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Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния превод

С участието на: Кенан Имирзалъолу, Бергюзар Корел, Четин Текиндор, Мелике Ипек Ялова, Ръза Коджаолу и Явуз Бингьол

Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Вто Окт 28, 2014 1:35 pm

EPISODE 81 SUMMARY - PART 1/19 януари 2015 г. в 13:17
KFES написа:Back to Mahir standing like a boss in front of the group of pansies inside the lodge…
KN: Do your ears hear what came out of your mouth?
CS: Are you **** with us?
M: I took the goods from the farm. A truck. And now it is with me.
S: You… How can you enter my house? How can try taking my own property?
KN: Those who aim for our goods (mal) will suffer the consequences (cezasını çekmek).
CS: Ahhhh, Since he desires (longs for it – canı çekmek) for it (death), then let us shoot him in the forehead (alın) and let him go, abi.
SY: One minute! One minute! What is the point of this show of strength (gövde gösterisi)? Whom are you after and what are you trying to prove? I mean, from a part, steal our own goods, and from another part stand up in front of us saying "I did it".
M: It cannot be done like this gentlemen (beyler). Kabadayıs (gangsters) like you are in the most important positions in this world, aiming their guns at a armless person. And also three against one. If you are saying that it is suitable, then let us continue talking about this situation.
S: Speak then... Why did you do something like this?
M: You labeled (yafta yapıştırmak) as someone who works for government (state). I said I am not doing such things, and I could not have you guys listen to me (dinletmek). And I said to let me talk with the same language that you understand, and I took the goods... If I was working for the state, I would have ceded (teslim etmek) the goods to the police long ago (çoktan), but I did not do it... It is all with me.
SY: Bingo, showing off strength.
M: I am not old (yıllanmış) in this world as you are... but just like there is respect for all of you, there is also for me. Now, both you and my family, seeing that you understood that I am no one’s man, let me return (iade etmek) your goods to you.
All of the pansies are looking at each other… Mahir leaves. Yeeeeh Mahir, who them who is the boss.

Feride leaves Ayten’s house. She waves her good bye… Feride is happy after what Ayten told her. She sheds a tear of joy.

Back to the group of pansies (oops, I mean, Kabadayıs), thinking about the situation…
SC: Eeeh ağalar? Let us hurry up (elini çabuk tutmak), the man is leaving.
S: The man has warned (ayarı vermek) us all and left...and afiyet olsun to us.
SC: No, I will not swallow (yutmak) this. We will take care (icabına bakmak) of this.
KN: Stop Sarı, first we let us receive (teslim almak) our goods, then we will sit and talk, and then we will consider everything in details (enini boyuna ölçmek)…

Ayten goes inside her bedroom and she starts packing up… meanwhile, Feride arrived to their home. She enters the house, and starts looking around… Then she sees her picture still on the wall and she rejoices.

Back to the lodge…
KN: Either he says the truth, and a brave man (babayiğit) that our world did not see for a long time, or simply (basbayağı) an agent/informer (muhbir) from the government (devlet). The man acts impulsively (fevri) as he wants… His goal is to infiltrate (sızmak) our group.
S: No need for solving it abi, he has stolen our goods. Let us get rid of him.
SC: That is it, for the government or not, let us bury him and be done with it.
SY: If it was up to me (bana kalırsa), there is no need to be in a hurry (acele etmek).
SC: Ya why? Why? The incident is obvious. OK the man has a plan but what is it to us (bize ne)? Why do we care? Let us bury the man.
KN: STOP SARI, killing him is easy… It is only one bullet, but whom was killed from it is important. In short (velhasıl), let us know who is he first, then let us kill him.
SY: With pleasure (hay hay).
SC: Hah, in my opinion no need to stretch (sündürmek) it even more... But we will follow the majority.
S: With your permission, let me go and see if the goods are coming or not.
(He stands and before moving he makes a sign to Sarı Cemal to follow him out).
SC: Let me go as well, I am not in the mood anymore (I do not have pleasure in staying here – tadı tuzu kalmamak). Size hayırlı akşamlar (good evening to you).
Sarı gets up and leaves the lodge.

Mahir calls Yasin with a public phonebooth…
Y: Allo?
M: It is me.
Y: Oohh, thank God. You are fine, right? There was no problem (vukuat)?
M: There is no troubles (sıkıntı), send (yollamak) the goods.
Y: Tamam, kardeşim, I will send it immediately to the new farm, is it not so?
M: Yes, you deliver it to the place that I took it from.
Y: Mahir well done (helal olsun sana) kardeşim, you came out of that room safe and sound.
M: For now (şimdilik) Yasin, for now.
Mahir leaves to go home… My sweetie Yaşar is still following him.

Feride is still at their house… She takes the pillow Mahir sleeps on, and she sees the pictures of her and her hair pin that he keeps under the pillow… She gets very happy.

At Seyis’ farm… Orhan leaves the house…
O: I am going out Arif.
A: What is up (hayırdır)? Where to (nereye)?
O: To the police station (karakol).
A: You were going to wait for Seyis abi?
O: Let me go and see at the police station, to find how is the situation, and also you are saying the carnets disappeared... So that there is no problem for us… You explain to Seyis abi the situation (vaziyet).
A: You too must be careful, Orhan kardeş, do not let them know about your relation between you and your enişte.
Orhan leaves.
Dumb Bülent is driven to the police station.

Seyis and Sarı Cemal’s secret meeting outside…
S: After all, our relations are not same. We did not swear on this together. I will not stop just because Nail abi wanted so.
SC: True.
S: Did the man enter under my roof? He got in. Did he steal my goods? He stole. And I will make him pay.
SC: Which means?
S: It is my reputation (namı) who is the victim (okka altına gitmek) here, Sarı! I do not care for anyone’s tears, and I clean up my name – it means that.
SC: You will kill Mahir Kara? You are right (haklısın), ağa. But let us ask Belgin if you want, let her know what is this man’s relation with the government… So that we do not be fooled (yaş tahtaya basmak) afterwards.
S: Would Belgin know?
SC: Hahhh, there is nothing in this country that Belgin does not know, Seyis... I do not know who is her lover… Though nobody knows, not just me.... But man is rich and powerful (ensesi kalın), that is for sure.
S: Good then, let her find out... Of course the woman does not sit at our table for nothing.
SC: She will find out, she will… She will even hurt him very much.

Mahir arrives at his home… He sees Feride’s car parked. He does not know how to react… Meanwhile, Ayten flees the neighbourhood… She starts crying, looking back at her house and the Kara’s… Haydi Ayten it is for the best of your interests.
Feride looks through the window, waiting for Mahir… He finally knocks on the door, and enters…
M: Feride…
F: Welcome (hoş geldin).
M: what are you doing here at this time?
F: I came to see you.
M: Why Feride? Why did you come?
F: And you, why did you come to Çay bahçe?
M: Where did you find out this from?
F: Your stature (endam) is not quite suitable for hiding.
M: Did Kemalettin see me?
F: I did not come here for this, With every "go" you said to me, I found out that you could not walk far away for even one step. This is why I came.
M: You understood it wrong, hakime hanım… I went to take some fresh air, I took a look and you were there.
F: Mahir Kara, you can fool everybody, you can explain everybody that you are another person, but my love (sevdam), I am not one of those people. Even if those eyes show separation, I hear your heart. You still love me, Mahir.
M: Please Feride, go to your home.
F: My home is here; my place is next to you.
M: Feride!
F: Look, you are shivering (get goosebumps - ürpermek) whenever my skin touches yours. Do not deny it (inkar etmemek). Your stares are softening (yumuşamak)… You inspire (breathe in – içine çekmek) the smell of my hair just like a breath of air, your eyes get lost in mine… Your voice loses your stubbornness… You know that if our hands come together for a moment, they will never separate. We belong to each other, Mahir Kara.
(Feride kisses Mahir)
F: Our hearts, our skin, our souls belong to each other. You and I became one, Mahir... Even you do not have enough strength to separate us (senin gücü yetmez bizi ayırmaya).
(Feride hugs Mahir)
F: My love (sevgilim can also mean darling, sweetheart etc.)… Take me (Al beni can also mean marry me)… Let the time stop… Let yourself go… Let this night be to our love... Do not deny (deprive – esirgemek) yourself of me...
(Mahir hugs his ahu gözlüm)
M: Feride! Do not do this, do not do this... Do not allow me to break my oath.
F: I am not prohibited to you, Mahir... I am not a sin… Please do not walk on our love…
M: Do not do this Feride… Do not… I am fighting every minute with the longing I have inside of me… Please let go, do not let me succumb to it, let go…
F: I will not let go of you, I will not... Succumb to it for once, to me as well… Let our love win, Mahir...
M: Crazy girl… You are taking in the palms of your hands a fire from coal…
F: That fire burnt me a long time ago... I do not care (umurumda değil). I accept everything that will come (that comes) from you.
Mahir succumbs to their love… They kiss, and she drags him to their bedroom… Well, you know the rest okaaay. Ayyy Feride you did not hesitate to jump on the occasion eeeh? Heh heh.

Morning comes… Mahir efendi regrets doing it with her. He tries to leave in silence, but Feride hugs him while she sleeps… He cries in silence. Eh I sympathise with you Mahir, your situation is very tough. Right? Right.

At Sosyete Yusuf’s casino… The wannabe French dude is so tired…
SY: I am going home, you take a break at the end of the clean up, this evening the show will continue.
Guard: Abi, someone came and is asking for you.
SY: Who is it this early in the morning? Seyit go finish your work, and you send the lady inside my office… And get me a coffee... My eyes cannot open.
Ayten enters to Yusuf office.
SY: Oooh Ayten hanım... What an honour... Please!
He gestures her to sit down.

Feride is still sleeping… Mahir looks over her, sort of kisses her on her hair (dude give her a proper kiss what will happen?!)… He wanted to smell her hair, but the man ABSOLUTELY has to run off!

Necdet and blonde duck Süeda… (when I see this couple, I get really nauseous)…
N: If the money that I gave you is not enough, then just pass by the casino, I give you more. Do not let anything be missing for my son.
S: Tamam… I will pass if I will need some... You will come this evening, right?
N: It is not clear, let me take a look at the work and I will let you know.
S: But I will prepare one of the desserts you love the most.
N: Haydi, go shopping (alışveriş yapmak), and we will talk later.
S: Tamam
N: (to the driver) You will not let your yenge alone, even for a minute, ok? She will not lift even a gram... haydi my lion (aslanım).
Yazıyor boy: The shining star turns off in just one night at the Yeditepe casino.
(Necdet calls for the newspaper kid...he buys a newspaper and reads the article which is about Ayten). Sana ne lan? You have Süeda that you killed yourself for… Let Ayten go!

Back to azizim Sosyete Yusuf and Ayten…
SY: You made yourself famous in an unbelievable speed in such a short time.
A: Estağfurullah.
SY: I am not complimenting you (iltifat etmek), Madame...the artistic (sanat) community (camia) is talking about your wonderful voice. Alright, do you think you deserve this fame (glory – şan)?
A: I did not understand?
SY: The news now make stars shine, and then fade them down… Let us say the voice is beautiful, it is not easy to control everyone from the stage… The attractiveness (çekicilik) that makes the fans/clients interested, the influence: it is very important. A certain something that makes you irresistibly attractive (şeytan tüyü) is what I have meant to say... Beauty (güzellik) that makes heads spin… Do you have those attributes (characteristics – özellik), Ayten hanım?
A: I do not know.
SY: Right, we must see you on the stage... Peki, what brought you here?
A: I also have heard your name (your reputation) a lot in this community, Yusuf bey... I thought maybe we can work together.
SY: Excusez-moi (excuse me in French)… You want to get on stage here, really? Haha… This place is not possibe... The air is different here.
A: I did not mean this place in particular, you have two other casinos plus this one… It can be at any one of them... Of course, if you wish so too.
Y: But I have heard that some unpleasant things happened!
(he shows the newspaper)
SY: And it seems (meğer) that everybody has heard… Necdet did not quite like the situation, and he took you down from the stage.
A: It is me who decides whether I get on stage or not, not Necdet.
SY: I understand you... Of course it is not my right to get in between husband and wife. However, in this world, a kabadayi's wife who shows up on the stage is not nice (not welcomed).
A: Know that this subject has been closed, I will divorce from Necdet.
Feride is still soundly sleeping… She wakes up… and she laughs with joy after the night she spent with Mahir.

Mahir enters Yasin’s office…
K: Abi, come in and take a seat. I will send to you a cup of tea...Yasin komiserim is just around the corner (eli kulağındadır) anyway.
Y: Günaydın kardeşim.
M: Günaydın.
Y: I also was going to send news to you, they delivered the truck to the address without opening it.
M: Good.
Y: Hayırdır? You came for something else…
M: I made a mistake, I need your help.
Y: What happened abi? What is the case this time?
M: I am in trouble with Feride... Just as she was about cutting her hope about me, that she was about to believe that I have erased her off… but I gave her a horrible hope. I must find something to push Feride away from me.
Y: What did you do, abi? You went to the Çay bahçe? What happened to you not going?
M: Do not ask (yes Yasin do not :-)). Just give me ideas. I must do anything to kill the me that is inside Feride.
Y: Tamam, let us think that way: put yourself in her place, what must Feride do to make you erase her off your life?
M: I cannot write her off… No matter what happens, the love I have for her cannot end inside me. To not say her name, to silence my heart…
Y: I understand you, but if Feride sees you with another girl, if she thinks that you have left her and you have gone to another girl, do you think that she will still love you? Do not look at me like this abi. Anything else you do, she will not believe it. But if she sees you with another woman, then she will not look at your face again. After all she is a woman.
M: Will she believe it Yasin? Especially, will she believe that I left her and fell in love (gönül vermek) with another one while I am in that much troubles?
Y: When she will see you like this, she will not think and ask whether it is true or not… The anger and jealousy will blind her. Look, we will do the following, we find a girl, and we explain the circumstances to her then we ask. You hold the girl's hand then you appear in front of Feride, and it is done.
M: It cannot be, I went over everything, but hurting Feride’s pride (gururunu incitmek) does not suit me.
Y: Valla I think there is no other way.
M: Thank you kardeşim, but it is not possible. Let us say that I did not ask you and that you did not answer back. I will find another way. Haydi eyvallah.

Belgin is sleeping in her bed… Murat was sleeping by her bed side…
B: Ah ah, Murat? Muraaat… idiot (şapşal)… Why did you sleep here?
M: Oww my leg (bacak). I was waiting next to you.
B: I understood this. Say the reason why?
M: Reason of what? You have been shot Belgin, probably you forgot this... In the past, when I had fever, and my throat (boğaz) got swollen (şişmek), you waited next to me. There is nothing.
B: Allah, Allah… We were kids back then. None took care of us except ourselves.
M: And now, we have nobody... I mean.
B: It came, and it passed. I am fine... Haydi haydi..I have a client early in the morning; I will go to the salon.
M: What salon? Huh? You will sleep and rest.
B: Since when did I sit back (relax – yan gelip yatmak) for me to sleep now? Haydi.

Necdet comes home… he yells Ayten saying he came home… But no one answers, so he goes inside the bedroom to see that she packed up and left. He got mad.

Back to Sosyete Yusuf’s casino…
SY: Like I said (dediğim gibi), we will arrange something out when we have the chance... Since you are enthusiastic about the life on stage, in my opinion, do not give up. However you get divorced (boşanmak) first. So that no connection remains between you and Necdet, and to not let me stay in between you two.
A: Tamam, I will let you know.
SY: I will always be waiting for you.
(Ayten is leaving, she takes her suitcase).
SY: This valise… It seems you have left the house?
A: I have left home at night, and I stayed awake all night (sabahlamak) with a friend.
SY: Eeeh, where to now? At your friend’s again?
A: she nods with no.
SY: Oh mon dieu (oh my God in French)… This means that you have no place to stay?
A: I will find a place.
SY: Give me permission and let me solve this out.
A: Ok, but…
SY: Maybe we will work together… I have a hotel, you will be my guest... Of course it must stay between us. At least until your relation to Necdet comes to an end... Help miss with her valise.
A: Thank you…

Necdet is looking for Ayten, he could not find her. He thinks that she is hiding at the Kara’s…
N: Merhaba bacım (sister), is Ayten here?
I: No, she did not come here
N: Look, this is a family situation, if she is inside tell her to come... AYTEN!
I: What are you saying? I said she is not here, would I lie to you? Am I in a state to play with you?
N: Good then... She is crazy or what?
I: Poor excuse of a kabadayı… (…)

Back to Murat and Belgin…having breakfast. She tells him why did he tire himself for this… He tells her to sit down…
B: I do not feel like eating (içini almamak). I was not able to get used to eating breakfast.
M: Allah Allah, this is not an orphanage's breakfast... I will toast (kızartmak) the bread, haydi sit... Come, haydi come, sit haydi haydi.
B: I prefer to eat a raw (çiğ) chicken (tavuk) than to disappoint you kardeşim.
(Murat did not like this "kardeşim")
B: Haydi put the tea.
M: Eyvallah. Hayırdır? You are so pretty today, will you meet with someone again?
B: No.
M: Now, the man who saved you... He must be the new kabadayı who takes care of our neighborhood.
B: Hmmmm.
M: Hay allah… We must thank that man now… Where can I find this “abi”?
B: I will solve this thing, I will treat him to (ısmarlamak) a dinner or something. I will pass by him this morning.
M: You did not tell me about the story, this incident and all the incidents before is because of the permit (ruhsat)?
B: Yes, şerefsiz. He came and he said if there is no permit then give me my money.
M: Do not worry (merak etme), I will pass with the guys today, and we will settle down the accounts with him.
B: God bless your hands (thank you - ellerine sağlık) kardeşim. In every sense of it.
She leaves.

Mahir checks on the territory… Our little friend Doğan joins him…
D: Abi, günaydın.
M: and I was saying where is our boy (oğlan).
D: I did not sleep last night.
M: Hayırdır?
D: Incident happened at night, and I burst upon the scene (went there – intikal etmek).
M: What happened?
D: That grandpa the stock keeper, further on abi. He is indebted to Kadir abi, though he owes money to everyone in the neighbourhood. He said that there is no goods if there is no money… and you know it is getting cold, there is no wood (odun) to burn... Yani we are shivering (trembling – titremek).
Baş belası Belgin arrives and Doğan leaves.
B: Günaydın.
D: I am here abi.
M: You do not look like you have been shot.
B: I am not afraid of disturbances (fond of comfort – canı tatlı)... The bullet has only scratched me anyway... There is nothing to complain about... I came to my shop, to my job... Anyway I actually came to you to thank you... I did not have the opportunity yesterday, and you left quickly... If you did not arrive on time (yetişmek), maybe I will not be alive today.
M: Estağfurullah. You had a day to live, and I was only the means(cause – vesile olmak) for it.
B: No, you saved my life. There is nothing to argue about it. I owe you my life. Of course I will not be able to pay you back whatever I do, but I would like to have dinner together, as a thankful way (teşekkür babında), I mean.
M: Thank you, no need for this...and you owe me nothing. Gelmiş geçmiş olsun.
So you hate being said no or rejected huh, Belgin…

Suna is waiting for Feride at the market…
S: Where is she yaaa? May I take an mandarin (tangerine - mandalina)? I am veryyyy hungry (for hunger to be gnawing one’s insides - içini kıyılmak). I will take this, thank you (sağol). God bless you (Allah razı olsun).
F: Sunaaa!
S: Where have you been Feride? You made me exhausted from standing (ayaklarına kara su inmek) from waiting for you, I got hungry and I took a tangerine.
F: You are right my friend (arkadaşım), but believe that I got late because of a very beautiful thing.
S: What happened? You seem very happy (roses are blooming on your face – yüzünde güller açmak).
F: Mahir and I made up (barışmak).
S: Ayyy! Lies!
F: Vallah… Şşş tamam do not scream… Haydi walk.
S: Explain to me, stop!
F: Stop, let me shop then I will explain to you.
S: Explain to me or I will die from curiosity.
F: Tamam şşşş, do not scream.

Mahir still checking his area and Belgin who was following him joins him again…
B: Maşallah, what is this walking... Even if I come running, I cannot catch up with you... Tamam, because eating and drinking is not possible, then something else. I do not know, I buy for you a watch for example (mesela). A suit (takım elbise) or something like this. Do not say it is not possible. I cannot stay indebted (borçlu kalmak), I do not like this.
M: Do not trouble (sıkıntı) yourself, I told you, you owe me nothing.
B: There is! Some things do not cease to exist even when we consider them as inexistent.
Doğan comes.
D: Mahir abi, help.
M: What happened, aslanım?
D: There is a problem at the storehouse(warehouse – ardiye).
M: What is the matter?
D: A matter over receivables and payables (money – alacak verecek meselesi).
Mahir and Doğan go.

