Feride is very scared.
Dalyan came to his place with Mahir... The guard greet them. He said he was preparing the food, Dalyan thanks him and asks what did they prepare… The man says they prepare some köfte etc. Dalyan tells Mahir to let them get inside, wash their hands and face then fill their stomachs. Mahir tells Dalyan that he has a small thing to do, he will go do it and come back. Dalyan tells him tamam and we see our sweetheart Yaşar spying behind a tree.
Dumb Orhan joins Dumber Caveman Bülent… Bülent eats his food.
O: Afiyet olsun, enişte.
B: Buyrun, let us eat together… We were late again, your patron went out… We could not talk.
O: I have talked about this subject… Do you not worry enişte.
B: What did he say? Does he consent to me staying here?
O: Yes, and he will look for a work that suits you.
B: You are a genuine, fine (has) man.
Yes Caveman Bülent, you are good for doing shit all. Seyis got you a nice job, a road to jail.
Kütük Nail was having fun in his carpentry atelier… Ziya comes in.
Z: Kolay gelsin, abi.
N: Eyvallah... What have you done? Did you send the news?
Z: I whiffled (üflemek) it abi... and in Karadayı's ear.
N: So it means that the man went immediatly to inspect (teftiş etmek) the territory.
Z: Exactly abi.
N: Ehhh, what did he say? Yani, does he have an objection (itiraz)?
Z: No abi, is it his limit? But he asked me to transmit you that he accepted the raise and he said let it be whatever Nail bey says, but he said that with your permission, to let him get acquainted and talk with you.
N: Look at that man with no manners (bayır turpu means radish but in this context it means that), is he the mayor of our neighbourhood...saying that he has a request, and to appear in front of me... If he really wants this let him go and meet with Mahmut.
Z: I said the same thing, abi. But I have let you know so that there is no blame put on the messenger.
N: Eh, haydi.
Ziya leaves, Nail continues his little activities.
Back to Necdet’s office invaded by Ayten, Feride comes in in a hurry.
F: We need to talk immediately (hemen), Ayten.
G: Pardon yenge, I said I have to ask you first but she did not hear me.
A: Tamam, you can leave.
F: Ayten, we must do something quickly… The man who Mahir has attacked him, he is saying without reservation (indiscreetly/for all to hear – uluorta) that he will kill Mahir.
A: Tamam Feride… You relax, calm down first. I put a man to follow Mahir, and he will be behind him day and night. Anyway we will be aware of everything he is doing.
Ayyy my sweetheart Yaşar comes in.
Y: May I enter?
A: Ah ah, what are you doing here? Why are you not after Mahir? Oh man speak, she knows about the events.
Y: I was behind him yenge but when Mahir abi got home, I came to inform you and to fill my stomach (karınını doyurmak)…
F: What home?
Y: In the Çamlık neighbourhood. There is a home on the hill, I thought it was his home but…
F: I understood, I will go to talk with Mahir. I have warn him (ikaz etmek).
Feride leaves.
A: Come here, come... Is this how you follow the man? What if Mahir took something from there and left, what will you do after this? Where will you find him once again?
Y: When I got hungry, I thought…
A: You will not think Yaşar, you will do what I say. Did your stomach get hungry? Then you go buy simit and fill your stomach and solve your problem there. There is no leaving Mahir’s back (neck).
Y: As you wish yenge.
A: Get out now fast, find out for me what is going on, hurry up.
Dalyan's office…
D: Come in.
Man: Abi afiyet olsun.
D: Eyvallah. Tell the boys to dismiss all of it. Eline sağlık.
Man: Abi, Kütük’s man came. Ziya… He said that you have met this morning... He brought news.
D: Send him to me.
Z: Selamünaleyküm, Dalyan abi... I brought the Nail abi’s answer to Karadayı. He is not here?
D: You tell me, and I will transmit to him.
Z: I transmitted his demand to Nail abi. What I said exactly happened... He said let him see Mahmut.
D: Good then... Haydi farewell (have a safe trip – uğurlar olsun).
Dalyan was not pleased.
Feride arrived to THEİR home… Mahir was inside hanging the picture frames on the wall… but Feride came before Mahir hung hers. Feride was reluctant whether she should open the door herself or not… She knocks…
M: Feride…
(Ahhh how Mahir had said her name happily…)
F: Mahir…
(and then Mahir came back to his senses)…
M: Why did you come?
F: Are we going to talk here? Will you not let me in?
M: What is happening, Feride? Why do you not tell me.
F: I want to talk inside if you do not mind.
He lets her in… Feride looks around in the house… Especially their bedroom… Then she sees Mahir’s family portrait on the wall.
M: Why did you come, Feride?
(Always that same god damn question, huh Mahir!!!!!)
F: We had a lot of dreams concerning this house, Mahir. You and I talked a lot about what we would go through between these four walls. While we were longing for each other this much all these years, how can you look at me like ice (with coldness)? How are you able to do this, Mahir?
M: That pain that they made me live through, Feride…this hell I went through when they ripped out my soul and took it, that is what turned me to stone (taşlaştırmak) like this.
F: Alright, but is turning our love into stone that easy, Mahir? I understand you very well. But you are not only punishing (cezalanmak) those men, you are punishing me also. Me, you, our love. What is our fault, Mahir? Is it not a pity for us?
M: Why did you come, Feride?
(AGAİN THAT QUESTİON!!!!! Mr. why did you come.)
F: They brought to the courthouse today the kabadayı that you turned in last night. They made a decision to arrest him while awaiting trial. But while the man was exiting the courthouse he started making threats (tehditler savurmak). He will hurt you.
M: The man was arrested, he is in prison yani.
F: His next hearing will be in one month at the latest. What if he gets released? What will you do if he comes after you, Mahir Kara? You humiliated (rezil etmek) the man. It is clear he bears a grudge (kin) against you. Plus, he is not scared or and is indifferent that he was screaming ‘I will kill him and get my revenge’ and left without even saying that there is police and that he is in front of the Courthouse…
M: Let him get out first. At that time I will think about what I will do.
F: How can you be so unconcerned (umursamaz)? My mind is going crazy (worry near panic – akılı çıkmak) because something will happen to you.
M: There is no solution for what will happen and death, Hakime Hanım.
F: Do not upset (kahretmek) me more by talking like this. Did you lose your self-control (gözü karartmak), or become blind with rage (gözü dönmek)… I do not know what to say. But you are not well, Mahir. This state of yours is not good.
M: You said what you wanted to say, Feride. It would be good if you leave.
F: You really erased me. You erased me not just from your eyes, but from your heart (gönül) as well. Look, I do not even have a place on your wall.
It is as if you never loved me, as if I never entered your life… As if I disappeared.
Feride leaves slamming the door… Mahir went back to what he was doing… He takes Feride’s framed picture… He looks at it, touching it… And hangs it on the wall… Close enough so when he sits he can be close to her picture. I like how it is a picture from episode 19.
Dalyan comes to Nail's carpentry atelier...
D: Good day (hayırlı günler) to you Nail.
N: Oooh, Dalyan. Hoş geldin. Buyrun have a seat. Eeeh, how you want your coffee?
D: No, I will not have one, thank you. As you know I am getting older, everything in excess affects the body.
N: Do not do this Dalyan, what is this speech? We still have a lot to do, my dear (iki gözüm means that in this context). And what did they say, a worthless person does not suffer hardship (acı patlıcanı kırağı çalmaz).
D: I came on hurry but I will not take much from your time.
N: Estağfurullah, buyrun.
D: Karadayı has sent news, and he wanted to see you and get acquainted with you.
N: Hmmm… do not ask. These new rookies do not know the way of the order (system). I pasted the NO and I sent it in an stamped envelope.
D: If only you accepted, he is close to me like my son. I want him to get bigger in this world... I told you we got old. Before passing away (göçüp gitmek), helping (lending a hand – el vermek) is part of the procedures (racon). And I will lend Mahir a hand.
N: I did not know this part of the subject, Dalyan... Though when Hilmi came to the place of gambling and asked the parties about the boy, you mentioned the name of Karadayı, right? But at that time I would not know that it was like this in between you two. If I knew, I would not have rejected the young man. After all (ne de olsa) we have a friendship that lasted for years. What can do? Better late than never (geç olsun güç olmasın) right Dalyan? Since Mahir has requested, and since the young man is considered as your son… Then let him come tomorrow night and let us get acquainted (tanışmak)... And also not here, but to our place.
D: I will tell him Nail.
N: Eyvallah
D: Take care (sağlıcakla kal).
Teddy bear Dalyan leaves…
Seyis was at his farm with his men waiting for the weapons shipment to arrive. The truck arrived and the truck driver came out…
Driver: Selamünaleyküm abi.
S: Aleyküm selam. It is if you were late.
Driver: No abi. I crossed the border (sınır) exactly on time.
S: What is wrong, is there any kind of a set back (aksilik)?
Driver: Do not ask abi. We crossed the shipment and got it stamped, then the police raided the place before we made two steps.
S: Do not say it.
Driver: The doors were closed at the right time. People from both sides were captured.
S: Say that we pulled it off (yırtmak) nicely.
Driver nods head with yes.
S: Open, let us see.
They opened the back of the truck and there were huge boxes full of weapons.
The phone rings at MS’s house and the ZALİM picked up the phone. It was his dog with three hairs on his bald head Selim giving him the bad news about the shipment…
MS: Yes.
S: Sorry I disturbed you my minister, but the news are bad (havadisler kötü).
MS: What happened?
S: There was a clash (çatışma) at the border efendim. İgor is dead.
(aaah and I was starting to miss our Voldemort-looking friend İgor…)
MS: Alright and the munitions (mühimmat)?
S: Unfortunately, they seized the weapons efendim.
MS: Allah kahretsin (god damn it).
In Belgin’s beauty salon, Belgin was fixing a customer’s hair...

