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Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния превод

С участието на: Кенан Имирзалъолу, Бергюзар Корел, Четин Текиндор, Мелике Ипек Ялова, Ръза Коджаолу и Явуз Бингьол

Re: Karadayi / Хулиганът 2 сезон - 8 тема

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ИзображениеКогато Фериде говореше пред комисията каза, че дори виновният да е човек от собственото й семейство, не би се поколебала да приложи закона, а и най-чуждият за нея човек да е невинен, би го оправдала. Излишно е да казвам, че министърът се хвана за сърцето като чу това. [smile3532.gif]

Изображение Мотивите на Махир да си мисли, че смъртта на Тургут е инсценировка.
Не е намерена и една изгоряла банкнота дори, носил е тенекия бензин в колата и гвоздеят в програмата- несъвпадащият размер на обувките. На око Махир прецени, че Тургут носел 41, а изгорелият труп 44.

От снимката със сценария на 48-ма серия се виждаше, че ще има ретроспективни кадри с Тургут и Сехра. Сигурно ще ни покажат как се е получил фокусът с оцеляването на Тургут другата серия.
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Re: Karadayi / Хулиганът 2 сезон - 8 тема

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Изображение Копчето го изровиха, но не остана време за него в снощната серия. Може би в следващата ще е делото на Назиф, защото и то наближава и ще стане ясно може ли да послужи за нещо копчето.
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

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Episode 47 Summary
28 ноември 2013 г. в 04:52

Turgut & Serra Изображение
S: Let go of me, or I’ll jump from the car. Let go of me, leave me!!!
T: Serra!
S: Leave me!
T: Let you see your mother and daughter before your last breath!
S: Let me go!
T: I’m doing everything I could to unite you with your death my love.
S: Let me go, I’m telling you, leave me!

Mahir, Yasin & Kemal - Orhan & The Guy Изображение Изображение
Y: Did they come?
G: What a person this Mahir is, abi!
O: Shut up and walk.
Y: No one is here
M: There was someone here when I took Emel Hanim
Y: You hit the man and you left him here?
M: Of course. I didn’t expect Serra would leave the house, and that we would come here again.
Y: Certainly Turgut got the news a while ago that you took them. Then let’s not wait here in vain.
M: Let’s go….where did he take Serra?
K: Do you hear me?
Y: Yes I hear you
K: We’re at the cemetery, the body has been exhumed and it’s been taken away now.
Y: Okay Kemal, thanks, thanks brother.
M: Feride succeeded
Y: God closes one door, only to open another one Abi
M: I’m going to Emel Hanim
Y: See you later

Feride & Erdal Изображение
F: The rest will be found once they examine the corpse
E: How long do you think it’ll take Hakime Hanim?
F: I’ll do everything in my power to expedite it, and to get the results as soon as possible. Inshallah the case documents will be updated in the hearing.
E: And I hope the result of your committee hearing is exactly how you want it. Our prayers are with you.
F: Thanks Erdal Abi...we’ll keep in touch regarding any developments. Good day to you.
E: To you too Hakime Hanim….can I take my briefcase?
F: Of course!
E: Thank you

Orhan & Guy Изображение
O: Who did we go to kill?
G: And who dares ask that question? Yilan points his gun towards the target, and we press the trigger. And your brother came to clean it up too?
O: I don’t think so. But whoever was in the house, definitely had something to do with my brother, otherwise, he wouldn’t have come. And with that police officer??
G: How will we explain to Yilan that we couldn’t take care of it?
O: It’s Yilan who has to explain things first. I have to know whom he sent me after.

Necdet & Sinan Изображение
N: This hot pepper, it’s what (beep) the food. And you should try it, one eats, and the other waits, and judgement day is here my brother
S: No, I had a late breakfast.
N: Fine.
S: When will the shipment take place?
N: When it’s time. This is nothing like the work you are familiar with, Sinan. At the end, we don’t take money away from money. It has its order and methods, and it changes according to demand, and according to the mood of the guy supervising it. But you don’t get stressed out, I got it under control from now on. Even if we’re not the head of this operation, we’re definitely a part of it. Let the shipment leave to its destination, and they’ll call me anyway, and they’ll tell me to get ready to receive it. And we’ll be ready, right?
S: Of course! I’ll prepare the warehouse that will receive the shipment, and I’ll personally hand you the key. This will be good for us. And if you do this as I’m hoping you would, then maybe we’ll be able to do another job after it.
N: Don’t you have any doubts!!
J: Excuse me for interrupting you Sinan bey. There was an accident and the police were naming the bodies, and they said Savci Turgut Akin’s name too.
N: How?

Feride, Kerime, MehmetS & Melih Изображение
Feride comes in and the maid tells her that her mother asked her to make cookies that she likes, and if she wanted tea with that, and she said yes.
MS: Come my beautiful daughter, come. Let’s share our tea break with you. We haven’t sat together like this in a long time.
K: What’s going on my girl, I see you’re early today, hope you’re not sick or anything like that.
F: I come back early when my work is done mother.
M: Abla! Feride!!
MS: What’s going on?
M: Sister!!
F: Allah allah! what’s going on?
M: Sister, I have very bad news for you.
F: What happened?
M: Turgut, he was in a car accident. He and his wife died at the scene.
MS: What?
F: Are you sure?
MS: Turgut is dead??
M: Unfortunately, the news are true. A friend of mine at the accident scene told me condolences!

Necdet & Sinan Изображение
N: What happened? Is there any truth to the news? Did the man die?
S: Friends from the sight of the accident informed us personally. His wife was with him too. Our reporter left for the scene already and he’ll be back in a few hours with photos.
N: Oh my God! It’s the work of the angel of death. He doesn’t know an important man or a Savci, he hits and takes. Why the frowning brother? We should celebrate this day, didn’t you say to get rid of the extra men before? Look, he’s gotten rid of already before we even started. Look at fate, he was picked before he got drown in his filth.
S: It’s an interesting development. Given that I didn’t mean this when I said to get rid of him, but…
N: We don’t know what the intention is or how destiny will be. But this Turgut, he was in the middle of it all, and he did all the accounting, he even was the bridge between us and the big guys. I’ll tell you, if you break a man’s back from the middle, can that man stand up? He can’t, and this system will fall exactly like this, and while you’ll be establishing a new system, I’ll be right there next to you. We’re doing a blessed business, and I’m writing it here! We’ll be very quick, and on one will be able to stand in front of us. And we’ll sit at the top of it all, and you’ll say Barut said that, don’t say I didn’t tell you.
S: I have other things to take care, if you excuse me.
N: I’ll go then, there are respectable people waiting for such news!
S: We’ll stay in touch!

Feride, Kerime, Mehmet S, and Melih Изображение
F: Yes, yes I understand.
K: What an empty life this is Mehmet Saim bey. Very young people with fate against them.
MS: Pray God forgive them for their sins.
F: Okay Savci bey, and thanks for your help. Have a good day
M: What happened?
F: No, this won’t work like this, I’ll go to the police station and the hospital.
M: Should I come too?
F: No, you stay with them, they were quite affected. I’ll let you know.

Orhan & Yilan Изображение
O: Who did you send me to kill abi?
Y: What is this disrespect?
O: I asked you a question, who did you send me to take care of?
Y: What gives you the right to question me? Let be whoever it is. I say shoot and you shoot, dig and you dig, and you don’t worry about the rest.
O: I wouldn’t have asked you if I didn’t have to, right Abi? I have to know, who was in that house?
Y: Why do you ask?
O: We entered the house, only to have my brother enter it after us - Mahir.
Y: You say he saw you doing your job, how, was he impressed with your skills?
O: The house was empty, we couldn’t kill anyone. Now say it Abi, who did we go there to kill?
Y: I don’t know, I didn’t ask and I don’t care. It’s for me to worry about, and you shouldn’t get concerned. Because your only concern should be succeeding or not, get it through your head Orhan! There is no choice in this line of business, there’s closing your eyes and killing. Even if I put Mahir in front of you, you’ll draw your gun out and shoot him if you have to. And if you have any objections, then…..

Necdet & Ayten
N: Where is my Sultana?
Maid: In the living room sir? Would you like anything Necdet bey?
N: No...My sultana!! I’ve got great news for you!
A: Please, I don’t want it to be anything bad.
N: I promised you; I said I will ruin the soul the burnt yours. Looking at it, it’s not possible to do it.
A: What does this mean? You’re retreating?
N: Would something like this be possible? Avenging what happened to you is written on my forehead, I accepted you this way. If I avenged it with my own hands, then our inner fire would’ve cooled off, but fate acted in a different way. It’s over. Let this be my wedding gift to you. After this minute, erase this sadness from your eyes, because the disgraceful man who let your live such pain found what he deserves.
A: What are you saying Necdet? Just say it clearly.
N: That prosecutor Turgut
A: Yes
N: He was in a car accident, and died.
A: Really? He died??
N: Yes, from now on, we’ve gotten rid of this burden inside us, and we’ll enter this new life very pure.
A: Thank God Necdet! Thank God, he answered my prayers.

Mahir, Ilknur, Safiye, Nazif Jr. & Feride
I: Oh Abi you came? I was about to take this to Emel hanim. They got quite scared, it pained me.
M: Give it to me, I’ll take it….hopefully it’s nothing bad!
F: Mahir!
M: What’s going on Hakime Hanim?
F: Mahir we have to talk now, it’s urgent!
M: Did something happen Feride?
F: Turgut and Serra; they were in an accident, and they both died.
S: Why did Hakime Hanim come?
I: I don’t know. I think it’s important.
S: She doesn’t look good.
M: Are you sure Feride?
F: Melih said they were in a car accident, and the car fell off a cliff and then exploded, and now they’re at the hospital...I mean their bodies.
M: Let’s go, I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes.
S: They left.
I: Oh, I was supposed to talk to my brother. I have to go to court tomorrow and I couldn’t tell him anything yet….well, now that my brother is done, then let me take this. Okay Nazif, I’ll be back in two hours.
S: Okay, goodbye daughter…. enjoy it my child.
N Jr.: Is there a hearing for my grandfather tomorrow?
S: No, what hearing? Oh yes, Ilknur said court didn’t she? She meant visiting instead of a hearing, she got confused. We’ll go to see your grandfather tomorrow, and there won’t be a wall between us, which means we’ll be able to hug him.
N Jr.: Yaaay!!

Mahir, Feride, Yasin & Police Officer
M: How did the accident happen?
F: I have no idea. I actually don’t even know how they got together.
M: I’ve told Serra not to leave the house, but she didn’t listen to me and she went to the bank. Ilknur saw her while leaving the house. Then I went to the bank with Yasin and they saw her in Turgut’s car, and they left together from the bank.
F: And how did Turgut find out that Serra was going to the bank?
M: He knew Serra wanted to escape, and that she had money in the bank. He was going to wait there until Serra showed up. Turgut is a very smart man Feride.
F: I think you meant to say he “was” a man.
M: We’ll see when we get there….(they get to the hospital) by the way, you got permit to open the grave?
F: Yes, but it was quite difficult. Let’s pray they find the button as Serra claimed, for Suleyman abi’s sake.
M: How long will it take?
F: At least two days!
Y: On which road did you say you found them?
PO: Kavakli road, a passing car noticed that when they saw the car on fire. They immediately reported it. But of course it’s been ashes for a while now.
M: Yasin, did you see the bodies?
Y: No, but the reports are here. Even if burned, he was identified from his wallet, his heights and weights match, and his finger on his ring.
M: Where are they? I want to see them.
Y: Mahir wait, you can’t get in like this…(and other police officers try to stop him)
F: Mahir wait a minute, Mahir! (and the police officers ask if he has a permit)
Y: Wait gentlemen, okay. Abi, what are you doing? You’ll get us in trouble.
M: Fine, fine I’ll leave.
Y: Mahir, the dead guy is a prosecutor, they won’t expose his body to everyone, I’ll go inside in a bit and see.
M: Make sure of it, be sure it’s him
Y: Okay, don’t worry…..(talking to Feride now) you’ll also examine them?
F: It’s him, it’s Turgut!
PO: And this is his wife…(and Feride and Yasin go outside)
M: Feride, are you okay? Do you want some water? Sit here.
Y: Of course she became like this when she saw them in that condition.
F: Mahir, it’s Turgut and the lady with him is Serra.
Y: Yes abi, both of them are lying there. Of course they’re disfigured, you don’t know if hell is in this life or the after!
F: Why aren’t you saying anything Mahir?
Y: Believing it is quite difficult, but they got their punishment.
F: Don’t you believe us?
Y: Abi, I don’t understand why you’re still suspicious? Besides, there’ll be blood tests as well. If blood group matches or not, then there will no question marks left. If you ask me, I’d say there isn’t but, just to make you feel comfortable.
M: I also saw Serra, a part of her face I mean, one part didn’t burn, and I was able to identify her; it is Serra!
Y: We also saw Turgut
M: Could you identify his face?
F: His face was burnt, but it’s Turgut, it’s obvious.
Y: Yes, his frame and stuff like that, right? And his height, it was Turgut…
M: So his face is completely burnt then?
Y: For God’s sake, don’t do this Mahir. You don’t want to believe it because his death was quite easy, but this is the reality, don’t give in to your paranoia - Turgut Akin is dead!!

(Mahir and Feride in the car)
M: Emel Hanim stayed like this in uncle Kostas’s house. I have to go and tell them
F: They’ll be severely shocked, especially her daughter! What will that child do now?
M: How can I go and tell them that Serra is dead? A daughter lost her mother, and a mother her daughter. My heart cannot contain this much pain anymore.
F: If you want, I’ll come with you...I mean to support you. Should I come?
M: Thanks…..

Mahir, Feride, Emel and Ipek
M: I promised Ipek to bring her mother back, but now I’m bringing her the news of her death. A little girl’s life will turn upside down. I wish it didn’t happen this way, I wish I was able to keep my promise.
F: Mahir. Please don’t blame yourself for everything. If Serra actually listen to you and didn’t leave this house, she could’ve survived. Look, you rescued that woman’s daughter. Serra could’ve been saved too. But sometimes our strength (power) is not enough for everything, and we have to live what’s destined for us.
M: You’re right Hakime Hanim! You’re right. You’re the one who taught me that I cannot challenge fate.
E: Who is it?
M: It’s me Emel hanim, don’t worry.
E: Where is Serra? Isn’t she with you? You couldn’t find my daughter? What happened to my daughter Serra?
F: This is quite sad….dear Ipek, there’s something very secretive in this house, let me show you.
I: What is it?
F: It’s a secret and magical place. It’ll be our secret place.
I: Will my mom fit there? We’ll hide mom there when she come, and that bad prosecutor Turgut won’t be able to find her. Can we do that?
F: We’ll do whatever you want. Come with me.
E: What happened to my daughter? Or did that man do something to her?
M: It’s quite unfortunate. They were in a car accident, they both died. My condolences.
E: What are you saying?
M: I’m very sad for your daughter, may God never show you another pain, and to give her life for your grandchild.

Necdet & Yilan
N: Hello
Y: Hello, what’s going on? Do you want to celebrate your last night as a single person together?
N: Is there any energy left to celebrate Yilan?
Y: And the reason? Is there something wrong?
N: It’s obvious you didn’t hear the bad news? Yaver died!
Y: What?? How and who killed him?
N: This time the angel of death didn’t leave it up to anyone. He took care of it himself. His car fell off a cliff
Y: Oh my!! Look at this
N: I was surprised like you. He was our boss….without him this world will be chaos.
Y: He’s the big almighty Yaver bey. Those who know him say he lived and died as a prosecutor. It’s a vanishing life, no one is immortal. They’ll remember his name for a bit, and then it’ll pass.
N: I also say this, my beautiful brother. He moved his pieces whenever, wherever he wanted. He was on top of everything. There was a time where he smiled to us, and times when he dug a hole under us. But look now at what he’s become. He died and was gone, and you and I are left all alone. What I’m trying to say is with whose rope do you go down the well in this world? Who would you sacrifice yourself for? You have to pay attention to this…
Y: Don’t talk nonsense and clearly say what you have to say Barut!
N: I’m saying be loyal my brother, we have no other friends but each other. I’m saying if you don’t come to my wedding, I’ll take off your other eye.
Y: Don’t you ever doubt that brother, I’ll come to your wedding and settle my debt.
N: I’ll leave then, as you well know, tomorrow is a bid day
Y: Good luck Mr. groom…..(and he calls in Akif)...did you find the man?
Akif: No abi?
Y: (Beep) of the work you do.

Ayten & Nurten
Ayten brings in fruits, and the maid brings in a dress and tells her the tailor is working on another wedding dress for her and won’t sleep tonight until she gets it done. Nurten tells her she wishes Safiye and the Kara family would attend the wedding. Ayten tells her that it’s just the two of them now and she didn’t want anyone looking down on her without knowing what she went through.

Mahir, Feride, Emel, Ipek and a Man
Man: My condolences!
E: Thank you
I: Why is my grandmother crying? Did something bad happen?
F: My love, your grandmother will explain everything to you, okay? I wish you a very beautiful life, and come to court whenever you want. I have a niece your age, and I’ll take you both to the park, okay?
I: Of course
M: Come on my beautiful girl
Man: Thank you so much for everything. God bless you
M: Don’t even mention it, what did we do?....(talking to Feride now) come, let me take you home. If you don’t mind, I’ll drive. You’re tired and sad, alright? (and they get in the car)...are you okay Feride?
F: I don’t know. My feelings and my mind are quite confused. I just want to sleep, and maybe when I wake up, I’ll be able to understand myself. At the end of the day, I knew both of them for years Mahir. There is a huge relief inside, but there is also a strange pain that I cannot describe. Are you listening to what I’m saying?
M: I beg your pardon?
F: Mahir, what’s going on through your head?
M: I wasn’t paying attention
F: What are you thinking about Mahir? As if you were imagining something, this quietness of yours is not a good sign at all.
M: It’s nothing…..I didn’t want to get any closer. I don’t want any of your family to see. I’ll go now, and I’d be grateful if you keep me updated on any development on the button. Have a good night.
F: You too

Kerime, Feride, Mahir & MehmetS
K: Feride, my daughter, is it Turgut?
F: Yes
K: My God! I prayed so much that it was a mistake. And your dad, the poor man just collapsed. At the end, there was than the law aspect between us and him. And his wife, she had a young daughter, right? What will happen to the poor girl now?
F: With her grandmother
K: How did the accident happen? Were you able to find anything out from the police?
F: The car fell off a cliff
K: Oh so scary!
F: I’m very tired mother, I’ll go to my room.
K: Wait, is that it?
F: Yes, it’s over. Unfortunately, this is just it.
K: Wait Feride, your father was waiting for you, let him see you as well.
(Mahir remembers Feride’s words while walking “Mahir, it’s Turgut and it’s Serra who’s with him,” then he remembered what he said “And I saw Serra, I was able to identify her, it is Serra.” He then remembered what Yasin said: “And we saw Turgut” and Feride saying: “But it was clear it’s Turgut.”)
MS: That’s quite sad. He was a very important man. Him leaving this way wasn’t right at all.
K: Is the funeral tomorrow?
F: They’ll have to verify that his blood group matches and stuff like that, because a part of his body is burnt.
MS: May God forgive him for his sins, and let paradise be his last abode!
F: Father, mother, I have to go to Ankara tomorrow. My committee hearing will finalize a decision tomorrow.
MS: I know my daughter, and given that the funeral is not tomorrow, then I’ll also come with you. On one side, I’ll be there to support you, and on the other, I’ll stop by the parliament while I’m there.
F: Alright father, as you wish.
K: Mehmet bey, you didn’t say anything. Grief is not good for you.