At Necdet's casino… Necdet tells to his men that they will leave their jobs and go find from which hole Ayten has gone into (hiding herself). He screams to them whether they understood, heard…and tells them to get out.
N: Where is this woman, dude?
S: Vallah, I do not know abi?
N: Why? But you know how to do something behind my back, Selim efendi... I swear to you, if it appears that you had a small part in this, then this time I will not shoot on your foot but I will empty the gun in your head, or they do not call me Barut Necdet.
Dude you have Süeda pregnant with another idiot like you, go take care of her, leave Ayten aloneeeee.

At the wood warehouse… That sneaky old man ripping off the man…
A: Your debt is like a mountain since last year. Did you pay a coin? No...and then you came and say give me wood. I suppose your mom is beautiful.
Man: Abi, may you stay polite…
A: And he talks about good manners, no sense of shame is left.
Man: Abiciğim, I am saying that my wife has given birth recently, a small baby... What should I burn ? What should I sell of my house?
A: Burn yourself! Since you have no money, then do not reproduce (üremek).
Man: it is necessary to talk badly (in disrespectful manner)? Enough!
Then he tries to beat the vendor but the vendor takes a wooden stick to hit the man.
A: Get out.
Man: stop
While the vendor was beating his client, Karadayı and Doğan came.
M: Hop hop hop, stop. You two separate.
A: He came and he is attacking in my shop.
M: What is happening?
A: I am a man of his father's age, may those hands who have been raised on me become rock.
M: Amca (uncle), relax and tell your problem.
A: This is Rasim, and he owes me. Since last winter. Too many summers passed, and he did not pay a coin. And now he came and he says give me wood... There is no wood for you, even no splinter for you (small piece of wood – kıymık).
R: Abi, I say my debt is debt, did I gain money and not pay up? Abi, I had a new child recently, I live in the basement (bodrum). The day's humidity (rutubet) does not come to an end, and neither does the night's cold… I sought his humanity(kindness), and I asked for one bag of wood... I do the work of a porter, and I pay up my debt, abi.
A: From where will you pay up? First you pay this! Look you have here a whole lot of debt.
R: I am saying there is not, man do you not understand this? Did I not pay up whenever I had the money? Did I not pay you back my debt, even by paying in installments (taksit)?
M: Tamam kardeşim, tamam you calm down… Doğan, take the friend and go to the café, and take care of his head, I will join you.
D: Tamam abi, come with me abi... Do you have something?
R: No, no.
M: Amca, how much is the debt of this friend?
A: All of it?
M: I will pay all of his debts.
Belgin is here watching the scene.
On the record, it is written 2000.
A: It is 3000.
He closes the book quickly.
You dirty bastard.

At Seyis farm…
S: Is there news about the truck, Arif?
A: It has arrived, abi.
S: Count the goods one by one, and put all of it with the already existing goods... Inform me even if one cable is missing.
A: Tamam abi. Abi this arrived in the evening… The exit stamps are done.
S: Great, and the other subject? (he means Büüüüüülent)
A: This is also done, abi. We have done as you have said, and Bülent has been arrested. He is in jail, and he has no idea about what happened to him.
Seyis is happy.
Back to Feride and Suna…
S: Slow down Feride, you are walking so fast.
F: If you saw the state of the house Suna, vallahi it was very smelly (leş gibi).
S: And how would it be? He is a man.
F: I will clean it and make it spotlessly clean, and also I will cook him a nice meal… Look, purslane (semizotu – google it some of you will know what it is) has arrived.
Vendor: Hoş geldiniz.
F: Hoş bulduk.
S: (with food in her mouth) Its price is expensive this week?
F: What can we do? Let it be. Mahir loves that salad (yoğurtlu semizotu salatası) a lot.
Vendor: buyrun abla, how many bundles of these shall I give you?
F: Put these two.
S: You have bought the entire market Feride, you will throw it in the garbage.
F: I will not waste (ziyan etmek) it all. Besides, Mahir loves eating (had a hearty appetite – boğazına düşkün olmak). He does not eat little like you and I.
V: Look abla, it is fresh.
F: Tamam, put.
S: Haydi, I am so hungry, haydi quickly... Give, give...
F: Give it to me.
V: Buyrun.
S: Get going, pay him.
F: Like this, haydi have a good work.
V: Thank you.
F: Thank you, get going.

Back to that sneaky wood seller…
M: Take, this is for Rasim's debt.
A: Allah bereket versin (May God return the generosity you show/May you benefit from it).
M: and I add an amount of two bags of wood.
A: With pleasure, this would be about 20.
M: You prepare the woods and you will send them to his home.
A: At your order! My son.
Mahir is leaving...Belgin is here waiting for him.
B: I have figured you out. Angel of kindness (iyilik meleği). You want people to be grateful (minnet duymak) for you. This is not nice at all. But know this I do not feel grateful for anyone.

Back to Seyis’ farm, Seyis comes to check the goods…
S: Arif! How is the situation? Is there something missing?
A: For now, there is not abi. The goods have not been touched at all.
S: Nice, let there not be anything missing.
A: Tamam abi.
Orhan comes.
O: Abi.
S: Orhan.
O: I do not know how to say it, but Bülent has been arrested at the borders.
S: What? What does this mean son?
O: It is like this abi.
S: And the cards, are they lost?
O: I do not know abi...but probably they are also lost, I kept watch (nöbet beklemek) in front of the police station until the morning, so that I may find out about the situation but they took him in, I could not talk to him.
S: This is not good Orhan, not good at all.
O: Pardon me abi, it is my fault.
S: You said to me he will succeed, he turned out to be useless. We hope at least he will not inform them about us… If he squeals about us…
O: No abi, he will not… And anyway, we will help him to come out from prison, right?
S: We would have gotten him out... His presence in the prison is good for now. Do not worry, we will take care of him in the prison.
O: The goods have been found?
S: Yes, like so… It seems that who took it and brought it back is the same person... Mahir is the responsible (mesullü)... As you see, Mahir Kara has entered this world very fast.

Mahir enters the café…
M: Selamünaleyküm.
People: Aleyküm selam. Hoş geldin Karadayı.
M: Rasim kardeş, the porter will drop off the woods in front of your home soon, haydi go and ignite (tutuşturmak) your heater (soba), let those at home get warm.
R: How it can be abi? How did you convince him?
M: Do not worry about this, haydi go home.
R: You paid the money, right abi? That coyote does not give anything to anybody without money, if his father's son comes he still will not give it to him abi... God bless you.
M: Haydi kardeşim, I said tamam.
R: From now on I owe you abi, I will not be able to pay the 2000 at once but I will work and pay you by installments. May God give me and me to you.
M: Do not trouble yourself kardeşim.
R: May God bless you.
M: Haydi, at least go to your home.
R: May you always be there for us.
People: Amen.
Cup of tea is brought for Mahir…
M: Thank you… Doğan.
D: Efendim abi?
M: do you know that stock keeper (ardiyeci)?
D: Ehh, I know him abi, he is from the neighbourhood…
M: It looks like he is greedy (gözü aç).
D: Very!
M: Did he lie?
D: Abi does one not lie for money?
M: He said to me that the debt is 3000.
D: Rasim abi said 2000.
M: Let us go and see what is written in the register.
They go.

Back to Feride and Suna…
S: Ayyy Feride, I did not see you this happy in a long time.
F: Because I have not been this happy in a long time, Suna.
S: May God protect you from the evil eye.
F: Amen… Haydi come, let me drop you off to the cinema.
S: Is this possible? Do not make your way too long, I will go alone.
F: Suna, you are not hurt by me, right? I told you that I will come with you to the cinema but…
S: Is this possible? And I am used to going alone... Do not worry.
F: Okay, let me go to our house and prepare the food immediately... İnşallah Mahir will not be late.
S: He will not, haydi open the door so I put these in.

Back to that sly grandpa…
A: Are these not Karadayı’s woods? Come come. Fill from what we wet yesterday. Come, quick quick, fill... Fill fill... Do not fill all the bag, what is this completely filling the bag? No need for it to be exactly 10 Kg.
Boy: But the bag is for 10 Kg boss (usta).
A: Who will weigh it and know that it is 10 Kg? 9 Kg is enough. Fill.
Mahir was here.
M: Are the logs of wood ready?
A: It will be ready in a few time.
M: Good, hurry up...you give it to the porter and he will lead it to the address, they are waiting in the house.
A: At your order... Fill, fill.
D: Did you see the jackal abi? He clearly weighs incorrectly. Vallah he is ripping off (kazıklamak) you, me and the neighbourhood’s inhabitants.
M: Alright if he only weighs incorrectly, but he wets the woods also!
D: You will not make him pay for this abi?
M: Wait aslanım, no need to be in a hurry... I know what I will do of him.

Feride is driving her car singing a song called “Benim Yarim Gelişinden Bellidir” (if absolutely needed to be translated, tell me…) and on her way she comes across Nazif baba.
F: Baba…? Nazif baba.
N: Ah, Feride kızım... What a beautiful coincidence (tesadüf). How are you?
F: I am very well.
N: Really, I am very glad.
F: Nazif baba, let me drop you off wherever you are going, your hands are full.
N: Do not change your way because of me my daughter, I am going slowly.
F: Is that possible? I am going this way anyway, buyrun.
N: Teally? Alright then.
F: Let me take these.
N: Estağfurullah kızım, do not bother yourself.
They get in the car.

At Sosyete Yusuf’s hotel… Ayten arrived. She is completely taken aback… The bellboy offers to take her luggage, she allows him to. She tells him that it was Yusuf bey who sent her here. The man tells her to come. The receptionist says Ayten hanım, right? She nods yes. Man says they were waiting for her, Yusuf bey let them know. That they will have her as guest here… He tells the bellboy to bring Ayten to her room. She goes. He tells her to have a nice rest/stay and if she needs anything, it is enough to let them know. She thanks him.

Feride and Nazif arrive to his house…
N: Thank you kızım.
F: Do not mention it babaciğim, I am so glad that I have seen you... I will be happy if you send my greetings to the girls.
N: I have asked you on the road, but you brought redundancy into your speech and changed the subject... Do not think that I did not notice that... What brought you to our market (Pazar) ha?... I remember you being with your parents(mum)?
F: I imagined that I would come with Mahir and say it together but Baba… Since there is no escape for me... Mahir and I have made up, baba.
N: Really?
F: Yes.
N: Unless Mahir has started come back from his faults?
F: This also will happen, baba... Let put everything on its way… and let us be with Mahir like before… We will go after those men who made us live all this pain... None will get away with what they have done (yaptığı yanına kar kalmamak), baba… But also without hurting anyone... Neither you nor Mahir.
N: Feride… Feride kızım, you you you you… You are an Angel that happened to us… Even if I bow down in front of you at my age, I still will not be able to pay up my debt.
F: Estağfurullah baba, we are family. We will not separate from our happiness just like we were in our dark days… My dear (canım)…
N: Haydi, let me not hold you back from your way.
F: Baba…
N: Yes?
F: May I send your greetings to Mahir?
N: I am a father, kızım. I am not a stranger, I want him to kiss my hand beyond the greeting. If he returned back from coast of sins, then let him return to his family home without waiting even for a minute.
F: Tamam, I will tell him.
N: Haydi, my little girl.
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Вто Окт 28, 2014 1:43 pm

еп.82 по картинки с поняколко изречения ...
така както са го отразили във фейса (преди по-подробните резюмета и клипове)
ИзображениеИзображение Фериде вижда целувката на Билгин и Кенан ...тя е съкрушена и напуска бързо ресторанта.
ИзображениеИзображениепо предварителната уговорка за среща при нея пристигат Кемал и Миндила ...Фериде отминава Кемал ...
Изображение Изображение разказва на Айтен за видяното в ресторанта... Айтен я успокоява ...
ИзображениеИзображение Махир е ядосан, че Белгин е преиграла. Унижил е Фериде твърде, твърде много ...
Изображение Билгин на свой ред е ядосана, че Махир вместо да й благодари подобаващо, не е доволен ... тирада, че не вярва в любовта и мъжете ...
Изображение отива да се успокои в прегръдките на полицейския шеф, който и снася ценната информация ...
Изображение Нежният докато укротява опърничавата певачка да се върне в бара, който върви към фалит, след като свали Миндила от сцената ...май изпусна срещата с МС и контрабандата ...
ИзображениеИзображение Махир ще спасява ученичка, която е отвлечена насила в публичния дом ...Върви из квартала и разпитва учениците ...
ИзображениеИзображение Фериде отива в полицията при Ясин по работа, а той я гледа като припикано мушкато ... на излизане се сблъсква на вратата с Махир и се разминават ...
Изображение какви ги свърши Ясин! Фериде преди да тръгне с колата, вижда Кемал, слиза и му поръчва да изпрати Махир на тяхното място ...
ИзображениеИзображение с инфото от шефа на полицията Билгин право при ортаците ...
ИзображениеИзображение Юсуф казва на МС, че ще откраднат конфискуваната на границата стока (оръжието), която ще бъде преместена в складове на съда мисля: МС се чуди как това ще стане ...
Изображение фирмата "Дайлян и сие" спонсорира Махир с кола и костюмчета намигане:
ИзображениеИзображение Естествено, че Махир открива девойката и я връща на майка й [difus_19.gif]
Изображение Айтен разпитва сянката на Махир и разбира за Белгин и фризьорския й салон, както и за инцидента със стрелбата и спасяването й от Махир... вай, вай ... машала бе, Махир [kangura_crazy.gif]
ИзображениеИзображение Махир отива в чайбахчето ... Фериде му връща годежния пръстен (от Сафие), а хълката я метва в безкрайноста върфу едно клонче ... , която Махир естествено вижда и прибира ... това е краят, но той мълчи, ни вопъл, ни стон ... тя си тръгва и той тогава плаче (да не го види)...за първи път от 81 епизода Фериде не реве ...
ИзображениеИзображение отива си в къщи разстроена и разказва на Кериме ... усъмняват се, че е нарочно, но когато му връщала пръстените, той нищо не казал ...мълчал ...
ИзображениеИзображениеИзображение хвърля дневника в камината, но после го вади и заспива с него ...на другата сутрин го дава на Суна в съда - да прави каквото иска с него, защото тя не може да се отърве намигане: Какво ли ще направи Суна зъбчо: ще го чете, ще рИве ...и после сетих се: бегом при МахирЧО да му го даде (може да мине и през Кибрита на път за Карадайъ намигане: , така цял Истанбул ще го прочете ...)
ИзображениеИзображение Махир всеки ден наобикаля дома на Кара ... Сонгюл даже знае ...
ИзображениеИзображение Миндила право при Белгин за прическа ... както и да разбере кое и как е с Махир ...Изображение
Изображениес новата прическа шок1: право при Фериде в съда,
Изображение за да й разкаже врели некипели + това, което знае от съгледвача, а именно, че Махир и Белгин са от доста време ...
Изображение и само това й трябваше на съдийката, за да реши, че за нея вече не съществува Махир ...
ИзображениеИзображение Юсуф кани Махир, за да му възложи кражбата на конфискуваната стока. Били са впечатлени от първия му подвиг, макар че Сеис няма да му прости. Още повече Русият му е набрал за това, че е освободил момичето от публичния дом. Така щял да ги омилостиви плезене 2:
Изображение Махир ще изпълни задачата, но при условие, че им стане ортак и ще делят. Ще чака за потвърждение и не му пука кой му е ядосан [difus_nea.gif]

Какво друго ...
Изображение 3 пъти günaydın /да им имам репликите!) Кибритко се явява вече личен шофьор на Кара фемили, ще кара Сонгюл на лекции за радост на Нзиф баба и :( на Осман.
ИзображениеИзображение МС на разузнаване в съда при Суна: къде нощува Фериде и с кой намигане:

Хулиганът / Кaradayi Еп. 82 Мхир и Фериде се разделят Бг.суб
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Re: Академия за dizi изкуство и литература "ХУЛИГАН 2"

Мнениеот g_georgieva08 » Сря Окт 29, 2014 9:16 am

здрасти: обичам те:

До епизода с картинки, [difus_19.gif] да подредим и епизода с видео [newsm08.gif]
Епизод 82...

Изображение Началото с бг суб
Изображение Махир и Фериде в чай бахчето с бг суб
ИзображениеСредата с бг суб
Изображениеи финалът с бг суб

Рапорт приет! [take_example.gif]
[difus_20.gif] влюбена: [difus_20.gif]
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Чет Окт 30, 2014 10:31 pm

Песента "Не ме забравяй" /Unutma Beni / в изпълнение на Esmeray

I would want to be the sob stuck in your throat
Don't forget me, can't forget me
Don't forget me, can't forget me

Step by step like your shadow
My name with every breath
Just like I did not forget
You should not forget me

During endless and darkest night
Don't forget me, can't forget me
When you feel the pain of separation in your heart
Don't forget me, can't forget me

While loving and kissing
While roaming around alone
While trying to forget
Cannot forget me

http://izleyiciplatformu.com/haber/4414 ... 2eVFZ.dpuf
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Нед Ное 02, 2014 12:42 pm

Кратко резюме на еп. 81 Изображение
без сцените с Фериде - Махир, както и Махир-Ясин, за които има превод с bg sub ...
Признавам си без бой зад врата: , че с мноооого голям зор изгледах епизода с хърватски превод , като няколко пъти прекъсвах и после ... пак продължавах ...
Това, което запомних: [kz2vx9.gif]
Началото: Сеис: как си позволява да влиза Махир в неговата частна собственост; Наил: подиграва ли им се; Русият: да го трепат, а Юсуф го пита какво иска да покаже с това – хем краде, хем идва да им каже. Махир го удря на мафиотска съвест: не отива на мафиоти да насочват оръжие срещу невъоръжен човек ...трима срещу един. Обвинили го, че бил човек на властта, но ето че не им е предал стоката. С техните приказки му бият по репутацията. Ако признаят, че не е човек на някой, склонен е да им върне стоката ... и си тръгва.
Обажда се на Ясин да закара стоката при кончетата на Бледоликия. Засега е останал жив, засега ...
Бледоликият е бесен, че репутацията му е накърнена ... няма да има милост. Говорят си с онзи, че никой не знае кой стои зад Белгин, но е някой много „главен”

Орхан отива в полицията да разбере какво се е случило с Бидоня...предупреждават го да бъде предпазлив, за да не го повлече зеткото след себе си ...

Махир се прибира ... там е Фериде ... има 2 клипа от нощта им и след това- от вечерта...

Миндила отива при Юсуф в казиното.а момент ми напомни сцената с изнасилването й от Тургут) ... Юсуф я пита кой вятър я е довял при него, показва й вестника, където са я изтипосали със скандала в казиното на Неждет: „изграващата звезда залезе ...” Неждет не е бил въодушвен и я е свалил от сцената ...в техния свят не е хубаво една жена да настъпва мафиозото ...Айтен се развежда с Неждет, така че тези приказки били излишни ...
После й казва първо да се разведе, за да не го поставя между двамата. Вратата му винаги ще е отворена за нея. Виждайки я с куфара, разбира че снощи е напуснала къщата, била е при колежка. Юсуф галантно я моли да му позволи да й помогне в този случай, като й предлага да му бъде гостенка в негов хотел. Това ще остане между тях, никой няма да знае.
Когато Неждет отива да търси Айтен в дома на Кара, Илкнур му се развиква: „Надут мафиот! Дошъл си тук да ме ядосваш!
После Неждет нарежда на хората си да изкарат Айтен от дупката, където се е скрила...ако Селим този път знае и мълчи, ще му пръсне мозъка и да не му викат Неждет Барута, ако не направи това.
Айтен влиза в президенстския апартамент на хотела.

Махир отива при Кибрита ... направил е грешка и му трябва неговата помощ. Проблемът му е Фериде ...Ясин го кара да се постави на нейно място и му дава съвет – да намери друго Фериде. Да не го гледа така Махир, какво друго може да направи, за да отсвири съдийката. Псевдо Феридето трябва да бъде предупредена за ситуацията, да го хване за ръчичката пред Фериде и ... готово. Олмаз от Махир, но Ясин не вижда друг начин. Махир си тръгва, не става този вариант, Ясин да забрави, че го е питал.