Customer: From here a little bit too.
B: Of course… You look very beautiful. You look very beautiful. Believe me if Catherine Deneuve (dear Funda… work on your French-names pronunciation xox) stands next to you, she will disappear. Yani it is to that degree.
Customer: You are very nice darling (cicim). Ellerine sağlık. Look, do not dare forget about the perfume that I told you. Bring it from Paris.
B: Tabii tabii (of course). It is on my mind.
Customer: Haydi, ciao (good bye).
B: Ciao canım. I will wait for you next week.
Belgin (you cannot deny that she looks great) cannot believe she left. She walked and stood next to her assistance, Aysel.
A: You are so nice cicim.
B: Do not do it Aysel, do not. She drove me crazy (deli etmek), crazy! A dried-up (sort of an ugly, shrewish woman – kaknem) socialite. I wish she knew what she wanted. She made me like a candle on top of her head for hours.
A: Ahhh but well done for you abla. Does someone not appear broke just by looking at his eyes or eyebrows?
B: Eeeh, the work is like this sweetie (şekerim). Even if you throw up blood, you will say I drank cranberry sherbet (kızılcık şerbet). Crazy or what, customer gives the bread (income – nimet).
A: Tabii.
B: Show me your hands.
Aysel showed her fingers and the color she puts on her nails match the one Belgin has on.
B: I do not want to see this nail polish (oje) on you tomorrow. You will remove it. Come on ladies, let us clean up and leave straight away (bir an once).
A: Come one girls, the day is over.
Beautiful Belgin went to her office as the phone was ringing. It was Sosyete Yusuf who was checking about the weapons shipment. She picked up the phone…
B: Allo, buyrun.
Y: It is me Belgin, Yusuf. What happened to our merchandise (mallar)?
B: It has crossed the border. It should even have been arrived to Seyis.
Y: Alright, but they said there was a raid.
B: I have information about it. But do not worry; our ship was the last one that escaped. As you can see, those came after us have sunk (batmak). There was a clash even when they seized the shipment of famous (meşhur) İgor. The poor (zavallı) guy passed away (hakkın rahmetine kavuşmak).
Y: What are you saying Mademoiselle (miss)? It is unfortunate for the man. Eeeh, what will happen now?
B: Ah Yusuf, let us have the conversation (lakırdı) later. I am exhausted (bitmek) from fatigue (yorgunluk). I still need to go home and change my clothes. I am coming to our place anyway.
Y: I look forward (dort gözle beklemek) to you coming mademoiselle.
B: Tamam, Haydi, Haydi.
Belgin was talking to herself, come on Belgin pull yourself together…
Mahir was walking in the territory that Boksör Hilmi controlled... The groom (the man whose bride was saved by Mahir) was walking with him…
G: You are a big man, abi. Look, the first day you came, the neighbourhood has become tranquil (found peace – huzura ermek). You saved me from staining my name and my honour. Is it too much if I stay around you day and night?
M: What is the reason for that my güzel kardeşim. Go to your home and wife, that will be more appreciated (makbule geçmek).
G: No abi. I will not leave you from now on. Whatever the job (duty) there is, I accept it with pleasure (başım gözüm üstüne). I owe you my gratitude (gönül borcu).
My best friend Yaşar was still following Mahir…
M: Look my güzel kardeşim. You owe me nothing. You accept this. Since you want to do something, then continue with your job (memuriyeti). Take care of your house and roof (dam). May you have beautiful children in your clean house. Raise a bright youth for the country (ülke).
G: Our good wishes are always with you. If you need anything, I am ready for all jobs.
The beautiful Belgin (ehehehhehehe) came out from her salon just behind where Mahir and the man were standing.
M: Eyvallah .
G: You have a heart brilliant like a diamond (pırlanta). May God make you come across someone that will know your value (kıymetini bilmek) and will make your face smile. Good evening (hayırlı akşamlar) abi.
The groom’s words reminded Mahir of Feride… (no need for this, mister the Groom… Mahir already has found that person hehe)…
The groom left and Mahir continued walking… Belgim was driving her car (ooo driving a mustang I see…) behind him and she almost drove into Mahir. She pressed on the brake violently.
M: Be careful kardeşim, are you blind?
(He thought it was a man, and then Belgin came out of the car).
B: You need to be more careful efendi. Did you notice that you are in the middle of the street.
M: Haydi, I am in the middle of the street. It is clear I was lost in thought (dalmak). But, your headlights (farlar) are off. How do you want me to notice that you moved?
Belgin came to see if the lights were really off.
B: I am sorry beyefendi. It is lack of experience (acemilik). I harshly press on the gas sometimes.
M: Then do not drive in traffic until you are used to it.
B: There is nothing wrong with you and no problem, why are you making it a big deal? I strongly urge you to walk on the sidewalk (kaldırım).
M: Ya sabıııır (god give me patience)…
(Mahir’s attitude with Belgin… Hahaha)
Then each walk to their direction… But, Belgin wanted to know more.
B: Hey look here…
Mahir stopped and looked back.
B: Who are you? Unless you are the famous karadayı?
M: Yes.
Mahir walks away without giving much attention to miss Belgin…
B: Pleased to meet you (memnun olmak)…
Valla Belgin your situation is EXTREMELY tough if you want to land Mahir. Your chances are close to a nano/10−9 /0.000000001% – actually it is more accurate if we say yocto/10−24/0.000000000000000000000001% but I do not want to make you sob and have your mascara leak making you a dwarf racoon . But still, does not hurt to try especially when a man like Mahir is involved ;-)
Meanwhile my best friend Yaşar is still after Mahir. Good boy, you continue like this until you get us the news that landed us a love scene between our two sexy tall towers in Episode 81.