Mahir and Feride
M: We know that he picked up Serra from work, why? Because Turgut wanted us to know, to make us believe that he’s the man found in the burned car. That they died as man and wife, hand in hand. If Turgut didn’t want this to be the end, if he didn’t plan it, would he have exposed himself at the bank?
F: You mean that Turgut planned Serra’s death and everything else?
M: Yes, he wants us to believe that he’s dead. That way he can escape. He knows that you’re close to solving the crime, not only that, he attacked you. He can’t hide or cover this accident, but if everybody thinks that Turgut Akin is dead, he can build himself a new, secret life. He can escape. Isn't this perfectly logical?
F: I mean …Mahir, don’t be mad, but …anyone else who hears what you just said will think that it is a simple probability and a stupid assumption, don’t be offended…
M: Never mind the others, what do you think?
F: It’s a strange assumption, but it doesn’t mean anything …
M: Feride, you and me, we saw what Turgut planned to do before, only you and me understand how he thinks, isn’t this all a plan of his? At least you should agree with me on this!
F: Please don't get me wrong Mahir, but I can’t hear what you’re saying, I really am not in a position to hear what you say right now, I have to sleep.
M: Feride … Look into my eyes.
F: I’m looking …
M: Not like that, directly, don’t avoid them …
F: And now sir?
M: No Madam … what’s wrong? Don’t tell me that you’re sad because of what happened of Turgut, and that’s why you want to go sleep, there is something else, why do you want to go home so fast?
F: Mahir, I’m going to Ankara tomorrow. Or the first time in my life, I will stand as the accused in front of a jury. That’s why I have to calm down and prepare my defense.
M: I honestly didn’t know Feride; I wouldn’t have called you if I knew. I would’ve explained this to you later. … Are you afraid? … Don’t be! You did nothing wrong at all! You didn’t take away someone’s rights, Allah will help you.
F: I pray that the judges may think like you. Anyways it would be better if I go home … Good night
M: Hakime Hanim …If only my testimonial could help … I’d testify, you’re a judge who never gave up the path to justice, or lost the voice of her consciences, actually nobody has the right to judge you, all this is because of me, I entered your life and destroyed it. I will feel bad for what I did to you all my life.
F: Don’t! To feel bad means to deny what we lived, to turn your back on the memories, I never did that, you too, don’t do it! I absolutely have no complaints about what we lived, you were the best mirage in my life Mahir.
M: That day in the hotel room, you didn’t say that, when you went with your fiancé, what’s changed now?
F: There was no other way to make you leave the room that day Mahir…
M: Who are you making fun of Hakime Hanim? Who are you laughing at? Me or your fiancé? Who are you trying to make fun of?
F: I’m not trying to make fun of anyone … this wasn’t my intention! Why don’t you listen until the end?
M: I gave you a chance to talk, and you said that, a shoemaker and a judge can be together only in fairytales. I learned my lesson Hakime Hanim, let’s not get confused, and know our limits …
F: Enough Mahir, enough, you’ve lectured me for days, like children … crushed me and continued … Don’t you see the truth when you look into my eyes? Can’t you read what I’m feeling? Where is he? Where is that man who can find the morality in the unknown Mahir?
M: Yes you’re right, when you went to his house earlier, don’t talk to me about the past anymore! Don’t talk to me about this anymore! Or I will break your heart Feride!
F: Why are you running away Mahir? Because you don’t know why I accepted to wear that ring.
Sinan and me, we made an arrangement. He feels bad about the article he wrote in the newspaper, he has a guilty conscience, we made an arrangement that lasts until the case is finished, it’s a humanitarian help, that’s all. We don’t expect anything from each other. This means –Mahir Kara- , that that night, I wasn’t the one speaking to you, or rather, it wasn’t Feride, that you call, the girl with beautiful eyes. I know that I carried it too far, I said that our love was a lie, I’m so sorry … But I never believed what I’ve said , never, please, you too don’t believe it ! I can’t play this game anymore and look into your eyes, I can’t. Especially tomorrow, I can’t, when there’s a probability that I will lose my job. I never took the oath of love that we swore to each other lightly Mahir. I never belonged to anyone else but you.

Sinan and MS bey on the phone
Sinan calls MS bey to offer his condolences following the death of Turgut, and invites himself to Feride and MS bey to Ankara. MS bey gladly accepts.

Mahir and Feride
F: Good night …
M: Feride! Now that you’ve explained to me everything, I too owe you an apology, please put the blame for what I did and said on my pain. Forgive me …. Oh the girl with the beautiful eyes …Take off the ring tomorrow after court, and let’s forget everything, be mine and I’ll be yours like we once were…So tomorrow will be a very long day for me, I’ll be expecting from you two good news …
F: I pray that they don’t ‘break the pen’ on me at court …
M: All my prayers will be with you … the charm is not with me ….
F: What charm?
M: My mother gave it to me, it brings good things and drives away the bad luck, and it would have given you strength in Ankara …
F: You prayers will be enough!
M: Come on, get in the car, you’re already late...
F: Good night!
M: To you too!

In the newspapers today: the president of Argentina died of a heart attack, the biggest dam in Turkey is open for business …

Feride, MS bey, Kerime hanim
F: Pray for me my dear mother
K: I always do my daughter, I hope everything goes well, go and come back in peace!
F: Thanks
While MS bey says goodbye to Kerime hanim, Feride found Mahir’s charm on her car.
F: Come on father, we’re late
MS: I’m coming my daughter, Sinan must have arrived to the airport now …
F: Is Sinan coming too?
MS: Yes
F: Why?
MS: What do you mean by “Why” my daughter, he’s your fiancé, he goes wherever you go, come on, get in …

Ayten, Necdet, Nurtan
Ayten and Nurtan are getting ready for the wedding, Ayten is worried she won’t be ready in time for the wedding, but Necdet reassures her, and tells her that they’ll all wait for her.

Safiye, Erdal, Ilknur, Nazif
Nazif is happily playing with something on the ground
Safiye: He didn’t come yet?
Erdal: We have to go now or we’ll be late.
Ilknur: See what he’s doing? I insisted that we talk to the child before court… Now if I tell Nazif what’s going on, how could I leave him? And I can’t do this without letting him know …
Erdal: In my opinion, don’t do this alone … It’s something you should do together. And maybe Bulent misunderstood; maybe he thought that you’ll talk about it after court.
Ilknur: Maybe…
Erdal: Come on, let’s go …
Nazif: Are you leaving uncle Erdal?
Safiye: Your mother has work to do and after that …
Nazif: But you said that my father will come? He will be sad if my mother is not here …
Ilknur: My dear Nazif, your uncle Erdal and I have work to do, we’ll finish it and come back, Ok? And you will go see your grandfather; I’ll bring your father with me when I return … My beautiful boy …
Nazif: I’ll play with my father when he comes, he’ll be surprised at how good I am at it … My grandmother, prepare some cake, and you know how much my father likes it …
Safiye: It’s good that you remembered it, now go see if there’s some flour … Go now my daughter, I’ll distract him …You went out from this door as a bride, who thought that this will happen …

Mahir, Yasin
Yasin: We’ll wait here for how much longer brother? Tell me what you’re thinking Mahir …
Mahir: Where does this road lead?
Yasin: To Kavakliye.
Mahir: And what would they do there?
Y: I don’t know …
M: He goes to the bank, exposes himself … didn’t the bank employee describe him to you?
Y: Yes he did…
M: Let’s say that they wanted to run away after that, why come here? This airport is not from this way …. He doesn’t have a house to hide here, but there’s a pretty cliff, the car can fall in it, blow up, and nobody could get away
Y: You’re starting to really frighten me Mahir, it doesn’t matter where they were going, in the end the accident happened and the man died, accept it!
M: I’m going to have a look …
Serra had withdrawn money from the bank, a large sum of money … right?
Y: Yes, 500 000.
M: Did they find the money?
Y: It wasn’t in the report but …
M: It’s not here either!
Y: Let’s find out about it in the police station.
M: Let’s go.

Ilknur and Bulent Изображение
Bulent tells Ilknur that he’s sorry for everything he did to her, then refuses to go explain everything to Nazif and tells her that it’s her responsibility to tell him and share his pain since she’s the one who wanted a divorce in the first place.

Mahir, Yasin Изображение
M: What time is it now?
Y: 11h30
M: Feride must be at court now.
Y: Her trial is today, is it? Yes of course, since she went to Ankara …
M: Her fate is being decided there and I can’t be at her side, but when this is finished, nothing will separate us again.
Y: Great! The ice had melted then? Typically you! You never tell the good news!
M: sometimes you have to be cruel if you really love someone.
Изображение Y: I’m very happy for you Mahir, your stares were loving sometimes but other times burning … What about the engagement?
M: She will call it off. Regardless of what decision the court will make, this game will finish.

Feride’s trial Изображение
Judge: Hakime hanim, the charges against you are heavy charges. You’re accused of taking advantage of your profession negatively and taking sides. What do you think?
F: Sir, there are some anomalies in the case of the murder of the general prosecutor, Mr. Suleyman, that is why some people want to take the case from me, they attacked me through an old relationship, but now I am engaged and all these accusations don’t make sense anymore.
Prosecutor:Mr. the president, with your permission, I want to ask the accused a question.
J: Go ahead Mr. the prosecutor …
P: Yes, we were told about this, but there’s something else I couldn’t understand, your fiancé is the one who exposed your love affair, why would he want to marry you after exposing you in his newspaper?
F: At that time, my fiancé wasn’t in the country, our families were newly told about our relationship, and sadly we were all victims of the editor-in-chief who interferes in other people's business. The story was a lie; I didn’t have any relationship left with Mahir Kara.
Sir, I don’t have another question to Mrs. the judge.
J: Listen my daughter; I asked a lot of people about you, I came back to the first cases you were in charge with since you began this profession. You are a fair judge, you deserve your position, I met some friends of yours who worked with you in the same court, what I learned and read, gave me an idea of who you are, what I’m saying is that I care about my colleagues achievement’s more than their private lives, I don’t want to ban a successful judge from her profession, but I can’t keep a judge who lost her way in her profession either.
F: I’m sorry, I interrupted you sir, but, believe me I didn’t lose my way, my only wish is to bring justice and get to the truth. Even if the person accused is from my family, from my soul and blood, I will ignore his tears, but an innocent person, even if he’s many kilometers far from me, I will protect his rights against everyone.
J: Your fiancé came with you! Very good! We’re glad about it, and you’ll get married soon, I want to come to your wedding, and see that you’re not mixing you private life with your professional life, this positive development really convinced me. I believe you, you didn’t take advantage of your profession, you can stay in your position, but I’ll be watching you, I will burn your future as a judge if I receive any other complaint, without even listening to you. I wish you two happiness.
Decision has been made: Because there isn’t enough proof that the accused Feride … took sides, we decided that she is innocent from the charges she’s been accused of, and that she can continue her work in the case of the murder of the persecutor Suleyman.

Safiye, Nazif Jr., Songul, Nazif.Изображение
Safiye asks Nazif Jr. not to tell his grandfather about the loss of his unborn brother, the separation of his parents, and Orhan’s disappearance. Nazif is very excited and getting ready for the visit. Nazif greets them, asks about Mahir and Ilknur, he thinks that Bulent didn’t come because he’s at work, and Ilknur because of her pregnancy.

Feride, Sinan, MS bey, Judge
MS: Mr. the judge, thank you, we’ll be waiting for you to come to the wedding.
J: I’m looking forward to the wedding too, I’m the only one who believed this is not a game; I can’t wait to prove the others wrong.
S: I’ll send you an invitation Mr. the judge. And we’ll be happy if you could join us.
J: I’ll be honored, congratulations again. Good day!
MS: This was nicely solved, good thing that you came with us Sinan. You convinced them. I will see a friend and come back immediately.
ИзображениеS: Isn’t this what you wanted Feride? What’s wrong?
F: Yes, they didn’t ban me from my profession, I’m still on the case but don’t you see that we have to continue this game? It has to continue until the end of nazif Kara’s case.
S: You’re right, this will complicate our arrangement.
F: A lot, don’t you see that my father is about to marry us soon? Please don’t make things easier for him, don’t do it again.
S: Feride, I will distract your father, and we can continue this game for as long as you want. But there is something else, what’s got you worried? Or is it Mahir Kara?
MS: Young people! Let’s go eat something before the departure time.

Nazif, Nazif Jr., Songul, Safiye
Nazif tells his grandfather about his achievements, Songul thanks him for the shoes his made her for her graduation day, and tells him that she’s planning to study law to become a prosecutor.

Erdal and Ilknur
E:If you want I could talk to Nazif …
I: No, it’s better if I talk to him alone brother Erdal, I should’ve expected this, it’s my fault, I thought that Bulent will be at my side, I was wrong, anyways, he’ll know, sooner or later, I will explain everything to Nazif when we go back. Brother Erdal, I want to ask you something else, I know that I took a lot of your time but …
E: Don’t worry; tell me … If there’s something I could do, I would gladly do it.
I: You know the situation at home, my brother doesn’t have time to work in the shop, we used to have a little income from the wool shop, but now we don’t…
In short I have to get a job brother Erdal, Nazif is not a baby anymore, when he starts school his grandmother will take care of him.
E: I understand, and are you thinking about? I mean, do you have a job in mind?
I: No brother, I don’t, as you know, I didn’t finish school. I don’t have a diploma. But I will learn fast. It will be enough for me if I succeed.
E: I know that you are hardworking, good then, please give me some time to look for something, and I’ll let you know.
I: Thank you.

Nazif family visit
Nazif Senior is asking about the family income and if the work in the shop is managed well, conversation shifts to Ilknur’s health and her pregnancy! Safiye and Songul don’t want to tell him the bad news about the miscarriage, but little Nazif say it all, that his mum lost the baby and had a big fight with his father and his father is not living with them anymore.

Mahir and Yasin and police officer
Police officer: This is what we could find, his leather wallet and his ID card and the gold rings.
M: And the money?
Police officer: Nothing else found
M: All the money he had and nothing was found? Not a single note??Nothing was found at the scene not a single note and it was a lot 500 thousand lira!
M: What is this on the list? Gasoline tank! Why would anyone travel with a gasoline tank in his car?
Y: May be he had it as a fill up for his car just in case he needed to travel long way
M: Or to guarantee a big explosion of the car and the full combust of the bodies and all evidence is gone! What do you think!!
Y: All these are assumptions no proof is available it could be right or wrong, the money may all got burnt and that tank was only filled with water! It’s all assumptions, not facts.
M: None of my assumptions were wrong about this man, I have a strong feeling and I know I am right. That man is still alive.

Nazif prison visit continue ...
Nazif is blaming Safiye for hiding the news from him, Nazif is sad for being cut off from the family’s sad and hard times. He feels distant from them all now like a stranger.
Safiye is justifying hiding the news to keep him less stressed at prison and worrying about them. Nazif is sad as he couldn’t share with Ilknur her sad times and not being able to support her when she needed him the most. He leaves without saying goodbye to them.

Mahir and Yassin outside police station
Y: Why would he do this crazy thing? Pretend to be dead and run outside the country?
M: To save his life from execution off course! He is saved now forever. I have things to do will see you later.
Police officer is telling Yassin that he just got the information that the blood type of the burnt corps is matching to Turgut’s. Yassin is saying that Mahir will not be convinced that Turgut is dead because he wasn’t the one to catch him

Necdet wedding preparation
Necdet is happy and excited about the big day. He is asking his assistant to make sure everything is ready and on time.
N: My Sultana, you are stunning! I have no words to say. I promise you that my eyes will fall on no one but you and my hands will touch no one but you.
A: I am so nervous, I can’t even breathe properly.

Mahir and Ismet
M: What happened Ismet! Can I see him?
I: My cousin will arrange it. But not now, come again at night time when everyone is gone. But how would you recognize his features if he is all burnt?
M: I would know, I can’t feel in peace until I see him with my own eyes.

Feride at her home
Kerime is is talking to Feride about the death of Turgut! As he was a big trouble for the family, she is glad that he is gone. Feride is still sad about what happened to Serra and want to relax. Her mom is suggesting to have a hot bath and go to bed. Kerime is asking to finalize her wedding plans as well.

Mahir and his family
Safiye is telling her son what happened at the prison visit and how his father is angry at them now.
M: don’t worry mom, we will find a way to make him happy with us again.
I: Oh don’t worry about making him happy as he is already!
S: Oh Abi when father left we couldn’t find Nazif Junior, he just disappeared we all gone crazy then the guard came and told us that he was so fast and we couldn’t catch him and he is inside the cell now. We agreed to leave him tonight there and will collect him tomorrow.
M: oh they will spoil him there and the cell is not crowded so he will have fun. Collect him tomorrow with Erdal Abi.
I: I didn’t have the chance to tell you Abi, but I got my divorce today.
M: All the best dear.

Mahir and Feride on the phone
F: Mahir.. I am back home and I am well
M: Did they came to a decision?
F: Yes they did, I am keeping my job and I will continue to work on your father case.
M: This is justice in place. I am very happy for you.
F: I have to go now, goodnight
M: Goodnight.

Sinan at his office
Assistant: Look, she cleared her name and will continue on Nazif Kara case. It will be complicated tomorrow if she asks to break the engagement?
S: Don’t worry, the judge acted according to my expectations and she has no intention to take off the ring as well, as she knows she is being watched by the court committee until she is on the safe side.
Assistant: You are passing your dad by miles, you know how things will go and happen before it all even takes place! Good thinking.