Дърва за огрев, Расим е длъжник на стареца още от миналата зима, лятото е минало, а той и една лира не му е дал ...затова не му дава дърва.Махир му връща дълга, ама в тефтера пишеше 2000 лири, а той му рече 3000. Даде му още 20 лири и да му закара дървата у тях.
Белгин го следва и наблюдава сцената. Пита го на ангел ли се прави, нищо хубаво не е , защото досега не е видяла някой да й благодари.
После в кафенето видя Расим и го прати в къщи да пали печката ...онзи му се кланя на Махир и му казва,че му е длъжник с 2000 лири. И така Махир отиде с момчето при стареца да му проверят тефтера, но там разбра, че хитрото старче слага в чувалите по 9 кг, вместо по 10, а също и мокри дървата.

На пазара Фериде купува в големи количества, защото Махир обичал да яде по множко, не като нея и Суна. На седмото неже е след прекараната нощ. Всички трябва да знаят, че се е сдобрила с Махир и той е само нейн ... е не веднага, но и това ще стане. Това му казва на Назиф баба, който среща на пазара и закарва до махалата. Пита го дали да поздрави Махир, а Назиф баба й казва, че като баща би искал да дойде и да му целуне ръка, но само ако е излезнал от лошия път, да не чака и минута и да се върне в своя дом.

Сеис поръча да отворят всеки сандък и да проверят стоката бройка по бройка. Нищо не липсва. Стоката е телевизори, хладилници ... Орхан идва и му казва за арестуването на Бюлент на границата, а Сеис се прави, че е изненадан и няма пръст в тази работа..Орхан е чакал Бюлент цяла нощ пред полицията, но като са го довели, веднага са го затворили и не е можал да разговаря с него. Сеис го пита за книжките (с печатите), но Орхан не знае. Сеис го пита дали няма Бюлент да пропее и да ги издаде ...сега ако го изкарат от затвора, може да се усъмнят в тях и затова засега е по-добре да бъде вътре. Да не се притеснява Орхан, ще се погрижат за зет му. И тогава Сеис му казва, че Махир е откраднал стоката и я е върнал. Брат му доста бързо е влезнал в подземния свят.

Юсуф прави оперативка в казиното си с персонала. Наред е Директора Сеит...вземал е по 2 бутилки от склада и ги е продавал другаде, от 10 дни го следят... затварял си е очите, но не иска да го правят на будала ...Нещастникът е имал хазартен дълг и са му казали, че ако не се издължи, ще го убият. Щом е така, с пистолет в ръка Юсуф му казва: или живота му или правилен отговор на главоблъсканицата, има право само на един отговор: не се продава на чаршията, не се побира в носна кърпичка, не може да се дуржи в ръка и никак не можеш да му се наситиш ... що е то? Директора казва „любов”, но това за него било мечта, според Юсуф и му праща изстрел в тила му ... не му харесва звука на пистолета... да махнат този и да изчистят добре пода, не иска кръв, това било забавен клуб, а не спешна помощ.
В това време в офиса му го чака Сеис. Защо е толкова мрачен ... Юсуф има способности да анализира душевното състояние на притивниците си и там му е силата. Прави психоанализа на Сеис – Махир Кара, не знае защо, но е очевидно, че му е грижа ...
Сеис:”Той е опасен и аз съм предпазлив.”
Юсуф: Недей така, драги! Има ли по-опасни от нас в поздемието? Няма !”
Юсуф мисли, че Сеис преувеличава за този Махир и ако не го е познавал, би си помислил, че се бои от него. Но не, Сеис го познава добре.Да, Махир е храбър и безстрашен като тях, но ако знае, че юсуф е сложил бомбата, лошо му се пише. Юсуф не се притеснява, защото смята, че тази тайна е останала само между двамата. Нека му каже как смята Сеис да премахне Махир (фокус-мокус)... няма да е Сеис, а Боксьора! Само да му уреди да излезе навън и ще разкъса Махир на парчета. Юсуф е впечатлен, трябва да се пазят и от гнева на Сеис, но както е казал, в тази мръсна работа няма по-добри от тях.

На Дайлян му докладват, че са раздали сладкиши в квартала, както е казал ...да не забравят на сутрината да дадат храна на сиромасите (нещо е свързано с 40-дни след погребение мисля: )...
Дайлян се интересува за Милия ... не си вдигал главата, сутрин ходил на гробища, после до вечерта е в обущарницата ...Дайлян пита дали му върви добре работата, има ли някакви проблеми. Засега е добре, но ... от другата страна на Костас отварят нов обущарски магазин, ще бъде по-евтино и има вече оферта за там. Дайлян е бесен: „Кой налива масло?! Нима няма друго място?! Никой да не е посмял да си играе с бизнеса на моя Джентълмен!”
... По-късно Дайлян отива с хората си и директо му казва на новия бизнесмен, че няма да отвори магазина за обувки и толкоз! Или да се маха, или да промени стоката в магазина. Ама обувките в двата магазина били различни ... няма значение, нали са обувки. Край на разговора. Да, ама е взел много стока, вложил е много пари. И докато Дайлян се опитва да го отсвири ...
Назиф Кара: Приятелю, желая ти успех! Отвори си магазина... не може никой да решава какво да се продава в магазина. Аллах е този, който на всеки ще донесе печалба. Хайде, съседе, гледай си работата.
Съседът: Нека Аллах да е с теб (да ти помага), драги съседе.

Орхан отива при Ердал да търси помощ за Бюлент ...Ердал отива да му донесе чай и го прави чак до края на епизода ...После дават Ердал и Орхан в съда ...Прокурор по делото на Бидоня е Еднан и в коридора на съда пита Ердал истина ли е, че Бюлент е зет на Махир. Ердал му обяснява, че е бивш, преди време са се развели със сестрата на Махир. На Орхан обяснява, че Бюлент ще е в затвора, докато трае процесът, но положението му е тежко, чака го затвор. Орхан се ядосва, че на Бюлент му се е случило това и вини себе си.

Неждет е яко ядосан, пие и крещи ... Айтен му е продала честта много евтино.Няма да остави това ненаказано. Влиза Селим на МС ...изглежда, че Неждет е бил щастлив само докато е бил зад решетките ...Идва да му каже, че Господинът иска да го види.

Махир и Ясин обмислят плана с „псевдо Феридето”... Махир ще намери някоя, която не познават, а Ясин да разбере къде ще бъде утре сутринта Фериде.
Г-н Карадайъ отива при Белгин във фризьорския салон. Нали иска да му се реваншира, та има една, която трябва да отдръпне от себе си...Белгин знае, че това е годеницата му, чете вестници, съжалява за тяхната невъзможна любов ...Махир иска и тя (Фериде) да разбере за „невъзможната” им любов ...Няма проблем за Белгин, какво да направи. Нека помисли и ако не е проблем за нея, достатъчно е да ги види заедно като най-много да се държат за ръце!
Айтен се обажда на Фериде и иска да я види някъде, където е по-отдалечено и скришно.Фериде и предлага една сладкарница с лятна градина ...12 часа на обяд.
Кибрита дава на Кемал документи, които Фериде е търсила по-рано ...има и документи, които трябва да подпише ...да й се обади и лично да й ги занесе, но ако му каже да иде в съда – не, зает е и има важен случай...да я пита къде ще бъде след работа, да й ги занесе за един подпис, да разбере къде да се видят извън дома й и в колко часа ...обажда се пред Ясин и тя го вика в сладкарницата на обяд 12:00.

На Махир в кафенето един му дава списък с всички, на които трябва да се помогне с дърва, взел ги е на стареца и затова дето ги мокри и вместо 10 кг, слага 9 кг, ще го изхвърли от квартала му, ако продължава.

Аднан се обажда по телефона на г-н Ръза да предаде на г-н Сеис, че изслушването на човека, за който е споменал, е минало и той е на път към затвора.

Илкнур и Бледоликият... Сеис я намира пред училището, но тя не иска да се разождат заедно ... навярно неправилно го е разбрала г-жа Илкнур, а вероятно и не си го спомня ...представя й се за приятел на брат й, ама не на Махир, а на Орхан! „Какво има? Да не е дошъл нещо да й предаде?” Неее... като я е видял, решил да я пита как е! ... Добре била. Бута се в едно момченце, което й се извинява ... в нея имало освен любов, много ярост... имала нужда да помирише невинно дете, но се бои да го прегърне ...бои се да не го заобича, а също и да не го загуби ...
Илкнур: Ти ... кой си ти, че ми говориш тези неща (разговаряш с мен по такъв начин )? Какво те засяга?
По-късно ... Бледоликият продължава да я следва Илкнур. Едно дете на дърво я моли за помощ ...
Сеис: Помогни му. Подай му ръка.Ако не му подадеш ръка, ще падне. Ще се убие.
Илкнур: Направи го ти.
Сеис: Ти ще го направиш! Помогни му! Погледни , много се е уплашило.
Илкнур: Не мога.
Сеис: Както искаш!
Илкнур: Не си отивай.
Сеис: Тогава му помогни.
Илкнур: Подай ми ръка.Подай. Не се бой. Ела, ела ...всичко мина.

Кадъните от махалето вече плетат чорапи на Махир за благодарност. В същия момент идват да му кажат, че Билгин е съгласна да е другото „фериде”, пристига и Ясин: "неговата" ще е в Ортакьой на сладкарница в 12:00 ...после Махир да му се обади и да го информира за събитията ...

Фериде отива при Назиф Баба в обущарницата ...Тя идва да му каже, че му е дала напразно надежда. Махир й казал да си урежда живота без него, той ще продължи да живее, въпреки тях. Тя си мислела, че са се помирили, всичко ще бъде както трябва, но се е излъгала ...ама е сигурна, че тези черни дни ще отминат. Назиф се надява да доживее тези дни.

Махир отива във фризьорския салон да вземе Белгин, ако е свободна...ама разбира се, само да си вземе чантата ...

МС отива в съда при Суна ...Дошъл да изпие по едно кафе с дъщеря си, ама като я нвма (на обяд е отишла), ще го изпие със Суна. Как гопие? – С много каймак!!!
Било добре да се види с щерката, да разбере как е и какво прави.Вече два дни не се прибира у дома си, не им се е обадила къде е и какво прави ... Суна има ли някакво понятие за това ...Да, ама тя нищо не знае ...Тя ли е онази прехвърлената от Анкара?! Да, тя е. Климатът на Истанбул очарова човек и не можеш така лесно да го напуснеш, нито средата, нито приятелите... а Истанбул е особено подходящ за жена като нея и отлично стъпало в по-натъшната й кариера. МС се надява, че не иска да се върне отново в Анкара, не дай си Боже нещо да се случи и да се наложи да се върне в Анкара. Много ще му е жал за нея и за Фериде. Нека приятелството им да не прекъсва, така всички ще са щастливи. Нали? Аааа... за какво си говорехме ... къде е била Фериде, дали още се вижда с Махир... за това говорехме. „Не съм ли прав, Суна? Какво мислиш? ... Има ли нещо, което аз не знам?

Махир и Белгин в колата ...
Белгин: Значи г-жа Съдийката не иска да те пусне. Какво ще кажеш за теб? Какво чувстваш към нея?
Махир: Не те интересува.

Следва финалната сцена в сладкарницата - има я с bg sub!
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Нед Ное 02, 2014 2:27 pm

Излезнал е превод на хърватски и на еп.82 Изображение в две части , но засега с пари1:
Ще изчакам, да се напечелят и после ще се напъна да го изгледам и ще постна тук кратко резюме на сцените, за които няма клипове с bg sub [277.gif]
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Re: Karadayi / Хулиганът 3 сезон - 11 тема

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petan написа:тази вечер имаше явно проблем с Google-то и не можеха да се отварят доста страници ...

Той ли беше виновен. шок1: Пък аз ги наредих всичките в кюпа картечница: , мами, асита, фейси-мейси. Гадина ниедна, побеляха ми косите с него снощи. [28287_522.GIF]

Хулиганът Е83, Фериде и Айтен, сцена с бг суб
Сцената в кабинета на Фериде, бг суб

ИзображениеХулиганът Е83, "Белгин" - сцени с бг суб

[236.gif] [236.gif]
[difus_20.gif] влюбена: [difus_20.gif]
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

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еп.83 по картинки с поняколко изречения ...преди по-подробните резюмета и клипове [difus_blush2.gif]
Изображение Фериде и Айтен, сцена с бг суб
Две изоставени жени, които плачат за Махир ... липсва третата ...

ИзображениеИзображение Белгин е заподозряна в палежа на магазина на онзи, дето прати да я прострелят ...водят я в полицията за разпит ...
Изображение В същото време Махир е при Ясин да разпитва за конфискувания камион ...син е против, но Махир го убеждава, че стоката е на Господинът и така ще стигне до него ...
ИзображениеИзображение На излизане от кабинета на Ясин среща Белгин в коридора ... разбира за какво е и тя го убеждава да й свидетелства ...
ИзображениеИзображение Водят ги в съда при прокурор, който й повдига обвинение пред съдия, но понеже нямало в момента съдия шок1: се налага да изчака до сутринта в ареста ...Отгоре на всичкото, Махир не може да даде показания, защото жената на прокурора е намерила точно сега да ражда хи хи: и прокурорът изчезна да помага ...Махир ще свидетелства направо пред съдията на другия ден ...
Изображение като разярена тигрица е ...
Изображение идва "другарчето" й Мури, който е запалил магазина и е пребил онзи, готов е да си признае, но тя - не, та не! Тя накак ще се оправи (вай ... та ШефО ще я измъкне!) ...
ИзображениеИзображение Щастливата "букла" си е намерила точния адвокат за развода плезене 2: , срещат Махир, а той я пита "дали наистина го иска" ... май му каза меко "да си гледа работата и да не й дава акъл" мисля: (потупа го по ръчичката!)
ИзображениеИзображение Фериде, а после Суна срещат Махир в съда ... Суна отива на разузнаване и докладва на Фериде за Белгин и Махир ...
Изображение Ясин и Махир на разузнаване при складовете с конфискуваната стока ...
ИзображениеИзображение Бледоликият го раздава ФлюБен в Илкнур, а тя за първи път е спала през нощта ... благодарение на него ...
Изображение ИзображениеВ ресторанта на Юсуф се разискава предложението на Махир ...Сеис е съгласен,заради Орхан и Илкнур ..., но Русолявия е върло против!
ИзображениеВ същия момент в ресторанта е Миндила, която се отказва от услугите на съгледвача ...интересува се как Нежният е приел новината за развода ...
ИзображениеИзображение Неждет им се закани и на двамата ... ще ги прекопира ...
ИзображениеИзображение Суна отиде при Ясин да му даде дневника на Фериде за Махир, но го завари и ... даде му го да чете колко много го обича ...май се сваля на Ясин Изображение плезене 2:
Изображение Махир чете и реве цяла нощ до първи петли ...Изображение
Изображение Реклама в дизито на кондури "Leather..." [difus_19.gif] от Назиф баба!
Изображение На сутринта само съдия Фериде е на работа (другите са на нивата!, а прокурора е изродил сина си зъбчо: ) и затова разглеждат делото на Белгин ... естествено, че Фериде видя като свидетел Махир Кара, но не си направи самоотвод и ...сцената в кабинета й с Махир и "гаджето му" е Супер [difus_ok.gif] има клип!!!
ИзображениеИзображение МС ги заведе с Кериме на вечеря ...там Фериде им обяви, че е подала молба да бъде преместена в друг съд и град ...
ИзображениеИзображение В същия ресторант са авокадото с Миндила и кроят нещо на Неждет, ама дали ще им излезнат сметките ...
ИзображениеИзображение Миндила ги видя и отиде да ги поздрави ни в клин, ни в ръкав ... не е случайно мисля: дали ще свърже след време кой е Господинът ...Кериме се сети коя е ...
Изображение ИзображениеИзображение През това време Махир приспа с кюфтаци и суджук охраната на складовете и изкара камиона ...
ИзображениеИзображение право при ортаците ... там е и Белгин, която се направи, че не го познава и се запознаха плезене 2:

Изображение http://postimg.org/gallery/29u1kahyy/
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Re: Академия за dizi изкуство и литература "ХУЛИГАН 2"

Мнениеот g_georgieva08 » Сря Ное 05, 2014 6:58 pm

резюме от Лаура ...
[difus_20.gif] влюбена: [difus_20.gif]
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Re: Академия за dizi изкуство и литература "ХУЛИГАН 2"

Мнениеот g_georgieva08 » Чет Ное 06, 2014 12:02 pm

[difus_20.gif] влюбена: [difus_20.gif]
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Пон Ное 10, 2014 5:59 pm

Хърватите освободиха днес превода на еп.83 [difus_victory.gif] Изображение Погледнах го, без сцените за които имаме превод намигане: и ...
добавям по-важното, преди излъчването на следващия еп.84 .

Ep. 83 +
Махир ще им докара камиона със стоката срещу запознанството с тайния Господин и бъдеща съвместна работа. Юсуф да предаде на приятелите си предложението му, може да не им хареса. Юсуф казва, че ще се погрижи за това. Когато Махир им предаде ключовете на камиона, очаква да е в списъка със следващите задачи. Да им каже, че в бъдеще ще седи на тяхната маса редом с тях, да свикват. И така ... договорили са се с Юсуф!

Сонгюл и Ясин ...
Ясине, стигнахме. Ако искаш, връщай се. Благодаря, че ме докара.
Ясин: Само толкова ли?
Сонгюл: Не разбирам.
Ясин: Мисля си, ще ме оставиш ли с една обикновенна благодарност? Една малка целувка би била по-добре.
Сонгюл (мляс по бузата): Закъснявам. Ще се видиме.
Ясин: Добре, Сонгюл, отивай. Нека така да бъде.

По-късно на лекции
Осман и Сонгюл си разменят бележки: „Не ми се сърди.” „На кой да се сърдя?” „Какво да направя? Той е мой годеник. Как да го предотвратя?
... Осман й се обяснява в любов, не може да понася Ясин да я държи за ръката ...
Осман:Сонгюл, този Ясин те държи за ръката, вместо мен и се разхождате с вдигнати глави по улицата. Имах само една надежда, Сонгюл, само една. А тя беше наша разходка заедно ръка за ръка. Сега и това ми взе от ръката.
Сонгюл: Добре. Сега отивам при него, може би ще го държа за ръката. Но моето сърце е твое, Османе. Запомни го.
На другата сутрин Сонгюл казва на Осман, че иска да говори с него след лекциите. Излъгала е Ясин, че ще свърши в 5, а те ще свършат в 2. Какво ще му каже? Да не се притеснява Осман, Сонгюл ще му каже на Ясин, че днес преподавателят е решил да ги пусне по-рано и тя не е очаквала. Ясин няма да рабере.

Суна и Фериде в съда: Фериде е дежурен съдия. Суна търси да й предаде някакви документи и Фериде вижда дневника си. Казала й е да го унищожи. „Добре, Фериде, ще го свърша след работа. Ще го полея с бензин и ще го запаля.”

Юсуф отива при Наил Кютука ..
.Заварва го по време на забавление-взел е пръстовите отпечатъци на някакъв, който му е накърнил репутацията , изчиства го от родовите (майчините) следи ... Юсуф не го е страх от кръв, обича кръв, ама ако тече върху него...е, тогава да седне и да чака, докато Кютука си свърши кървавата работа , ама да побърза, защото ще разговарят за Махир, има спешна вест. Юсуф отива за последните два пръста и се връща ... Говорят за Махир, че е луд, не го интересува кой му има зъб ... Юсуф му казва на Наил за предложението му да им бъде партьор във всички дела . Наил:Спри за малко! Има работи, които стават, и работи, които не стават!
... Такава е ситуацията: ако искат да сътрудничат с Господина и да се издигат, трябва някак да се споразумеят ... за тях Махир е доброволец. Юсуф мисли, че няма да има проблеми, мака че другите двама – Джемал и Сеис, сигурно няма да кажат да. Да речем, че ще приемат предложението двамата (Юсуф и Наил) без съгласието на другите ...дали Махир ще докара стоката ... Юсуф кима с да ... ами тогава все едно са се договорили, защото нито Сеис, нито Русият ще седнат на една маса с Махир... засега ще изчакат дали Махир ще изпълни задачата ...пък после ...
Наил: Какви са ти намеренията брате Юсуф? Да получиш стоката или да премахнеш Карадайъ?
Юсуф: За мен всички пътища водят до Париж. Всичко ме устройва.
После Юсуф им дава вечеря в ресторанта на хотела си ... Казва им за условията на Махир – ортак в % и сядане на тяхната маса. Русият: „Не иска ли и музика!”... съгласен е да докара камиона и да се маха, ще му прости, но на една маса с него – не.