Episode 79 Summary Part 2.
16 октомври 2014 г. в 17:02 ... 5491032107

Feride is writing in her diary as she sits by her vanity.
“Fate is testing our love once again Mahir Kara...
As long as one exists, one shall be tested.
While you look at me, you darken your eyes (you lose your temper) but my love, I can see the light (ışık) inside your eyes…
And your heart’s beat that is for us that you try to hide…
This light is our love’s hope…
And this heart is our love’s breath…
Choose whichever path you shall choose.
Throw your heart as far away as you will throw it.
I will never give up on our future.
In spite of our fate, I will keep our love alive, Mahir Kara.
And no matter what I will protect you to the utmost of my strength...”
Nazif baba’s house, Yasin knocked on the door and Nazif opened the door for him…
Y: Good evening baba. (he kisses his hand). I did not disturb you inşallah.
N: What are you saying son. This is your house too, come on in. Sit my son.
Y: How are you doing? I did not ask about your situation (hatır sormak) for some time because of work.
N: The flaming fire that burnt our heart has been burning more furiously (harlamak) with Mahir’s winds (rüzgar). As you see, even the breath we take to live became forbidden to us. Nevertheless (mamafih – oh I miss you Turgut), there is no need (hacet yok) for explanations (izah), you must know what happened.
Y: I know baba.
N: Mahir… Ufff Yasin. He entered such a path that has no return... that even if he wants to, he will not be able to exit from it. I am afraid with this direction (istikamet), he will be in a bitter emnity (kanlı bıçaklı olmak) with you. You will do what is required from your job Yasin.
Then Songül came from upstairs.
S: Who came baba?
(She saw Yasin, but no smile on her face).
S: Hoş geldin.
Y: Hoş görduk.
In the prison, Boksör Hilmi was trying to bribe one of the guards to help him escaping for one night to fight Mahir. Hilmi was giving the guard stack of money.
BH: This is the price for one night of freedom. Do what is needed and fly me out of here tomorrow. Valla, I will not escape efendi. I have something to settle. I will finish it and return. I promise, I will be here early morning. Do you understand?
G: What if something happen?
BH: Nothing will happen. You will write me in the count at night, and you will leave the doors open. I will take care of the rest. Do you understand?
G: Tamam. Tomorrow night.
Back to Yasin and Songül at the backyard of her house. Yasin holds her hands…
Y: My life (ömrüm), Songülüm... How are you?
Songül pulled her hand and picked a leaf.
S: How can I be… I am handling (managing – idare etmek)...
Y: Listen, let me take permission from Nazif baba tomorrow and go to the shore (sahil). You will relax (açılmak) a little bit, do you want that?
S: No, I do not want.
Y: How about if we go to the movie (theater), it will distract you. There is a new Yılmaz Güney movie. Tamam, let me take you for a ride along the bosphorus by car and then pass by the Çay Bahçesi. We will not stay there for long if you do not want to.
S: Yasin, I will not leave home tomorrow. I do not feel like doing anything. I got cold, can we go inside?
Yasin nods with yes, and Songül threw the leaf on the ground, went back in.
I hate you Songül. You are fucking selfish. Be playing with Yasin’s feelings and cheating on him… Since you do not love him, call off the engagement for God’s sakes instead of walking and kissing around with Osman !!!!!! You care about how your father will react but you do not think about Yasin’s feelings. I loathe girls like you. LOATHE LOATHE LOATHE. I live for the day that Yasin will catch you in the act.
Nazif was trying to get the thread through the needle and was having hard time…
N: Ahhh hay allah…
Then he looked at the family picture on the wall.
N : How will I do this Safiye? How will I continue to keep the order of this house? They say that the man is the backbone of the house. You were the foundation (temel) of our house. Oh, my wife that smells like the flower.
İlknur walked in.
I: Baba…
N: Huh, say it canım?
She sat down and put her head on her father’s knee while Nazif was keep having hard time putting the thread through the needle.
I: Baba, tell me the story of İncili Şavuş (figure of humour culture during Ottoman era). The tale (masal) that Nazif loved the most.
Nazif took his glasses off and put his hand on her head.
N: Once upon a time, the worshippers of God were many. But there was one among them that was the alternative for seven worlds...
İlknur felt asleep….
Mahir was walking to Dalyan’s place and car came up... One of Hilmi’s men came out of the car and gave Mahir the message from Hilmi.
Man: Karadayı!
Then Dalyan’s men came and Mahir waived to them to stop.
Man: My brother Boksör sends you his regards. He is inviting you to the boxing ring tomorrow. He said let him come and we will settle our accounts (koz paylaşmak) one-on-one (teke tek) and there is no weapon. The fists (yumruklar) will talk. Whoever knocks the other down wins.
Yaşar hears it all.
M: Tamam.
The man left and Mahir went inside to see Dalyan. Dalyan was having a headache.
M: Are you alright abi…
D: It will pass. Hoş geldin. Where were you all day?
M: Walking around the neighbourhood.
D: Ah…
M: While I was coming in, the Boksör’s dogs came.
D: Look, what was their problem (dert)?
M: The Boksör send news. He said to box tomorrow evening.
D: He is challenging (meydan okumak) haaa.
Mahir nods with yes.
D: Say that he will be a bird at night.
M: Evet (yes).
D: What did you say?
M: I agreed.
D: Right thing to do (en doğrusu), of course you will go. Gangster does not run away from the challenge.
Dalyan’s man came in and brought water and headache reliever.
D: Give me. These fights normally are clean. You cannot bring weapon, tool, etc. Whoever loses is dejected (süngüsü öne düşmek) and retires to pasture (köşesine çekilmek). Like the wrestler (pehlivan) who never gets enough from wrestling and boxing wants two in one. Do not let him hurt your head while boxing. You have another rendezvous right after the fight.
M: With who?
D: It is not with whom my lion, but it is with who (means many people). Kütük Nail received your request and said to let him come.
M: Is that true abi?
D: He invited you to a special place tomorrow night.
Mahir then knocked on the table.
D: Anyone that you are looking for and want to know will be there. Only the big gangsters can enter this place and not anyone else, specifically the special room that the big gamblers meet. It is almost (nerdeyse) impossible (mümkünsüz) for someone else to enter. Nail will welcome you in a special lodge (loca) at midnight. Yani Mahir, you got your ticket from the jackpot (büyük ikramiye).
At the gambling den in a very special room (I looooove that room), the gangsters were gathered around the table gambling (Nail, Yusuf, Seyis, Sarı Cemal, and beautiful Belgin).
N: Eeee, is everybody here tomorrow?
Sarı Cemal shakes his head with yes.
B: I have nothing to do.
Y: If there is be a game, I will be here monsieur (sir).
Se: What is going on Nail abi? What is the reason for this roll call (yoklama)?
N: I have a guest that I would like you to meet.
Sc: Really, who?
N: Karadayı.
The gangsters started looking around and wondering…
It was still dawn… Mahir passed by the house and stopped near Nazif’s bedroom window. Nazif got up… Mahir wished him a good day…
Yaşar came to Ayten’s house and was knocking on her door early in the morning…
A: Allah, Allah, who is it at this hour? Who is it?
Y: It is me yenge, Yaşar.
A: What are you doing at my house early in the morning?
Y: I have some important information yenge. I hardly waited for the morning.
A: Come on in quickly. Tell me quickly what happened?
Y: Mahir abi was walking around last night and went to Dalyan’s place, then two men came. The Boksör send a message to Mahir. They will box tonight at the boxing place. You can understand that there will be a fight to death tonight.
Ayten was shocked.
Mahir was walking in his neighbourhood and stopped by İsmet’s bakery... He looked through the window and saw İsmet busy.
M: Hayırlı işler.
İsmet was giving him bad look and Mahir did not like it at the beginning…
M: You no longer have bread to sell to me İsmet?
İsmet came out and they were looking at each other then İsmet smiled.
I: The man who will not sell you bread is not born yet abi.
They hugged each other (what a brotherhood).
I: Mahir, you are my real brother from different parents. I accept your decision. My road is your road.
Mahir smiles…
Nazif was trying to wake Songül up in her room…
N: Songül, kızım. Haydi wake up kızım. It is morning my little.
S: Babaciğim.
N: Haydi, you will be late. It is enough of this laziness (tembellik), have your breakfast and go directly to the university. Haydi canım.
S: I do not want to go baba.
N: What are you talking about kızım? You have studied a lot for this university; in addition you have promised me that you will finish it. You will be the only one in the family who studied higher education. You are our hope Songül.
S: But, I do not have any hope left from now on baba. Nothing is like before. I wish we can go back to the day that I promised you. I wish everything froze like that moment.
N: Canım, life repeats itself again kızım, the world spins without knowing how to stop, seasons (mevsim) will pass by, winter will change to summer, destiny and worries will dissipate and the pain will find an end...
S: How will our pain go away baba?
N: I do not know kızım. We will live and try but will not give up.
S: But…
N: I know it is extremely difficult. Every breath you take, it burns your soul. Sometimes there is no power (mecal) left for the man to give money (eli oynatmak). But as long as this soul is in this body, you have to suffer its consequences (kefaret ödemek) and give life its right. You will make your dreams and hopes grassed (be green – yeşertmek). You will kick off (start to act – harekete geçmek) again. Haydi, I made tea, fill up your stomach and go to school immediately. Haydi.
S: Alright baba, as you want.
Ayten was waiting outside of the courthouse for Feride. Feride arrived and saw her...
F: Ayten, what is with this state of yours? Did something happene?
A: It did not happen, it did not. But it will happen. My secret man Yaşar brought me news. Mahir will fight the Boksör this evening.
Then they walked up to Feride’s office.
F: See, this what will happen. The man will escape from prison and maybe he has already escaped, only to revenge on Mahir. God help us.
A: The man is an old Boksör or what, though he cannot beat Mahir, but…
They walked into Feride’s office and Feride was trying to contact the prison’s manager to check if the Boksör has escaped.
F: Allo, I am hakime Feride Şadoğlu from İstanbul Courthouse. I have received a notice (denunciation – ihbar) regarding one of your prisoners Hilmi Sucu, he may have escaped. Would you give me information immediately?
M: There such an incident (vukuat) did not happen hakime hanım. But, if you are concerned, I will check and get back to you immediately.
F: Please, I am waiting urgently for news from you.
M: Tabii hakime hanım.
F: The müdür will inform us.
A: İnşallah it is not true.
Suna knocked on the door.
F: Come on in..
Suna walked in and looked at Ayten. Ayten gave her bad look.
S: Günaydın Feride hanım.
F: Günaydın Suna. Ayten, what can I offer (ikram etmek) you? Do you want to drink coffee?
A: No, actually I am hungry. I left home early morning without eating anything. I live a certain way, it will affect me so I will not drink.
F: Suna, would you please buy (get us) simit and tea for us.
Suna did not like that but nodded with yes.
A: Uhhh and white cheese on the side please.
Suna nods with a fake smile (ahahaha).
F: Ayten, I will go and see Savcı Ahmet (was he not dead – Ahmet Metiner – or they just love the name Ahmet… ?) and return.
Feride wanted to talk to Suna and went outside her office and talked to her.
S: What is going on Feride? Since Ayten hanım came all the way here, it must be really important news.
F: Come… Suna, Mahir can be in trouble at any minute. The gangster that he brought to prison.
S: Yes…
F: He wants to settle things with Mahir. He had sent a message from prison, think about it.
S: I understand you Ferideciğim. I notice your fear and concern, but being next to this lady bothers me. Is it appropriate for Ayten to come in and out of your office comfortably? In the end you are a judge, her husband is guilty and he is currently in prison. If we think about the work the lady is doing, your characters are different.