Yilan, Nilay & Orhan
Y: My dear!
N: You scared me
Y: Why? Who else would touch you this way? I’ll shed his blood
O: What time do I come to pick her up abi?
Y: No need to come, I’ll bring her myself.

Nazif, Dalyan, Guard & Nazif Jr.
D: Stay away a little bit from here, and take your voice and go, and don’t interfere with the radio tonight. And this is for the kid’s sake
G: Alright then
D: Why didn’t you start yet?
N: A spoon doesn’t get put into the food before the whole family sits down. Guys, come on!
A Guy: We didn’t come this time because it’s a private table.
N: What private table? It’s a table for everyone, and this time, it’s bit poor. Come in, join us.
N Jr.: What else would there be grandpa?
N: Food, fruits, drinks and’ll think it’s a table at a palace.
D: And look what’s here?
N Jr.: Is that a cake?
D: And with chocolate
N Jr.: Yaay!!
N: If you eat well, then you’ll have dessert. God bless you!
D: Us all, old man, us all.
N: Enjoy!

The Wedding Изображение Изображение
Necdet and Ayten sign the marriage contract and are declared married.

Mahir & Safiye Изображение
S: Where to my son?
M: I have something to take care of mother.
S: Mahir, and I wanted to tell you something, actually, I was going to ask you.
M: Yes mother!
S: If what I’m thinking about is an empty hope, tell me and I’ll retreat from the start. But your eyes are not furious like before when her name is mentioned. I mean Hakime Hanim.
M: Nothing escapes your eyes Safiye Sultan.
S: Even this reply is good enough for me.
M: I never lost hope in goodness and compassion, and you don’t lose it either.
S: God protect you my son.
M: Thanks mother, and you.

Necdet, Yilan & Ayten Изображение Изображение
Necdet tells Yilan that it’s a wedding and a funeral at the same day. Yilan tells him he’s lucky the funeral was postponed. Necdet tells him it’s destiny, especially that Turgut was going to be a witness to the marriage contract, but there were other plans for him. Yilan tells him he’s still in disbelief and expecting Turgut to show up any minute saying “sorry I’m late cancazim”. Then Ayten shows up and says she wanted to do something in Necdet’s honor and sings for him, which didn’t make him happy. Necdet grabs her by the hand and tells her she can’t sing now that she is his wife.

Mahir & Feride - Kerime Изображение Изображение
M: Feride, Feride. Gazelle-like eyes, Feride, don’t be scared, it’s me. It’s me, don’t be scared.
F: What are you doing here?
M: Feride’m! I was right, Turgut is still alive.
F: Just a minute, did you learn something new?
M: The money Serra withdrew is not there, there isn’t even a trace of it, do you think this is normal? Wasn’t there supposed to be at least one currency bill burnt from the side left? It’s clear, Turgut took it all.
F: Couldn’t this be a coincidence?
M: All right, let’s say it is a coincidence, what are you going to say about this? They found an extra gas container in the back of the car, it’s obvious it was there to make the explosion more powerful.
F: Mahir, I don’t want these to be just details because you want Turgut to be alive.
M: No, Feride, this has nothing to do with how I feel, these are evidences. But what’s more important, and this will lead us to him, the body he put in his stead, the shoe size doesn’t match! Turgut wears 41 at most, and the shoe size of that body is 44.
F: How could you know?
M: It seems that you forgot Hakime Hanim, this is my job. I’m sure of it as I am of my name. Turgut’s shoe size does not match that of the body’s.
F: Mahir, how could be so certain, did you make shoes for Trugut? Do you have his shoe size?
M: No.
F: Okay, so how can you be so sure?
M: I’ll prove it to you, here wear this
F: Where are we going? They’ll catch us, we can’t get out of the house.
M: We’ll leave one way or another, come on
K: Feride, Feride. Feride, open the door, are you sleeping?
F: What’s going on? Изображение
K: I heard a voice and I thought there was something wrong.
F: What could it be? Maybe it’s coming from outside?
K: Are you okay? Is everything alright?
F: I’m good, and I’ll be better if I get some sleep mother.
K: No my daughter, I heard a sound, I’ll have Vedat to check out on things.
F: Mother, don’t be silly, it’s certainly coming from outside and there’s no need to worry. Come on, you too get some sleep.
K: Alright daughter, may God keep you comfortable.
F: You too. (and she goes down to the car with Mahir)
Изображение M: slowly! ….duck down!! (they both do it at the same time and they’re laughing and in pain at the same time)....are you alright?
F: I’m fine
M: Why are you laughing?
F: Because I’m quite nervous
M: Look at us...good God

Nazif, Dalyan & Nazif Jr. Изображение Изображение
Nazif reads Nazif Jr. a bedtime story until he falls asleep. Dalyan tells Nazif that his grandson is full of innocence, that he’d give everything to go back to his age, and sleep without any concerns or sadness. To go back to when a mother plays with her child’s hair, or when the father compliments his child, to the feeling of empowerment that instills in a child. Nazif told him that they’ve been there and look where they’ve come, that one day, things completely change. That Nazif Jr. will also live his share of life until he gets to their age, and he prayed that God may give him a beautiful fate.

Mahir & Feride (Turgut’s place)
F: Mahir, we’re entering a house that belongs to two dead people. What am I doing? What are you making me do?
M: We’re here looking for the truth Feride. For the sake of my father, my mother, and that of Bahar’s. And even for Serra’s sake. They were your friends at work, and I understand that, but please, don’t back away now. Let’s look at these shoes and we’ll leave.
F: You’re right.
M: It’s all here. It’s all the same. Look, and this is exactly the size. Please Feride, would you take a look at its size? Is the size 44 like that of the body’s or is it 41? If these shoes’ size is 41, then the man lying dead in the morgue is not Turgut. Yes Feride, what’s the size??
F: 41! You’re right Mahir, Turgut is still alive!!!

Turgut & Mehmet Saim Изображение
T: We waited for you a long time Mr. Minister!
MS: Your passport, bank account, and an additional amount of money.
T: We’ve tired you with this.
MS: Security people are ready. You’ll go through it quite comfortable and without any questions or questioning.
T: We shall see. Tahir Soylu???? Tahir Soylu….hmmm……….

# Karadayi for English Speakers / Изображение karadayi 47
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ИзображениеKaradayı 48.Bölüm
petan написа:Ами май не е преминал границата намигане: В края на еп.48 дадоха, че двама гранични полицаи нещо си говорят (явно за Душко) Изображение ... само не знам как и от кой разбраха за фалшивата му самоличност

Яската и Махир го разбраха от онзи мъж, когото ошамариха и на когото извиваха ръцете, докато не каже, че издал фалшив паспорт на името на Тахир Сойлу. Изображение Не е ясно обаче как решиха, че точно този мъж го е направил. Явно той е единственият фалшификатор в Истанбул.

Мисля, че във фрагмана кадрите са разбъркани. Първо залавят Тургут, защото служителят на границата каза на колегата си, че търсят човек на името Тахир Сойлу, а колата на Душо е наред за проверка. Той избягва по някакъв начин и се свързва с министъра, който обещава да го изведе на всяка цена зад граница.

Ферито и Махир вероятно са тъжни, защото Тургут пак се е измъкнал. Те бяха толкова сигурни снощи, че вече му се вижда края. Да, ама не.
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Днес ми е много мързеливо и нямам муза за преводи.

Ще обобщя последната сцена.Изображение Изображение

Фериде уреди тази среща с Махир, за да му каже, че играта с годежа трябва да продължи. Помоли го да я изслуша без да я прекъсва. Той каза, че нямало нужда да говори, знаел какво ще му каже. "Не можеш да се откажеш от годеника си". Показва й вестника. Изображение Тя се опитва да обясни, че е отишла да помоли Синан да публикува снимката на Тургут и информация, че е издирван, мислила си е, че това би могло да помогне за залавянето му. Съвсем неочаквано е възникнала тази ситуация със снимката. И Синан не бил подготвен за нея.
Изображение Махир: "Тогава защо ме излъга. Защо каза, че си била в съда?" Фередие отговори, че се е страхувала, че, ако му каже истината, ще се върнат старите им отношения. Махир й каза, че тя не си е удържала на думата.
Махир: "Нали говорихме, че ще свалиш годежния пръстен. Аз ти повярвах. Бях толкова сигурен. Дори не те попитах дали сте се разделили. Ти наруши уговорката ни. Нарочно ли беше без пръстен онзи ден, за да ме накараш да повярвам, че сте се разделили. Опитваш се да ме заблудиш."
Фериде: Няма подобно нещо. Не съм си и помислила да те заблуждавам. Бях забравила пръстена, защото аз не обичам този човек, не ми е естествено да нося пръстена. Защо веднага крещиш? Защо не се опиташ да погледнеш на всичко и през моите очи. Мислиш ли, че аз съм щастлива от тази ситуация- да бъда сгодена за човек, когото не познавам. Не виждаш ли, че правя всичко това заради баща ти и за нашето бъдеще. Семейството ми не знае, че всичко това е игра. И аз, и Синан лъжем своите близки. Ние сме само приятели. Ако не беше така, той нямаше да ни помогне онзи път в болницата. Синан много добре знае, че не го обичам и че не може да очаква нищо от мен.
Махир: Фериде, не искам да виждам този човек до теб. Не разбираш ли? Ревнувам. Само като си помисля, че те докосва, че вдъхва аромата на косите ти и умирам. Ами ако се влюби в теб, ако направи нещо, за да открадне сърцето ти?"
Изображение Фериде: Махир, аз съм твоя. Умът ми, сърцето ми, тялото ми са твои. Аз съм лудо влюбена в теб. Не е имало друг, и не може да има.

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косе-босе написа:bgfan обичам те: Благодаря! [difus_18.gif] За превода на последната сцена! разтопяване: разтопяване: разтопяване:

+ 1 [480.gif] [480.gif] [480.gif] [480.gif] [480.gif]

ИзображениеKaradayı 48 Bölüm Son Sahne rus sub
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хай: ДУ Хулигани !!!
Английското резюме обичам те:

Episode 48 Summary.
5 декември 2013 г. в 05:11

Mahir & Feride: Изображение
He’s quite smart, isn’t he?
F: Of course, no one can accuse a dead person, especially of murder charges. But there’s something I don’t quite understand; how did that man get in the car? If Turgut wasn’t the driver, then how did the accident happen? Where was Turgut during all of this? Oh God I’m about to lose my mind, it’s all very complicated.
M: In my opinion, it’s not. It’s obvious that man was in the car. If you ask me, the poor man was already dead; otherwise, it’s very difficult that a person drives a car off of a cliff on purpose. At least, he would’ve hit the breaks, even for a second. Turgut had to get out of the car before the accident…..
Изображение (A flashback to Turgut & Serra, where Turgut tells Serra that they at the end of the road and he has to get off at this station, but she will travel until the end….and he jumps out of the car….Изображение
and back to Mahir & Feride
Turgut will definitely escape. We have to find him before he escapes. It would impossible to catch him once he’s out of the country. What are we going to do Feride? What do you think? How are we going to stop this man.
F: Now we have to find the prosecutor on call, and we’ll explain it all to him. Hopefully, what we have will make him comfortable enough to open an investigation. If the police doesn’t get involved, then even if we find Turgut, it’d be impossible to stop him at the border.
M: This is exactly what I’m afraid of. What if the prosecutor doesn’t believe us? Turgut’s friends are so many anyway, and it’s very difficult for them to confess. Come on, let’s go.

Turgut & Mehmet Saim: Изображение
I always said I’d go on a touristic exploration trip of Europe when I retire. It’s fate and destiny; nothing happens as we imagine it. I’ll go there tomorrow, and I’ll even settle there.
M: What are you saying Turgut? Enjoy the new life!
T: Of course, that’s how it’ll be, but to say that I’m not worried, I’d be lying. It’s not easy for a person to stay away from those he loves.
M: There’s no need to get emotional dear Turgut. As you know, I’m constantly going overseas, so if there’s something you really miss from here, I’ll bring it to you. Did you prepare everything? When is your travel?
T: I have a few small things to take care, if I do, I’ll leave tomorrow, if not, then the day after.
M: Good! This is not a farewell Turgut, there’s a long path we’ll walk together.
T: It’d be my pleasure Mr. Minister!

Ayten’s Wedding: Изображение
Nurten asks Ayten if she’s angry with Necdet, and he comes to ask her for their first dance, but she declines saying she has no business being on that stage. He apologizes and she asks him what she’s done to be treated like this on her wedding day, and that she wanted to be happy, which is why she wanted to sing that song for him. She told him he was supposed to like her voice, and he said he loved her voice. Then Necdet told her that he can’t share that with the world; on one side, he’s jealous, and on the other side, it’s not appropriate for his reputation. That once she signed the marriage contract, the microphone is out of the question.
ИзображениеAnd they dance…..which makes Nilay asks Yilan Berdan to dance with her, he says she must be joking. He said that he likes dancing, as long as a dancer is doing it for him, that he is paying one to come and dance for them and entertain them.

Mahir & Feride (Police Station): Изображение
I wanted to meet the prosecutor on call right now personally so he could accept the charges.
M: You’re great Hakime Hanim!
F: Mahir, it’d be better if you don’t meet with this prosecutor.
M: Of course, you’re right. I completely got carried away with my excitement. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you in Kemal’s room.
F: Okay.

Yasin, Kemal & Mahir:Изображение
Abi, your expulsion is over, and work has started. Will you play undercover still?
Y: Vallah my boss could throw my into another mission any minute. And it’s all my fault, I’ve left so many loopholes.
M: Is there tea?
Y: Of course, come in, welcome!
M: Feride is also here, I couldn’t convince you, but I convinced Feride. I even proved it. Turgut Akin is still alive gentlemen!
Y: What?
K: I also wondered like you, but I gave up when the blood results came back. The dead man’s blood group and that of Turgut’s match.
M: What’s your blood group Kemal?
K: O Rh+.
M: Mine too.
Y: Let go of this whole blood group thing, tell me what you found and proved.
M: I went and saw with my own eyes the man lying instead of Turgut, there’s a difference in their shoe size!!

Feride & Prosecutor:Изображение
The shoe size in the house is 41, but the body’s is 44.
P: Are you sure Hakime Hanim?
F: I’m quite certain Savci bey!!

Yasin, Kemal & Mahir: Изображение
Amazing abi, how did you get that?
Y: You have to excuse me Mahir, but I just thought you wouldn’t accept defeat.
M: What excusing you Yasin? Is there excusing between brothers?

Feride & Prosecutor:
Excuse me Hakime Hanim, but I don’t quite understand why Turgut would put that much effort into being dead.
F: I’ll tell you why Ziya bey. Turgut bey is a suspect; I believe Turgut bey is the main suspect in the murder of Savci Suleyman, and other crimes.
P: It is Turgut Akin you’re talking about. I know him very well.
F: That’s what we all thought, but we were fooled. Turgut is a member of a gangster group. If we leave him be thinking he’s dead, he’ll kill so many other people. Which is why, Savci bey, I’ll plea with you to investigate this accident, and issue an arrest warrant against Turgut Akin.

Nilay & Yilan:Изображение
Orhan watches as Yilan tells Nilay, while completely drunk, that he misses kissing her, that she’s his woman, and Nilay asking him to get into the room.

Mahir & Feride:Изображение
F: When the prosecutor issue the arrest warrant, they’ll be looking for Turgut on borders and everywhere, he can’t go anywhere. And the real killer of Suleyman abi will finally be behind bars, and your father will be released.
M: This about this Feride, everything was dark 3 or 4 days ago. There was no hope for my father. Turgut was crushing us every minute, but now he’s running from us. We proved he’s the killer, and very little is left. Turgut will be punished for what he’s done.
F: All this happened because of you Mahir. You made everyone believe it, including me. You never retreated from proving it, and you never lost hope. It is you who saved your father from the darkness to the light.
M: That’s really good, I like that you are appreciating me. But don’t think that you have nothing to do with this Hakime Hanim, if I wasn’t the luckiest man in this world, and if fate didn’t put you in front of me, there would’ve been no chance for my father, or for me. Thanks to you, my father got his freedom, and I got my love. No one can come between us. These hands will not separate until death.

Necdet & Ayten:Изображение Изображение
Necdet tells Ayten that he has to carry her in to the house as his wife because it is tradition. She’s worried about his wound, but he tells her that it doesn’t matter because she’s with him. He tells her that he imagined that moment for a long time, but he thought it was the one dream that could never come true. He gives her a necklace as a gift, she says it’s very expensive, and he tells her it’s nothing compared to what he’ll do for her. He goes to kiss her but she walks away, and she reminds him of his promise to her, that even if she becomes his wife, he’ll never touch her until she willingly comes to him. He says his promise still holds and walks away.

Mahir & Feride:Изображение
If only you'd have let me drive you home.
M: And then I worry to death wondering if you got home safe or not. No, this is much better! Have a good night beautiful eyes. Put your head on the pillow with peace and be comfortable, you deserve it!
F: Mahir! It’s over, isn’t it? Everything will be okay, and we’ll find each other leaving the movie theatre together. Normal days, easy days will come, but it will not test us. And days where only our love will keep us warm, right?
M: My love! The reason for my living! I’ve promised you; you’re the breath I take. My only goal in life is to see your face smile, and your eyes shine. Let’s start thinking of our children, of having a daughter with eyes as deep as yours, and with a heart as big as the sea, and we’ll name her Deniz (sea). She’ll remind us that there is another life. Lines will appear on our faces; not from agony, but from laughter. You’re everything to me, you’re my everything Feride...
F: Mahir! I have something to tell you.
M: Isn’t that your dad’s car?
F: Yes.
M: I’ll go because my staying here is not good. You broke the engagement recently. God give you comfort Feride.
F: Stupid Feride, stupid!!

Feride & Mehmet Saim:Изображение
Good evening my dear father.
M: Wasn’t that Sinan with you in the car? Where did he disappear to suddenly?
F: He was with me, but he had to go back because it’s getting late.
M: Feride, I’m starting to get angry. I also love Sinan. You’re both young, you walk and go around, and I’m going easy on this, but society doesn’t accept such behavior well. You either behave better, or we’ll have the ceremony soon and I’ll feel more comfortable. This engagement is getting too much.
F: Father! I will tell you something very important. Turgut is alive!
M: What? He’s still alive??? You mean there was a mistake?
F: No, the exact opposite. He wanted everyone to assume he’s dead, and the new prosecutor is on top of it, all policemen will be on the watch for him.
M: What kind of a dream is this Feride? What type of man is he? We never really knew Turgut, never!
F: I’ll go to my room and rest a little father.