Илнур и Бледоликият на пейката ...
- Как сте?
- Добре съм.
- Не ви поисках позволение, но ...
- Не, не ... просто си седя.
- Хладно е, не знам дали трябва да тичат след топката.
- Като чуят звънеца, веднага бягат на тревата. Не знаят, че може да настинат.
- Майките им до сутринта ще бъдат над главите им. Като оздравеят, пак всичко наново.
- Такива са децата.
- Такива са децата.
- Това съм приготвила за вас в знак на благодарност за миналия път.
- Не беше нужно да го правите за мен.
- Снощи за първи път успях да заспя без лекарства. Мина ми страхът, който беше обхванал сърцето ми. Благодарение на вас. Затова направих това за вас в знак на благодарност. Тръгвам. Всичко хубаво.

Миндила и Ердал, Махир ...
Вървят двамата с Ердал и той й дудне: тя хубаво иска да се разведе, ама да видят дали Неждет иска, а ако не иска, трябва да подаде жалба и развода ще се проточи.
Махир: Добре ли размисли, Айтен? Защото беше твърдо решена, когато се омъжваше.
Айтен: Такъв е животът, Махир. Изкушава човек за неща, за които би казал, че никога не би направил. Да кажем, ти! Всичко, в което си бил сигурен до вчера, погледни се сега! Това ли са същите стари неща и тези, които правиш сега?
Махир: Някакъв проблем ли имаш, Айтен? Да не съм ти нещо направил несъзнателно? Като че ли си ми обидена ?
Айтен: Не съм! Защо да съм ти обидена? С твое позволение.
Миндила не освобождава съгледвачо Яшар, просто да не го следи Махир много „детайлно”! Да знае къде ходи, какво прави и пак да й докладва. Пита го за Неждет ... какво да й каже, освен че й е много ядосан, още повече, че не може да я открие. Разбрал е и за развода, Яшар не го е видял, но е чул, че е полудял.
Айтен: Като че ли някога е бил нормален!

Неждет и Сюеда ...
Чакала го цяла нощ, безпокояла се къде и дошла ...
- Не се безпокой! Не си ми нито майка, нито баща! Да ти се отчитам ли? !Къде съм (и какво правя)!
- Какво понасям, Неждет?!? Защото я няма Айтен ли?
- Всички много знаете! ... Защо си дошла?
- Казах ти, че дойдох да те видя.
- Видя ме. Отивай си в къщи. Довечера ще дойда.
- Само обиждаш тези, които се безпокоят за теб и те обичат. Браво (не те е срам), Неждет!
- Сюеда!
- Лъжа ли е? Наранен си, тъжен си. Мислиш ли, че й пука за теб?! Търси си ново казино. Казала е, че пак ще излезе на сцена (ще пее), след като се разведе с теб.
- Ще я удуша ако без мое позволение и един куплет изпее! Не идвай тук да сееш лъжите си! Отивай си в къши!

Неждет и Ердал ...
Ердал е дошъл като адвокат на Миндила.
- Аллах, Аллах!
- Вчера по настояване на г-жа Айтен сме подали заявление за развод. Моята клиентка е малко притеснена в този случай. Желае да се разведе възможно най-скоро.
- Знаеш ли приказката, че една жена е притеснена, когато се отдава, когато се омъжва, когато се венчае. Значи същото притеснение има и когато се развежда !?!
- Г-н Неждет, искате ли да вземете иска от съда или ... без никакво забавяне?
- Не искам! Не ми отговаряй! Кажи на Айтен, че този брак ще се разтрогне единствено когато бъде под земята. Ако тогава пак реши, че ще успее, да дойде и да ми го каже в лицето. Разбира се, ако посмее!
- Добре. Вие си знаете.
- И аз така мисля. ... Ах, Айтен!

Ердал и Миндила по-късно в ресторанта на хотела ...
Ердал й казва, че както може да се досети, няма лесно да се разведе с Неждет. Освен това и законът им е много ... тежък, както трябвало съгласие на двамата да се врекатдо гроб като се женят, така и при развода ... , като предимство има защитата на семейството. Ердал чак сега разбира, че Неждет има и друга жена, която чака дете от него. Ами какво ще каже законът за това , позволено ли е на мъжете да имат по няколко жени ?! Разбира се, че не. Това е предимство за тях. Ако успеят да докажат, че Неждет е прелюбодействал, работата ще е по-лесна. Но за да стане, тя трябва да му помогне. Всичко ще направи тя, каквото поиска, само да я спаси от Неждет.

Фериде, МС и Кериме ...
- Дъще, не си се още приготвила? Или си забравила за вечерята!?
- Не съм, татко. Но ще ме извинете ли за вечерята?
- Не може, Фериде. Обеща, че ще дойдеш./Кериме/
- Мамо, моля те. Наистина съм много уморена. Обещавам, че ще дойда другия път.
- Добре. Ако ти не дойдеш, няма да отида и аз.
- Нека да бъде така. Вечерята ти е простена, но при едно условие. Да обещаеш за утре вечер.
- Обещавам.
- Отивам да отменя резервацията за утре.
На другата вечер ги води в един от най-престижните ресторанти в Истанбул (на Юсуф!) храната е прекрасна, имало някакъв френски специалит на „Шефа”, дето и в Париж го нямало. МС пита милата си женичка дали й харесва (обстановката). Харесва й на Керимето, но се пита колко често той е идвал тук. ...
На масата Фериде си спомня колко спокойни дни са имали, пълни с надежда, когато семейно са излизали на вечеря ... и Мелих е бил жив. Кериме я пита Фериде какво я мъчи, защо е тъжна. Наистина има нещо.
В този момент пристига Миндила:
Добър вечер, господа. Случайно ви видях и исках да ви поздравя.
Кериме: Не сте ли комшийката на Махир? ...
След като си отива Айтен :
Кериме: Фериде, видях тази девойка по новините. Станала е певица в казино.
Фериде: Това не ни засяга, мамо.
МС: Фериде, не се храниш както трябва. Не ти ли харесва?
Фериде: О, не. Нямам апетит.
МС: Добре, дъще. Тогава ще поръчам по едно Кьолнско кафе и десерт. ...
Фериде: Мамо, тате, искам да ви съобщя нещо.
МС: Какво има Фериде?
Пристига някакъв Тунджер, дето търсил МС в небето, а го намира на земята. Утре ще отиде при него. Има една работа, заради която иска да се посъветва с МС и той го кани в офиса му.
Кериме: Сяда на масата без позволение и накрая казва „извинете ме”!
МС: Така е в света на бизнеса, г-жо Кериме. Какво да прави друго в света на лъвовете.
Кериме: Прекъсна Фериде. Какво казваше, дъще? Хайде, слушаме те.
Фериде: Моля ви да ме изслушате до края, без да ме прекъсвате. Преминавам през много тежки дни. Вече знаете. Но вече е до степен, че да не мога да издържам. Нямам вече сили.
МС: Ще премине, дъще. Всичко ще премине.
Фериде: Сигурно ще премине, татко, но колкото по-малко щети станат, толкова по –добре ще бъде за мен. Много ми е тежко да издържам тук, където съм толкова близо до Махир.
Кериме я притиска да не увърта и да каже!
Фериде: Поисках преместване, майко. Твърдо съм решена. Ще отида.
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Вто Ное 18, 2014 8:15 am

Пускам нещо, което намерих за еп.85- онлайн, погледнах го на верев ... има и доста фотки ... ще го наредя по рафтовете [newsm08.gif]
fb@Sandy Hahn написа:PART II: Vehbi is angry that Belgin did not tell him that someone shot her, she cries saying that she got scared something might happen to him if she had asked for his help, and then she wrapped him around her little finger, saying how great he is for protecting her blah blah blah. He said he will go talk with the judge presiding over her case. He goes to Feride, and says that Belgin Ture is engaged to the son of a (close?) friend, and asks that she gets some positive treatment (because her fiance may break up with her if he found out?). After some (big) surprise about Belgin's marital status, Feride says that even if her own father asked for favorable treatment he wouldn’t get it, but she appreciates Vehbi bey a lot.

Ayten goes with Erdal to the court for the hearing of the divorce, and they have enough time for Ayten to go see Feride. She wants to go as a friend, but then explains to Erdal she is going to give the news of the divorce, as Feride helped. Feride tells Ayten that she doesn’t know if she is doing well after what she has heard, and explains what Vehbi said to her about Belgin. Ayten says that this is confirmation of Mahir’s game, but Feride insists that she wants Mahir out of her life. Game or not, he kissed another girl. Then Feride’s colleagues show up to say goodbye to her. That’s how Ayten finds out about Feride leaving. After all the colleagues go, Suna starta crying and asks Feride to think again, and Feride confirms that she cannot take Mahir back and it is better she leaves.

When Necdet and Sueda come, Ayten tells Erdal that she must leave immediately after the hearing, to go find Mahir for something urgent. At the end of the hearing, Necdet catches her and tells her that he will not let go so easily, because he is Barut. Ayten pissed him off completely, saying “oh, I got so scared!” You go girl!

The MS-Sosyete discussion was something I did not understand. MS talked of a “friend”, Haydar Fatih, and Sosyete will make sure that MS’s business goes well. This is probably Mahir’s mission, which Seyis and Sosyete talk about afterwards.

Nazif told Yasin he has noticed some distance between him and Songul when Yasin asked that the wedding to Songul is moved forward (I could be wrong about this). Nazif said he would talk with Songul about it. Songul ran after Yasin when he left, and asked if Nazif said anything or if he told Nazif about her and Osman, and Yasin said he wouldn’t break the man’s heart again. Songul asked Osman to give her some more time.

Belgin asks Murat to help her find out everything about Mahir. They do business together but she knows nothing, like where did he go to army? She goes to the shoe store looking for Nazif, and Osman tells her he is at home. She asks the address and Ilknur opens the door, she recognizer her, but says it is not a good time for her to come in, as Nazif is resting. She offered to go see Belgin herself, and, when they meet, Belgin tells Ilknur that they have come close with Mahir and they are friends only, and she knows how much he loves Feride. She knows about their parents, and Ilknur tells her that Mahir used to be so close friends with Nazif, but now Nazif has kicked Mahir out of the house. Belgin offered to do anything in her power to help. Ilknur says that Mahir has promised her to find the real killers, and maybe then the two men will make up. And so Belgin got exactly the information she wanted.

Bulent sent a letter to Mahir, and asks to see him and talk in prison.

Nilay was at Yilan’s funeral (wearing Feride’s coat from ep. 22, 25-26!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!), while Surreya and Sar make their own plans about her. Orhan is watching her.

Ayten visits Mahir, and the first thing he asks is if Nazif is ok. Ayten tells him that Feride knows about the fake kiss with Belgin, something that even Ayten herself did not believe to be real, and the news she brings is that Feride is leaving to Ankara. She asks Mahir if he is happy that now Feride will be far from him, and begs him to go to her and make it right again. Mahir said he wishes Feride is happy, and she is doing the right thing. Ayten is really upset, because Mahir is sacrificing his love over revenge, and Mahir insists that he has chosen his road. Ayten says that this is the last news she brings him and that he is so stubborn!

Mahir and Yasin having drinks at their place. Mahir tells him Feride is leaving and that he will miss even her angry eyes. Yasin is a bit too drunk, and mumbles something that implies he is also in pain. He is not too drunk to yell at Mahir that he should give a chance to his love with Feride. And says that Mahir should look at him and Songul. Yasin would do anything for her, forgive her mistakes if only she loved him. Mahir insists that he will not ask Feride to stay.

Kutuk Nail sends news that he wants to see Mahir.

When Ilknur was getting ready to go see Belgin, Nazif asked her not to wait for Songul, asking her for a father-daughter discussion. Nazif says that humans are weak and they make mistakes. Songul is so young and getting married is not an easy decision. He lies (I think, I could be wrong) that Yasin asked to bring the marriage forward, and he asked Songul if he should say yes or no. He asked her to give his answer the same night.

Yasin goes to Mahir the day Feride leaves and tells him he found out that her train is at four, Mahir still insists he won’t do anything about it, even though Yasin amps up the drama saying that she will marry someone else and have his children. Mahir walks his way. The rest is history!

PART I: Guys, I was hoping to have some review of the episode in three parts, one each time we got a break, but the breaks seemed surprisingly short this time! So, here is my description of the episode, with lots of blank spaces to fill. I did not get the discussion between Sosyete and MS, which must be very important for the story. I apologize in advance for my inaccuracies, and I cannot stress enough that this episode review is only a first aid kit, tamam mi? So, let's start with PART I...

Belgin gets Mahir outside after she shot Yilan, and tries to make him say why he is amongst them. She tells him that he is a good man, someone who saves girls and doesn’t want to kill, and that he didn’t react to her advances, didn't c=kiss her back because he still loves Feride. In short, she gave him a pretty accurate psycho-analysis and showed him her strength - how good she is at reading people. Mahir tried to avoid her questions, she insisted, someone was urgently looking for her, she had to go, but said that Mahir will have to answer the question. They agreed that the Yilan incident would stay between the two of them.

Feride at the CayBahce tells Kemalettin that she is leaving and asks that the table is set for two.

Yasin figures out from Ilknur that Nazif left home right after Songul the morning he had the heart attack. Nazif called him and told him that he would take Songul himself, and Yasin should not come. Then he asked Songul if she walked school with her father, and she admitted she walked with Osman. They both realized why Nazif had the heart attack.

Nazif wants to go home and recover there. Feride tells him goodbye and explains that she will leave to Ankara, and didn’t want to disappear like a stranger.

Surreya and Sari Cemal are talking about the girls, when someone gives Sari the news Yilan is dead. Sari goes crazy and screams that Mahir did it, and the question is what happens next. Then someone else tells him that Sosyete asked that he goes see them. At Sosyete's, he denies everything, saying he had no idea about Yilan's plan. Mahir accepts it, wvwn though he knows that Yilan could have settled their differences at any point, but right now it was Sari Cemal who had an issue with Mahir. He leaves saying that if Sari Cemal pulls something like this again he’ll end up just like Yilan.

Mahir goes to see Seyis and asks where Orhan is. Seyis asks for him, and tries to mediate between the two brothers. Orhan says that Seyis is his only “abi” and leaves. Seyis tells Mahir that if he wants he will close his door to Orhan, but he has his pain, it is obvious. Mahir tries to talk with Orhan, warning him that these men are not to be trusted and only use him as a puppet in their games. Orhan says you are sitting at the same table with them, and I am the problem? Mahir tells him to call anytime anything happens to him. Another guy tells Orhan that Mahir killed Yilan and Orhan was very surprised.

Sueda tells Necdet that Ayten will never leave them alone to enjoy their family, and it is better that it happened so, and Necdet should give her a divorce.

fb@Gigi Husary Houssney написа:Good job Sandy! I haven't watched the whole episode yet, but just one little correction from what I've seen. Belgin said to Mahir that he didn't kiss her back because he's so pure hearted he cannot kiss a woman he is not in love with. Something like that. Thanks for your efforts!

Изображение Белгин стреля в Змията и го убива, после се опитва да разбере защо Махир е сред тях ... бил добър човек, спасявал девойки и не искал да убива (той едва ли не щеше да прави изкуствено дишане на Змията), сърцето му е чисто и затова не и е върнал целувката още, защото целувал жена само ако е влюбен в нея . Накратко, тя му прави психоанализа и му показва колко е добра в разчитането на характера на хората. Махир се старае да избяга от въпросите й, тя настоява, но някой спира пред тях и й казва на Белгин, че трябва да тръгне с него, защото я очакват. Разбират се с Махир, че ситуацията по убийството на Змията ще остане като тахна между тях двамата.
Изображение Фериде отива в чайбахчето и казва на Кемаллетин, че заминава и иска да сложи маса за двама. Тя пие и рецитира стихове на Назъм Хикмет [difus_blush2.gif]
Gönlümle baş başa düşündüm demin;
Artık bir sihirsiz nefes gibisin.
Şimdi tâ içinde bomboş kalbimin
Akisleri sönen bir ses gibisin.

Mâziye karışıp sevda yeminim,
Bir anda unuttum seni, eminim
Kalbimde kalbine yok bile kinim
Bence artık sen de herkes gibisin.

Изображение Ясин разбира в болницата от Илкнур, че сутринта Назиф е излезнал от дома им веднага след Сонгюл и малко след това е получил сърдечния удар на улицата. Преди това, Назиф се е обадил на Ясин, че той ще заведе дъщеря си в университета, а тя си признава, че е била с Осман, а не с баща си. Ето как Ясин разбира, че Назиф баба е получил сърдечния си пристъп.
Изображение Назиф иска да се прибера в къщи и там да се възстановява. Фериде идва да му каже сбогом и обяснява, че тя се премества в Анкара и не иска да изчезне като непозната.
Сюрея и Джемал говорят за момичетата в бардака му, когато му съобщават, че Змията е мъртъв. Джемал полудява и крещи, че това е дело на Махир Кара и е под въпрос какво ще следва. Тогава още един му казва, че Юсуф го чака, иска да го види. Там е и Махир. Джемал отрича всичко, понятие си нямал за плана на Змията. Махир го натиска и му казва, че с Ялан е можал да си уреди разногласията по всяка точка, но сега това е работа на Джемал , който има проблеми с него ...оставя го, не без намесата на Сеис и юсуф и му казва, че ако разбере, че той стои зад опита за убийството му, ще легне до Змията.
Изображение Махир отива да се види със Сеис и пита за Орхан. Сеис изпраща да го повикат, опитва се да посредничи между двамата братя. Орхан казва на Махир, че сега Сеис е неговият брат и му целува ръка на Бледоликия. Сеис се оправдава, че ако Махир пожелае ще затвори вратата си за брат му, но очевидно е, че Орхан страда ...съгласен е да пази Орхан от опасни задачи.
Изображение Махир се опитва да разговаря с Орхан ... предупреждава го, че на тези хора не трябва да се има доверие, че те го използват като марионетка в техните игри. Орхан му отговаря, че Махир е седнал на една маса с тях, а сега излиза, той му е проблемът? Махир му споменава, че има причина (план) зад всичко това, но не му казва каква е точно причината ..но му казва да се обади по всяко време, ако нещо се случи с него и му потрябва помощ. Един от хората на Сеис казва на Орхан, че Махир е убил Змията, а Орхан е изненадан.
PS: Махир отива при Сеис да му предложи да вземе Орхан при себе си на работа. Орхан демонстративно избира Сеис. След това при колата Махир му казва: „ За да ме унижиш, ти му целуна окървавената ръка ...Истината е, че не всичко е така, както го виждаш ...” След заминаването на Махир, Орхан разбира , че Махир е убил Змията, така както се говори в бандитските среди ...

Изображение Сюеда казва на Неждет, че Айтен никога няма да ги остави на мира, за да се насладят на семейно щастие, и по-добре ще е Неждет да й даде развод.