F: I realise that Suna. I know my cooperation (işbirliği) with Ayten is not suitable and these types of works are extremely dangerous. But what can I do? I have no other solution (çare). I have to prevent (mani olmak) Mahir. I cannot convince him with talk. I cannot stay close to him because of the sensitivity of my profession. Because the places that he is found at and the things he does are illegal (yasal değil).
S: I understand you Feride. While all eyes are on you, this solution seems to me dangerous a little bit.
F: Believe me, it bothers (discomforts me – huzursuz etmek) me as well when I request help from Ayten. But now it is impossible to tell her not to interfere from now on after we put one of her men to follow Mahir. In addition, what will happen to Mahir scares me more than what people think. I want this nightmare (kabus) to end already. I do not want Mahir to get hurt (canı yanmak).
S: Let me go and have them buy the simit and cheese for Ayten hanım.
Mahir and İsmet were walking along the shore…
I: He passes by my shop and I also pass by his shop to ask him about his condition and if he needs something. His face does not smile at all abi. I asked myself inside where the old Nazif baba is. Tamam, his pain is big and cannot be described (tarifsiz), but your absence is heavier than anything else for him.
M: I wish there was another way, but there is not İsmet. There is no tranquility for me until I pull this game from its roots. I am more relieved because you are by their side kardeşim. You have carried this responsibility without asking you.
I: Is what happened acceptable Mahir? They are not only your family, they are my family too.
M: Thank you kardeşim. They are entrusted to you. İsmet, try to protect anyone who needs something in the neighbourhood not only my family. Find out who has a problem and let me know.
I: Tamam kardeşim. Do not worry at all.
They hugged each other again.
I: Be safe Mahir, I will pray for you.
Ismet left and Mahir sat on a bench...
Back to Ayten and Feride in her office. Feride was patiently waiting for a call from the manager of the prison regarding Hilmi…
F: Allah, does a roll call take this much time?
The phone rang and Feride picked it up.
F: Allo…..tamam. Thank you.
A: That was the manager?
F: Yes, the man has not escaped, at least (en azından) for now (şimdilik).
A: Allah Allah, Yaşar heard it with his own ears.
F: I wonder where is Mahir? What is he doing? What is his situation?
A: Valla, I warned (tembihlemek) Yaşar. I asked him to come every day at 10:00 o’clock in the morning, noon, 14:00 and in the evening and give the news, of course with the exception (hariç) of urgent matters. Yani, he will come to the casino in a while to give his report about Mahir.
F: Now it is 9:30, let us go then.
Mehmet Zalim was in his office trying to call the editor in chief (yazı işleri müdürü). Mualla brought him coffee (poison inşallah… Bak Mualla you have the choice in between arsenic, strychnine, or even one of the tetramine compounds group - I am only giving you some suggestions yani)…
M: I brought your coffee efendim.
MS: Put it over here.
MS: Can I speak to the editor in chief. Tell him this is Mehmet Zalim Şadoğlu. Muratciğim… I am fine thank you. The country’s current situation bothers me… When looking to the latest incidents it is not possible not to be sad. Yes, yes you are right. I will be at the Cennet restaurant at lunch time. Send some reporters (journalists) and I will give my statement (demeç) in regard to the way things are going (gidişat) in the Country and its situation. Thank you very much.
You always need everything to be about you HUH !!!!
I am sorry, but as much as Songül and Osman suit each other, Songül has really fallen from grace in my eyes ever since that stunt she pulled on Yasin. SO SKİİİİP… Anyway she is just talking about skipping class, etc. Yasin was looking at Songül from afar… He was blocking the road, so he had to drive away.
Mahir was still sitting on the bench by the shore… Smelling Nazif Jr’s handkerchief…
Necdet’s casino, Selim was giving orders to the workers to move on and finish preparing the place. Feride and Ayten arrived to the casino…
S: Hoş geldin yenge. Hayırdır (what is wrong), you are early?
A: Where is Yaşar Selim?
S: He came and he is outside. Hayırdır? Is there a problem?
A: Selim, do not get involved in something that does not concern you and find Yaşar for me quickly (çabuk).
Then Yaşar came in running…
(I swear this Yaşar is too cute)
Y: You called for me yenge?
A: Come here for a minute.
F: Where is Mahir?
Y: He is at the shore down there.
A: I am leaving Ayten.
Feride left to go and see Mahir efendi.
Y: He also left in a hurry yesterday yenge, after that he left home and he was crying, yazık.
A: Really? How long did he stay in the house?
Y: I do not know, maybe 5 or 10 minutes. After that, he drove the car and left.
A: Anyway, come on run and continue following him, haydi.
Back to Mahir on that bench at the shore… He was about to leave when he comes face to face with Feride… Both get lost in each other’s eyes…when Mahir finally goes back to his errrm… to his “senses”.
M: How did you find me?
F: I do not know. Call it the voice of my heart. If you want, you can say I followed (izini sürmek) my fears. My worries (endişeler) grow everyday and every night, Mahir. Please do not do this to me. Do not test me with these fears.
M: Do not do this, Feride. Give up on me. Give up on this fight (struggle – mücadele). Do not come in my way (yoluma çıkma). What you are doing is making both of us sadder.
F: You do not do this. I am almost losing my mind from fear that something bad will happen to you. There is not one moment that I am not thinking about you and afraid for you. I do not sleep, Mahir. I do not eat, or drink. I just worry about you. Do these feelings of mine have no importance to you at all? Huh?
And Mahir leaves Feride without answering her…
The song Geri Dönülmez Bir Yoldayım interpreted by Neşe Karaböçek starts playing…
He walks away…and she breaks down in tears. He turns back, looks at her sobbing…but he continues on his way, also deeply saddened.
“Geri dönülmez bir yoldayım – I am on a road of no return,
Bir avuç toprak son nasibim – I am the last one granted a handful of soil,
Gün güneş olsa ben neyleyim – Even if the day is sunny, what should I do,
Gönlümde akşam oldu benim – It became evening in my heart…
Bazen bir rüzgarım esen – Sometimes my wind who has blown,
Bazende de düşen bir yaprak – And sometimes a leaf who has fallen,
Tut ellerimi istersen – Hold my hand if you wish,
Maziye uzanarak – By stretching to the past…
Bütün baharlar geçip gitti – All the springs have come and go,
Hayallerim artık hep sensiz – My dreams are all without you now,
Yaşıyorum bak kaderimi – See, I am living my fate,
Ağaçlar gibi sessiz sessiz – Just like trees, silently…”
The reporters were gathered at Cennet restaurant to take on Mehmet Zalim’s statement (more like for his little fanfare). The asshole arrived and the reporters were after him with questions.
Reporter: My honourable minister, last night an important operation has taken place (gerçekleşmek), what will you to say about this subject?
MS: Yes, large network (ring – şebeke) was brought down (çökertmek) yesterday evening. No matter how proud we are of Turkish police, it is little.
Reporter2: Is the talk about the three weapon shipment trucks correct efendim?
MS: Yes, true. Three shipments of weapons and bullets were seized before they became tool (mean) for bad plans. Who knows how many innocent lives would have been hurt with these weapons, but we prevented it. I am calling out (seslenmek) to all the smugglers that their road is not right. We will not allow this. We will be hard upon them (give no chance/respite – göz açtırmamak) and now if you excuse me, there are still lots of problems that need to be solved for the prosperity (refah) of this country (memleket), Have a good day.
The asshole went inside to have his poison and the reporters were after him. His dog Selim was waiting for him. Woof woof.
MS: The eyes of the entire country are on us Selim. Let them write and sketch out, but our merchandise is gone. Haydi I passed on that one, what about the promise that we gave to Günay? İgor’s death ruined us. Who will solve these issues from now on?
S: Certainly (muhakkak) it needs a new order (system), or it will be necessary not to use the existing (mevcut) one.
MS: Speak clearly (açık konuşmak) man. I am not in a situation to solve a riddle (puzzle).
S: Seyis.
MS: Hum…
S: The man is a smuggler and they are several partners. What if we make a deal with them…
MS: Look, what you said is possible. When did you say that Necdet is coming out?
S: Today efendim.
MS: Wonderful. Bring him to me when he comes out. Let us put Necdet in control of this job.
S: With pleasure efendim. What do you want efendim?
MS: A foamy coffee.
S: Excuse me sir (to the waiter).
Süeda our dearest promiscuous blonde duck was outside the prison waiting anxiously for Necdet. Necdet came out and they hugged each other. Necdet asked her to be careful and not to hurt the baby. They were telling each other how much they missed each other. Süeda told him that it was hard without him. Süeda was asking if he only told her about his release. She asked him unless he has erased Ayten after she told him that she went on stage and sang. Necdet told her that he knew about it before she told him. He told her that it is his casino, his stage, and Ayten is his… she will not go on stage without him knowing. Süeda asks whether he truly allowed Ayten to appear on stage… He told her that it will be nicer until he comes out and do what is needed face to face. Süeda warned him not to leave her alone there and go to Ayten because it will be very hard for her. Necdet tells her look what he is doing and what goes on through her mind… He called her here first because he wanted to see her then go home and do what is necessary at work.
*vomits, even their “love” is disgusting*
Feride was inside her room and Mualla knocked on the door…
F: Come on in.
Mu: Feride hanım, you have a phone call.
F: Who? Is it Mahir?
Mualla shakes with no.
Feride went to see who is on the phone.
F: Allo. Buyrun it is Feride
Man: I am sorry to disturb you hakime hanım. It is me, Sabrı Tolon the chief of the prison.
F: Buyrun müdür bey, I am listening.
S: You warned me this morning regarding a prisoner named Hilmi Sucu. He has escaped with the help of a guard.
F: What?
She dropped the phone and left…
S: Allo… Hakime hanım allo. Are you there hakime hanım? Allo…
Mahir was at Dalyan’s office eating, Dalyan walked in…
D: Afiyet olsun my lion.
M: Thank you abi. The men said you went home, that is why I did not wait for you.
D: You did well. I ate with the girls at home. But, this cannot be Mahir, the men supposed to get you lamb liver. As you know there is a fight tonight so you have to eat well.
M: There is no need abi. It is enough I am full.
Ayten was on the stage singing and saw Feride coming. She slowed down and stopped. She apologised to the audience. Feride waved to her with her head to go back and talk…
A: What happened Feride? Do you not dare say that something bad happened.
F: The man has escaped Ayten. He will fight with Mahir, and to death. I saw the man. He seemed like he had gone crazy. I heard him with my own ears that he promised to kill him.
A: Tamam. What are we going to do now?
F: Where will they fight?
A: I never asked that.
F: Let us go and ask then. Let us find this man.
A: Tamam, let us go out. Maybe he is outside. Yaşar.
Yaşar came down from upstairs.
Y: Buyrun yenge.
F: Where will the fight take place?
Y: At the same place always abla.
F: Where is this place?
Y: There is storage where Kibrit Yasin holds the rooster fights. The fight will be there.
A: Tamam. I know this place. Wait, I will change my clothes and let us leave.
Boksör Hilmi arrived at the place that he will fight Mahir. His man was waiting for him…
Man: Is there a problem abi?
BH: The place is empty. Is that not so?
Man: It is empty abi.
BH: Good. You fly, get me a very sharp knife and come. I will cut his neck like cutting an apple. He will not get away with it. Do you understand? Since I wore the dress, let us shed Karadayı’s blood (kan akıtmak) and save our honour.
The pansy goes back inside… Oooo what a coward, for an ex-boxer… Quite the charming type too eh… Right folks…?
Feride was driving and heading with Aytan to the place that Mahir will fight.