Nilay & Orhan - Yilan:Изображение
For the love of God, don’t hit me.
O: God, please give me patience.
N: Please, I beg you, don’t do it.
Y: I said you were mine, and that’s all there is to it!

Feride & Melih:Изображение
Abla, what are you doing, Neşe is sleeping?
F: Excuse me, she’s with you this week, I forgot.
M: Are you okay?
F: I’m not Melih, I opened all the doors and windows everywhere, but I can’t breathe, I’m choking.

Mahir & Safiye:
As long as your face laughs like this, I will not exchange that for the world.
M: Very little is remaining mother, very little. You’ll hug my father exactly like you’re hugging me.
S: Ah my Mahir! Only if he would walk around the house like before. Sometimes, he wouldn’t be able to sleep until late at night, and I used to get angry. Only if he’d come now and not sleep for as long as he wants. It’ll be enough for him to be in our house.
M: He will mother, he will inshallah. I’ll tell you something else mother. The ring I gave back to you, your ring, you still have it, right?
S: Are you serious my Mahir???
M: This time when I put the ring on her finger, I’ll bring her as a bride to this house.
S: I knew it. I knew this girl didn’t go to another man because of malicious intent.
M: It’s all over mother, thank God! Feride still resides as a judge on my father’s case, and she ended the game she was playing. Where is the ring?
S: Oh, I’ll bring it!

Feride & Melih: Изображение
Abla, I can’t believe this. You went and threw yourself into the fire well-knowingly.
F: I can’t help it Melih, I can’t help it! It’s very painful to be without him. To not be able to see him and to be deprived of him is like hell. I get bane. I feel worthless without Mahir looking at me. And now when he learns I didn’t break off the engagement, he’ll go away again. And my sun will disappear again.
M: Abla, you’re still thinking about what Mahir will say in a situation like this? You’re very silly. Think about your family, your father. Father is still thinking you’re living a serious relationship with Sinan. Do you know what he said to mom recently?
F: What did he say?
M: He said if it wasn’t her fiancé, I would’ve dealt with her more severely for the night she spent with Sinan. Are you aware of that?
F: I have to break it off with Sinan. On one side there is the committee, on another there’s father, and on another, there’s Mahir. I’ll tell you something but it may make you quite angry with me. The love inside me burns so much, that no one and nothing matters to me anymore in this world. I can’t handle making Mahir sad.
M: And does father’s sadness matter to you abla? Do you know what it means to break it off with Sinan with only a few days left for setting up the parliament? This means the end of Mehmet Saim Şadoğlu, you don’t care about that? Your love will be the reason for ruining this family. This Kara family will be the reason for destroying the Şadoğlu family, sister. Doesn’t that make you sad?
F: You’re not going to help me?
M: Abla, I...finally started to speak the same language as my father after all these years. He embraced me after all these years. After all these years, he said “son” to me, after all these years. Do you know what this means to me? I can’t get into a path that will make him sad again. I can’t do something behind his back. Just like you didn’t listen to me when you were getting into this, and you considered me a stranger, and you didn’t ask for me help, then don’t ask for it now. Please!

Nazif & Nazif Jr.: Изображение
Nazif Jr. tells his grandfather that he didn’t want to sleep, because if he does, morning will come quickly and then they’ll send him home, and he’ll be grandfather-less all over again. That he misses him a lot while he’s in the house, and that he misses his smell and he goes to his room, and his grandmother hides Nazif’s coat without washing it, so he takes it, wraps it up around him, and that makes him quite warm as if it was his grandfather who’s hugging him. That he misses his stories, and sometimes, he tries to tell stories to himself, he starts, but then forgets how it goes after that. Nazif tells him that he has an idea of what they should do; that he will tell Nazif Jr. stories until morning, so he memorize them and tell them to himself when he goes back to the house.

Feride & Kerime:Изображение
Feride, wake up daughter. There’s a phone call for you.
F: Who is it?
K: A prosecutor, his name is Ziya or something like that….oh God, you would not have run like that if I had asked you to do something.
ИзображениеF: Good morning Ziya bey, maybe you have good news for me, did they catch Turgut?

Erdal, Mahir & Ilknur: Изображение
His escape has become quite difficult. We reached the end dear Mahir. Once the button’s result are ready, then the innocent will have their freedom back.
M: Inshallah abi, inshallah.
I: Please, help yourselves before it gets cold.
M: Ooh, eggs and tomatoes!
E: Dear Mahir, if you would permit it, I’d also like Ilknur to work with me. We’ll discuss the salary, but she’ll come at 9 am and leave at 5 pm. She’ll sit and take notes.
I: I told Erdal abi the other day, that if he needed help, as you know Nazif will start school soon.
M: You want to work Ilknur?
I: Yes abi. I can help in this house as well, with your permission of course. And not because we need it, but instead of my sitting her in the house being useless, and Nazif is not here. I’d be very happy if you’d allow it abi.
M: Well, as long as this is what you want, then I can’t leave you at better hands than with Erdal abi. Congratulations!
I: Thanks brother.

Orhan & Süreyya - Girls: Изображение
Good morning.
O: Is Yilan here?
S: He never hears the morning prayer here.
O: Is breakfast ready?
S: The girls must’ve prepared it upstairs….
(he goes upstairs and the girls say good morning to him, they say that their man is here and offer him tea)
O: Where is Nilay?
Girl 1: What Nilay? She didn’t get up yet.
Girl 2: How could she get up with a snake going on top of her.
S: What happened? Supposedly you were hungry?
O: I’ll wash my hands and face…(and goes to Nilay’s room) Nilay, it’s me. Open the door Nilay, it’s me. I’ll break the door if you don’t open...Nilay!!
N: Go! I’m in no condition (mood) to see anyone.

Mahir, Erdal, Ilknur, Songül & Safiye --- Feride: Изображение
Thank you. Erdal abi, tell my father that I’ll come see him.
E: And we’re leaving here soon, right Ilknur?
I: We’ll leave after I organise this place Erdal abi.
SO: Why didn’t you wake me up?
SA: I don’t know, maybe because it’s your last day at school.
SO: Abi, I’ll receive my diploma today.
M: Songul, you’re the pride of this house. You put a smile on our faces in these dark days. My graduate sister!!!
SO: Abi, I want to ask you something.
M: Go ahead, ask.
SA: Because she’s been so little of her brother, permissions to be asked for are piling up.
SO: There’s a graduation party tonight at school, and I’d like to join it if you could allow it.
M: Certainly. I’ll take you there and come back to get you afterwards.
SO: No, don’t bother yourself with this and get distracted from what you have to do. I’m going with the neighborhood girls, and I’ll come back with them. They’ll take me from the door, and they’ll bring me back.
SA: I know her friends Mahir. I’ll do what’s needed, don’t worry.
M: Okay, I’ll come to pick you up. Have a good time. If no one else has any permissions to ask for, I’d like to go to the shop. (someone is knocking) Feride, come in.
ИзображениеF: Good morning to you all.
SA: Welcome daughter, please come in, tea is still hot.
F: No, I just had some, thank you... Mahir, do you have five minutes?
M: Of course, let’s go.
F: Have a good day!
M: See you later.
SA: Goodbye!
Ilk: In my opinion, Hakime Hanim is making up excuses to come here…
SA: Don’t pout, they got back together.
Ilk: Really? What about the engagement?
SA: She broke it once her trial was finished. Mahir asked for the ring back …
Ilk: Good, what’s important is that she doesn’t make my brother sad.
M: What happened? Why do you look sad?
F: I saw prosecutor Ziya, he says that there isn’t enough evidence. He won’t open an investigation to arrest Turgut.
M: What does he mean: there isn’t enough evidence? Didn’t you explain everything to him?
F: I did, but he kept saying what if those shoes belonged to someone else, or a friend of his? I couldn’t make him understand that turgut doesn’t have a relative or a friend.
M: So everybody thinks that Turgut is dead except me and you…
F: Yes, that’s right. And my family is getting ready to go to his funeral today.
M: We have to find evidence.
F: What evidence Mahir? Today that body will be buried and Turgut will start a completely new life that nobody knows about.He holds her hand.
M: Let’s go!

Turgut, Mehmet Saim: Изображение
Prosecutor Turgut’s funeral’s today after the ‘Asr’ prayer… Ooh… I see that you’re grieving Mr. Minister. Shouldn’t you get ready for the funeral?
MS: You’re having a lot of fun, aren’t you?
T: Not everybody gets the chance to see his own funeral announcement.
MS: That may not happen, watch out.
T: Something happened…
MS: Feride doesn’t believe that you died.
T: Why is that?
MS: Something about the body that is supposed to be yours, its shoe size doesn’t match with yours…
T: Bad luck! Who’s the smart one who came up with the idea of comparing shoe sizes? Mahiiir, this is the work of that shoemaker…
MS: What does this mean? Feride doesn’t see him at all!
T: Feride or Mahir, it means that she saw the body, what are we going to do?
MS: Prosecutor Ziya, the one Feride’s seeing, I got to him. I told him to say that there isn’t enough evidence.
T: And?
MS: Have you ever seen me ask for something and not get it Mr. Turgut?
T: Great, great, finding someone to replace me is easy for you then, you already found yourself a new “Yaver”. Good then.
MS: You criticize instead of thanking. You make sure you disappear quickly. Before the order to arrest you is given.

Nazif, Nazif Jr, Dalyan: Изображение
Nazif is making things up to make the prison seem less dreadful to Nazif Jr, like someone who brings them ‘simit’ to the break, but the boy doesn’t buy it, then Nazif Jr tells his grandfather that he changed his mind and that he’s going to grow up, become like his brave uncle and come back to save Nazif and Dalyan from there.

Ilknur, Erdal, Songül, Safiye:
I’m sorry brother Erdal, I made you wait. I couldn’t find my ID; they won’t let me in the prison without it.
E: It’s Ok Ilknur.
SA: Are you going out my daughter?
Ilk: We’re going to go bring that little devil.
SA: Ilknur… Say to your father hi from me.
Ilk: Mother, believe me, you are worrying for nothing. Father must have forgotten a long time ago that he was mad at you.
SA: Inshallah my daughter, Inshallah.
Ilk: Goodbye my dear Songül.
E: Goodbye.
SA: What are you still doing here my daughter? The school bell is about to ring.
S: My friend will come and we will go together.
SA: My daughter, you will be late.
S: It’s okay mother.
SA: Good, do what you want, I’m going to Hadia Hanim, and I will give her son a shot. You can close the door, I have a key.
S: Okay.

On the phone, Kemal, Yasin, Songül: Изображение Изображение
Komiser Kemal.
S: Hello, it’s me again. I wanted to ask if Yasin came…
K: You’re lucky this time, he has just entered the office. Here he is…
Y: Yes?
S: Yasin?
Y: Songül!
S: How are you?
Y: I feel alive now that I heard your voice, my life.
S: I’m late for school; I just wanted to remind you of my graduation party, this evening. I know that you’re busy. You didn’t forget, did you?
Y: How could I my little darling? I’m ready, I dressed for it, and I’ve been waiting for this day since a long time. You get your diploma and I will confront Mahir.
S: Will you?
Y: Of course I will. And I will come this evening. Your first dance will be with me. Don’t make promises to anyone else.
S: I promise.
Изображение Y: Mahir, Feride…?
S: My brother is there?
Y: Yes sir.
S: Okay I’ll hang up.

Mahir, Feride, Yasin: Изображение
Good day boss. What’s the problem?
F: The prosecutor decided to ignore my complaint.
Y: How?
F: There isn’t enough evidence.
M: We have to find another solution.
Y: Like what?
M: We don’t have much time left; the dog could run away in any moment.
F: I don’t even want to think about it, but he may have already run away yesterday.
Y: Wait a minute, wait a minute, calm down… If we can’t prove that it’s not Turgut then we can prove that the body is not his. What I want to say is that, in the end, if the body is not Turgut’s, it belongs to somebody else, does it? Let’s find out who that is!
F: How?
M: Of course that person must have a family, maybe he’s missing.
Y: Yes, exactly. I will look into the missing people’s files, do I send tea?
M: Yes please.

Songül, Osman: Изображение Songül discovers that Osman works in the shop, she asks him why he didn’t tell her before, and he tells her that she’s the one who didn’t want to see him anymore and that she shouldn’t care about what he does in his life.

Feride, Mahir:
I will not forgive myself if Turgut gets away this time too. He cannot win this time Mahir.
M: Don’t worry, we will find him.
F: Mahir… I want to tell you something.
M: Say, my girl with the beautiful eyes. I’m listening to you, tell me.
F: But I can’t talk if you look at me like this.
M: What happened my dear Feride? You’re scaring me.
F: Mahir...
Y: Okay ladies and gentlemen, these are this week’s missing people’s files, we’re lucky that there are only 13. Let’s split them and look into them without losing time.

In the prison: Изображение Dalyan plays hide and seek with Nazif Jr, when Serdar comes to tell Nazif that he has a visitor.

Ilknur, Nazif, Erdal: Изображение Изображение
I can’t bear to see sadness in my father’s eyes Erdal, especially when I’m the cause.
N: Until this day, my heart was never hurt because of you my dear Ilknur.
E: Hello brother Nazif, I will leave you alone.
N: I was sad because of what happened to you, If only I could prevent it. And if I didn’t succeed in that. If I could, I would have at least, shared some of your pain.
Ilk: Your breathing alone is enough for me. Your warmth is my strength. The little devil was your guest. He didn’t make you sad, did he?
N: What is sadness my dear Ilknur? Sit down. If only you knew how I much I missed starting my day with my grandson’s scent. I don’t want make you relive the pain Ilknur, the pain of losing a son never ends. Get well my daughter. May god show you some good days for Nazif.
Ilk: Amen my dear father. To every one of us. May god protect you for us?
N: I get very sad in these moments, where I can’t be by your side. Because I can’t keep you under my wing and protect you. Is it fate? It gives everybody pain and joy, but you suffered from successive pains my beautiful daughter.
Ilk: It’s finished now my dear father, I’m good, will be better, It’s enough for me to know that you’re not sad.
N: Are you sure my beautiful daughter? Of course you know better everything you’ve been through. But marriage is not a simple signature at the end, of course Bulent must’ve made a lot of mistakes and made you very sad, but don’t forget that he’s the one who can really comfort you, will you?
Ilk: You’re right my dear father. Dear father, mother says Hi too.
Serdar: The visit is over; I will bring the fugitive and come Nazif Kara.
N: Don’t touch him, I … I will bring my grandson to you myself.

Mahir, Feride, Yasin: Изображение
Yes, here he is, I found him, “Hayati Ulutaş”…
M: Are you sure?
F: As sure as my name is, the man’s height, weight, everything matches with the body that we found, the man was arrested before for stealing and kidnapping, he and Seyit Durak were in the same gang.
M: Yes, he’s the man we’re looking for.
F: His address is in the file too.
Y: Let’s go, they will bury the fake Turgut this afternoon, let’s go now!

In the prison: Изображение Nazif Jr and Dalyan are still playing hide and seek, Nazif comes to take him to his mother but he doesn’t want to, Serdar doesn’t wait for their conversation to finish, he tries to take Nazif Jr, but Nazif and Dalyan don’t let him do that. Nazif tries to convince him that the prison is no place for a little boy. At the end Nazif goes unwillingly.

Mahir, Feride, Yasin, The dead man’s wife: Изображение
Come in. Since policemen and judges came to our door, you’re bringing me news of death.
F: Let’s talk first, when is the last time that you saw your husband?
W: He was very considerate, he always went and didn’t come back, but he used to tell me what time he’d come back. He was honest.
M: Okay, didn’t you go to the police?
W: No, my husband didn’t let me go to the police; he’d break my legs if I did. I made some relative ask about him, but it’s like he disappeared, a big man that no one had seen or heard a thing about.
F: Did your husband used to know Seyit?
W: He’s his friend from the military service. Is he the one who hurt him?
M: Did your husband have an accident? Did he have an injured eye?
W: No, his eye was fine, an artificial eye. My cousin brought it to him a month ago from Germany. He didn’t even have that in his life. Even that was too much for him.
F: Okay, we’ll keep you informed of any updates, thank you.
M: May god helps you.
W: Thank you, Amen, May god helps us all.
F: Now we have evidence. They will find the artificial eye. I have to call prosecutor Ziya to ask him to come to the Forensic medicine’s court. And let’s see if he can refuse to open an investigation then.
Y: Inshallah we’ll get there before them burry him.
M: I’ll drive please, you and Yasin are right, we have to hurry.
F: Mahir please don’t do this to me, I can drive the car faster than you if I want to, don’t talk to women like they’re all inexperienced, it’s really bad and not polite.

Orhan, Süreyya Hanim: Изображение
Why behave like this? As if the man knows when she won’t eat.
O: Who are you talking about?
S: Nilay! She locked herself in her bedroom again, but she will get out, everyone will leave and what will she do if she doesn’t…
O: Maybe she’s not well.
S: How can she be? Berdan was beating her all night, if he didn’t loved her, I bet you my hand that he would’ve killed her. It’s what he does. He attacks her like a beast, beating and swearing as if he were fighting. That’s love for him. Damn love… But tomorrow he will surely send a ring and a necklace, and he will win her heart back, than the same thing will happen again… But she’s a tough girl, one girl before her died on his hands, if you saw her… She was saw young, 21 years old, I wrapped her in the shroud with my own hands. Where are you going? What happened to you? The girl and the fun is his, none of your business! Do you understand? Listen to me, I will kill you! Stay away from Nilay! Understood? Who am I talking to? If you touch her, Berdan will kill me and you and all of us, not only the girl! Understood?