Изображение Вехби е ядосан, че Белгин не му е казала, че са стреляли по нея ... тя плаче и му казва, че се е изплашила какво може да се случи с тях, ако е поискала помощ от него (същност тя разбра в полицията, че Вехби е на някакво погребение и не е на работа ) ... бла, бла ... Той й казва, че ще иде да поговори със съдията, който е по нейното дело.
Изображение Отива при Фериде и представя Белгин като годеница на сина на негов приятел и ако годеника узнае, може да я изостави. За негова голяма изненада, въпреки сюрприза за положението на севгилето на Махир, както мисли Фериде, тя му отказва под предлог, че и баща й да я помоли за благоприятен изход на дело, няма да се получи. Разбира се, тя цени много Вехби ...
ИзображениеАйтен и Ердал са в съда за развода ... имат достатъчно време до идването на Неждет и Сюеда, Айтен отива да види Фериде като обяснява на Ердал (после), че е отишла да съобщи вестите по развода, за да й помогне Фериде, както й е обещала.
Изображение Фериде казва на Айтен, че не знае как да приеме нещата, след като е разбрала от Вехби за Белгин. За Айтен това е потвърждение за играта на Махир, но Фериде настоява, че ще изхвърли Махир от живота си. Игра или не, но той се е целувал с друга жена. Колегите на Фериде влизат в кабинета й, за да се прощават и така Миндила разбира, че Фериде напуска съда и отива в Анкара. Суна реве и моли Фериде да си помисли още веднъж, но Фериде й казва, че не може да приема Махир обратно и най-добре е да замине.
Изображение Когато Неждет и Сюеда идват, Айтен казва на Ердал, че след заседанието на съда трябва да го остави и да намери бързо Махир, за да му съобщи нещо много важно. След заседанието неждет я хваща за ръката в коридора и казва, че няма да я пусне така лесно, защото той е Барут! Айтен: «О, как ме изплаши!»
Изображение МС и Юсуф разговарят ... МС говори за негов приятел бизнесмен Хайдар Фатих с проблеми ... трябва да решат неговия проблем като премахнат накакъв човек, който му го създава. Вероятно това ще е мисията на Махир, за която после говорят Сеис и Юсуф. (Май ще излизе, че този човек е синът на Кериме!)
Изображение Назиф казва на Ясин, че е забелязал някакво отдръпване между него и Сонгюл. Ясин споменава, че сватбата трябва да стане по-рано, Назиф е съгласен, но все пак ще говори със Сонгюл за това. На улицата Сонгюл пита Ясин какво е казал на баща й, дали е казал за нея и Осмян, а Ясин казва, че няма да разбие сърцето на баща й отново (Ясин разбира защо Назиф баба е получил сърдечния удар, когато разпитва Сонгюл в болницата, а тя мрънкя ...). След това, на улицата пред тях, Сонгюл казва на Осман да й даде още малко време.
Изображение Белгин иска от Мурат да й помогне, за да разбере всичко за Махир. Те правят с Мхир заедно бизнес, а тя не знае нищо за него, къде, кога е бил в армията ... Тя отива в кондурджийницата да търси Назиф баба, но Осман й казва, че си е в къщи. Иска му адреса и отива в дома на Кара ...
Изображение Изображение Илкнур й отваря, но не я пуска заради баща й, Махир го няма, обещава да отиде до Белгин във фризьорския салон и Белгин й дава адреса. Когато отива и се срещат, Белгин й казва, че са само приятели с Махир и знае колко много той обича Фериде. Илкнур й разказва за родителите си, как преди Махир е бил много близък с баща й, но после Назиф е изгонил брат й от дома им. Белгин й предлага да помогне, доколкото е по силите й. Илкнур я уверява, че Махир й е обещал да намери убийците на семейството си и тогава двамата с баща й ще се помирят. И така Белгин получава нужната й информация за целта на Махир, което е искала.

ИзображениеБюлент е изпратил писмо до Махир от затвора, иска да го види и да говори с него."Махир, пиша ти това писмо от затвора. Знам, че си ми ядосан и си прав! Но в името на Аллах моля те да дойдеш, защото имам нещо да ти казвам. /Бюлент/ "

Изображение Нилай е на погребението на Змията (носи палтото на Фериде е от ЕП. 22, 25-26 ), докато Сюрея и Джемал правят планове за нея. Орхан е също там и наблюдава Нилай отдалече.
Изображение Айтен отива при Махир и той я пита първо за Назиф дали е ОК! Фериде знаела за фалшивата целувка, даже и тя не вярва, че е истинска, а иначе новината е, че Фериде напуска Истанбул и заминава за Анкара. Тя го пита дали вече е щастлив, че Фериде ще бъде далече от него и го пита дали няма да отиде и да говори с нея още веднуж. Махир желае Фериде да е щастлива и тя прави това, което е нужно. Айтен наистина се разстройва, защото Махир жертва любовта си заради отмъщение и е избрал този път. Тя му казва, че това е последният път, когато е дошла при него и се възмущава, че той е толкова упорит!

Изображение Махир и Ясин пият на тяхното място ... Махир му казва, че Фериде го напуска ... Ясин е доста пиян и той с болката си ..., но не е толкова пиян да каже на Махир, че е длъжен да даде още един шанс на любовта си с Фериде ... да погледне него и Сонгюл, Ясин е готов да направи всичко за сестра му, ще й прости грешката, но само ако тя го обичаше ... Махир настоява на своето, че той няма да моли Фериде да остане – „хаир”.

Наил Кютука изпраща вест, че иска да се види с Махир.

Изображение Когато Илкнур се готви да иде до Белгин, Назиф баба й казва да не чака Сонгюл, защото иска да говори с нея. Той й казва, че хората са слаби понякога и правят грешки, а Сонгюл е толкова млада и да се ожени не е леко решение. Той й казва, че Ясин е решил да направи сватбата им по-рано и пита Сонгюл, че за да каже не/да зависи от нея. Дава й срок до вечерта да му отговори.

Изображение Ясин отива при Махир и му казва, че в този ден Фериде напуска и заминаването й с влак е в 4:00. Махир настоява, че нищо не може да направи ... даже и когато Ясин му казва драматично, че тя ще се омъжи за друг и ще има деца от него. Махир върви по пътя си, останалото е история.

ИзображениеХулиганът /karadayi Еп.85 началото - руски субтитри http://vbox7.com/play:b71f436a76&start=83

Изображение Хулиганът Karadayi Еп.85 -песента Kadinim * Моята жена Бг и руски субтитри http://vbox7.com/play:0e6f220f24
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Вто Ное 25, 2014 8:01 am

Резюме на еп. 86 в картинки с няколко изречения ...

Изображение На крилете на любовта (при това - невъзможна) Фериде се телепортира на пейката до Махир. Кога и как слиза от влака, колко време Махир скърби на перона след влака ... навярно в следващите епизоди или - карай да върви дизи влака зъбчо:
Изображение Отиват в къщата си ...Фериде се притеснява какво ще каже баща й, задето не е в Анкара ...тайно ще съжителстват и тя ще му помага.
Изображение Белгин събира информация за Махир ... пита даже и Вехби намигане:
Изображение "Добър ден, Ясин. Може ли да поговорим навън? Ясин не се отказва ...
Изображение Махир, смяташ ли да се виждаш с тази жена? - Тя е една от тях. - Махир, Вехби ми каза, че тя е сгодена ...
Изображение Махир и Фериде заедно в дома им. Четин Текиндор рецитира "Къде си? / Sen Nerdesin?"
Изображение "Татко, размислих. Искам да се омъжа за Ясин..."
Изображение Кериме, къде си? Закъсняваме ...- Фериде няма да дойде. Отказала се е да се премества и остава в Истанбул."
Изображение "Хайдар Фатих си вре носа навсякъде. Трябва да се отървем от него...предлагам това да направи Карадайъ ... да докаже своята лоялност."
Изображение Тя иска да разговарят, но ... той имал работа. Тя настоява.
"- Всичко знам,Махир ... твоят план е да откриеш убиеца сред нас ....
- Как разбра?
- Няма значение .
- Как ?
- Не беше трудно .
- Какво искаш?
- Ако исках, вече бих казала на всички.- Помогни ми да намеря майка си, нейното досие и аз ще си мълча.

Изображение И Нилай иска да разговаря с Орхан ..."Бях готов да дам живота си за теб, а ти какво направи?! Отивай си! - Не мога!"
Изображение Нилай се връща във вертепа на Сюрейя, там където си беше.
Изображение Махир отива при Хайдар Фатих ...с помощта на Тайлян помага на хората ...твърде много за един човек, но не и за Махир Кара - турският Ронин Худ [difus_victory.gif]
Изображение Изображение "- Чаках те дълго , но те нямаше. Цялата снощи с тях ли беше?
- Не, имах други неща за вършене .
- Какви? И Белгин ли беше?
- Да, но не ми пука за нея. Ти си в сърцето ми."

Изображение "Убиецът на моя син е жив! Крие се. - Не се притеснявай!Ще го открия."
htИзображение Орхан е разбрал, че Махир не е убил човека, а го е скрил някъде ... брат му търси поръчителя ... незнайно как, но намира този, дето го скриха в някаква къща, някъде си ...
Изображение Приятелките ...Фериде не съжалява, че Миндила е пратила Махир по следите й ...отказва се от преместването в Анкара ...
Изображение Илкнур отива на работа при Ердал аби ... той е щастлив!
Изображение „Фериде не си отиде, братко”, казва Махир на Ясин, който естествено е доволен.
Изображение „Къде е Айтен? – В хотел . – В кой хотел?”
Изображение Фериде търси Муала, но там са Кериме и МС ... премислила е и не е заминала, но не заради Махир, а защото не може да бъде далеч от тях ...
Изображение Осман чете писмото от Сонгюл на лекциите ... тя въпреки че го обича, ще се омъжи за Ясин заради здравето на баща й ... Ядосан излиза и в коридора на университета си го изкарва на някакъв, почти го усмърти от бой ... оказва се, че това е синът на Наил Кютука! Тате отива и разпитва преподавателя, за да разбере името на побойника ... На Осман лошо му се пише ...
Изображение Барута не губи време и отива в хотела при Айтен ...
Изображение Фериде отива при Вехби, за да събере повече инфо за Белгин, щяла да поеме случая ...
Хайдар Фатих среща бизнесмена, приятел на МС, и го налага на улицата ...направо ще го занулят ...
Изображение „Къде е досието ти?
- При Вехби. Помогни ми и аз ще ти помогна да откриеш убиеца."

Kara 86 Nazif Kara ( Mahir&Feride ) Where are you? ( Где ты?) rus sub
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Сря Ное 26, 2014 9:06 am

Mahir Feride 1 Kara 87 rus sub

Изображение В еп.86 Белгин приглася песен: "Ох, нека да бъде" /Oh Olsum/"
fb @ Karadayi написа:Oh Olsun (Füsun Önal)

Duydumki seni terk etmis, Oh Olsun.
Yalniz birakip gitmis, Oh Olsun.
Dizine kapanmissin,Yalvarip yakarmissin,
Günlerce aglamissin,Oh Olsun.
Oyununa gelmemis,Sana hic yüz vermemis,
Sirtini dönüp gitmis, Oh Olsun.

Herkezle dalga gectin,Oh Olsun.
Ektiklerini Bictin, Oh Olsun.
Ah azmi cektirdin bana,Kül oldum yana yana,
Sira geliyor sana,Oh Olsun.
Uf acimdan sevk alirdin,Gururumla oynardin,
Sonunda Yaya kaldin, Oh Olsun.
Duymaz olduk sesini,döv bakalim dizini,
Ah bir görsem yüzünü,Oh Olsun.
Capkinligin durulsun,Gözlerini yas dolsun,
Biraz kalbin vurulsun, Oh Olsun, Oh Olsun...

Füsun Önal - Oh Olsun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH7nVY5t8WI
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Глобален Модератор
Мнения: 7771
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Пон Дек 01, 2014 3:26 pm

1 декември 2014 г. в 14:26



The episode resumes where it left off, with Mahir barred from entering the lodge…
M: It is clear that there is a misunderstanding. Allow me to go explain (izah etmek) this situation.
Guard: They said to me to not let you in, and if I do the opposite now, they will make a big scene out of it. You will make me lose my job and my livelihood abi.
M: Let it be so. Eyvallah.
Mahir leaves, and he starts saying “Ahh Feride, ahhh Ferideee”.
Back to the group of lovely degenerates in their beautiful lodge.
B: Every place where it sells smuggled goods is being raided.
KN: Hmmm, eeeh the men striked every volley. They caught Igor's arms... It is clear they will go after everything else.
B: Right... They are going down hard (taking their jobs seriously – işini sıkı tutmak), valla.
SY: In that case (öyleyse) it will be difficult for us to put on the market (piyasaya çıkarmak) the goods for a while.
B: Heh, amannnn… Until now none died without a Television, heh heh… We will wait just a little, then it will be over.
Sarı Cemal starts laughing.
S: No problem (sıkıntı yok), the loot (ganimet) is in safe hands (emin ellerde).
KN: The happenings are with you from now on, Belgin... You give us the news and we will deliver the wares to the retailers (traders – esnaf).
B: Of course.
SC: If it is done, I ask your permission to go… I have very important guests (ağır misafir) for tonight… Let me get there and make the preparations.
KN: haydi, may Allah give your shops a market.
SC: (to Seyis) I will be at your place tomorrow. I will bring you the trucks’ cards.
S: Tamamdir.
G: There is no problem, the friend has gone, abi.
SC: Your friend or my friend? Get out of my way.
Sarı Cemal leaves.
KN: I am saying that I pass by Dalyan tomorrow.
B: Why?
KN: I respect him a lot. I have invited the young man to our table because he said to meet him… So we can see and ask who is this Mahir Kara... Though Dalyan does not get fooled (yaş tahtaya basmak) easily… He is an old wolf (kurt).
B: Valla like I said, the one who made this raid was Hakime hanım, and Mahir is her fiancé. This is for sure. If Dalyan knows too or not, this I do not know.
SY: Ah how you have made this Mahir an issue... See, we sent him off and he left. The more you consider someone important, the more he thinks of himself a man. Who is this Mahir? Who? He is just an ordinary (alelade) neighbourhood kabadayı, right Seyis?
S: If you say so, then it is so.
SY: It is, it is so… Let us continue our game gentlemen. (Belgin coughs, looking at Yusuf). And the lady (mademoiselle) of course... And the luck is by my side tonight... I do not want to miss.
B: This luck (talih) is always with you.

Feride and Ayten arrived to Ayten's house…
F: Ayten, thank you so much for your help… Without you, we would not have known about this fight... Even thinking about it is so bad, Allah korusun (God forbid).
A: We passed it this time but, Allah sonunu hayır etsin (May God grant that it works out well in the end)… If I get any news, I will inform (bildirmek) you.
Ayten gets out of the car… Feride looks at Nazif’s house...

Kemal and Yasin are talking in the office…
K: I did not understand at all, komiserim. Such a big chief of police (security) went to raid the place just because an ordinary man has escaped from the prison... I did not understand anything.
Y: Son, the boxer is ordinary, but the one who made the notice was Feride.
K: Oooh, the incident is big.
Y: Yes.
Mahir comes in.
M: Selamünaleyküm…
Y: Aleyküm selam, hoş geldin kardeşim.
M: Hoş bulduk. You heard about the raid, right?
Y: I heard, I heard.
M: Feride is the one who had the raid done? (Yasin hesitates to answer) Yasin, be honest and say it kardeşim... Is Feride behind this thing?
Y: Exactly like this... Maalesef (unfortunately) Feride is the one who notified.
M: From where did she get the news?
Y: Valla, I do not know at all.

The next day – Feride was on her way to work when she sees Mahir… She goes to him…
F: Mahir… How long have you been here? The time is still the crack of dawn...
M: You informed the police about last night...
F: Where did you find out?
M: It does not matter. Actually, you tell me. From where did you find out?
F: It does not matter.
M: No, it does Feride. Believe, do not believe; respect, do not respect; but I have a goal (objective - gaye), Feride. And you are getting in the way of my goal (amaç). Because of you, the doors are closing on my face. They are not taking me in their group.
F: Is this bad? Anyway you must not be with them.
M: Feride! How many times did I explain. I set my mind on this path. I said that I will find those men. I said that I will bring down (alaşağı etmek) the highest one of them. I said to not stand in my way.
F: Mahiiiir.
M: But you are not listening to me. Purely (simply - sırf) because of what you did, they think that I am an informant for the government (state). They think that I intentionally arranged this raid.
F: I stand behind what I did to the end, Mahir Kara. Because as a result of this, an outlaw (kanun kaçağı) has been arrested. What my profession required (icap etmek)…
M: Feride, do not do this! Your intention (maksat) is to protect me. Not your profession, ideals… Your intention is to prevent me from getting harmed (zarar gelmek).
F: Is me wanting to protect you a bad thing? You are disregarding (hiçe saymak) the fire that you are walking on, but I am not ignoring (görmezden gelmek) this... Is this my fault (crime – kabahat)?
M: By doing this you are hurting (zarar vermek) me the most, why do you not understand this…
F: True, I do not understand. That man could have killed you. Are you mad at me for me preventing this? If you want me to ignore what is going on Mahir Kara, then no offense but I cannot do it. Even if you want this, I will not do it.
M: You will do it, Feride. You have to do it.
F: I am very sorry Mahir Kara. Maybe your heart has turned to stone, maybe you have completely taken me out of you (heart) but I still love you so much. This is why I will do what I can to protect you… in spite of you (against your will – sana rağmen).
After the intense staredown, Feride gets in her car and she leaves…

Kütük Nail pays a visit to Dalyan Rıza…
Man: Hosgeldin abi.
D: Tell the kids to buy some simit, pour some tea and bring it inside.
Man: You have a guest inside, abi.
D: What guest before **** eating…
Man: Kütük Nail. He said he has something he needs to tell you.
D: Oh you are returning the visit (iade ziyareti). Hoş geldin Nail.
N: Hoş bulduk Dalyan. I said not to take long to return it. Besides (ayrıca), there is a matter I need to argue (dalaşmak) with you.
D: Buyrun.
KN: Did you hear about what happened last night? I am talking about the fight between Hilmi and your boy. Hilmi challenged (meydan okumak) Karadayı. The manly move in this world. I love these types of fights. However (gel gör ki) the police arrested Hilmi.
D: I was there personally. The police came, and took Hilmi. They heard about his escape from prison.
KN: They did not, my dear (gözüm), they did not. They set him up (framed him). And it was your boy’s fiancée that did this. Feride Şadoğlu.
D: Hakime Hanım and Mahir have parted ways. The engagement is past now (mazi). There must be some mistake, Nail. No one knew about the fight other than us.
KN: The mistake is not from us, Dalyan kardeş. The mistake is with Mahir. When his tail got trapped, he hid behind hakime hanım and asked to be rescued.
D: That is not possible. I know Mahir’s character.
KN: And I know what I heard, Dalyan. Anyway, look gözüm. I told you that ok, let him come and meet each other, but I have gone back on my decision, for your information (haberin olsun). You know, those who work for the government have no work to do with us.
D: Wait, Nail. Let us find out the basis of this matter before cutting him out.
KN: Find out, Dalyan. Ask, investigate and find out. Providing that you must everything about the boy that you are extending your hand out to, right? It would be in your favour. And you will take your precautions without exposing yourself to damage and harm. Either way it makes no difference to me, 5 or 10 Karadayı or Akdayı, right? Alright, allah’a emanet ol.
Kütük Nail leaves.

İlknur was in front of her house talking to two women…
W: we started our prayers in the morning azan (sabah ezanı - I suppose Muslim call for prayer?), kızım. Reading the Quran (hatim) for the 40 days after death is over (a habit some muslims do after one's death – see I never knew that…) and we prepared the food and will distribute it to the neighbours.
I: May God bless you... I wanted to do it by myself, but I could not.
W2: For such things there is no you or I, it is our job and duty too... The late Safiye abla ran to our problems just to help us.
W: Take kızım, May it gives to nazif and Safye's souls...
W2: Haydi, let us start the distribution my neighbour. Allah'a emanet ol, if you need something just call me.
The neighbours left and Yasin came.
Y: Günaydın.
I: Günaydın.
Y: How are you?
I: How should I be... Would you take?
She offers him.
Y: No, thank you. I came to see Songül… I was going to take her to university.
I: She is not at home, she went out long time ago.
Y: Ah… So I missed her. Okay, did she say anything? When she will come back?
I: She has few lessons, she said she will be at home at lunch (noon - öğle).
Y: Alright, görüşürüz (see you).
Yasin leaves.