A: We are on our way, what can we do by ourselves Feride? We cannot interfere between the men when they fight.
F: This fight will not happen Ayten. Do not worry.
A: We will prevent them by ourselves? I wish we would have thought about it and took two men with us before leaving the casino.
F: I called the police while you were changing your clothes.
A: Very good, wonderful. The police you say is Mahir’s friend anyway. Did you not say by yourself that Yasin tricked (fooled) you? What about if he knows about this fight and did not say anything?
F: It is not Yasin. There is someone that I know. I met him when I was on duty in Ağrı. He is the chief of police of the region. I contacted him, though contacting the man for a small thing like this was not nice. But because the police were going to give the information and they were going come here, since we cannot wait, I saw it appropriate to call the high ranks.
A: Aman aman çok şükür, you did well.
F: I have explained to him the situation and he will do what is needed.
Boksör Hilmi was in a room waiting for his man to bring him a sharp knife. The man walked in…
Man: The thing is ready abi.
He handed him the knife.
BH: Aferin
He hides it in his socks.
What a bunch of pansies!!!! That that is needed left is the two of them wearing teletubbies costumes carrying with them a basket of pansies! Cowards.
On the other hand, Mahir and Dalyan arrived at the same place.
D: They have come.
They both walked inside.
D: Mahirim, let us leave from here just like we walked through this door haaa. I am not the one who will advise (nasihat vermek) someone like you regarding the fight. But, I have the paternity right on you. Be careful, Allah’a emanet ol.
M: Thank you Dalyan abi. Let us finish our work here, I will leave from here safely and go directly to the gambling place. I will enter their passages (dehliz) and sit on their table; otherwise there is no meaning for me to walk on this road abi.
Mahir walked inside the fighting room and Boksör Hilmi was waiting for him with his dog.
BH: Vay vay vay. Karadayı came. I said you will be afraid and will not come.
M: Why should I be afraid of someone wearing a wedding gown?
(Hilmi did I not tell you to go put on Teletubbies’ Tinky Winky’s costume on???)
BH: Look at me…
M: Hide your anger for the fight. Haydi, if you are ready let us start. I have a lot of work to do.
They walked in the ring.
BH: Your only work from now on is to come out of eternal rest.
They started fighting and the Boksör landed a couple on Mahir. Then it was Mahir’s turn. He hits him with a hammer and knocked the Boksör down. The Boksör then pulled the knife from inside his socks. (I know, that is the feeling you get when you know you cannot beat Mahir, right Hilmi…)
BH: I will kill (gebermek) you.
Dalyan was worried when he saw the knife. Then police walked in… HELLO VEHBİ DURU.
Police: It is the police. Stay wherever you are and stop the fight.
VD: Catch this fugitive.
The police caught and arrested Hilmi.
P: Get going Hilmi efendi.
VD: Did you escape from prison for this?
BH: Is this your manhood (erkeklik)? Is this how a real mean should be?
Mahir shows him the knife to prove his point…
VD: Take this dog and put him in the hole that he came out from.
Police: Yes müdür bey.
VD: Let me see the guard who sold his profession to this early morning tomorrow.
Police: As you wish müdür bey.
VD: Scatter you two, go and do not let me put you all in prison.
Feride and Ayten were waiting outside little bit far from the entrance of the fighting place. Feride saw someone coming out of the place.
F: Look, it is him. They came out.
They were about to hold hands, but they came back to their senses at the last minute eeehahahaha
A: Eeeh, where is Mahir? Why he did not come out?
F: I do not know Ayten. Please do not call for bad things.
Vehbi saw Feride waiting in her car and he asked the police to wait for him for a couple of minutes.
F: Vehbi efendi is coming.
Feride came out of the car to talk to him.
F: İyi akşamlar.
VD: İyi akşamlar.
F: It looks like you found the prisoner.
VD: You were right hakime hanım. The Boksör Hilmi escaped from prison and came here. When we raided the place, the fight only had just started. We caught him quickly and took him in.
F: Thank you very much Vehbi bey.
VD: I should thank you on the behalf of the police corps. This is our job, and as a result of (bu vesileyle) this, I saw you again.
F: I will visit you at your office (makam) as soon as possible (en kısa zamanda).
VD: İyi geceler.
F: Good night.
Feride got back in her car.
A: Haydi, let us go.
F: Mahir did not come out yet. Let us just see if he is alright or not.
A: It cannot be. If Mahir catches us, he will do really bad things. Also, if something happened, the man would have told you. Haydi…
F: You are right.
They buckled and left.
Back to Mahir and Dalyan…
M: He wanted to fight with this.
D: Whore (kahpe – it can also mean back-stabbing), şerefsiz is not with the money… He was not courageous enough to come before you empty-handed. Despite that let him bring whatever he wants, you still would have knocked him on the ground. This means, they understood that he escaped. But, I cannot understand this at all; how did they know he came to here?
M: I do not know abi. Let us get out. Let me go to the place before midnight.
D: You are right. Let us go my lion.
Beautiful Belgin (hhahhaha) arrived at the gambling den where Mahir was invited and walked to the room where the gangsters gathered at the table…
B: Good luck (şeytaniz bol olsun) gentlemen.
N: Oh… Our singer has come. We can now start with the real game.
B: Forget about playing now Nail abi. I have very important information.
N: When was it the last time you gave us unnecessary (lüzumsuz) news? Say it.
Belgin looked at Yusuf.
Mahir arrived at the place with Dalyan.
D: Do not think it is quiet as it seems. Anyone who passed from outside does not know what kind of work is inside. Even entering through the gate (door) is difficult and locations inside are like floors and floors. It is impossible to sit on the table that you want.
M: My table is clear abi. One of them has invited me.
D: Carry on your road; meet the one that you were curious about that from now on let your birth begin. I will return to the casino. When you finish your work, come and see me. Do not let me worry.
Dalyan tapped on Mahir’s arm and Mahir came out of the car and went inside the place.
Men were outside and welcomed him. Mahir walked inside the gambling house, looking around, and surprised of what he was seeing. The man pointed out to him to follow him. He finally arrived to the special room that he was supposed to meet all the gangsters. Two guards (men) were standing by the door.
Man: Buyrun.
M: Inform the ones who are inside. They were waiting for me.
Man: Whom should I say that came?
M: Tell them Karadayı came.
The man shakes his head and went to tell them. He came out and gave Mahir the bad news.
Man: Excuse me Karadayı, but I cannot let you in.
M: Why? Nail abi has invited me.
Man: I do not know that. But, Nail abi said that we have no business with someone who works for the government (devlet).
M: What are you saying kardeşim? What government (State)? What business?
Man: I do not know this either. Nail abi said that “he used his fiancée hakime hanım and turned the Boksör into the police tonight. Maybe he is an informant, from where would we know and still invite him to our table”. Yani, this door is closed to you Karadayı…
Mahir is in “what the heck” mode…
Completely dumbfounded. Episode ends.
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Вто Окт 14, 2014 9:03 am