Mahir, Feride, Yasin, the prosecutor: Изображение
Mahir, as you know, this place is for forensic medicine, you should stay a little far, maybe stay in the car…
M: I’m waiting for the good news, may Allah be with you.
F: Stop! Wait a minute, is this for Turgut Akin's funeral?
Man: Yes.
F: You won’t take it anywhere; I will give orders for another examination.
Z: Hakim hanim may Allah forgive you, you keep interrupting this funeral. Mr. Turgut’s soul won’t find peace because of you.
F: Mr. the prosecutor, this funeral is not for Mr. Turgut, I told you before, me and Komiser Yasin conducted an investigation. This funeral is not Mr. Turgut’s funeral but for Hayati Ulutaş, and we have strong evidence that proves it.
Z: And what’s that evidence?
Y: Hayati Ulutaş has an artificial eye, but as you know, Turgut’s Akin doesn’t have an injured eye.
Z: Let’s get him in, the doctors will examine him.
F: Come on…

Nazif, Songül: Изображение Songül brings her diploma to her father who gets very emotional…

Feride, Yasin: Изображение Изображение
Your trial went okay…
F: Yes.
Y: I was very glad that you kept your job and the case Feride.
F: Thank you.
Y: I was glad for the other thing too.
F: What thing?
Y: The thing that you ended with Sinan, I didn’t see Mahir like this since a long time, his eyes were smiling, and he truly is deeply in love with you.
F: Is Mahir the one who told you that it’s finished? Yasin, I …
Y: Mr. the prosecutor?
Z: I saw the doctor, he examined the corpse immediately, I witnessed it, you were right, the dead man has an artificial eye, it was much damaged in the fire, but the doctor is certain that it’s an artificial eye.
Y: That means that it’s not Turgut Akin’s body.
Z: Yes Komiser, the dead person is not Turgut Akin.
Изображение M: What happened? Did he believe you?
F: We did it Mahir! We did it!
M: Is it done? Did he believe us?
Y: Even if he didn’t, we have strong evidence in our hands; even if Turgut talked to him he wouldn’t have convinced him. It’s real.
M: Did he give the order? Do the police know about the accident?
F: He called them in front of us; the police of the city and at the borders are on full alert. Turgut won’t get away …
M: Thanks god.

Melih, Kerime, MS bey: Изображение MS bey and Kerime were heading to the funeral when Melih told them that the funeral has been cancelled and that Turgut is alive.

Mahir, Feride, Yasin: Изображение
It smells so good… I’m like a hungry dog. I’d better eat quickly! Enjoy your meal! I will attend to the engagement; I won’t be late, okay Mahir?
A voice from Yasin’s talkie walkie: All units, your attention please, we have an order to arrest Turgut Akin, Arrest him when you see him!
Y: See how the police started to look for him immediately? I hear “Turgut Akin” “Turgut Akin” everywhere. I’ll be the first to pay a visit to that dishonourable prosecutor!
M: I hope they arrest him before he reaches the borders.
Y: Don’t worry, the police is on full alert, they will catch him before he gets there.
M: What if he got a fake ID? What if he crossed the border with a fake ID and Passport? How will they recognize him and arrest him?
Y: How did we not think about this!
F: What do we do now?
M: We don’t know his fake name…
Y: Get up Mahir, get up! We will go to every falsifier, we’ll find the one who falsified the ID and under which name is the passport.
F: Come on, let’s go!
Y: But Feride, It will be better if you don’t come.
F: Why is that?
M: Yasin wouldn’t say that if he didn’t know something…
F: What thing? I want to know too.
M: It means that this is no place for a woman.
Y: Exactly.
F: I’m not a woman, I’m a judge, I go wherever I want, and I face outlaws every day in court.
M: Go home my love, let us solve this, you go home and I’ll call you to tell you what happened, okay?
Y: Let’s go Mahir, let’s go!
F: Yasin, Mahir, if that place is that dangerous please take care of yourselves!
M: Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything.
F: Okay, goodbye.
M: Whose engagement is today?
Y: A friend of mine, you don’t know him…

Songül, Safiye, Ilknur, Nazif: Изображение Songül, looking very pretty is ready for her graduation day, but Safiye won’t let her go unless she takes little Nazif with her.
Ilknur is asking Nazif Jr. not to piss off his aunt at the party. The girl is asking Songül if this little boy is coming along with them. Nazif got angry and told her my name is not little boy, but Nazif. Songül replied that he has to come otherwise she can’t go. The girl said that her family is so weird.

Yasin, Mahir and the forging-documents-man: Изображение
Man : How can I help you?
Y: Perhaps you could help us starting with this photo.
M: I don't understand.
Y: This came from your hand.
M: I still don't understand anything.
Mahir: You fabricated an identity for this guy... A passport.
M: Who are you guys?
Y: Answer without asking questions, did you fake documents for this guy?
M: I don't know what you're talking about!
Y: Are you lying and playing with us?! Answer! Did you do forged documents for this guy?
M: Leave me!
Mahir: Stop it! Don't make me [beep] things up with you! Let's talk nicely. Did you do it or not?
Mahir: What's his new name?
M: Don't remember!
Y: Are you playing with us?
Mahir: under which name?
M: Let me try to remember
Mahir: This is not going to end good! Say it!
M: Tahir!
Y: His last name!
M: Tahir Soylu!

Sinan and Feride: Изображение
Sinan’s secretary is telling him that his fiancée Feride has come. He replied is there any need to ask, and to et her in!
F: Hello Sinan... Don't mind me, I came without calling or anything... I hope am not disturbing you.
S: What are you saying! You can come anytime you wish. My door is always open for you.
F: Thank you. You are a very good friend. I don't know to repay you, but I am going to ask you for one last favour!
…and the employees came in singing for their patron and the old man is telling him: We've become one of the best newspapers especially after you came on board!
F: Congratulations but I am going now so I am not in the way of this gathering.
S: No, not without you!
One of the men is asking them to pose for a picture for memento.

At the party… Изображение Nazif is asking his aunt to drink the lemonade as it's so delicious and she said she doesn't want to. Nazif said as you wish.
Изображение Osman came praising Songül and how she became so beautiful and that's she's the most beautiful girl at the prom. Songül said you too are handsome, Nazif didn't like it! Osman said how could he be handsome while this little charming boy is here!
Osman: Is he your boyfriend?
S: No, Yasin is! He will be here in a bit.
Osman: I see... Have a good time you two.
N: What does he mean with boyfriend?
S: Eat your cookies.

At Sinan’s office… Изображение
Sinan is thanking his fellow colleagues and saying if it hadn't been for them this newspaper wouldn't stand on its feet! The old man said it's all because of you (AGAIN!!!) and he said to Feride that he asked Melih to come but he couldn't as he is after something, a story. "If I knew you'd be here I would've insisted on him coming". Feride said "he would've been angry at me because I kept him from his work... Congratulations again. I wish you all the success".
Sinan said since this party is over am expecting even more strong newspaper tomorrow!
S: where did we stop Feride?
F: I wish I came some other time. I interrupted your celebration, you couldn't finish it.
S: Stop it. Tell me what's happening? Why do you need my help?
F: I've told you before that I figured out who is the general deputy's killer. Do you remember?
he nodded yes.
F: This killer is Turgut.
S: Turgut Akin?
F: Himself! He's running away, probably out of country... Even knowing that the deputy gave an order to search for him but still I am concerned that he might escape... That's why I thought of this: if you could publish his photo in your newspaper, perhaps someone could recognize him and help us out. So what do you say? Can you make it for tomorrow's edition?
S: Of course dear Feride, I owe you.
F: Thank you very much. Youhave helped me a lot.
S: Our mission is to help justice... Where's your ring? Is it bothering you?
F: No the ring is fine, but honestly I forgot as our engagement is fake. I think the same goes for you. What the soul and heart can't accept, the mind doesn't as well.
S: You're right, yes. The same happens with me.
F: I am going now it's too late... I won't keep you. Thank you again for everything.
S: As you wish... Don't worry about the story tomorrow. It will be all set.

Mahir and Yasin: Изображение Изображение
No one is left not to know his name, we gave it to all the units. Everyone can sleep in peace now, and I can go to the engagement party.
M: If I can ask you one more thing? I don't want to call her home and cause problems, so if you could tell Feride...
Y: Sure, the judge must not worry.
Y: Good evening can I talk to Feride Hanim, I have some information for her.
Kerime replied that she's not home yet...
Yasin asked her to tell her when she gets back...
Mahir said she was supposed to be home; it’s been hours now, and he's worried that something could happen to her since this Turgut is wandering outside.
He said if he touches her he will kill Turgut himself.

Sinan and Riza: Изображение
You asked for me
S: Come Riza, arrange the photos that our reporter took this morning, pick up the ones that I am close to Feride and tell Halit to put it inside… No, let it be on the front page under the headline saying: “Sinan Koca’s fiancée did not leave him alone at his special happy day".
R: As you wish, it will be clear, trust me.
S: I want the love to be shown and read about.

Yasin, Mahir and Feride: Изображение
Yasin is asking Mahir to calm down and not to worry, Mahir replied that it's out of his hands and that Yasin will never understand him if he is not in LOVE...
F: Mahir are you going to make me kill you?
Изображение M: You already killed me with worry! You said you're going home, we called you and weren't there! Where were you? I thought you were in some trouble! I went crazy!
F: I went to the court to meet prosecutor Ziya, everything is fine, don't worry... I am sorry.
M: You almost made me go crazy!
Yasin said that everything is good now and told Feride that they found Turgut’s fake name and that they reported it to the police so he will not be able to escape!
Изображение Feride said it's a great news, and Yasin said he'll wait in the car.
M: Ahu gözlüm, don't do this to me again! I was terrified that something bad happened to you.
Изображение F: Do you really love me this much, Mahir?
M: Like my own soul!
F: Mahir... I wanted to tell you something before at the police station but could not... After all we've been through, I don't know if this is important but I want to talk to you about something... Can we meet up at Kemalettin’s tea garden tomorrow morning?
M: We can talk now if you want to.
F: No, I can't now, plus Yasin is here and you came with him so you better get back and I am late as well.
ИзображениеM: OK, good night.
ИзображениеY: Where shall I drop you off brother?
M: Where will you drop me! Don't you have an engagement to go to?
Y: No brother, it's already late.
M: I am sorry I kept so you long.
Y: It's okay, plus it's my work and something good came out of it. So home?
M: Yes but I’ll stop at Songül's school first... She graduated today, and I told her I’ll come to take her back home.

Songül and Osman: Изображение Изображение
Why aren't you enjoying the party? Come, let's dance before the party ends.
S: I don't want to.
O: Songül, you earned this joy the most, the dance and laughter as well because you worked hard for it and instead of enjoying it, you're sitting and being sad! You'll miss the night... Will you be staying with this heartbreak? Let him burn for not coming.

Mahir and Yasin picking up Songül: Изображение
What's with the hurry?
Y: Well brother, I thought we should come quickly so your sister will not wait all alone. What are you looking at?
M: Why are you so stressed?
Y: Because of everything that happened today and I am trying to catch the guy... Come on, you get her and I'll have some air.
Изображение But Mahir changes his mind.
M: Yasin, you go get her?
Y: Why brother? Why should I go pick her up? Why? What do you mean?
M: Now that I am here, it will seem like I do not trust her, as if I came to control her. Plus your attire is more suitable.
Y: So I am going in?
M: If it does not bother you.
Y: No... What bothering? So you said "go in and get her”?
M: Do you have a problem?
Y: Noooo... I will go get her.
And Yasin loses composure. Изображение Изображение
O: What happened Songül?
Y: Songül! Your brother is waiting at the car.
Staredown between Osman and Yasin.
Y: I will take him.

Feride is looking at her “engagement ring”... Melih comes in Feride’s room: Изображение
Are you busy?
F: Come Melih.
M: I was still not convinced... I was curious. What did you do? Did you talk to Sinan? Or to Mahir? Did you make a decision?
F: It does not matter what my decision is, Melih. There are requirements for what I want to do to happen... All I am thinking about is to start a new life with Mahir and leave everything behind. Two people starting a small world... But I cannot do it... I cannot call off the engagement to Sinan as I am getting closer to capturing Turgut. The Court’s judge has implicitly warned me, and that attracted a great deal of attention... In fact, it is chiefly the time for me to stay on the case.
M: It means you are giving up on Mahir?
F: I cannot give him up. But if I tell him tomorrow morning that I still have not called off the engagement to Sinan, then he will go... Maybe he will leave me forever...
Melih (you pest, I am still mad at you. But I also still love you.) holds his sister’s hand to try to comfort her.

Mahir, Yasin, Nazif Jr. and Songül in the car: Изображение
Eh, how was it? Was the entertainment nice?
S: It was very nice, abi! We had so much fun.
M: You deserve it. Are you going to bring the diploma to father?
S: I went today to see father, abi! I cannot tell you how happy he was.
Y: Look Mahir what happened when we were running around.
M: Eh little one, did you think? What are you going to study?
S: I will become a prosecutor, abi. I will study law. There is nothing else in my heart. Not even things like offspring, marriage and so forth...

Изображение They arrive at the Kara’s household. Mahir asks Songül to pass him Nazif Jr. and he says that the little rascal slept a lot. Mahir and Safiye bring Nazif inside as he is sleepy, and Yasin congratulates Songül in a distant fashion... Songül is disappointed and hurt, shakes his hand and thanks him. He tells her that she is beautiful, but she leaves without saying anything. Mahir comes back out and invites Yasin to come in and drink coffee. Yasin refuses saying that he should go because it is late. Mahir insists on him coming in, but Yasin says another time hopefully. Mahir thanks him for everything and wishes him a good night.

Изображение Nilay is in her room looking at her bruises. Orhan is waiting in front of her room, and she opens the door. Orhan takes the opportunity to enter her room:
Pardon... but what are you doing here?
Orhan moves her hair away to take a look at her face...
N: Get out.
Orhan is furious at what Yilan Berdan has done to her, he hits the door...
O: How could you let him do this to you?
N: As if I let him do it...
More door hitting.
N: You are feeling pain right... You are depressed because of this. You were hurting because of what happened to me right? Because you do not want to leave me alone, because you are in love with me. I am in love with you too.
Изображение And they kiss.

Mahir gets out of the house and greets a few people from the neighbourhood...

The Yazıyor boy yells out loud that Savci Turgut Akın is not dead.
M: Give me one newspaper, you young fella. Kolay gelsin.
Изображение Mahir is happy to read the news until he reads the other news about his Feride:
“Sinan Koca’s fiancée did not leave him alone on his happiest day”.

Изображение Tahir Soylu, well... Turgut Akın is getting ready, and contemplating his new identity/style in the mirror by practising how to say his name in 1000 different voices and asking himself how he is doing today/speaking to himself.

Feride is leaving the house in a hurry: Изображение
Sister, good morning!
F: [/b]Good morning.
M: Come, the breakfast is very nice.
F: No, I do not have the appetite Melih.
M: May luck come your way.
F: Thanks.
KM: Feride? Feride wait! Eh, I missed her! Look, Feride looks very nice on the newspaper. I wanted to show it to her. Did you see it?
M: What newspaper?
Melih became shocked when he looked at it.

Turgut/Tahir leaves for the border in the car with the almost completed deflated tires...Изображение

Изображение Mahir arrives at their place, hitting the newspaper with everything on his way, sits down and starts playing with his moustache out of nervousness. Kemalettin’s wife greets him and gives him a cup of tea.

Изображение Turgut is enjoying himself and looking at his new passport, thinking of the new life he is about to start... He asks the driver to open the radio to listen to something and he starts humming to the song like an idiot.

Feride came to the çay bahçe (I love this jealous, angry Mahir...): Изображение
Good morning. ... Mahir! Do not answer to what I am going to say now, listen to me to the end tamam?
M: Hakime Hanim, no need. I understand what you want to tell me.
Изображение He throws the newspaper to her direction...
M: You will not give up on your fiancé.

Turgut at the border gate...Изображение
Oh dear, there is a queue?
Chauffeur: Yes sir.

A police officer goes to warn the others... Изображение
You need to be on your guard... The escapee’s real name is Turgut Akin, and his name on the passport is Tahir Soylu.
PO2: Alright.

Back to Mahir and Feride: Изображение
Believe me, it was not planned like this! I just went to him to ask for help to find Turgut. Then those journalists came in and took this photo by coincidence! Even Sinan did not understand what was going on! The journalists wanted to flatter the patron with this news! Sinan had no knowledge of this, I am sure! Believe that there was no other intention behind this... I thought that if they put Turgut’s picture in the newspaper, it would facilitate the task of arresting him...
M: Feride. If it is so, then why did you lie? Why did you say that you were at the courthouse?
F: I was scared! I was scared that you would revert to your cold, rough self Mahir. Yes, maybe this picture conveys something different but...
M: Feride! This news is not important to me. Did we agree to this? You coming to me like this without removing the ring? You broke the agreement that we made. You could not keep your promise. I believed you that much! I did not even doubt! I did not even ask if you left him or not, I was sure of it! I was sure that you kept your word!
F: Mahir, please listen to me for a second, I am trying to explain to you!
M: I will not listen, Feride! You are trying to trick me. You removed that ring especially for this? You removed it to make me believe that you broke off the engagement, right?
F: To trick you? It did not even cross my mind. I forgot! It never became a part of me because my heart did not want it. That is why I did not wear it.
M: Is this your way of not having it a part of you? (sarcastic)
F: How selfish are you Mahir Kara? You are not even asking why did it come to this! What I did was for your family, and for our dreams and future! The high court has politely said to me that if I leave my "fiancé", they will take me off the case! Do you understand?

It is Turgut’s turn to pass the border... Police officer approaches his car... Изображение

Back to Mahir and Feride: Изображение
Look at my face for once to see what I am living through. Do you think that I am pleased with being engaged to a man that I do not know? Are you aware of the situation that me and my family are in? How pressured I feel? My family does not know that I have made a deal with Sinan! Me and Sinan are gambling with our lives! We both are lying to our families simply for the case! Sinan and I are friends. If we were not, would he have come to the hospital to help us out? Besides, he knows that I am in love with you! I am telling you that he is not waiting for anything from me and you still hue and cry (fret and worry)! How uncomprehending are you?
M: Feride! I do not want to see this man by your side!! Do you not get it that I am jealous?! I am dying of jealousy when I think that this man has touched you, smelled your hair!! Why are you not getting this?! What if this man is in love with you or if he does something to steal your heart from me? I am dying of fear!
F: Mahir... I am yours. My mind, my heart, my skin (or body) are yours. I am in love with you. Not with someone else, that will never happen...

Karadayi for English Speakers [difus_18.gif]
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Мнениеот gamebgtv » Чет Дек 05, 2013 6:27 pm

Господ е на небето, а Опел-а е на шосето!
Любовни афери ООД
Любовни афери ООД
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Re: Karadayi / Хулиганът 2 сезон - 8 тема

Мнениеот vichom » Чет Дек 05, 2013 7:40 pm

vasilev написа:Ако го отчитат ще трябва във всяки епизод да има... и целуфани и кексове на корем! ....Не знам тогава как ще изглежда сриала?