Suna is in the office working… and as she comes out, Feride appears in front of her...
S: Ah! Feride I was also going to see you. I received the news, you had this kabadayı caught, the fight did not take place. Helal olsun valla sana (Good on you/Bravo).
F: Good, at least (bari) finally there is someone who will appreciate (takdir etmek) it.
S: Hayırdır (what is wrong) Feride… What happened again?
F: If I did not know Mahir, and that I did not believe in his love, I would say that he erased (silmek) me from his heart, Suna.
S: Yine ne oldu (what happened again) Feride?
F: The way his eyes look so cold, the way he speaks (sözler söylemek) it is as if my heart sinks sometimes... He was mad at me for last night... Can you believe it? He came back from death. If that guy was not arrested… God forbid! I am sure now that…Mahir finished me off.
S: I do not think like that at all, Feride. You are presently (şu ara) very sensitive (çok hassassın – hassas), this is why you are hurt (kırıl vermek) by everything.
F: If you saw his state, his attitude…
S: Tamam, you are right, however think calmly (sükunet) a little… Look, shall I say something to you as an outsider (dışarıdan biri olarak)?
F: Say...
S: Mahir set his mind (baş koymak) on a path... This path is a very dangerous one (bu yol tehlikeli bir yol)... Consequently (dolayısıyla) he would not want to harm you. The individual protects (korur kollar/koruyup kollamak) his loved one right? Mahir loves you like crazy. If it is not so, then I would cut off my wrists.
F: Of course...
S: It is so, Feride.
F: Tomorrow is our anniversary (yıldönümü)... Mahir would never forget it. If he still loves me, I mean in the same way (aynı şekilde), he must come before me, right?
S: Of course.
F: Alright, we will see then. If by any chance (şayet) he forgets, if he does not appear before me, then I will say that he completely erased me.
Feride left before she starts crying…

Dalyan still sitting in his office when Mahir comes in…
D: Come in.
Man: Breakfast, abi.
D: I have no taste left in my mouth (no desire to eat). Any news about Mahir? Did the kids find out his whereabouts?
M: Selamünaleyküm, abi.
D: Aleyküm selam. I was going to have them search for you so I can come to you.
Man: Would you like tea, abi?
D: You did not come last night. I told you I was waiting, do not let me worry.
M: Nothing happened for me to tell you about, abi. Thanks to Feride, everything hit the ground.
D: Do you not say that it is true. Nail was here a little while ago, he told me about the raid. He said that Hakime Hanım is behind the matter, but I did not give it any consideration.
M: Me too. But she the one who had Hilmi’s arrested.
D: Bu iyi olmadı (this is not good), Mahir. In this world the news resounds before it reaches your ears (hear about it). Think, the raid happened and before you even arrived to their place the news had reached Nail and his people. Who is the bird that tweeted this piece of news? Hmm? Belgin. I told you she has a contact in the high ranks of the police. Every piece of news falls to her lap first. In brief (velhasıl), Karadayı is a man of the government, not this world. I bet they have started with the lies behind your back because you are working with your fiancée.
M: Ah, Feride! They say that sickness is born out of good, that is this exactly. What has happened has happened. But I am in no situation to give up, abi. I will do what it takes and clean up (change) this impression.
D: You work was hard as it is, now it is even harder, aslanım.
M: You tell me, abi. Where is Nail’s place?
D: The one that did not let you in to his gambling hall is going to let you in to his private place?
M: You just tell me, abi. Where is his place?

In a university class... Songül and Osman...
The professor is giving a lesson about law, Songül left class, Osman followed her... He excuses to the teacher... Songül starts crying outside. Osman he asked her how is she? Songül said she is not fine, and she will not be. She said she cannot stand it anymore, she does not have the strength to keep on going... She says that the lesson was about criminals and justice but the criminals are free, and has no more faith in justice. Then Osman proposed to her to walk a bit, maybe she will calm down.

Seyis is in his farm talking to his horse Karakız... Sarı Cemal comes visibly disgusted at the smell and environment of the farm...
S: Ooh, welcome Sarı.
SC: What is this welcome abi? Urine and feces. Hop hop hop. It does not come out right?
S: She does not.
SC: Abi, why do you like them? Valla, they are beautiful from afar, great from far.
S: Ehh, everyone has their tastes (preferences - zevk), Sarı... You are used to the odour of perfumes of course.
SC: I brought the deposits, abi... The entering at Kapıkule is done, and you will then be stamping the departure's signature from the south.
S: No problem.
SC: It is evident, no need for a courier this time.
S: It appeared to us a new warrior, and he want to live with us, we said let us hold his hand.
SC: Let us not be duped on.
S: From my side there will be no problem Sarı.
SC: Estağfurullah Seyis, I mean... Let me go now, valla my clothes became permeated with that odour.
Sarı Cemal leaves.
S: Arif, bring Orhan to me.
A: Tamam abi.

Feride is in her office about to leave...Suna comes in...
S: Feride, I will ask something.
F: Hmm.
S: If you were still with Mahir now, where would you have celebrated your anniversary?
F: If it was like in the old days, we presumably would have celebrated at our place...
S: That çay bahçe where your wedding was going to take place?
F: Mhm. Why did you ask?
S: Look, let us go there now... Let us cut the cake, both of us face to face... What do you say, would that not be possible?
F: Suna, is it not very meaningless (manasız)? Both of us there... I do not know, I mean (yani), thank you a lot of course but... though that çay bahçe is the place where I am the happiest... Where I am able to breathe... The place where I find hope... I will say something. Maybe Mahir will guess that I am there, that way it will be easier to find me... ha, what do you say?
S: This is why I am saying this, Feride...
F: Anyway (hoş means that in this context) he finds me anywhere... As long as he wants to... Anyway (neyse), let us not be late to the hearing.
They go...

Dumb Orhan goes to see Seyis...
O: You asked for me, abi.
S: Come Orhan. Your brother-in-law (enişte) wanted work, right?
O: Yes, abi.
S: I said maybe he can be in charge of the picking up and dropping off.
O: Exactly, abi. There will be no problem, do not worry. He will do whatever you say.
S: As you know, the shipment has crossed the border and it has merchandise inside. They have placed the stamp (seal) because they have take the goods from Kapıkule to the South. And where is this merchandise?
O: Here.
S: That means there is no shipment or goods going to the South. But the worker has to do his work right. Yani, as they stamped it as having entered, then it needs to get stamped as having exited. Thank goodness, our men are prepared at the door. Take these. Let your brother-in-law get it stamped and come back. The job is that simple (bu kadar basit). But is your brother-in-law able to succeed at it?
O: Have no doubt about it, abi. Consider this matter taken care of.
S: Even with that, warn him (tembihlemek) well. That nothing will happen to him.
Orhan goes…
S: Arif, put a few men on the brother-in-law’s tail. After the stamping is taken care of, let them take the papers from his hand. And after that let them inform the guards at the border.
A: As you wish, abi.
Ohoooo Seyis… You not an easy one eh…

Mahir goes to Nail's carpentry, the guards are at the entrance are talking and guessing who will win the football match.
M: Have an easy work… I was going to talk to Nail bey.
Z: For what reason?
M: You tell him that I came… I will explain (izah etmek) to him.
Z: You wait here, let ask Nail abi if he is not busy.
(Nail is working on his wood and singing, Ziya enters…)
N: Come Ziya.
Z: I am sorry (kusura kalma), abi… I disturbed (rahatını kaçırmak) you but you have a visitor.
N: Who is he?
Z: Mahir Kara, the one who took Hilmi's place… Karadayı.
N: Send him back, let him go. You say to him "Nail abim will not see you".
Z: Your wish is my command (emrin olur), abi.
N: And if he insists, you will do the necessary... You take him away.

Osman and idiot Songül take a walk on the shore... He simply asks her if she is better now… and asks if they should go back to class… Songül does not want to, and proposes to him to go to the theatre, to watch a movie. Osman is surprised a bit but he accepts. And they go.

Back to Kütük Nail’s place…
Nail's men are betting on the football match again… Ziya comes back.
Z: You talk too much (to his men)… Nail abi did not accept you in.
M: I was only going to talk to him, tell him that I have a request (maruzat).
Z: (showing his gun) No need for insistence (ısrar), if he says no, it is no. Are you deaf (sağır) kardeşim? Nail abi will not meet you. Ride your car.
M: I heard, this is why I am not taking a step in Nail bey's place… I am waiting in one of the municipality’s roads.

Back to dumb Orhan and dumber Bülent… (I forgot which one is the dumber and which is the dumb one… whatever both are brainless)…
O: Enişteee. Where are you!
B: I am here Orhan, whatever my presence can be useful for, I am here… Look at this branch, even this branch has more work than I do in this world. It has leaves, and when its season comes it has flowers, and when you look at it, you get cheered up (gözü gönlü açılmak)... Look at me, I remained rootless and stemless in the middle of this world. And as if it was not enough, I came and I became like a hump (kambur) on your back.
(Dumber Bülent became a philosopher eh)
O: Enişte, where did you get this from?
B: It is like that Orhan… I came to a fire and I said let revenge for my son... I did not succeed at this too... Look at Mahir, he solved it even before I even made a small move… Is the one who leaves his child’s death unavenged said to be a man? Of course not, look Seyis did not say too…do you see? I am here since days, and I could not see his face and not just to kiss his hand… In short (velhasıl), it is enough freeloading (asalaklık) from me, Orhan... Let me not stand in your way any longer, Orhan.
O: Okay then, what should we do? Let me go to Seyis abi and tell him that you cannot do the job which he gave to you personally.
B: What are you saying Orhan? What job? Did Seyis give to me a job to? I did not see his face yet.
O: A simple… but very important (mühim) job (görev).
B: For real (harbi mi)?
O: But since you are leaving, we will find someone else to replace you, enişte.
B: You tell me what I will do!
O: Look now...

Repulsive Songül waiting for Osman who is getting the tickets in the theatre… Skiiiip. Ah but if you absolutely want to know where they are sitting, from the nicest places, in the middle. Exciting.

Back to Mahir… He is still at Kütük Nail's place…
Z: My lion (aslanım), do not look for trouble (belasını aramak) and go.
M: I did not do anything to anybody... You would do good if you do not look for trouble.
Z: You are irritating (asabı bozulmak) me. Go away or else blood will be spilled.
M: That is alright (ziyanı yok), however know that, that blood will not be spilled from just one side.
(Ziya went to see Nail again)
Z: Abi, excuse me… I said to him what you have said, but that Mahir is still waiting, abi.
N: So he is here?
Z: I told him to go and not to act up, but him standing in front of us is irritating us abi.
Nail is thinking…

Yasin leaves his office, on his way out, he comes across Kemal… In short, he tells Kemal that he is going to the university to pick up Songül.
Meanwhile……………….. Songül is having fun with Osman, watching a movie. -____-

Dumber Bülent is on his way to do his first…and last job!
O: Do not underestimate the job, just because I said it is a simple one, enişte... Open your eyes very well… The customs men (gümrük) are ours, but you still be careful (dikkatli ol).
B: Take it easy (rahat ol) Orhan, I will solve this thing just like taking out a hair (kıl) out of the butter (tereyağı)… Do not worry (merak etme).
O: Haydi, God bless you (Allah’a emanet ol).
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dumber Bülent.

Back to Mahir and Ziya… Mahir is still there, waiting for Nail to come out and talk...and finally Nail comes out… Kütük Nail’s pansies all aim their guns at Mahir…
N: Inşallah you have a valid (muteber) reason for your insistence... Otherwise your end will be in vain (pisi pisine)... Yazık.
M: A wrong opinion (kanaat) about me has been formed (oluşmak)... That I am working for the state… I am nobody's man… Especially not for the state’s. Every cloud has a silver lining… I will prove to all of you, that you were wrong… This is only what I had to say... Sorry for the trouble (zahmet oldu).
Mahir leaves.

Belgin in her salon…
B: See you soon, goodbye. It is the same blush that Audrey Hepburn and Jane Fonda use. I am sure you follow the magazines (mecmua). Do I not know you?
Lady: You are right my dear (cicim). I love everything that makes a woman beautiful. You have to take care of yourself in order to keep the man in your hands. Right?
Aysel: Abla…
B: Ohh, Coşkun bey… Hoş geldin. Buyrun, get into my room, let us talk in there. I will want from you 2 minutes.
Lady: Of course, of course, mind your business cicim.
She tells Aysel to make Nilgün hanım a coffee. Belgin goes inside her room.
B: What are you doing here? Will I say 50 (elli) times to get off my back (düş yakamdan)?
C: No, we made a deal. You robbed me blind. You said you will solve the matter of the license. Where? There is no license nor money.
B: Your money is not in my pocket, first get that through your thick head. I gave the money to the men that did the work. While we said that the license matter was solved, your old filthiness showed up again. Meaning, what you did in the past, will be shown (known) now. There is no license and no money.
J: If our past was according to the rules and laws, why would I have asked for your help for a mere license?
B: This is not my issue, Coşkun Efendi. If I knew the situation was like this would I have gotten involved in this work? Now get out of my shop, or I will burn your soul.
J: Is this children’s play? I gave you what was in my hand and palm.
B: Calm down and do not disturb my shop’s peace. I told you get out of here. Or else you will see your day.
J: Let it be like this. But this subject is not finished here. I will make you pay for this deception, Belgin.
B: Ay, I am so scared! Aysel!

Dalyan's office, Mahir enters the office…
D: What happened? Did you talk with Nail?
M: I talked, abi… But this thing will not be done with talking… I must find a way, and prove (kanıtlamak) that I am not an informer (secret agent).
D: And how it will be done?
M: I do not know abi... What are their cases behind the curtain? What do they smuggle?
D: Electronics and also several kinds… They have smuggled another lot few days ago... But they cannot distribute it on the market because the of strict controls.
M: Hmmm. Where do they keep it then?
D: At the same place as always, Seyis' farm.
M: Where is this farm?
D: Why? What is in your mind?
M: I will smuggle the merchandise.
D: Did you become crazy my lion (aslanım)? Where is the difference between hanging yourself or taking their goods?
M: I will steal it, abi… Tonight.

Suna is working in her office, then Feride comes…
F: Suna, I am going out. If your work is finished, let us go.
S: I have so much work, Feride. You go.
F: Tamam, then see you tomorrow.
S: See you.
Feride left, Suna makes sure that Feride left.

Yasin arrives at the university… He asks Zeynep if the lecture is over. Zeynep says yes, but if he came to pick up Songül, she is not there. Zeynep says Songül came but she felt bad during the criminal law class so they went out. Yasin asks “when saying they…?” Zeynep says Songül left class, then Osman went after her and they never came back.

Omg again them at the moviessss…. Blaaaaah kcfuwegfuegrfgerfgrı

Feride makes a visit to the Police Chief Vehbi Duru…
V: Hoş geldin Feride hanım, kızım.
F: Hoş bulduk. I hope I did not disturb you.
V: On the contrary (bilakis) I am very pleased... Such beautiful flowers…
F: I wanted to thank you for last night.
V: Aaah, it is me who thanks you... Because of you, we have arrested an criminal who escaped from jail... Also the guardian who was responsible of the escape, we have discharged him from his job immediately.

Karadayı is visiting his territory…
Doğan: Abi hoş geldin.
M: Hoş bulduk.
D: Abi, everything is OK in the neighbourhood… The police came from the municipality this morning, and they checked around... And with God’s help (evvel Allah), the traders got through this thing with no problem, abi.
M: Good.
D': And abi..Ahmet amca the butcher (kasap), his state (situation) got worse last night, and the neighbours took him immidiately to the hospital. The doctor said a heart attack… But it looks like the medicine are a little expensive (pahalı).
M: Let them bring to me the prescription (reçete), and let us do the necessary.
D': Tamam, there is someone who disturbs Belgin abla, abi. He stepped into her place, I mean by stepping in her place he said something and he disturbed Belgin abla.
M: Belgin?
D: She is the owner of the beauty salon... I talk about her.
The leech Yaşar (he is so cute though) still there, following Mahir.

Aysel and Belgin are talking about Coşkun who came and threatened them…
A: Abla, you are taking this man way too lightly… In my opinion, let us tell Karadayı and he puts some guards at the door... After all it is his territory and he must protect us.
B: I am in need of anybody, Aysel. and also who is Coşkun? If he was a fire he would burn a place as much as his size (cirim).
A: Good, but the man's eye is not an eye, abla… Look do you know what my mum always says? You must be afraid of a disturbed, nutcase (kaçık) and of who does not fear the creator (God).
B: Hahahaha… Aysel... Uff tamam, haydi enough that much of babble (lakırdı)... Prepare the place. I have a lot of work tonight.

Suna was waiting in Yasin’s office… Yasin scares the life out of her when he opened the door…
Y: What are you doing here?
S: I was waiting you. You petrified (ödünü koparmak) me, Yasin bey.
Y: What is going on (hayırdır)? What are you after this time?
S: What are these words, Yasin bey? Estağfurullah.
Y: Why? Is this a lie? You distracted (oyalamak) me that day, and Feride maşallah, fit in my car in a nice way.
S: But I am just someone who takes orders...I did the task that hakime hanım gave to me.
Y: And now what did hakime hanım say? What is your new task?
S: You are being unfair (haksızlık etmek), hakime hanım did not give to me a task or something like this… I came here to stop (alleviate) the pain of a suffering heart.
Y: What is this?!
S: Look, I am serious… Feride is in a indescribable (tarifsiz) sorrow (keder), and tomorrow is Mahir and Feride’s first year anniversary (yıldönümü)... Meaning the anniversary of their love confession... Feride will be at çay bahçe in the evening… If he does not come to there, she will believe that he took and threw her out of his heart. I beg (yalvarmak) you please, tell Mahir, let him be there, and let him put an end to this pain... This was my only request (istirham) from you... Have a good day.
Suna leaves.

Back to Feride and Vehbi in his office…
F: I cannot believe this is Emel... I remember the day when she was born, now she became a big girl.
V: And the little one (ufaklık) next to her; Engin. This is life, it runs by very fast.
F: Maşallah. But Tulay hanım as always, she never changed.
V: Tulay is like that.
F: I cannot explain how much remembering the past did good, I hope I did not take too much of your time.
V: I was also very pleased.
F: With your permision, let me go now… I am kissing the children a lot, and I would be glad if you send my regards to Tulay hanım.
V: And you send my greetings and my respect to your respectable/honorable parents (whaaaat??), please.
F: With pleasure (baş üstüne).
V: See you soon again.
F: Hoşçakalın (good bye).

It is now night… Doorbell rings, Belgin answers… and offfff, it is Vehbi. She drags him in, he starts kissing her neck… Saying he missed her a lot. She tries to act like she did and says me too… Urgh.

Mahir, in his home, looks at Feride’s portrait… Then Yasin knocks on the door…
M: Hoş geldin kardeşim.
Y: Hoş bulduk abi. Why are you doing this to yourself, abi? Why do you not come and stay at my place? Are you not in deep sorrow (literal. are your insides not bleeding – içini kanatmak) from living in here?
M: There is Feride everywhere in this house. Our dreams… My happiness… Mahir’s traces (iz)… I am here to not forget myself, kardeşim. If I lose my way (yolunu şaşırmak) in the world that I entered, I am here to remind me of myself.
Y: And Feride? When she looks at you like this everyday; to erase her, to forget her…how is this going to happen?
M: Is it possible (kabil) for someone to forget the one whom he loves more than himself? No matter where I go, she is always with me anyway... Whenever I die, whenever this heart no longer beats; only then this love would end. There is no other way, never (başka türlü asla). Eeeh… Let us go into the subject. I will go to this Seyis or whatever this evening.
Y: Hayırdır (what is going on)?
M: There is a truck of contraband (smuggled – kaçak) goods. I will steal it.
Yasin gives him this look…

Yaşar and Ayten at the casino…
Y: I was behind him all day long yenge, and as I said now he is in his house... With your permission let me go home.
A: tamam, but you will continue tracking him later.
Y: Tamam.
Yaşar leaves, Selim comes.
S: Yenge, there is no patience in the room, a noisy atmosphere… Are you ready?
A: Almost, and you, say to the musicians to start.
S: Tamam... Ha, by the way, the journalists came again, they want to make a reportage with you after the performance.
A: What are you saying Selim? I cannot talk like this.
S: Do not be afraid yenge, after your charm on the stage, the rest does not matter one bit (gerisi vız gelir tırıs gider)… Haydi I am out.
A: (very happy) What will I say now?
S: We will not let the tables empty, today is a very important day for us… We will do everything the customers ask for (bir dediğini iki etmemek). Haydi lions let me see you... My friends, the report subject is done, prepare your cameras for after the show… What is this, they did not take care of your table? Arkadaşlar…
Necdet appears in front of him.
S: Abi…
N: What happened son (oğlum)? It is like you saw a ghost (hortlak). I am not dead yet Selim…but you… You died.
S: Abi…
N: Şşşşşhhh
Necdet goes and takes a seat on the far back of the room…
Ayten is on the stage now.
Ayten starts singing, and then Necdet starts shooting in the air…
Customers: This is a Kabadayı.
N: Get off, GET OFF!
Necdet gets on the stage, takes the microphone and throws it away.
N: No offence anyone, but tonight there is no show, and from now on (bundan sonra) there is no Ayten hanım. Get going (yuru)!
A: Let my arm Necdet, you are hurting me!
N: Pray that I have not shot on your head.
A: Why? What is my fault?
N: And you are asking? You are my legal wife, how can you go on stage?! Take this, put it on and listen well to me…
A: Is singing a crime?
N: Singing makes you the people's amusement on their table.
A: What are these words? I am thinking about my livelihood, I know what I have suffered very well while you were in prison! We call it art!
Just some more Necdet raging…

What Ayten sings is Elbet Bir Gün Bulaşacağız performed by the likes of Zeki Müren, Muazzez Ersoy… This is what Turgut sings in episode 20 by the way…
Elbet bir gün buluşacağız - Certainly one day we will meet again
Bu böyle yarım kalmayacak - This will not remain incomplete like this
Elbet bir gün buluşacağız - Certainly one day we will meet again
Bu böyle yarım kalmayacak - This will not remain incomplete like this

İkimizin de saçları ak - The both of us with white hair
Öyle durup bakışacağız - We will keep on gazing at each other
İkimizin de saçları ak - The both of us with white hair
Öyle durup bakışacağız - We will keep on gazing at each other

Belki bir deniz kenarında - Maybe at a seashore
El ele maziyi konuşacağız - Hand in hand we will talk about the past
Belki bir deniz kenarında - Maybe at a seashore
El ele maziyi konuşacağız - Hand in hand we will talk about the past

Benim içimde yanan ateş var - There is a burning fire inside of me
Sevgilim ne zaman buluşacağız - My love, we will we meet again...
Benim içimde yanan ateş var - There is a burning fire inside of me
Sevgilim ne zaman kavuşacağız - My love, we will we reunite again...