Кратко резюме на еп.80 по картинки от fb Karadayievi [difus_18.gif] по време на излъчването:
ИзображениеИзображение Kabadayi разговарят за Махир Кара

ИзображениеИзображение Махир е недоволен, че не се е срещнал с Kabadayi и отива при Ясин сутринта, среща Фериде!
Изображение Фериде е готова на всичко, за да не допусне Махир да стане Kaбadayi!

ИзображениеИзображениеСонгюл не може да понесе това, което се случва, но Осман винаги ще е до нея ...

Изображение Сеис дава за Бюлент важна задача ...

ИзображениеИзображение Махир иска да се види с Кютука ...

Изображение Сонгюл и Осман отиват на кино ...Ясин разбира, че са напуснали лекциите и са отишли на кино ...

ИзображениеИзображение Махир се запознава с Наил Кютука ...

ИзображениеИзображение "Какво търсиш тук?", "Дошъл съм за парите. Къде са?" ..."По-полека. Махай се от тук!"
ИзображениеИзображение Махир обикаля района си и разбира, че Белгин има проблеми ... Айше уговаря Белгин да потърсят помощ от Махир ...
ИзображениеИзображение Белгин е ранена, Махир я отнася до болницата ...

ИзображениеИзображение Суна отива при Ясин и му разказва всичко, което Фериде й споделя за Махир ...вечерта Ясин отива при Махир и му разказва ...

Изображение Фериде отива в полицията при новия да му честити с букет за "добре дошъл" ... задушевен разговор за семейството му ...

Изображение а човекът на Белгин е Новият! Очевидно, че всички в Турция са свързани по някакъв начин с ъндърграунда на Истанбул ! Новият Тургут!

ИзображениеИзображение Неждет се завръща с гръм и трясък! Сваля Миндила от сцената ...всички Вън!

ИзображениеИзображение Двамата братя при конюшните на Сейс!

ИзображениеИзображение Сеис разбира, че камионът с оръжието е изчезнал!

ИзображениеИзображение Илкнур още повече подпали Махир ... Той е твърдо решен да намери убиеца!

ИзображениеИзображение Фериде и Суна на "тяхното място с Махир" ... чакат го за "годишнината на тяхната любов" ...

ИзображениеИзображение Любовна приказка ... и какво ще стане с Ясин? Сонгюл първо ще говори с Назиф баба.

ИзображениеИзображениеИзображениеИзображение Махир идва с букет, но не се появява ... хвърля букета на земята ...Фериде го намира и разбира, че е бил на мястото ... ядосва се и си тръгват със Суна ...

Изображение Сонгюл пак не може да говори с Назиф за Осман ...и Кибрита ...

ИзображениеИзображениеИзображение Семейният живот на Айтен ...

ИзображениеИзображениеИзображение Karadayi се среща с Kabadayi ... "Какво правиш тук? - Дошъл съм да ви кажа, че стоката ви е при мен!

ИзображениеИзображение Фериде отива при Айтен ...преди това СъгледваяО й доложи на Миндила, че Махир е ходил за букет и в чайбахчето ... Айтен каза това на Фериде ...