Ще му сложим [18plus.png]

ИзображениеKaradayi 48 Mahir - Feride and Yasin 1 part rus sub
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хай: Благодаря за фотките, резюмето и коментарите! обичам те: [c06.gif] Да не влизам с празни ръце :
Изображение Karadayi 48 Mahir Feride Yasin 2 part rus sub
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Добър вечер, добър ден май кат мене няма друг луд фен [kangura_crazy.gif]
Ето още малко от el be Изображение Karadayi 48 Mahir Feride I am yours... rus sub
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ИзображениеKaradayı 49.Bölüm
добро утро: Добро утро, Хулигани! Както казва колежката Георгиева, няма нощ ,няма ден, аз ли съм най-лудия фен??? луда:
Това го взех от фейса-едно бързо преводче на английски за да имате представа за какво си гукаха гълъбетата обичам те:
Feride: I want to be always here, Mahir. You became mine. I hear your hearth's voice.
Mahir: Well, I can't promise but one day, someone will come on my chest.
Feride: My God, my God! Who will be?
Mahir: the one who comes from your and my soul, ahu gözlüm. Our baby.
Feride: You say it, it will happen ha?
Mahir: Why not? But I want a boy and a girl.
Feride: How will it happen Mahir? We live our love secretly. How will we become a family?
Mahir: As long as we live, you will be my children's mother Feride. I won't leave you any more. Whatever you say, whatever you do, I won't leave you! My woman, my family, my life is you Feride. I promise you, we will have an ordinary life. The life will be... We will think the happiness hand-in-hand. The life will be... When I come to home, you will open the door..Our children's laught will run over the streets..
Feride: You will close me to home ha? You say to forget the justice?
Mahir: Can it happen?! Can it happen?! If I do that, I will harm this country. I will always be proud of my woman. Because of your intelligence, brave and big heart.
Feride: Thanks to you Mahir, thanks to you. If my heart eyes is opened, it's due to you.
Mahir: Don't I keep all my promises? I will keep it again! If it needs, I will write the destiny. I will make our dreams real Feride!
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Re: Karadayi / Хулиганът 2 сезон - 8 тема

Мнениеот g_georgieva08 » Вто Дек 10, 2013 10:17 pm

Karadayı 49.Bölüm Mahir Feride Sahnesi

Feride: Mahir! Accept it! Because the time and people come between us, evertyhing has changed so much! You are not like in the past for me. You've blacked your eyes. Maybe you forget me, accept it!
Mahir: Forget? I lived with your absence, like a poison! I've not deleted your name for a second! To feel your smell, I came out against myself, Feride! Maybe it's normal in your world! But I can't stand it! I don't want to hear another man's name from your mouth! Ηe always comes close to you, his eyes are on your eyes! I'll destroy him!

Mahir: Your hair, the color of your eyes, the smell of your skin, the voice of your heart, all, all of them are mine! You are mine, Feride! You are mine! I am yours, too. My life is sealed with my love for you!
Feride: I love you...
# Addicted to Our Apollo
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Сря Дек 11, 2013 3:59 pm

49 Episode Summary Part 1.
11 декември 2013 г. в 03:49

Here is what we are going to be doing. Until Nadine comes back, short summaries will be published. What is meant by short is that only the important events will be translated. The [...]s mean anything we have skipped out and will complete soon in the next hours. Anything secondary will be translated later if time permits. The unnecessary parts, well, you get the idea...

Mahir and Feride at the Çay Bahçe:Изображение
M: Feride! I do not want to see this man by your side!! Do you not get it that I am jealous?! I am dying of jealousy when I think that this man has touched you, smelled your hair!! Why are you not getting this?! What if this man is in love with you or if he does something to steal your heart from me? I am dying of fear!
F: Mahir... I am yours. My mind, my heart, my skin (or body) are yours. I am in love with you. Not with someone else, that will never happen...
They kiss passionately (at least I found the kiss was passionate), and hug each other...
F: I missed you so much, Mahir. I am breathless without you, Mahir.
M: Same here, my life. Me too, my lady... To be living without you it not living at all. To not smell your scent is like a day without daylight for me. You are my yesterday, my today, and my end, Feride...
They hug again.
F: Thank you God...

At the border:
The police officer tells the other to report that they have caught the Savcı and he will be brought to the police precinct, when in fact, they have caught the anteater-looking chauffeur.

Sinan and Necdet in the car: Изображение
To make the long story short, Necdet tells Sinan he informed YBerdan about the shipment to which Sinan asks why he told YB about it at the last minute. Bla bla bla. Sinan says he likes to be one step ahead everyone else, and tells Necdet to do his duty and to do just like YB wanted; be the lead of the shipment. He says he will send a man that will stay with them, driving the truck. To deliver the goods, Necdet will bring them to a depot in Beyköz, and to wait until things calm down so the goods can be dispersed. Sinan tells Necdet he will get his share. But any setback better not happen. Necdet says sarcastically that Sinan Изображение Paşa's wishes are his commands and tears the note with the depot's address on it.

Back to Feride and Mahir: Изображение
M: Ah Feride, ah... You are making me do the things I say. I must not look into your eyes, catch your smell now.
F: Allah allah... Then do not do it. I do not want the beauty of it to be forced, yani. If it was not for the heart, what can we do? We call it fate.
M: You are telling me to be and stay without you? Really?
She kisses him to shut him up, episode 22 anyone?
F: Whatever there is in our destiny, let us live it together, hand in hand, Mahir Kara. I am not scared of anything when I am with you.
She rests her head on his shoulder.
M: Alright but what are we going to do, Feride? Can love exist with the woman who put on another man's ring other than mine?
Great timing for Yasin to interrupt them.
Y: Ahemmm...
M: Welcome brother! Come.
Y: Thanks.
F: What is up Yasin, we were not waiting for you, did something happen?
M: I am the one who told him to come. I thougnt maybe he would bring us the latest news. Is there any new developments?
Y: Not yet, abi but it is around the corner! Eh... And how are things with you two?
M: Are you not hungry? Do you want something to eat?
Y: Sister! Is there any simit? Our stomachs are growling!
F: Shhh! One moment...
They listen to the walkie talkie.
Officer: Attention to all police officers! The criminal Tahir Soylu that was being sought after has been arrested at Edirne’s border gate.
Y: That does it! That dishonourable has been arrested!
F: Mahir, we saved your father!!!
M: Hopefully Feride, inşallah... Let us go.

Изображение Ilknur goes to ask Songül for help... It is her first work day and she does not know what to wear. She has a couple of outfits but as much as she looks at them, she cannot reach a decision. Songül says she cannot reach a decision herself, she does not know which school to choose for her studies. Ilknur tells her to choose any, it does not matter as long as she studies...

ИзображениеWill spare you the Orhan and Nilay scenes for now no matter how adorable they may be... Anyway he just slipped her a note asking her to meet him somewhere.

ИзображениеIlknur Safiye Nazif scene will be translated at a later day...

Изображение Mahir, Yasin and Feride have arrived at the police precinct:
Y: Please welcome, you two go in first. It is your day!
F: Mostly Mahir's.
M: Let's hope we won the war. Let's go!
They enter.

ИзображениеAgain, will spare you Orhan and Nilay.

ИзображениеYasin, Mahir and Feride in the office:
Y: My boss is in the room. I talked to him, and he will let us in. Me and Feride.
M: Did you see him? It is Turgut right?
Y: No, I have not seen him yet. But I am sure it is him. Let us go, miss judge.
F: Calm down. Take a deep breath. Everything will be alright. Turgut's game is over. Trust me.
ИзображениеInside the room... Yasin and Feride enter:
Boss: Welcome miss judge. This is our suspect with the Tahir Soylu passport.
Feride's face is priceless.
F: This is not Turgut Akın!
B: Yes, I am aware of that hakime hanım.
F: Where is Turgut?
Anteater-looking man: I do not know who Turgut is.
F: What is your name? Turgut did not give you that passport?
Dude: No.
F: You do not know Turgut? The prosecutor himself.
Dude: No, I do not know him. Never heard of him.
F (sarcastic): Oh really... You did not read the newspaper, neither listened to the radio yani. So you also have no idea about that falsified passport, neither about his crimes. REALLY?!
B: Hakime hanım. Do not worry, we will question him. What does he know, who does he knows, we will find out by force if needed. Take him out, it is finished.
Изображение Mahir could not hold himself any longer and went out to check on them.
M: He escaped again, right?
Y: How can this be, abi? I swore that they caught this dishourable savcı!
M: No, he is just very clever. But we will catch him soon.
F: Yes... So what are we going to do now?

ИзображениеMamafih got himself a lift... Goes to make a phone call to Mehmet Saim bey:
MS: Yes?
T: What is going on, Mehmet Saim bey?!
MS: Turgut?
T: I was at the borders not too long ago, but they found out my new name! If I had not found out beforehand, I would have been arrested! Unless my arrest is your choice...
MS: Do not say nonsense, Turgut!
T: I am asking you clearly! Did you sell me out?!
Изображение MS: Listen to me carefully. ... I will find a way to take out abroad. But do you not dare being seen outside. Did you hear what I said? Do you not dare doing anything crazy. Calm down.
Turgut hangs on MS' face. Turgut goes to find himself a place to hide - a burn down villa.

Necdet talks to one of his men, Selim. He tells him he needs a depot urgently. He offers Necdet the one they usually use, but Necdet says impossible because they need a place that no one knows, that no one can access and that they should not leave any breadcrumbs behind them. Selim tells him he has a place in mind, and Necdet asks him whose place it is, how big is it... blah blah blah.

Изображение Ilknur gets to Erdal's office... Very excited to start her first day at work. She cleans up the place...

Изображение Back to Yasin, Mahir and Feride in the office:
Y: We were able to find out the real name and address of the man that was arrested instead of Turgut. We have launched an investigation. Maybe this dude will speak up and say something about Turgut.
M: What if Turgut found a way to get out?
Y: That would be difficult, but probable. That dishonourable was this close after all...
M: We need to find out if he is inside the country or not!
F: Let us say he is still inside the country. What could we do? He can be anywhere... Maybe he went back to Istanbul?
M: You are right. If I was in his shoes, I would also opt not to come back. We must leave no avenue unexplored to find his whereabouts.
Y: What does this mean? We let him walk freely?
M: At all! If I had one last thing to do in life, it is to find Turgut.
F: Good but how?
M: We need to make a plan.
F: I would love to be one of yours but I have a trial...
M: You go Feride.
F: Tamam, but do not do anything without me. We need to do everything together.
M: Do not doubt this, miss judge.
F: Then we shall see each other this evening at Kostas' house.
M: Alright with me, Yasin?
Yasin nods in approval.
F: See you.
M: Look well after yourself.
F: You too.
He gives her a kiss on the cheek.
M: Yasin. Can I go give the dude a visit? Can I go inside the cell?
Y: I was wondering when you would say this. Wait for me here, I will come back.

Изображение Ayten goes to see Necdet at the Casino. She tells him that he told her everything is over. He tells her his men are here, to wait for them to go inside, then she can ask him whatever she has to. She throw him the newspaper on his chest and says that he lives! Necdet says then good... He will kill him then. Ayten does not believe him. Necdet holds her back. Queue the unnecessary self-harm... He says he will not let this man be an obstacle between them after standing up in front of her and made her his wife. He will kill Turgut with his own hands he said.

Mahir and that annoying dude inside the cell. They are asking him where is Turgut, where he ran off to and why he sold the dude off. The dude refuses to speak and says they already have questioned him so he has nothing to say to them. After the dude started to get on their nerves, Mahir asks for Yasin if there is a key for this... Yasin says of course there is, could there not be any? he will go run and get it for Mahir. The dude tries to act big in front of Mahir, but Mahir tells him he will soon see...

Skiiiiiip Nilay Orhan...

Mahir gets inside the cell. Guy tries to hit Mahir but Mahir administers a nice Osmanli Tokadi on his stupid face:
M: It will depend on how long you take to answer. Where is Turgut? Where did he go? Answer me, man!
D: No way I have no reply for your attacks.
Dude tries to attack Mahir, but realises that he lost the battle a long time ago...
M: Come clean! Did the man get out of the city? You will answer me now. Did Turgut cross the border?! Where is he, where did he go?!
D: I do not know!
M: What do you mean you do not know?! You did not go with him while preparing the passport? That means you were with him!
D: He went... He gave me money and left!
M: Did he cross the border? Did he cross the border?!
D: No, he went back!

Изображение Ilknur and Erdal in his office... He comes in and is surprised by the new change of space... Ilknur tells him who called, what they wanted etc. Erdal is shocked... She asks him did she do something wrong, but Erdal says no... He likes, and says she must have tired herself, but she says no, no matter much much she does, it is not enough. She tells him he gave her hope back.

ИзображениеFeride and Umit bey:
F: Everyone is surprised and worried... Until he is arrested, no one will be at ease! Ah Umit abi... you said something about Turgut's office doorlock. Did Adem bey give you the key?
U: He did, whenever you want you can go inside and look.
F: Tamam... Did the button's report come to the courthouse yet?
U: I called this morning, and they said that it will come tomorrow.
F: Understood.

[will be completed by tomorrow] Serdar comes in the cell to tell Dalyan that he has a visitor. Dalyan asks him who the hell he is. Serdar says if Dalyan does not want to see anyone, he can go tell the man to leave.
D: Why did you come efendi? Speak up. [...]

Mahir goes to see Iskender Akın:
I: Come in.
M: Merhaba.
I: You did not find Turgut? Why did he want to pass himself as dead? Is it because of the woman that was in the car's death?
M: Yes...
I: Why though? Why!
M: Because he is the one behind the murder of the Başsavcı.
I: But... I read that it was a shoemaker that killed him. Even his son committed identity fraud... It is you?!
M: I did not want you to get the wrong idea. But... I am looking after Turgut to prove that my father is innocent.
I: Get out.
M: I know that it bothered you, but I need to find Turgut!
I: Get out!
As Mahir leaves, Iskender bey has a heart attack or something. Mahir goes to save him.

Nazif baba suspects something is wrong behind that visitor that visited Dalyan. He asks him what is up, Dalyan says nothing, but Nazif says he will find a way to find out what Dalyan is hiding.

The nurse tells Iskender that they scared him, and that if he feels ok she will leave but if he needs anything, he just has to tell them:
M: Are you ok?
I: What do you want from me?
M: Nothing! I want nothing. It is enough to know that you are ok.
I: Whatever he is doing, wherever he is, I do not know anything. He has not come for a long time... Maybe for a month, maybe longer...
M: Tamam, do not tire yourself. What matters is your health. I will not bother you again.

Feride in the car listening to Sensiz Saadet Neymiş, touching her lips remembering the kiss...

As Mahir was leaving the pension, the Nurse goes to tell him that Iskender bey wants to see him.

Turgut calls MS again. Turgut asks him if MS has found a way. MS says it is the only thing he is working on, and he will flee Turgut out of the city through the sea. Turgut asks when, right away? MS says that nothing is that easy... He said he is working on it, but it is most likely taking place tomorrow evening. MS tells Turgut that Feride came, he needs to hang up. Turgut says he will call again tomorrow morning and hopes that all will go well.

Kerime is nagging Feride about the wedding to Sinan again... She shows Feride bridal gown magazines to choose a model for her wedding... Feride tells her that she did not think about a dress model at all because of the amount of work she has to do and that Kerime hanim is getting herself carried away with the wedding - they tell her a wedding will take place but no date is set! Kerime asks why is it so? Feride tries telling her that things are not well between Sinan and her, Kerime quickly cuts her off asking if they had an argument. Feride says yes, they cannot come to terms and Kerime tells her not to carry on, because if her father hears that, he will not take it well so whatever the problem is, Feride has to solve it. MS asks who they are talking about, KErime says Feride was talking about stuff happening in the courthouse...

Kerime goes to answer the door, and MS goes to talk to his daughter:
MS: I was looking for you. Is there any new developments regarding the Turgut issue?
F: No. We thought the man we arrested to be Turgut, but he is not.
MS: Feride... You are trying to prove that Turgut is guilty... I wonder if you are not wrong? Do you have any proof in your hands proving that he killed his wife too?
F: Everything is obvious baba. The man next to Serra had Turgut's belonging. It is obvious that they changed places.

Kerime and Sinan... She tells him that there is a problem between them, why is that? They upset her. Sinan says so that means Feride said to you that things are not going well between them, right? Kerime asks him if she can do anything to solve the situation... Sinan says actually yes there is... He wants to surprise Feride and bring her for vacations to a chalet, and that they need to be alone a little... Kerime is very happy (stupid goose, piss off). He asks her if she can support him in that without Feride noticing anything... She says of course my Sinan, all he needs is to ask her for help.
(Ok so I am sitting here picturing me being the giant and them the minions, and stomping on them incessantly... PESTS)

MS tells her that there is no evidence, no witness and no motives to prove that Turgut has committed the crime... In the end, he is a well respected prosecutor and that she was even calling him Mr.... "He came to our house for all these years... if he was a bad man, would we not have known this by now? I mean, I am still not understanding this whole thing." Feride tells him that she will prove it and MS will be the first one in the whole country to know about it. MS asks her if she is not wrong in her investigation, maybe Turgut is really dead... Maybe he was assasinated? Or maybe there is someone messing with her mind.
F: Baba! I am sure that Turgut is guilty. He is a gun smuggler, a killer. I will betray him and his gang members. In addition to this, he has helpers that are very powerful... Whoever they are, I will bring them all to jail; you shall see.

Sinan comes in the house... Feride asks why did he come here... MS says how can she say such a thing, this house is also his house. He can come whenever he wants. MS invites him to sit down.
S: I heard the police's news... Turgut escaped!
F: Yes unfortunately.
K: Sinan, you will drink coffee yes?
S: If it does not bother you. An idea came to mind, if it does not bother you. After we published Turgut's picture, we received a notice from someone. So what I am saying is if we offer a reward to catch Turgut, then more people that see him will contact us. There will be no place for him to hide.
MS: Will this make them call?
S: If the reward is big enough, of course they will.
MS: Who will give the reward?
F: Me. Baba, it seems you have forgotten about my case and my job... If needed, I will give all my money that is in the bank.
S: Uncle MS... It seems you did not like the idea?
MS: OH... To the contrary, I like it.
F: I think this is a very good idea, Sinan.