Sevgilim ne zaman buluşacağız - My love, we will we meet again...
Sevgilim ne zaman kavuşacağız - My love, we will we reunite again...
Sevgilim ne zaman buluşacağız - My love, we will we meet again...
Sevgilim ne zaman kavuşacağız - My love, we will we reunite again...

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KFES написа:Mahir with Yasin are talking about the plan…
M: Kusura bakma (sorry) kardeşim, there is not much at home…
Y: Estağfurullah abi. I did not come to eat or drink. The job is done, you get the goods out, and I will wait for you outside. However Mahir, in my opinion think once again. Are you sure from wanting to go all alone (tek başına)?
M: I am sure.
Y: I also have news for you.
M: Hayırdır? Unless there is trouble with my family?
Y: No. Your family is as you know them… The news are from Feride. Though Feride does not know about me telling you this but… Tomorrow is your anniversary abi… This Suna hanım came to the police precinct today. Tomorrow evening Feride will be waiting for you at the Çay Bahçe… She said that Feride made this a turning point… She will wait for you with hope… If you go, she will think that you did not forget about her... But if you do not go, she will be sure that you have erased her from your heart and threw her out of it completely, and that you have given up on her for good (temelli).

Feride is writing in her diary in her bedroom…
My love, my passionate and hopeless love... The joy of living inside me disappears (dissolves) away with every moment that I am staying far away from you... Just like the poppy flower who is beautiful when you reap it from its branch and hold it in your hand, and then wilts... Or like a candle light, who cannot resist the wind, whose fire goes off gradually, whose strength decreases... Do not do it Mahir... Do not deny (deprive) me of you... I beg you to not let me lose my hope and my faith in you... Do not consider me and our love that keeps me alive to be too much... If you consider me as inexistant tomorrow, the wings of the butterfly that is inside of me will fall to pieces... If you forget, I will see this as history; I will abandon all my hope from you.
Back to Yasin and Mahir…
Y: Mahiiiir.
M: Eyvallah kardeşim.
Y: Yes abi, I am listening.
M: What?
Y: Tomorrow (yarın)… You want to go, right? You want to be by Feride’s side.
M: You would not want to be by Songül’s side?
Y: Would I not want?
M: You would want, of course… Everyone wants to be by the side of their loved on his/her happiest day and when they cry… Your hands to hold her hands in between them and lose yourself in her expressive eyes… The first time I entered Feride’s life, I mean the times when she knew me as Salih İpek, the only obstacle between us was the lie I said to her… But my love was real, and it still is… Of course I want to go but I cannot do it…
Y: Can I say something to you, abi? If I was in your place, I would let whatever happen to me happen, I still could not give up on Songül.
M: At least do not speak like that, kardeşim… You are the closest witness to everything, do I have any other solution?
Y: There is none, you are right… I believe in your cause (dava means this in that context)… I am your biggest supporter (destekçi)… Alright, but what about Feride? That love you have for her? Is such a love found every time, abi? You say that you will love her until you die, okay what about her? Does she feel the same, I wonder? I mean, while she is suffering that much pain, will she remain as yours? Are you not scared at all, Mahir? Are you not scared at all of Feride forgetting about you?

Mahir went to Seyis farm to steal the merchandise…he was close to come face to face with Salak Orhan. Eeeey Mahir stole the truck, and went to meet with Yasin…
Y: Çok şükür abi. Valla, I was concerned. Nothing happened, is that not so?
M: You take these goods and I will continue (carry on) on my way.
They opened the truck’s back door and the two men who were guarding the truck at Seyis’s farm were taking in by Mahir. Mahir tied their hands and blindfolded them.

Feride walks down the street near her house to see if Mahir is there… She does not see him and gets sad.

Ayten is still crying over what happened last night…

Mahir went to the cemetary to visit his mum and nephew’s graves… İlknur comes and they hug… Yaşar (my cute boy) is watching him from afar…

Next morning at Seyis’s farm, Seyis was at his farm enjoying the fresh air. His man (Aref) was behind him.

Ar: Do you want your breakfast at the garden abi?
S: It does not matter Arif. First, ask them to prepare Karakız to take some fresh air.
Ar: Understood abi.
Then one of his men came running and screaming his name.
Man: Abi, Seyis Abi…The merchandise is not there. It is gone. It disappeared abi.
S: What are you talking about?
M: They stole the truck abi.
Seyis got mad and crazy. He walked with his men to the storage area where they hid the truck and found nothing.
S: Where are the dogs who were responsible for this place?
Orhan walked in and saw how Seyis was mad.
S: Who will pay for this? Let the one who was responsible present himself.
Orhan walked closer and closer.
Man: He was standing (staying) here abi, but he is not here and my brother Hüseyin who was at the gate (door) is not here either.
S: How? I was fooled by my own men. What were you doing while the people were stealing? Did I not say to have at least two men to stay here?
Man: We had agreed to alternate abi (change turns).
Seyis started beating him with his stick after hearing that.
S: Who are you to change my orders (what I put in place).
M: I am sorry abi.
S: He is saying, I am sorry…
Seyis kicked him with his feet.
S: Will your apology bring back my merchandise?
Orhan was keep looking at them.
S: You, the hell with the job that you are doing.
Seyis walked out and Orhan followed him up.
O: Abi, allow me to follow up with matter. You will see, I will find the merchandise and the men.
S: Tamam Orhan. Find the traitors (hainler) who did this to me, bring them to me and wish what whatever you want from me.
(I find angry Seyis very nice)

Back to Mahir and İlknur…
M: How is Songül? Good?
I: How she would be, she started again in the university, under pressure of father...but if you say is her brain with the lessons...No.
M: And Baba...how is he?
I: Not good… He tries to not show it in order to not let us get worse... And also your absence... Baba does not understand, he does not understand why did you do this… But me, I know, it is just for putting my mind at rest (yüreğine su serpmek)... You fell in the roads so that my son and my mom's blood does not stay on the ground (unavenged)... You will bring to my hand the man who was in charge of all this pain. And I will live only to see that day… I will live to look in that man's eye then spit on his face, you left Baba, you left your love (Feride), and your life… And I will continue living... I will keep the promise that I gave you.
M: Wait İlknurum, you have my word (sözüm söz)… You just wait.

Back to Seyis and lost merchandise. He walked in his office and called Sosyete Yusuf.
S: Yusuf, It is me Seyis. The merchandise has disappeared.
Yu: Have you lost your mind mister (monsieur)? How did it disappear?
S: Someone had bought one of the men.
Yu: Is there hope? Do you think we can find it?
S: There is no hope… But there is determination (azim). I do not feed my merchandise to people. I will not let them say that the merchandise was taken from Seyis’s place. You call Sarı Cemal and I will talk to Nail abi. Let us meet at my place and we will go over the situation.
Yu: Tamam my dear (azizim) tamam.

Feride comes to the court and Suna was waiting for her…
S: The savcı thinks that he found an important evidence, and it will change the course of the case... He suspects that the murderer is the girl's uncle, in your opinion is it possible?
F: He will not come at all…
S: I did not understand.
F: He came to my door yesterday morning calling me to account for what I did, and to get his anger out on me, but he was not there this morning… And he will not come here or even to the Çay Bahçe… It is obvious that he forgot the day.
S: He cannot forget, Feride because I have told him.
F: What did you tell him?
S: I went to komiser Yasin, and I told him you will be at the Çay Bahçe this late afternoon (akşam üstü).
F: What did you do?
S: Are you angry?
F: How can you do such a thing Suna?
S: I did it so you do not be sad... I did it for him to come, Feride.
F: Now I am even more sad, Suna.

Can we skip Osman and Songül? Yes? I thought so too.

Yasin went to visit Nazif baba at the shop…
Y: Kolay gelsin baba.
N: Thank you son.
Y: How are you?
N: Managing… Sit down here. The tea has not been brewed yet, but I will get you coffee immediately.
Y: Do not tire yourself at all baba. I will not stay long, work is intensive (yoğun). I said to stop by and ask about your condition. Also, to for a request from you.
N: Of course son. If it is something that I can do, with pleasure.
Y: Estağfurullah. If you permit, I would like to take Songül to the university and bring her home from now on.
N: That is appropriate oğlum, Songül is your fiancée. What is the need for my permission?
Y: Thank you very much baba.
N: But tell me; what happened to make you think like this? İnşallah there is nothing wrong?
Y: I have no doubt from Songül’s side, but she is going to the university with Osman. They are friends at school of course. But there is no need. If I take Songül to school, I will feel more comfortable.
N: Of course evladım (my child).
Y: You will excuse me now.
N: Good day my son.
Y: Good day to you too.
Nazif thinks and feels there is something wrong between the two.

Mahir Efendi walked in the café and everyone stood up respecting Mahir…
M: Selamünaleyküm.
Everybody stood up and said Aleyküm selam.
A young man by name of Doğan was after Mahir giving him updates what is going in the neighbourhood.
D: Would you bring Mahir abi’s coffee?
D: Günaydın abi. İnşallah you are in good health?
M: Thank you and you?
D: I am alright. I wish you well. The market of the neighbourhood, I go in the morning and walked around the stands to check what is going on. They tried to raid uncle Mehmet’s place. Of course is this matter so easy abi? We have united with the merchants and were able to put the man in his place (haddini bildirmek). The man basically has kissed Uncle Mehmet’s hand, asked for forgiveness and the matter did not take that long.
M: Yani, the issues have resolved?
D: The issues have resolved abi, but there is a strange car driving around since this morning and there are men inside it. I did not like the way these men look abi, yani they are not of pleasant nature (meymenet).
M: Take a breath (soluklanmak) young man (delikanlı), sit down.
D: Thank you abi.
M: Thank you (to the waiter who brought him the coffee). What is your name?
D: Doğan abi.
M: Since yesterday, the minute I stepped in the neighbourhood, you started giving me reports.
D: It is my job abi.
M: Who gave you this job?
D: No one abi, by myself. Yani, you must have intensive work and I thought perhaps you need an eye to inform you what is happening here and tell you the situation.
M: Nice and good, but do you not have school and other issues?
Do: No abi. I was not doing anything until you came. When you came, I wanted to help you.
M: I do not need help. Thank you. Since you do not have work, go to school.
Do: What school will accept me after this age abi? I neither know the alphabet nor counting. I neither have a father nor a mother abi. If you allow me to be a shadow in front of you. Ah, abi… Look, this is the car that I was telling you about and inside are the men. You continue drinking your coffee abi and I will take a look and return, tamam?
Doğan went and followed up the car.

Back to the courthouse, Feride was walking down the stairs and saw Suna… Suna was mad at her…
F: Suna. Forgive me (affet beni) Suna. I hurt you a lot.
S: No… I did not get hurt (offended – kırılmak).
F: Actually I felt very glad (sevinmek) that Mahir was informed about it, do you know that? That way he will find where I am and he will definitely come. Meaning that I owe you a thank you.
S: May Mahir come, and your face smile… I do not want anything else.

Mahir was sitting with an old man and listening to his problems…
Uncle: I said it is alright (it is safe) and I could not hear the owner of the house. He has insisted to have us leave the house. How can I find a house? Winter (kış) is close. In fact I am 80 years old and my wife 75. I do not know how we can find a house and move with the situation of ours.
M: Do not worry about this my beautiful uncle (amca). I will talk to the owner of the house. If I cannot find you a house, I will carry both of you on my back. It is enough that you do not get upset.
Uncle: God bless you evladım
M: To all of us.
Uncle: May you build your house (settle down) and have your comfort and tranquility always in its place. Thank you.
Doğan came back to give Mahir an update what is going on in the neighbourhood.
D: Abi, The problem of these men is with Belgin abla. They keep on checking her beauty salon. I think their intention is not clean.

Feride in her office with Suna…
F: What do you think of this?
S: Very chic.
F: Or should it be this I wonder? Mahir adores blue.
S: Each one is more beautiful than the other, Feride.
F: Look, this and this…
S: I think the blue colour suits you more because you are brunette.
F: Tamam.
(ah they are so cute…)

Mahir and Dogan went after the car that was driving in the neighbourhood. The car stopped in front of Belgin’s shop. A man came out of the car with a gun on his side. Mahir saw the man pulling the gun from his backside. The man walked in the shop. Mahir wanted to go after him and he stopped Dogan.
M: Get lost (kaybolmak) from here right away.
D: Abi…
Mahir went after the man who walked inside Belgin’s shop.
Man: Which one of you is Belgin?
The man pulled the gun and pointed to the ladies inside the shop.
Man: I asked you, whoever Belgin is, let her come out here. Did you not hear me? Are you Belgin?
Then Belgin came out of her office and saw the man with a gun.
B: It is me.
Belgin saw Mahir (the superman, batman, and the Spiderman :-D) walking in and asked her to keep silent with his finger. Belgin saw that and tried to delay the man.
Man: Coşkun abi have sent me here and said that you would understand.
Mahir got closer to the man from back, grab the man, and pushed his arm with gun up. But, the shot was fired and hit Belgin’s shoulder. The superman knocked the man down, carried the injured belgin, put her in the car. Her assistant, Aysel, came after them.
A: She is alive, right?
M: She got shot by her shoulder, do not worry.
Mahir put Belgin in the car.
M: You sit in the back.
Doğan came running.
D: Abi...
M: Did I not tell you to get lost?
D: I am sorry abi. I could not leave you alone.
M: If you do not listen to me again, you cannot stay with me.
Do: Tamam abi. From now on, it will be as you say.
M: Call the hospital and tell them there is unconscious man inside the shop. Let them come and take him.
D: Tamam abi.

Selim came to give Ayten a bag full of shopping from Necdet. Ayten picked the bag and saw Selim had a foot injury. She asked him how it did happen and Selim told her that Necdet shot him because he allowed her to go on stage and sing. Ayten was not happy with Necdet’s action. Selim told her that they do not know how they will manage the work at the casino, because the phone calls do not stop since everyone is asking about the incident and most of the reservations were cancelled when people found out that she is not going on stage. Selim told her that Necdet has lost his temper because of that. Ayten told Selim to let Necdet go to the hell.

Feride and Suna arrived at the Çay Bahce… Feride stops and looks at the place…
S: What happened Feride?
F: I was going to come here in my wedding gown… Mahir by my side… We were going to get married… Then we were going to leave hand in hand… Confettis were going to be poured over us… Safiye anne was going to read (give) to us her blessings (hayır dualar)… Nazif… Nazif was going to be running after a strip of shot silk or a balloon… We were going to live the first day of the life we have dreamed of… Everything was going to be wonderful (harikulade)… Now look at this situation… Sometimes I still do not believe it… Every morning I wake up with hope by dreaming that everything that has been lived was a nightmare… But no, this is the reality (hakikat)… Now there is only a huge (kocaman) sorrow in our hands…
S: Feride do not be this pessimist (karamsar olmak). Look, Mahir will come now… Maybe you will find a compromise (bir orta yol bulmak)… He cannot give up on you… He will fight with you on the way to justice…
F: I would give my life for this, Suna. I would even give my life… As long as Mahir holds my hand again… And that he does not let go of it at all.

Back to Mahir and Belgin’s drama. Mahir brought her to the hospital. He came out of the car and asked the doctors for help. He tried to pick up Belgin, but Belgin refused.
B: No need, I can come out.
M: But you are bleeding.
B: But I am not dead.
Belgin tried to come out and walk on her own, but she fell down and Mahir held her.
M: But you will not live longer with this stubbornness.
Mahir carried her and brough her inside. They put her on cart.
Doctor: What is wrong with her?
M: Gunshot wound (kurşun yarası).
Doctor: Put her in bed immediately and check her heart beat.
M: I suppose it grazed (scraped off - sıyrık).
A: İnşallah nothing bad will happen to my sister.
Then Murat came running asking what happened.
M: Aysel, what happened? What happened to Belgin?
A: I do not know. They took her in. We just came and she got shot on her shoulder.
Murat was looking at Mahir and Mahir was looking at him too.
Murad: Inside?
He went running to her room.
A: Ay…How he got scared, yazık. Of course is not easy. They are like brother and sister. They grew up together.
Mahir was looking at his his hand covered in blood, then he looked at the clock and it was at 4:19 in the afternoon. He has to go and see Feride.
M: Good, since you are here, she will not be alone. Eyvallah.
A: God, what a mysterious (gizemli) man….Murat…
Mahir left.

Back to Suna and Feride at the Çay Bahçe…
F: Suna, what time you told Yasin that we will go?
S: I said late afternoon. I did not specify the time.
F: But, now is not evening yet, is that not so?
S: I think so too.
Feride still seemed worry that he will not come.
F: Should we drink some more tea too?
S: Sure, let us drink.
Feride called for Kemalettin.
K: Buyrun Hakime hanım.
F: One more tea please.
K: I will bring it immediately. I just brewed it.

Stupid nonsense scene between Osman and stupid Songül…
Osman and Songül were walking along the shore. Osman asked if they can sit on a bench. They opened their heart to each other. He was astonished when he heard STUPID Songül’s feelings toward him. Oman asked her what about the ring she wore which is like a wall and barrier between them. She told him to wait and cannot break this engagement now because her father will collapse with all what he is going through. Stupid Songül told him not to worry because she and Yasin are distanced from each other and her heart is only thinking about him now (who knows who will be tomorrow :-D). She also, told him that she will not allow Yasin to get close to her and touch her. They kissed each other. ……………………………………….

Back to Feride and Suna…
F: It is evening…
S: Yes Feride…
F: Accept it, he even got late…
S: I think so too…
F: He will not come at all in your opinion?
S: He will come… Yani… He must come.
F: I think he will not come. Let it be though, you came… You did not leave me alone. Thank you arkadaşım… Haydi let us go…
S: No, let us cut the cake that we bought for the celebration… Let it not go to waste (ziyan olmak). Sorry, can we get the cake (pasta)?
The cake comes…meanwhile Mahir is watching over Feride from afar…with daisies in his hand. He comes forward a little but then goes back. Feride looks where he was…she sees no one.
M: Happy anniversary my woman… My other half (öbür yarım)… My impossible…

Murat was with Belgin in her room at the hospital. Belgin woke up and started to come back to her consciousness. He asks her how is she doing, she says like a bird with a broken wing. He asks her if she is hurting… She asks him does this pain affect them after all they lived through in their lives… Murat says that these days cannot be forgotten easily, right? Belgin says they cannot be forgotten. If we forget our past, this day would not be possible for us. Murat agreed… Belgin says that Vehbi must not know about this incident. Murat tells her not to worry he will not know because he has registered her in the hospital as our daughter… They used Aysel’s name. She says he did well. Belgin tried to move and take the IV off from her hand. She wanted to get up, leave the hospital, and go home. He tells her what is she doing, the wound has recently been stitched and the painkiller has taken flown yet. The doctor said she has to sleep all night. Belgin says that she will sleep in my house and says which hand has bandaged their wounds until today for the doctor to bandage it? She tells him to help her get off the bed. He tells her to listen for once, she says that there is nothing wrong with her, she is a little bit ill, that is all. They walked out of the room and Murat was holding her. They go out… He tells her to be careful… Belgin asks where is Aysel? As if she brought me here with Karadayı? Murat said I sent the girl back to the shop because you were going to stay here tonight. Belgin asks what about that jackass Mahir? Did he bring me to the hospital and leave? Murat asks that tall man? He left when I came. Murat asks who is Mahir, do they know him? Belgin says no, he took Boksör’s place. He is the new gangster for our neighbourhood. She says he was there too when the incident happened. I think I owe karadayı my life.