Ииии... радостната Фериде право в къщата им при Махир да му благодари и сефтосат спалнята в еп.81
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Re: Академия за dizi изкуство и литература "ХУЛИГАН 2"

Мнениеот g_georgieva08 » Сря Окт 15, 2014 11:25 am

Хулиганът Е80, пред дома на Фериде, сцена с бг суб

[difus_20.gif] влюбена: [difus_20.gif]
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Re: Академия за dizi изкуство и литература "ХУЛИГАН 2"

Мнениеот g_georgieva08 » Сря Окт 15, 2014 9:53 pm

Хулиганът Е 80 Махир и Ясин в лимоненната къща, сцена с бг суб

Хулиганът Е 80 Фериде и Суна в чай бахчето, сцена с бг суб

[difus_20.gif] влюбена: [difus_20.gif]
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Пилеене на пари
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Re: Академия за dizi изкуство и литература "ХУЛИГАН 2"

Мнениеот gamebgtv » Съб Окт 18, 2014 5:53 pm

Хулиганът - Епизод 79 - Махир срещу Боксьора - Бг Суб

Господ е на небето, а Опел-а е на шосето!
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Re: Karadayi / Хулиганът 3 сезон - 11 тема

Мнениеот petan » Пон Окт 20, 2014 6:12 pm

Погледнах първата част на еп.80 с хърватски превод ... водих си и кратки бележки, защото иначе от накъсаните сцени с разговори от 1-2 изречения, нищо не се зпомня ...не че е толкоз важно, но все пак за тези Хулигани обичам те: , които продължават да следят онлайн и чакат английското резюме ...
Ep.80 накратко зъбчо:
Не пускат Махир при бандюгите
, момчето му казва, че ако направи някой екшън и влезе, то ще остане без работа ... Вътре се разбират да почакат малко с препродажбата на оръжието ... яд ги е, че са платили цялата стока ... на сутринта ще идат в ранчото на Бледоликия и кончетата му да занесат документите от камиона ... Кютук Наил ще иде при Дайлян, за да разбере дали той е в час с неговия препоръчан момък, макар че е стар вълк и не обича шегички с тези неща.
Махир отива в полицията при Ясин и се убеждава, че Фериде е извикала полицията ...
На сутринта чака Фериде и ... има клип с превод!
Наил отива при Дайлян и го пита ... старият вълк му казва, че Махир е приключил с Фериде и за този бой са знаели само трима , той е бил също там. Да, ама Наил му казва, че не иска вече да се среща с Махир и да го представя на другите ... Дайлян да поразпита за него ...
Фериде благодари на Миндила за оказаното съдействие, без нея нищо не би постигнала ... Миндила ще продължи да я информира, ако има нещо важно ... след това Фериде отива при Суна и започва да й се оплаква от Махир: „Можеш ли да повярваш?! Ядосан ми е за снощната операция! ... Само да го беше видяла!” Фериде си въобразява, че Махир я е изхвърил от живота си, но Суна я успокоява, че не изглежда така. Махир е поел опасен път и не иска Фериде да го следва по този път. Фериде споменава, че имат годишнина и ако я обича, Махир ще се сети и ще се появи пред нея , но ако не дойде, значи я е забравил.
Махир отива при Дайлян ...разбира, че Наил е бил при него и му е разказал за акцията. Махир потвърждава, че Фериде е пяла ария на клеветата. Дайлян му напомня, че Белгин ги е информирала, защото има човек в полицията, казал му го е и преди. Махир иска адреса на дърводелната на Наим ...
Правният факултет ... Осман и Сонгюл ...Госпожицата не вярва вече в правото ... нека се успокои ...
Конюшните ...БледоликияТ реши кобилата и й говори :„Девойко моя, защо си тъжна? Агънцето ми.” Пристига единият Хубавец , като си запушва носа от конската миризма, страх го е, конете били красиви и благородни, но само отдалече ...Дава му граничните документи за товара от Къпъкуле , при излизането на товара през южната граница Сеис да следи да се удари печат. Този път куриерът е бил перфектен. Сеис му казва, че му се е явил един човек, който иска да работи за тях и той му е дал възможност. След това поръчва на Ариф да му доведе Орхан.
Суна отива да пита Фериде къде биха чествали годишнината с Махир ... на тяхното старо място. Предлага й да идат довечера там двете на тортичка.
Конюшните ... „агънцето” на Бледоликия ...идва Орхан и Сеис го пита за Бидоня , дава задача за него: камион и стока са минали през Къпъкуле на път за югоизток , но няма да отпътуват за там ...трябва да фалшифицират документите, все едно стоката е напуснала страната, хората да са готови, дава му документите за печат, който Бидоня да уреди. Орхан е толкова сигурен в Бидоня, че уверява Сеис да смята работата за свършена, ама нека го предупреди, за да не му се случи нещо ...И дава нареждане: след Бидоня да има двама, като прилючи с работата, да му вземат книжките (с печатите) и някой да се обади в полицията ...
Орхан отива да каже на Бидоня ... разговарят за Махир и отмъщението му ...Иска да си тръгне, за да не е повече в тежест на Орхан, щом Сеис толкова дни не го търси, но приема задачата и се зарадва...Орхан го изпраща и нарежада, че на границата са техни хора, но да бъде предпазлив.
Махир отива в дърводелната при Кютука ... отвън обсъждат футболни мачове ...Наил не ще да го види и казва на Зия да го разкара , ама Махир не бил на територията на работилницата на Наил, а на общински път!
Излезе Наил, а Махир му каза, че имат грешно впечатление за него ... , не е ничий човек, още повече на властта ...от днес нататък ще им покаже на всички тях, че са в грешка спрямо него, това само е искал да каже , извини се за притеснението и си тръгна ( ... на каданс)
След това отиде при Дайлян и му каза, че се е видял с Наил и ще намери начин да им докаже, че не е доносник. Пита какво имат в складовете – електроника, но разбира, че днес са получили нова пратка, не са я предложили за продажба ... разбира, че е при кобилите на Бледоликия Сеис ...ще я краде довечера ...
Осман и Сонгюл се разхождат ... Осман й предлага да се върнат на лекции, но г-жицата иска да идат на кино ...трала ла ла ...
Кибрита тича за факултета и прехвърля работата на Кемал ...Зейнеб му казва, че на Сонгюл й били малко лошо и с Осман са излезнали, не са се връщали ...
Салонът за красота на Белгин (фризьорски салон )... пристига Джокшун да си иска парите, които Белгин му е задигнала с обещанието да му изкара разрешително!, ама няма ни разрешително, ни пари ...Парите му не са у нея, а ги е дала на хората, които ще свършат работата, да си го набие в тъпата глава.Не станало, защото стоката в склада е незаконна и така са изгърмяли и парите, ако знаела това, нямало да поеме задачата ... а Г-нът се чуди, че ако стоката му е била законна, защо ще я търси за услуга ...Белгин го гони и заплашва ...ама той й каза, че ще си плати за това.
Айше й казва да каже на Махир да сложи един от хората му на вратата на салона. На Белгин никой й не трябва. Джокшун нищо не може да й направи.
Махир на обиколка в територията си ... докладват му, че сутринта са били хора от общината и всичко е наред ...на месаря Ахмед вчера му било прилошало и го завели в болница, докторът рекъл, че е сърдечно и лекарствата са малко скъпи... да донесат рецептата на Махир ...Белгин също имала проблем ...
Суна отива в полицията да търси Ясин ...Ясин й напомня за деня в съда, в който Суна нарочно го е задържала, докато Фериде се е качвала в колата му. Суна е направила само това, което г-жа съдийката й е наредила. Сега е дошла да облекчи болката в сърцето й, която изпитва. Днес имали годишнина от началото на тяхната любов. Фериде ще бъде на тяхното място... моли го да каже на Махир да отиде ...Само това искала да му каже и ... си тръгна.
Ясин отива при Махир ... има клип с превод ...