Back to Iskender and Mahir:
I: I will ask you one thing. Did Turgut really do it?
M: Yes. This is actually the reason why he is on the run. I want your approval.
I: Are you sure?
M: Yes.
Iskender tells Mahir how he tried to make Turgut a man, how he tried to raise him, held his hand, punished him when needed, but all of this with no gain. He has such a fire inside him that either he hurts himself or someone else. Iskender is scared that Turgut does something to him, because of course, Iskender knows what Turgut is capable of. He tells Mahir, since they found him guilty, then let him get his punishment. He then tells Mahir to publish a news about him dying and wanting to see his son. He says Turgut will not come because he loves his father, but rather to come spit in his face and see him die. Mahir asks if he sure, Iskender says yes he is sure, Turgut does not love him at all. After the flashback, Iskender says just like he told Mahir, he will come running at the opportunity to fulfill his last wish... He will come. Iskender has a flashback of how Turgut was "terrorising" him emotionally.

Flashback - Turgut and Iskender Akın:
T: I wanted us to stroll around a little, Commander Iskender.
I: Did I not tell you not to come here?
T: Ah, Commander, Ah! Your orders are not being listened to/followed by as they used to be. You like this. Very fresh.
Queue the eating like a pig with the funny noises.
T: Whenever I see Turkish fairy floss, an old incident comes to my mind. They were entertaining the guests, it was still during childhood... About 5 or 6 years old. I had eaten one, and the owner of the house had refused such a thing, I ate the second. Then, when back home, I paid a heavy price for my impudence. Do you remember which penalty was given? In front of me, three boxes of Turkish fairy floss was put, and force fed me until becoming satisfied. Do you remember this, Commander Iskender?
I: You came for this? You still have not become a man!
T: The landscape is delightful. My dad ate enough, you can distribute this to the residents here.

Feride thanks Sinan for the initiative. Sinan tells her next time, let him know if she is going to tell her mum that nothing is going well in their "relationship". Feride asks if her mum said anything, he says he will handle it. Feride says she owes him again, but Sinan says he has even worse news: her mum suspects Feride that she is meeting with Mahir. He tells her to be careful (can he stop with the cheek kisses please.) He says he will tell her about any news relating to Turgut.

Mahir, Yasin at Kostas' house:
M: I am coming, coming! Ah, it is you brother?
Y: You thought it was Feride? Should I have not came? I did not get the signal...
M: I am telling you to come in!
Y: No! I noticed! You two reconciled quickly. And since we have a lot of troubles, Turgut, the button and etc, you wanted some time alone... Now I... Look Mahir, I will go for a while, look it will stay between us!
M: Yasin, do not make me mad. I told you come, come on.
Feride comes in.
F: What is going on for you two to stand in front of the door?
M: Ehh... Nothing, nothing at all...
Y: We like to have conversations standing up. Is there any tea???
Mahir holds her back and hugs her.
F: What happened?
M: How was it hard to wait until you looked at me...
F: Mahir, it feels as if we are in a dream. And I am scared that something comes to wake us up. I would always pray when you look at me, but it feels like now something will happen and everything will come to an end.
M: My half... This is life! You take a look, and everything ends in a moment. This is life. And what you said ended gets revived once again.
As they were about to kiss...
Y: You did not forget that I am here right?! Okay, I do not want tea, come on already.
M: We are comiiiing...
Y: Eh Mahir, what did Turgut's father say? Mahir went to see Turgut's father, thought that maybe we could find a trail from him.
M: Iskender bey has accepted to help in any way possible. He even said to publish some news about the prosecutor's father dying. He said that Turgut will come specifically to see his father die.
Y: He may be right. What kind of a family is this...
M: We need to ensure the news is published everywhere... Turgut must think that his father is about to die.
F: Then I also have great news. We saw Sinan. Do not do this now, Mahir, listen to me first! He gave me an idea to find Turgut. It is about publishing Turgut's picture again and offering a reward to catch him.
Y: Great! The population will get a move on to win the money, and this way we will get to him! Mahir, accept it, this is a good idea.
M: Why is he doing this?
F: To help us, why else would he do this?
M: This is exactly what I am curious about. Why does he want to help us?
Y: Ya Mahir, do not exaggerrate! The man is doing something good! Why are you making a big fuzz out of it?
M: Good. Let it be as you wish.
F: Tamam, then let's tell him to make the news about Turgut's father dying claims.
M: Thank goodness that there is only Sinan's newspaper company in the whole country! As if the news are to be published in his newspaper only! Are you hungry? I will go prepare something.
Y: Stay here, I will go calm him down.

Ilknur asks Ismet to bring her to Bulent because Nazif misses his father very much.

Selim stands in the way to block the shipment. The driver, as he is about to go out to check why he is blocking the road, gets shot by Necdet. Both get rid of the man and steal the truck.

Yasin, Mahir and Feride at Kostas':
Y: Thank you Feride.
F: Bon appetit.
Y: It is late, I am going. Do you want me to drop you off?
F: No, I will clean the table and kitchen... I actually came by car, so I will go back home alone.
Y: Are you sure? Then we will talk again when the news is published and someone has reported Turgut.
M: Yes I am listening to you miss judge.
F: You did not misunderstand me right? I did not go meet him, he came to our house!
M: Mashallah, The man is also not leaving your home! So he is doing anything he can for the case huh? Do not misunderstand me, but the man's intentions are not hard to understand.
F: You are wrong... We are friends, Mahir... Sinan is a good person.
M: Feride! The man will come defend himself again to me!
F: Mahir… Just accept the fact that everything has changed after the time and people came between us. See, you cannot be like in the old days. You became an overbold man. Maybe, you have already forgotten me. Accept this…
M: Forgotten you? It was very bitter being without you. I have never erased your name from my mind, even for a moment. I even stood against myself when I wanted to smell your scent again. In your circle, these things may be very common… But, I cannot accept it. I do not want to hear another man’s name with your voice, let alone seeing him constantly running into you or looking into your eyes… I will destroy that man.
M: Strand of your hair, colour of your eyes, smell of your skin, and sound of your heartbeat, all of them is mine. You are mine, Feride. You are mine. And, I am yours. My life is the seal of my love for you.
F: I love you.
Stripping time. Queue every Kenan fangirl's imagination going in a 1000 directions.

Sinan is talking to his mum. She asks him how they are doing, if they have started the preparations for the wedding and such... Sinan says of course they have, Feride is also very excited. He says when she comes back he will give her all the informations on the wedding and make her part of the preparation... She says she will talk to his dad and she will let him know about the wedding date... She says Feride will be a very beautiful daughter-in-law... He tells her to tell his father that he has fulfilled all the instructions regarding work and there is no reason to be worried.

Skip Bulent the pig.
Treating Ilknur like crap. He tells her that she came to see what she left behind huh. She reminds him that he has a son from this family he was bad mouthing. She tells him his son misses him so much and she is here for this reason. Bulent throws a fit because of the name Ilknur chose, and says she did not let him make a decision on the name (he wanted Murat, name him after his late brother)... A while after talking to Ilknur, he accepts to go see his son tomorrow. She tells him to hold his promise to come. Blablablaaaaah.

Necdet hides the goods at the secret place and tells Selim they will see what Sinan will do about this, and they laugh.

Mahir and Feride after love making:
F: Mahir, let me always be here. Let it be mine and let me be the one hearing your heartbeat the most.
M: I cannot promise. Someday, someone else may come and be the owner of my heart.
F: Allah allah… And who would that be?
M: The one who is a part of you and me, my gazelle-eyed; our baby.
F: You think we will have one?
M: Why not? But I want a girl and a boy.
F: How is it going to happen, Mahir? We are even hiding our love. How will we build a family?
M: As long as I live, as long as you live, you will be the mother of my children, Feride. I will never leave you again. Whatever you say, whatever you do, I will not leave you. Feride, you are my woman, my family, and my life. I promise you, we will have an ordinary life; a life that we struggle for and a life that we experience its happiness and troubles together; a life that you open the door when I come home in the evening; a life that our children’s laughter will be heard from outside.
F: So, you are going to keep me at home? Are you telling me that I should forget about being a judge?
M: How is that possible? How is that possible? Then, I will be harming my country. I will be proud of my woman; because, you are so intelligent, courageous, and good hearted. I will always remain grateful to you.
F: It is because of you, Mahir. It is because of you. If I have started seeing things more clearly and if my bench has some meaning, it is all because of you.
M: Have I not kept all my promises? I will do it again. If needed, I will write the faith. I will make our dreams come true, Feride.
The nose touching was quite cute, and the little kisses. Ah, adorable those two.

Nazif and Dalyan scene to be translated tomorrow.

After Kostas' house when Feride is leaving:
F: There will come a day I will never leave.
M: Promise?
F: Promise. My only purpose will be to make you happy.
M: I am already happy, your honour.
M: Staying is harder than leaving. Do not make me sad any longer. Let me take you home.
F: Um… No… No.
M: Why?
F: There is no need. I can go. ... Do not look at me like that. I want to stay with you longer, too. But, last night, we almost got caught by my father. Seeing us together will kill him. Therefore, let me go by myself.
M: You are scared.
F: I am scared. I am scared that something may happen to him and we may be at odds again, Mahir. And, he is my father. You understand me, do you not?
M: Ok, be careful, my gazelle-eyed.
F: You, too.
M: What is wrong?
F: I beg you, Mahir… I beg you; keep your promise this time. Do not leave me behind without you… I loved our children a lot even though they were imaginary. Do not deprive me of my children. Give me a family.

M: Go now. Go now. Go now.
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Re: Karadayi / Хулиганът 2 сезон - 8 тема

Мнениеот vichom » Сря Дек 11, 2013 8:40 pm

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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Пон Дек 16, 2013 5:03 pm

Parts that were not translated in Part 1:
Karadayi for English Speakers

Dalyan and his man in visiting room: Изображение
D: Why did you come Fettah efendi? Let's see...
F: Your orders were clear, you said not to let anyone behind me (follow him). But...
D: But you are saying that authority is of no importance. Really?
F: Not at all! Is there such a thing... But since you left us, there were no regime, no order left. We will find a method, of course... It is not fitting for us to talk about what has been mentioned, but if you give permission, I say that I take down Barut (Necdet). Come and take the reign. All will know where their order and their place. Or else we will be ruined.

Nazif and Dalyan in the prison cell: Изображение
Nazif tells him the most difficult thing is one not finding a way out of his troubles... He has been looking to see since morning but in vain. He says that Dalyan's eyes are covered by a curtain, and his lips are sealed. That there is something overwhelming him and is keeping quiet, but Nazif can hear it in his heart. He then tells Dalyan not to avoid looking at him in the eyes. Dalyan does not answer, then Nazif tells him that he will be staying there, and will get up if Dalyan says his name, and he will erase sleepiness from his eyes. He says maybe there is no benefit from this, but he will listen to whatever Dalyan wants to tell.

Part 2:

ИзображениеSelim and Necdet at the depot: Selim gives him the key to the depot. Necdet says he has kept, loaded up, and locked up the shipment; Sinan will ask himself what happened to him?! And both are happy until the cops come to arrest him.

Изображение Mahir and family at home:
Safiye, Ilknur and Zekiye are chatting until Mahir comes back home.
Zekiye leaves, and Nazif tells his uncle if he knows that his mum started work today.
Mahir asks her how did it go, Ilknur says good and Mahir wishes her the best.
M: Where is Songül?
S: There is something bothering her, but I have not figured it out yet... She trapped herself in the room and did not come out. She did not even eat.
M: I will go check.
S: You are spilling everywhere, Nazif!

Mahir goes to check on Songül.Изображение
He knocks on door, but she does not answer, so he goes in.
She is sleeping, so as he covers her with the blanket, he discovers the ring in her hand.
Изображение Mahir goes ballistic upon the discovery.
M: What is in your hand? Give it to me. Give it to ME. What is this, Songül? Songül, I am asking you: what is this?
Songül starts to weep even more and refuses to speak up which drives Mahir crazy.
M: Who gave this to you? SONGÜL! Who dared doing this?! You are still young, who gave this to you?!
(Overhearing from Songül's room, Ilknur and Safiye are preoccupied with what is going on) M: Songül, say something! I am asking you, so say something!
S: Bismillah, what is going on??
Songül still refuses to open her pretty lips.
M: Songül! Why are you keeping quiet? Huh? Why are you not giving an answer? You are scared... You are scared that I will go hurt the person who gave this to you! ... How old are you Songül?!?! Look at me. LOOK AT ME! I will ask you for the last time: Who gave this to you? I know who it is... I know.
Mahir storms out of the house.
S: Wait wait my son, what happened? What is going on my daughter, why has your brother gone crazy?
So: Abi!!!!

[Dialogues for some scenes will be added at another day ... They cannot be done for now because of already known reasons.]

Изображение Necdet in the police car asks the "police officers" where they are going?
They get to that place and Sinan the baboon emerges. Thinking like the is the man.
Sinan tells them to unhandcuff Necdet and that they can go.
He tells Necdet he has spoken clearly to him, what kind of a man is he to play such a game on him? And he starts beating him up... (Mahir fights better than he does). Sinan tells him not to be scared and defend himself, and that Necdet was unsuccessful in this game he played...
Oh... a gun, feeling like a man now huh?
Necdet begs him to give him a chance. Sinan says he did give him a chance but he did not use it.

ИзображениеMahir gets to the shoeshop... Poor Osman is unaware of how his pretty face will suffer in a moment:
O: Good evening brother!
M: I trusted you! You have been warned! I have believed you!
O: What happened Mahir abi? What did I do?
M: Did I not tell you to stay away from my sister? Huh? Did we not come to terms?
O: Mahir abi... Why are you angry?
Mahir shows him the ring.
M: Are you the one that gave Songül the ring?
Songül followed Mahir and is begging him...
S: Abiiii!!
M: Go back home, Songül! Answer me! Did you give the ring to Songül?!
S: Abi I am begging you not to do this!
O: Yes, abi! ... Yes, abi! I gave it!
Uh oh, Mahir's hand lost control and gave Osman one hell of a Osmanlı Tokadı.
M: Get out of here! Get out! Go and do not let me see you at all! Songül, get going back home. Songül, GO BACK HOME.
S: Allah may you calm Mahir down...
I: Mother, let us go back in, the neighbours are looking...
S: I am not going back inside, I am already confused as it is! Hah, they are coming! Ah something happened, ayyyyy...
M: Get inside.
S: What happened my son?
Изображение M: Ask your daughter.
S: Come in so we can talk about it.
M: No, I am going mother. Or else I will cause an accident.

Feride gets back home: Изображение
MS: Feride hanım? Welcome back.
F: Thank you baba.
MS: Were you with Sinan?
F: No, I was with girls.
MS: Wonderful. Having such a difficult job, you have the right to enjoy yourself, of course. Were you with girls from the law faculty?
F: Yes.
MS: Good. Today, you and Sinan really made me happy. So I understand that it will be a beautiful marriage. You will take care of each other's profession, and support each other. I really like that. Your mum is very happy about the marriage... Maybe it is a bit late, but you finally found your soulmate. You found someone worthy, right and proper of our family. I will not hold you my little one, I will go read a little bit more. May you rest well.
F: Good night baba.

Back to Sinan and Necdet:Изображение
Sinan tells Necdet how he can no longer trust him, and that he can come out of the blue at any moment (basically telling him to be on his guard). Necdet says as Sinan wishes, may God bless him, he has pardoned him and promises him that he will not be a nuisance to him and his work... (It is so funny to see Necdet kissing one's hand... he never did it with Mamafih, why with Sinan? Pfft...) But Sinan says it is not that easy, he may apologise twice, plead once, but then it is his own death. He tells his men to leave Necdet here on his own to see if he will find a solution and then tells Necdet to not think that much, he is far from being done with him.

Perhaps it was sad to see Mamafih in such a situation, but now deserves it. Изображение

Изображение Mahir and Yasin at Yasin's home:
Y: You were fine when I left you! What happened? It is because of that Sinan, right? You are right vallah... What can I say.
M: The issue is not about Sinan, ya! Songül!
Y: What happened to Songül, abi?
M: You were right. I am sorry, brother.
Y: What are you talking about, Mahir?
M: I should never have trusted that Osman. I made a mistake. I went and brought him to the shop!
Y: What did Osman do?
M: I told him to stay away from my sister. I warned him, we made an agreement. But the son got up and gave her a ring! He proposed to her!
Poor Yasin, the shock in his face.
M: On top of that, she said yes since she has the ring! Yasin, how old is my sister! She is going to study! She was disloyal to me; she did this behind my back while looking at me!
Y: You did not do anything about this, hopefully?
M: What could I do? I took him and threw him on the street. But if I see him again, I will break his legs. He abused of my goodwill.
Y: I... will go make tea.
Y: Mahir... Osman was not the one who gave her the ring.
M: What are you protecting him from?
Y: I am not protecting anyone. He did not give it to her.
M: Then who gave it?
Y: I gave it.
Изображение M: What are you saying?
Y: I proposed to her because I love her...
M: What are you saying, man?!
ИзображениеPoor Yasin, he looks terrorised and upset at the same time... Come to mama, give a hug.

Изображение Necdet left to walk on his own...

Изображение Safiye is lecturing Songül:
S: You made me dead on my feet (be dead on one's feet, but can also mean sleep standing up).
So: Mum...
S: Well done Songül, well done! I could not look in your brother's face, neither to defend you. Did we brought you up like this? To take the ring that is given to you?
I: Mum, maybe his intention was serious.
S: How could it be serious? If he was serious about it, he would have faced her brother! Taking the ring means to give the girl in marriage! This is in accordance to our customs!
So: Mum please do not let my brother tell father!
S: He would not even dare telling your father this! The man would have an awful fright upon hearing this! We thought that you set your mind on studying! Turns out that miss is dreaming of marriage! What about becoming a prosecutor? Ah daughter, ahh ahhh! What will happen now? What will happen now daughter?
I: Mum, calm down please. Come sit down here, I will pour you some water.

Изображение Mahir went to search for Osman, but he mistook a homeless dude for Osman.
Изображение Yasin is devastated, and destroys some furniture and leaves.
Mahir finally finds Osman:
O: Mahir abi?
M: I am sorry Osman. I hope it did not hurt you too much.
O: Hah... No...
M: Why did you not tell the truth? Why did you assume responsibility?
O: You know why, abi... Plus it was not a duty like you said.
M: Hadi, come... We are both staying at the shoeshop for the night.
As they go Mahir gives Osman his jacket because Osman is freezing.
On their way, in short, Osman tells how she must be sad and devastated, he did not want this to happen to her blabla... Mahir tells him not to interfere with this, and Osman gets the message...

Изображение Yasin was waiting for Feride:
F: What is up Yasin?
Y: I am sorry to trouble you Feride. I thank you for coming.
F: What happened Yasin, is it about Turgut?
Y: No... It is about me.