Back to Suna and Feride… She starts having teardrops falling…
F: Let me go wash my face and come back…
As she goes, she sees the daisies on the ground.
F: Mahiiiir…
She looks around, and loses her hopes… She drops the daisies back on the ground.

Our little friend Kütük Nail is losing it… All the gangsters were gathered at Seyis’s farm to deal with the stolen merchandise problem…
N: Who? Who and how he dare to do thing like this? The man has completely (exactly) entered his hand in our liver, took the merchandise and left.
S: The merchandise and property (money) do not interest me abi (I do not care about merchandise and property). The subject is who and why he did this?
SC: Either that person is covetous (aç gözlü) a lot or someone who needs to be scratched up badly (needs someone to beat him up).
N: I will scratch him to a point that he will not have skin left or anything else. Where is Belgin?
SC: We sent an informer, but…
Yu: Maybe she is working for the intelligence (secret information) sir (monsieur), otherwise she would have came, is that not so? Why are we waiting monsieur? Let us find who did it, put him in front of us, and ask him what is his problem?
SC: What will we talk with a thief? Let us take our merchandise, kill the man and let people understand what it means for someone to extend hand on us (attack us).
N: Cemal is right. We should not forgive who did this. The man hurt us. Look at this situation of ours.
S: If my men were not bribed, I would not have let them snatch my merchandise…but
N: Anyway, nevermind it for now. Let us talk what we will do from now on. This was all done to set up a plot for us. They did it on purpose. Their aim was never the merchandise. Ahhh, violence and trouble will break out (ortalık karışmak) and lots of blood will be shed.
S: I put the most special person to me behind this subject. We will see whose blood we will be shedding soon.
N: It cannot be with your research only Seyis. All of us will be looking under each stone.
Yu: You are correct sir.
N: We will put the most capable men we have for this job. Then, when we find this son of …..
Yusuf looked back to his man when he heard this and waved him to leave. They all took their men and left.

Back to Feride and Suna…
F: Let us go now Suna. I am such a fool. Really. My mind does not work because my heart shuts up my mind.
S: As you want…
They leave… Mahir looks after them leaving by car…
Mahiiiiir offff. Offff !

Ayten was lying on a couch and our friend Yaşar knocked on the door. Ayten opened the door for him.
A: Ah, it is you.
Y: It is me Yenge. I went to the casino to give you the news, but they told me you are at home.
A: Come, come on in… Quickly what happened? And leave right away before Necdet comes.
Y: I was behind Mahir abi all day. He saved a woman from an armed attack in his new neighbourhood.
A: Is Mahir alright? Nothing is wrong with him?
Y: He is alright Yenge and nothing happened to the woman too. Although Mahir abi took her to the hospital immediately, and went from there to hakime hanım in a hurry.
A: What (she did not like what she heard)? Wait a minute… What? Did they meet?
Y: No Yenge, if you would see their painful situation… It looks like there was a celebration and she waited for Mahir abi with her friend. Mahir abi looked at his love from far with daisies in his hand. He could not go and give them to her. Their situations were very saddening. Valla, it saddened me (içini dokunmak).
A: Yaşar, please say that you are kidding now. Are these the important news that you told me about? He looked at her like this, she looked at him like that, did you come for this?
Y: You asked me to give you the report every day. That is why I came here for Yenge.
A: Tamam, tamam. Please go now and come in the morning again. Oh my God…
(ahahhaa…. How sensitive this Yaşar is. So cute)

Feride and Suna in the car…
S: You are fine, right?
F: No, Suna. I am not fine at all... Mahir is erasing me from his heart… From his mind and from his skin.
S: Do not say this Feride.
F: But it is like this, this is the truth… Is it a lie? Look he did not come today… Even when he knows that my insides are roasting (being in pain) and that I am waiting him… He did not hold my hand in such a day, he did not come.
S: Maybe he had very important work to do, Feride… We do not know… Haydi come with me, let me prepare to you a coffee, you will relax your nerves, you devastated (shattered) yourself (harap etmek).
F: No, let me go Suna, have a good night.
S: Okay.
F: Suna, thank you so much, you were with me in such a day, I cannot pay back what you deserve.
S: Do not say nonsense (saçmalama). I am your friend... Haydi iyi geceler.
F: İyi geceler.

Kara family was sitting on table and having dinner together (Nazif, İlknur and Songül)…
N: How is the university going? It must get difficult as time goes by.
S: It is good baba.
N: From now on, Yasin will take you to the university and bring you back.
S: Why baba?
N: This is more appropriate kızım. He is your fiancé and he will become your husband. Also, it will give you an opportunity to know each other more.
S: I am going with Osman already.
N: Osman is an assistant (apprentice – çırak) in our shop. He is my hand, my feet, and he is your friend at school. This is all Songül. Seeing each other in class (sınıf) is enough.
S: Alright baba.
N: İlknur, eat kızım.
Good Nazif baba. Very good.

Ayten was dressed up to go the casino and Necdet walked in.
N: Hayırdır, where are you going like this at night?
A: To the casino, to my work.
N: I did not understand.
A: Ah, I think you understand very well.
Ayten tried to leave and Necdet hold her from her arm angrily.
N: Are you making fun of me (mocking me)? Did I not tell you there is no casino, no singing, and no stage?
A: This is not related to you Necdet. This is my decision. I will go on stage.
N: Allah, Allah… Really?
A: Yes really.
Necdet slapped her on her face.
N: Why do you not say it one more time.
A: I will go on that st….
Necdet slapped her again.
A: Even if you hit (dövmek) and swear (sövmek) me, it does matter to me. You cannot stop me.
N: I will stop you (prevent you) in such a way…
Necdet slapped her again and she felt on the couch.
N: If your conscience comes back, it cannot take you from my hand. Do you understand? Do you understand?
He started beating her left and right…
N: You will not go on stage, do you understand? You will neither leave the house nor go on stage. Do you understand?
He was continuously beating her.
N: You will abandon your hope from going on stage, do you understand? You will give up on your hope. I swear to you, I will not allow you to get your face out of this door. You will stay missing the sun and people’s face. Do you understand? Actually stay right where you are! There is nothing else, do you understand? Nothing.
He leaves.
(Pislik (filth), I wish I could beat you up but even worse than the way you beat up Ayten. Son of a….)

Mahir was at Dalyan Rıza’s place…
D: May your wrath be blessed. Do not hesitate to use your gun. Because they would not hesitate to use theirs.

Orhan was trying to get information from one of Seyis’s men at the farm.
O: I find out that Cemo was your friend. You were eating and drinking together. Now tell me where is this Cemo?
Man: Wallah I do not know abi. If I knew, would I not tell you?
Arif came to talk to Orhan.
A: Orhan, there is news about your enişte.
O: Do not say it.
A: They say the bad news spread quickly. This is true… He arrived at the border, solved the stamping issue, and then unfortunately they arrested him.
O: What did they do?
A: They put him in prison.
O: Is Seyis abi here? I will tell him myself.
A: He is outside. He is not back yet.

Feride came to see Ayten at night. She knocked at the door twice and no noise...
F: Allah allah…
A: Who is it?
F: Ayten, it is me Feride.
A: Go Feride, let us talk later. I am not available now.
F: I will ask you very short question and leave Ayten. Please, can I come in? I do not want Nazif baba to see me.
Ayten opened the door for her. Feride walked in.
F: Ayten, I am sorry I am bothering you at this time, but I could not get any news about Mahir all day. I do not know what you did. I am very worried, it is not in my hand and you did not tell me.
A: If there was something, Yaşar would have told me. This means nothing happened and he did not tell me.
F: Is there a problem Ayten?
N: Necdet was released from prison. His innocence has been proven (suçsuzluğu anlaşılmış).
F: Really, I am very happy.
Feride tried to get closer to her, but she moved away.
A: I also cannot describe how glad I felt.
Feride moved closer to her.
F: Ayten, it is obvious you have a problem. If you want to say it, I will listen to you.
Ayten turned her face to Feride and Feride was astonished when she saw her face was bruised up.
A: He distanced me from the casino. He does not want me to go on stage.
F: Ayten, It is obvious this man is torturing (eziyet etmek) you. You are not obliged (forced) to suffer this. You know that, right? If you want, let us open a case immediately and let us make a complaint (şikayetçi olmak). If you want to divorce, I will help you. I will do whatever is necessary.
Ayten looked at Feride and realised how much of a good heart she has.
F: Ayten, Look I am by your side. If you decide, it is enough you tell me. Alright, l will leave then. As I said, I am here anytime you need help, tamam?
Feride took her purse and about to leave. Ayten stopped her and told her the news about Mahir.
A: Feride, in fact there is news about Mahir.
F: Are you serious?
A: He came to the Çay Bahçe this evening to see you.
Feride was very happy to hear that.
A: He bought you daisies, but he could not go to you. He watched you from afar with sorrow (sadly).
Feride took a deep breath with a beautiful smile on her face. They hold each other’s hands and it looks like they will become good friends from now on ( :-) )

The gangsters arrived at the gambling place (Kütük Nail, Seyis, Sosyete Yusuf, and Sarı Cemal).
N: Has anyone received any news?
S: And my men disappeared as if the earth split (fissure) and swallowed them.
Yu: I have talked to Seyit and he has not noticed anything yet.
N: If this matter gets bit longer, what a situation we are in.
They walked to their gambling special lodge room and our Karadayı was sitting at their table waiting for them. They were surprised when they saw him there.
N: What are you doing here?
M: I heard that you are looking for your lost goods like crazy.
They all looked at him that if he knows something.
M: I said to myself to go and put an end to this distress.
N: What is the news?
M: I have the merchandise.
They all pulled their guns and pointed them to him except Sosyete Yusuf who was looking at him with a daring stare.
M: I stole it.

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Re: Karadayi / Хулиганът 3 сезон - 11 тема

Мнениеот petan » Вто Дек 02, 2014 7:18 pm

Опитах се да получа повече инфо тук-там по форуми и фейс страници , ноооо... само снимки и почти няма обяснения към тях ... Все пак подразбрах отговорите на въпросите от анонса, което явно е същественото за сценаристите ...
Изображение За да достави досието на Белгин, Махир търси помощ от Ясин, като му докладва, че тя го е разкрила. Кибритко се опитва да го вземе, влиза в кабинета на Вехби по тъмна доба и рови в чекмеджето на бюрото му плезене 2: , само дето досието е в дома на Вехби, извън полицейската картотека, за което му казва Белгин, но чак след това.
Изображение Защо досието е извън полицията става ясно от разговора между Белгин и близкото й другарче и обожател Мурат. Тя е малтретирана сексуално от директора на дома за сирачета и го убива ! При разследването Вехби я прикрива, но заема мястото на директора и я прави любовница. Имало е жена, нея търси Белгин, която е била свидетел на всичко в дома, но не е помогнала на момичето. Белгин я търси да й отмъсти.
Изображение Преди вечерята Фериде е шокирана, защото вижда в ресторанта как Вехби си слага ръката на бедрото на Белгин. Очаквах нещо по-екзотично зъбчо: Тя, че е патка – добре, но само като му видиш физиономията и маниерите на Вехби може да предположиш къде го сърби... Разговорът на масата с хакимето са го оставили за следващия двучасов епизод.
Изображение Осман е изхвърлен от университета и това се очакваше още в миналата серия, когато професора беше вкаран в колата на Наил Кютюка за „задушевен” разговор с намеци! Така че всичките последващи действия са били за запълване на епизода. За мен върховната глупост в сценария беше в миналия епизод, когато Сонгюл написа писмо за раздяла и обяснения и му го даде на банката в университета, защото кондурджийницата на баща й, където Осман живее и работи, е много далече от тях. Те всичко друго правят в този правен факултет, но не и да се убучават на нещо ...Осман, естествено е да отиде при брат си ...къде другаде?!
Изображение Тази история с Хайдар ... Махир каквото и да прави, няма да може да го спаси от мафиотите и не знам защо в този огромен мегаполис трябва да го крие точно в базара ... Мурат го следи заради Белгин, разбира къде го е скрил и казва на Белгин, а тя право при Юсуф ... Орхан е килърът, казват му, че Махир е трябвало да го убие ... но когато отива, попада на брат си, който преди време му загатна , че играе роля при мафиотите, а същност се прави на Робин Худ, но така и не му обясни защо и за какво ... е така е постъпвал с него винаги и преди – не го е забелязвал, не е бил до него ... В следващия епизод ще се наложи Юсуф да си сложи ръкавиците и да свърши работата, Хайдар е пътник ...
Изображение Миндила не стреля в хотелската стая по Барута, излиза си ... той е тъжен и си скубе и малкото коси ... можеха да спестят тези евтини трикове, за да пълнят епизода със сцени ...
Изображение В следващия епизод и тя чака някой в ресторанта ... нали вече е разведена, та пак ще песен:
Изображение И ние ще сме на ресторант, прилично облечени като девици - Билгин зъбчо:
Изображение Понеже любовта им ще е тайна, освен на Миндила , Фериде се похвали и на Суна - ама всичко й докладва: за Билгин, за Вехби, за Махир ... Е, Суна вдена, че Билгин е любовница на Вехби, ама Фериде вика "Йок!"
Изображение Може би гвоздеят на епизода е посещението на Фериде при Назиф баба, за да му каже, че любовта я е върнала в Истанбул (нищо, че е тайна!). Той е доволен и в нейна чест й рецитира стихове от гръцки поет (сигурно защото сериалът се излъчва и в Гърция).
Konstantinos Kavafis - “Şehir”
The City
You said, “I will go to another place, to another shore.
Another city can be found that’s better than this.
All that I struggle for is doomed, condemned to failure;
and my heart is like a corpse interred.
How long will my mind stagger under this misery?
Wherever I turn, wherever I look
I see the blackened ruins of my life,
which for years on end I squandered and wrecked and ravaged”.
You will find no other place, no other shores.
This city will possess you, and you’ll wander the same
streets. In these same neighborhoods you’ll grow old;
in these same houses you’ll turn gray.
Always you’ll return to this city. Don’t even hope for another.
There’s no boat for you, there’s no other way out.
In the way you’ve destroyed your life here,
in this little corner, you’ve destroyed it everywhere else.
Konstantinos Petrou Kavafis

Изображение ИзображениеМС е гневен на Юсуф заради Хайдар ... иска да си довършат работата. Апропо, на излизане от Миндила, Барута ги зърна двамата, когато разговаряха и ядосания МС.
Изображение Фериде моли МС да я уреди да се върне на старото си работно място ...иди ми- доди ми ... Ч!удя се няма ли да я е срам глезлата, дето никога не прибягвала до услугите на МинистърО плезене 2:

От снимките, които видях, излиза че са дали почти целия актьорски наличен състав ...най-вече БидонЯ Изображение
а тук ще цъфне и върже лИбоФ Изображение
Рейтинга си е все същият , с леки колебания. Имам чувството, че на тези, които гледат сериала, им е забранено друга програма и в друг ден да гледат. ...

еп.86 написа:Изгледах снощи на вентилатор еп.86 в превод на MovteX ... това, което разбрах допълнително е:
При срещата си с БидонЯ в затвора, Орхан вече е знаел, че Махир не е убил онзи на скалите, а го е скрил ... брат му играе някаква игра и иска да се добере до поръчителя, но няма да успее, защото брат му не може да убие никох ... затова Орхан ще го намери и разпита ... проверил е в къщата на Костас, има още една селска къща, където баща му е крил някакъв избягал роднина, къщата е на бащата на Исмет ... там го намира ...
Цената на МС за осигуряване на безпроблемен строеж на строителния предприемач е един апартамент с прекрасен изглед плезене 2: А ако има проблем с разни обжалвания , то Аднан ще се заеме с тях ...не казват каква ще е цената на прокурорчето мисля:
Махир отива при Ясин да му каже за Хайдар и хората ...Ясин обещава да говори с шефа си какво може да се направи, но по-добре е да се говори с Ердал аби (по законов ред) или ако е била Фериде тук ...тогава Махир му казва за Фериде и Ясин се радва ... казва му и неговата новина, че на Нова година ще се женят със Сонгюл, ама нещо Махир не подскочи от радост ...
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Сря Дек 10, 2014 11:24 am

petan написа:Белгин: ... Животът е толкова странен ...вашият бивш годеник може да стане на мен годеник. Ние сме толкова близки един с друг ... Как една жена обича , това Махир добре знае ... Как да ви обясня чувствата си!?! Същност на Вас не трябва да обяснявам това, Вие ме разбирате, нали? Правилно ме разбирате, нали? Получи се като че ли Ви дразня?
Фериде: Какво говорите, скъпа !?
....Аз не ви помагам г-жо Белгин. Старая се да разбера всичко, свързано със събитията ... тази версия , както обикновено, не винаги е такава каквато е, не е ли така? [107.gif]
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Чет Дек 11, 2014 12:54 pm

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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Вто Дек 16, 2014 8:04 pm

еп.89 малко инфо в превод от турски на #ninola Изображение
ИзображениеМахир: Любима!
Фериде: Махир, ти съвсем си замръзнал.
Махир: А ти си толкова топла. Нуждая се от теб, Фериде, като хляб, като вода ...
Фериде: Аз също ... ти си моето дихание, причината, заради която живея ... Какво се е случило, Махир? Нещо лошо ли?
Махир: Не знам колко ще мога да се задържа сред тях и да не се окалям ...Днес искаха да убия човек, невинен човек, който на никой не е причинил зло.
Фериде: Какво направи?
Махир: Изведох го оттам ... в онзи момент не мислех за отмъщение, забравих за всичко.
Фериде: Спасил си го, но сега ще имаш проблеми с тях.
Махир: Не знам какво е станало там след моето напускане, но сега всичко ще бъде не така, както преди.
Фериде: Излиза, че всички твои усилия са били напразни?
Махир: Не знам ... ако нямам тяхното доверие, всичко ще бъде напразно. Едва ли ще мога да се окажа наново на този път.

Изображение Махир: Кажи им, че Хайдар е на държавна работа, свързана с полицията и затова не го убих ...
Белгин: Яа..., ти си бил умен, Махир Кара! Би трябвало да се страхувам от твоя ум ... Ще направя това, а как върви моята работа? Много дълго чакам ... или ти си търсиш оправдания, за да ме излъжеш.
Махир: Ще ти го доставя.
Белгин: Имаш време до утре вечер 10 часа ... ако не ми го донесеш, всичко ще разкажа на моите хора.

Изображение Махир: Добре дошла у дома.
Фериде: Махир, чакай! Спри!
Махир: Какво има?
Фериде: Притичах, за да се преоблека , имаме работа .
Махир: Ще ти помогна.
Фериде: Какво са казали вчера ?
Махир: Те изпратиха Белгин, за да разбере защо не съм го убил (Хайдар). Предложих на Белгин да им каже нещо ... не знам дали ще захапят стръвта ...
Фериде: А какво ще стане ако не се хванат (на въдицата)?
Махир: Няма да ме допуснат повече до тях ...Давай да забравим за всичко това ...преоблечи се и да тръгваме.
Фериде: Ти къде? Неудобно ми е, не влизай! А ти уверен ли си, че тя (Белгин) ще лъже заради теб?
Махир: Разбира се, тя иска да си получи досието. Тя ми каза да й го занеса досието до утре вечер.
Фериде: Тя, какво? Да не е полудяла? Как ще влезеш в дома на Вехди? Тя те притиска.(опитва се да те унищожи)
Махир: Знам, но тя е единствената, която ще ми помогне да намеря убиеца и е възможно да ме отведе до Господина.

Изображение От срещата между МС и Белгин става ясно, че той я вика, за да въздейства на Наим Кютука да оттегли жалбата срещу Осман ... това му докладва Еднан (той нали завежда "човешки резерви" на всички идиоти в Истанбул), който успя да убеди Ректора да върне Осман в унивеситета срещу закрила от бандитите ... В замяна МС обещава на Белгин съдействие за откриване на туристическа агенция, за каквато фризьорката мечтаела отдавна намигане: Не се разбира дали Белгин знае, че това е "Господинът", но явно се познават ...
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