Миндила в казиното ... Селим е поканил журналисти да вземат интервю от нея след програмата. Тази вечер била много същестена за заведението, не трябва да има грешки, всички столове да са заети ...
Идва Неждет. „ Синко, какво има? Като че ли си видял някакво чудо?! Селиме, не съм още умрял, ти ще си!” ... отива и сяда на една маса, излиза певачката Айтен и ... Неждет стреля във въздуха ...”Никой да не се сърди!Тази вечер няма да има програма! В бъдеще няма да има и г-жа Айтен! Хайде!” и се закани на Селим ...Миндила трябвало да му е благодарна, че не я е застрелял, била му законна жена ...мята й сакото си, за да не го излага ...как само я гледали хората, докато пеела. Да, ама тя се борила за хляба, докато той бил в затвора , ами това било изкуство ...”Ще те *** и тебе и твоето изкуство! Сега аз съм тук!”
В спалнята им ... „Мислиш ли, че добро й се пише на жена, която остава в леглото след ставането на мъжа й? Ставай и направи кафе! Не ме нервирай!”
Фериде пак пише в дневника си ... има клип с превод.
Махир се промъква под оградата при кончетата на Сеис ...Всички спят, вкл. охраната и кончетата, само Орхан не спи и въздиша по снимката на любимата си (жената на Змията). Как открадва камиона – не се разбира ... Ясин го чака и взема двамата охранители на отговорно пазене ...
На сутринта, преди да яХне „черната си девойка”, Сеис разбира, че стоката е изчезнала, откраднали я с камиона. Сеис е бесен... кои са кучетата, които са отговорни за това , който е виновен да си признае ...Джемал е бил на смяна, ама го няма, няма го и Хюсеин, който е бил на вратата. Орхан си предлага услугите да намери и хората, и стоката. „Добре, Орхане. Намери предателите, който са направили това и искай от мен каквото пожелаеш.”
... После се обажда на Юсуф и му казва, че стоката е изчезнала. Някой е подкупил хората, които са я пазели. Няма надежда да я намерят, но няма да остави това ненаказано, повече никой няма да бъде в състояние да каже, че е откраднал стока от Сеис.
Илкнур и Махир на гробището ...Илкнур иска да й доведе пред нея човека, който им е причинил това. Тя ще живее само, за да дочака този ден и да му се изплюе в лицето. Заради това и Махир се е отказал от баща си, от любимата си, от живота си. Тя ще продължи да живее , ще удържи на обещанието, което му е дала.”Почакай, Илнур. Ще спазя обещанието си. Почакай.
Фериде и Суна се качват по стълбите на съда ...Фериде й казва, че тази сутрин е очаквала да се появи Махир, ама не ... Суна й казва, че е ходила до Ясин й го е помолила да предаде, че ще бъдат на старото им място. Фериде се ядосва, че Суна е направила това и сега й е още по-тежко.
По-късно й се извинява, че я е обидила ... наистина е добре, че Махир ще знае къде са и ще дойде там . В канцеларията на съда явно е гардероба на Фериде и тя се чуди коя рокля да облече ... синята, защото това е любимият цвят на Махир.
Ясин отива в обущарницата при Назиф, за да му иска разрешение в бъдеще той да води и взема Сонгюл от университета. Разбира се, че му разрешава, тя е негова годеница и няма нужда от Назифовото разрешение. Но Назиф го пита какво се е случило та иска за това позволение, днадява се, че няма някакви проблеми . Ясин му обяснява, че има вяра на Сонгюл, но на лексии ходи с Осман, вярно че са съученици, но няма нужда да я придружава той. Би бил по-спокоен, ако Ясин я води и довежда.
В кафенето момченце Доган предлага услугите си на Махир, да го информира за всички и всичко в квартала ...но Махир няма нужда от помощта му, по-добре да иде на училище, ама кой ще го приеме на неговите години – нито може да чете, нито да пише, няма нито майка, нито баша. Ако му позволи Махир, ще работи за него. Някаква кола с непознати хора в нея обикаля квартала ...
Старецът му се оплаква, че общината иска да му събори къщата...но той е на 80, а жена му на 76 и къде тепърва ще се преселват ... Махир го успокоява, че ще говори с държавниците . Ако не стане, за своя сметка ще им намери къща и ще ги премести, да не се безпокои стареца.
Идва Доганчо и му казва, че Белгин има проблем с онези от колата, които нямат добри намерения. Махир става и отива. Джокшун е изпратил килъри за Белгин ... точно като да стрелят, Махир му хваща ръката и изстрела е в тавана ... не става ясно как е простреляна Белгин, но Махир я закарва в болница ...поръчва на Доганчо да се обади в полицията и да изпратят хора ...
В болницата казва на Мурад да не казва на Вехби за това произшествие. На входа на болницата са девойките ... Белгин става да си ходи, кои рани нейни и на Мурад досега са били превързвани ...пита къде е Айше, която с Карадайъ са я докарали ...Мурад ги е изпратил да си гледат работата, защото е мислич, че ще остане и за през нощта ...Тя пита за Махировата рана... дали я е видял доктора или си е отишъл, но Мурад не знае. Той пита Белгин кой е този човек, дали го познава.Не, не го познава. Дошъл е на мястото на Боксьора и е новият шеф на квартала. Когато се е случило това, Карадайъ е бил там, тя му дължи живота си ...
Селим отива да занесе торби с храна на Айтен ... с бастун и гипсиран крак. Така го е наказал Неждет, защото е допуснал да участва в програмата. Но Селим не знае как ще я карат по-нататък, защото от сутринта звъни телефона за резервации, но щом разберат, че Миндила няма да пее повече, се отказват. Неждет е откачил.”Нека да откачи! Това му е малко!”, така реагира певачката.
Суна и Фериде в чай бахчето ... чакат Махир. Има клип с превод !
Всите бандюги при кончетата и Сеис ... чудят се кой е направил това, някой много алчен или си търси проблем с тях. Наим пита къде е Белгин, изпратил е човек до нея... предполагат, че е на разузнаване ...Наил смята, че тази кражба не е заради стоката, а заради тях, ще има кръв, ще има война... разотиват се.
Копоят на Махир отива на рапорт при Айтен. Цял ден е бил след Махир. Спадил една жена от въоръжено нападение, откарал я до болницата и после при г-жа съдийката. Миндила примигва на парцали „Какво? Нима са се видяли?” Не са, само ако е видяла колко тъжно е било ...било е някаква годишнина, фериде е била с приятелка и са чакали Махир, но той стоял с букет цветя надалеч и гледал, не е отишъл, било много тъжно, та чак и той (копоя) се натъжил ...Миндила се нерви: за това ли е дошъл, за да й казва как той гледал, как тя гледала ...да си ходи и утре сутрин пак да дойде.
Суна и Фериде в колата на връщане ... Фериде не е добре, Махир я е изхвърлил от мислите си и сърцето си... „Така е! Това е истината. Лъжа ли е? Видя ли, че днес не дойде.” На този ден й е държал ръката, а сега не е дошъл.
Назиф, Илкнур и Сонгюл вечерят ...Назиф й казва, че вече Кибрита ще я кара и довежда от университета. Така трябва да бъде, той й е годеник, ще й бъде мъж, добре е да се опознават. Осман му е чирак, на нея съученик от училище, нищо повече. Достатъчно е да се виждат в университета. Сонгюл :”Добре, татко.” После казва на Илкнур да се храни ...
Миндила се готви да ходи в казиното на работа. Влиза Неждет ...Айтенката си проси боя ... „Не става въпрос за теб, Неждет! Това е мое решение. Ще излезна на тази сцена” ... удря й шамар, само ако повтори още един път и тя: „Ще излезна ...(шамар) ... Не ме интересува дали ще ме биеш или ще вдигащ сканали. Е можеш да ме спреш... (бой) Никой няма да я спаси, не разбира ли, не й ли е ясно ... (бой)
Орхан разпитва охраната на Сеис ... казват му, че има лоша вест от зет му: на границата, след като е сложил печатите, за нещастие са го арестували.Орхан пита за Сеис, но той е навън.
Фериде отива при Миндила да разбере нещо за Махир ... На Фериде й е много мило, че Неждет е излезнал от затвора, бил невинен, а на Миндила й е още по-драго ...Фериде разбира, че очевидно Айтен има някакъв проблем, готова е да я изслуша ...след което вижда последиците върху Миндилетка от заръщането на Неждет. Предлага й да подаде жалба и да го съдят, а ако иска да се разведе, тя ще й помогне, ще направи всичко, което е необходимо, с нея е и само да й каже, ако подаде жалб, ако й трябва помощ, тя е зад нея.
Тогава Миндила й казва, че наистина има новини за Махир. Бил е на старото им място, носел маргаритки, но не е могъл да се приближи до нея, гледал я отдалече жално.
[/b]Какво търсиш тук?
Махир: Чух, че с всички сили търсите изгубената стока. Исках сам да дойда и да сложа край на тревогите ви.
Наил: Каква е новината?
Махир: Стоката е при мен. Аз я откраднах.
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Re: Академия за dizi изкуство и литература "ХУЛИГАН 2"

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Хулиганът Е 81 последна сцена с бг суб

Хулиганът Е 81, Ясин и Махир в кабинета на комисаря, сцена с бг суб

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Причина: Наздраве по чаша вино !
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