Изображение Safiye/Ilknur:
Nazif is telling Ilknur that his father said he will come to see him right? Ilknur says yes he said he will come see Nazif, and that he, too, missed him so much.
I: Mum, you got up early?
S: I could not rest... Your brother did not come back. Where is he, what is he doing; I went crazy thinking about this... Songül is in her room?
N: Grandma, my dad is coming today! You know this sweets you made, can you make them again?
I: Is such a thing possible this early in the morning?
N: What time is it?
I: 9 o'clock did not come yet!
N: Can you show me the time when my dad will come mum??
Ilknur shows him on the clock.
Theeeeen Nazif tells what he will do with his father (no need for the useless details), and says since he cannot stay here, he wants to stay and sleep with him. Ilknur says let him first time, then they will talk about this later.
I: I need to go now though, or else I will be late. Mum, if you have any news about brother, call me ok?
S: Tamam my daughter. Good bye. [to Nazif] Come with me to the kitchen.

Изображение It is daylight and Necdet finally arrives home:
N: Abla, what are we going to do now?
A: I do not know Nurten. Should we go to the casino, I wonder?
N: Is brother-in-law in the middle of this?
A: Ah Nurten, for God's sakes, stop asking questions for a moment... I am trying to collect my thoughts. Nothing is coming to mind because my mind is not working. Hah!
Necdet: Ayten? Where to?
A: Where are you Necdet? A man came and sent us to the door!
Necdet: Who is this?
A: I do not know, he did not give information to us. He did not ask anything... He just said that this place is no longer our home. And he sent us out hastily.

Изображение Back to Feride and Yasin:
Y: Believe me that I did not know that she was Mahir's sister. I tried to stay away from her, but could not do it... Actually, you are the one that understands me the best...
F: I wish you had told Mahir, Yasin... Then he would have understood you. Now that time passed, it is only natural for him to feel like you have tricked him.
Y: We did not like each other at first. By then, it did not matter to me what I would think or say. But as time went on, we started fighting together for his father's case. We fought against crooks, we became brothers... I could not get up and tell him that I am in love with his sister while all that mattered to him was the problem with his father. And as I would not tell, it got more difficult. And such happened... But Mahir found out yesterday night. I saw in his eyes how much he was destroyed. Brothers became strangers over night.
F: I do not know what to say, Yasin... Mahir is right... But you did not mean it with malicious intent... You are right as well. Alright, what do you want from me, what can I do for you?
(love this Feride/Yasin talk... hope they also become good friends)
Y: I do not think Mahir will ever look at me in the face. I could not explain to him the dreams and plans for the future I had for me and Songül... He crossed me out this much that he will not listen to me anymore... I need your help.

Изображение Kerime and MS:
K: Ok... Do you think Feride is right? I mean, could Turgut be responsible behind the murder of the Başsavcı?
MS: Not at all! Not by a long shot. This allegation is only Feride's belief.
K: Of course not... Or did this Mahir play with her mind?
MS: I do not know Kerime, but I certainly hope it is not the case. If I see this man next to her, I will disown her!
K: Tamam, do not get angry.
Phone is ringing.
K: Answer...
MS: It is a national matter, do you mind...
K: Of course.

Изображение Turgut calls, he asks MS when he will go.
MS says tonight, when it will be dark, a boat will come take him. Turgut says beautiful, MS tells him to wait at this place but to be extremely cautious because there is a price on his head, and the public want that reward (so they want to catch him). Turgut asks who is the reason behind this? MS says to forget about who is the reason behind this, all he needs to think of is not to leave his location. MS says he will now go to Feride and try to see if there is any new clues/hints related to him - he will find out, and tells Turgut to avoid being seen outside; they need to be ready for anything. Turgut says he understood.
Изображение Turgut turns back and sees a man (his huuuh was funny)... He tells the dude to be careful... Too bad for mamafih, the man recognised him.

Nazif and Dalyan's man: Изображение
In short, Dalyan's man explains he needs Nazif's help. He tells Nazif that he came yesterday to see him. Nazif says since yesterday, Dalyan's state is not good at all. He says that ever since Dalyan's incarceration, there is no longer any regime, order left and they were all disturbed/unsettled by this, have deliberated and found a way to get him out of jail. Dalyan's man says the reason behind Dalyan's behaviour is he came yesterday to explain this to Dalyan but Dalyan did not give him an answer; so he would like Nazif to explain it to him. Nazif says he first needs to explain what he is asking about to which Dalyan's man says that Dalyan will change his testimony and say that he did not shoot Necdet and says that he will say he shot Necdet and take responsibility for it.

Изображение Mahir and Osman at the shop:
M: It is enough, it got clean, lad! Go buy some simit, we will make breakfast.
O: Tamam!
S: Ah, good morning.
M: Good morning mum.
S: You are better now, right Mahir?
M: I am like anyone would react to someone who betrays and tricks.
S: You are right my son... Me too I did not know what to say or how to feel as soon as I heard of what happened.
Azmi comes in: hi usta!
S: Mahir, my girl the judge called. She is waiting for you immediately. She said you know where to meet her at.
M: Thanks mother, alright see you.

Изображение Feride at the courthouse:
She calls Umit bey.
U: Allo?
F: I need to go out immediately, Umit abi. If there is anything happening, handle it.
U: Tamam miss judge.
Meanwhile, the button's report came in.
U: Come!
Man: Umit bey, merhaba! This came from the forensics. This is a report concerning the murder of the Başsavcı Süleyman Yılmaz. An autopsy of a button, something like that. Miss judge knows what it is anyway. But do not lose it please.
U: No no, do not worry.
Man: Good day, sir.

ИзображениеMS tells to Vedat (is it me or the cars drive really slow.) to bring him to Feride at the courthouse... until he sees her driving from the opposite lane. He tells him to make a turn, to go back as she is about to get away.

Изображение Nazif cries because his father still did not come to see him. Safiye tells him maybe something came up and will be late? She tells him to eat, but Nazif says no he will wait for his papa. Safiye says but by the time he comes he will be very hungry and he says he is not hungry and will not eat. He runs out of the house.

Изображение Sinan's ferret-looking helper Rıza comes into Sinan's office and tells him that someone called and said that he knows where Turgut Akın is hiding. Sinan asks if he provided an address. Rıza shows him a piece of paper. Sinan tells him lets go then.

Изображение MS is following Feride. Vedat offers to signal to her so she can stop but MS says there is no need to hurry because he wants to see where she is going. Wishing they had moose around in Turkey so it would run across the road, causing Vedat to crash that car. Wishful thinking.

Mahir arrives, Feride does so shortly: Изображение
M: We have been waiting for a long time, Hakime Hanım!
F: What can we do? A girl can play hard to get.
M: Oh really?
Her smile was really sweet.
As they hug, MS' face is priceless. We would have had more for our money if he suffered a heart attack as well.
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Re: Karadayı-Кратки резюмета на сериите преди официалния пре

Мнениеот petan » Пон Дек 23, 2013 10:19 am

50 Episode Summary
23 декември 2013 г. в 02:58

Having said short summary right... Is this supposed to be short? Anything with [...] will be corrected at a later day.... Possibly tomorrow.

Mahir arrives, Feride does so shortly:
M: We have been waiting for a long time, Hakime Hanım!
F: What can we do? A girl can play hard to get.
M: Oh really?
Her smile was really sweet.
As they hug, MS' face is priceless. We would have had more for our money if he suffered a heart attack as well.
Queue the whisper from the graveyard...
MS: Feride...
They sit.
M: I will sit next to you.
F: Tamam.
Our Kemalettin's wife makes her appearance again.
KW: Welcome miss judge! Enjoy!
F: Thank you.
MS still cannot believe what he is seeing. What is taking his heart so long to have a myocardial infarction?
Kemalettin's wife comes to him.

KW: Sir, welcome, are you looking for someone?
MS: Get away from me.
Her reaction was priceless...

Back to Mahir and Feride:
M: What happened?
F: There is something I want to talk about with you, but you will listen to me until the end, with no interruption. Promise?
M: Since you are taking precautions, then it means that it is something that will make me throw a fit.
F: Uh... no, it is nothing to be angry about.
M: Then say what it is, Hakime Hanım!
Kemalettin's wife rambles about MS and she tells Mahir it is a man who made her mad, and tells them bon appetit and if they need anything, to let her know.
M: Ehhh Hakime Hanım? You were saying something.
F: I talked to Yasin this morning.

MS in the car is not feeling ok, Vedat asks him if he is fine and MS says he is fine, there is nothing wrong and tells Vedat to keep on going.

Back to Mahir and Feride:
M: I must not think about the issue, Feride.
F: Why Mahir?
M: Because I do not want to break your heart. Because this issue is between me and Yasin.
F: Why are you this angry? It is as if you do not know how it feels to be in love and how it fills the heart. Is there anything to be mad about two people that love each other?
M: But you would be mad at someone backstabbing you. He lied shamelessly to me! And while I was telling him about what I kept secret the most, he tricked me!
F: But it was not his intention!
M: Ah, do not start me with the intentions, he went and gave a ring! I cannot bear it when this comes to mind.
F: Mahir... Please, do not let your anger blind your common sense. Look, think of it; if it was a passing whim, would he give a ring?
M: I will teach him a thing or two about his whims.
F: Ah ah... Look, let us sit down, they will think that we are quarrelling. Ok, you are right. If only you had not found out this way, if only he had came to you and explained. But your sister wants to settle down with someone that you love and trust a lot!
M: This is exactly the problem, Feride. I trusted him, I made him my brother. I entrusted him my home and my family on my way to jail. And he lied to me.
F: You also lied to me. I should remind you, Salih Ipek. But I forgave you.
M: This is not the same thing, Feride! I had a reason. I was forced to lie. Plus, I was not acquainted with you yet.
F: He also did not know you when he fell in love with your sister. He found out of the circumstances afterwards.
M: What we went through is incomparable to him.
F: Ok, let us not compare. But Songül and I are in the same situation. I am also lying to my father for you. You are my partner in that lie too. Are we doing this because we are bad people or because we have to?
M: We do not have to Feride! I can stand in front of your father right now asking him to marry you.
F: No you cannot because I would not allow this to happen because this will not affect our lives only. Yasin also thought like that. While you were busy trying to save your father, he could not go after his love. Sometimes life puts us in difficult situations that we have to do things we said we would not do by force. And this is exactly the case! Please calm down. Look, put yourself in his place, and think in that matter. Please.
M: Look Feride, you are possibly right. I may act impulsively, but believe me I have no other way. I cannot put up with the man I said was my brother's treason.
F: Alright, since what I said has no value to you, let us close this subject. I need to go back to the courthouse anyway.
M: I will drop you off.
She tells him to give her her handbag, and they go.

Necdet, Ayten and Nurten in the Casino office:
N: You two may relax here, Sultanim.
Ayten looks at the desk and she has flashback of the night she got raped on it...
A: Why Necdet? You are not going to explain anything? Why did they kick us out of the house?
N: I also do not know, Sultanim... While you two wait here, I will go investigate on this. I will find out what is going on.
A: Alright, then why are you this tired? What is up?
N: I told you Sultanim, I am fine.
He tells Selim to not stop watching the place; who comes who goes and he does not want Ayten and Nurten to feel bothered. Selim says do not worry, he will stay at the door.
Nu: Abla, what will we do now?
A: We will wait, my beautiful, we will wait. We will do nothing else. Come on, sit down.

Safiye brings back Nazif home who had tried to run away from home and reprimands him on going out of the house like this. Nazif says that they told him his father will come but he did not come! Safiye says my beautiful grandson, maybe your father had work that came up? or else he would have come. Nazif says they tricked him, that his father will no longer come, has forgotten about him and does not love him anymore. Safiye tells him is such a thing possible? and to come eat the soup she made for him but Nazif throws the plate on the floor!

Mahir and Feride in the car:
Feride is still sad at Mahir over their little argument about Yasin/Songül, and Mahir is trying to make her speak to him, but realises that nope, his lady is mad at him.
M: The beauty of your face does not go away one bit when you sulk like that. Though I am more smitten with your smile but... if only you did not get obstinate and buttoned your lips.

Nazif comes back from the visit with Dalyan's man:
N: It is obvious that you did not well introduce me to your men Dalyan! Otherwise they would not bother themselves and come to me asking me to help in misleading justice, is it not?
D: What... What are you saying Nazif?
N: He just asked me to make you give a false statement. Asking me! I am a man his life turned into a prisoner for a crime he did not commit. I will not allow this to happen and will not let any one to do so, you should know that!
D: Look at this, what did they do!
N: You are not telling me that you will do it, right? I have never gave a probability for that.
D: I will consider myself having never heard that question, if I wanted to do that, then why am I here in the first place? They came to you because I answered them the right thing (refusal).
N: I am sorry if I say that I have never doubted, because I will be lying. We already know your principles; you were doing things that cannot be done.
D: Yes, my faults are so many but I have suffered a lot from all of this. Even though you told me to stop this in the past, I was saying that you were telling me that because of you were afraid I did not get it then I realised that your talking was from your good heart... That is how I feel but after getting old my heart cannot take sins and faults any more. The man had to repent his sins.
N: Wrong does exist to know the value of right, dear Dalyan. If the human being found the right by keeping on falling in the wrong, he would not lose again.
D: Ok, as long as we relieved our souls, let us have some tea!

Feride in the Courthouse:
Umit: Feride hanim!
F: Yes Umit abi?
U: I was thinking of how to find you, glad you came. Your fiancé Sinan bey called. Someone has notified about the newspaper advertisement, and saw Turgut bey at this address.
F: My god, finally!
U: Sinan bey already took off.
F: Tamam.

Sinan and his ferret-looking helper Rıza in the car:
Sinan says that if they are going to arrest Turgut, then it must be there. What Mahir could not do, he wants to do. And that Feride will no longer be indifferent to him (haaaaaaaaa dream on you baboon, you have as much compatibility with a baboon if anything) when he will have caught Turgut.

Mahir at the Medeniyet Newspaper Company:
M: Excuse me? Who do I see to publish a news in the newspaper?
Staffer: Are you a reporter?
M: No, but I need to have a news published due to a judicial matter. It is very important.
S: You can see the news director, Gülten hanım on the third floor.
M: Thank you.

At Gülten hanım's office (No worries ladies... Mahir will not fall for a lady that looks older than his Feride, besides his eyes see no other lady than Feride... Heh heh):
Mahir knocks on door.
M: Hello.
G: Hi.
M: I am here to request a news to be published.
G: What kind of news would that be?
M: I would like to request this man's picture to be published. The news...
G: Who is this? Why do you want us to publish it?
M: This is the father of a criminal... Savcı Turgut Akın.
G: The prosecutor who killed his wife.
M: Yes.
He gives Turgut's picture.
M: He is not caught. So, in order to catch him, he must think that his father is dying. This is why this news is very important.
G: Are you a policeman?
M: ...No
G: Such news are published as features.
M: Look, we do not have much time. This man needs to be arrested immediately.
G: Why? (annoying woman) Do you have a particular hostility toward him?
M: Yes, precisely...
G: I hope it is not for a matter of the heart.
M: No... Yani... It is a judicial matter.
G: Normally, we absolutely do not publish such news. What is your name?
M: Eh... Mahir.
G: I am very honoured to meet you, Mahir bey.
M: Likewise.
G: Like I said, we are not a newspaper that publishes special news, but since it is to arrest a criminal, we can make an exception.
M: Thank you very much, Gülten hanım.
G: You can say Gülten. Please welcome, we are going to go prepare the news, and we will take a look at it together. Ah the pictures.
The way she walked at the end telling him to follow... Growl, it is ok Gülten (Ayten, Nurten, what is next), it is assumed that you are going through menopause.

Mamafih living like a fugitive... Got himself his simit... He sees news about him in the newspaper and starts looking everywhere to see if there is anyone around...
Meanwhile, Baboon and Ferret arrive at the place. Sinan says what does this mean, they came first, where is the police?? Sinan then says the police came.
Mamafih hears cars!
S: Merhaba Komiser, I am the owner of Yurttaş gazette, Sinan Koca. The notice was made to us, and we let you know.
K: Merhaba Sinan bey.
S: Let's arrest this man as soon as possible.
K: Do not worry Sinan bey.
R: Hopefully hakime hanım will make it.
S: Huh, she came.
Run Mamafih, run... If it is someone that will catch you, it is no other than Mahir!
F: Please proceed with precaution, Komiser bey. He is very dangerous, and is a professional at escaping. My purpose is not to teach you how to do your job of course, but there is an advantage in being prudent.
Komiser tells her not to worry. He gives the order to proceed.
F: Hopefully he will be arrested.
S: We will find him Feride, do not worry. The man that noticed us spoke with certainty. The description fits Turgut. He is inside, right here.
F: Thanks Sinan. The idea of publishing this paid off. It was a great idea.
S: Heh, let us find Turgut first then you can thank me later.
Komiser tells to look everywhere, every corner. Too bad, Mamafih is on the run.
F: Why is he still not found? Could he have escaped? Do I go and look inside?
S: Impossible Feride, it can be dangerous. I shall remind you that the man hurt you before. (Do not play the card of the protective fiancé, you shithead)
The komiser agrees with Sinan. He says the house may be big but they are up to the task and she can be at ease, the police officers will find him, he cannot escape!

Later, the officers come out and Baboon asks they still did not find him? Komiser asks one of his officers what is the status of the operation? One of the officers says just like Feride thought, and Feride says "God damn it!, are you sure, did you look everywhere?" and the officer says yes, they looked everywhere but unfortunately he is nowhere to be found.

As Mamafih was close to escape without any bump on the road, a police officer catches him. (It seems to me that he talked to the officer like you usually would to a cat in order to get his uniform "puss puss, come here... give it to me..." Eh... we all know he probably killed the idiot.)
PO: STOP! Turn yourself in. Raise your hands and turn yourself in to me. I said come back, or else I will open fire.
T: Calm down, officer... Calm down...

[Both O&S scenes put together]
Osman comes to get Songül so she can go confront her brother and solve it out. She asks Osman if Mahir came to the shop, Osman says he is all alone, he sent Azmi to do something and tells her to get ready and go! Songül asks him if he thinks Mahir will forgive her? Osman says if she does not talk to him, he will not of course... They go... Songül says she will never forget that look of Mahir's, and that he has never been this angry at her. Osman says look, this is your brother; he may yell at you, be angry, but he will never separate from you. But Songül says it happened to him, Osman says Necdet and Mahir are two different individuals, and that he and Necdet were never really brothers. Osman tells her look, Mahir got upset to protect her from any harm, anyone trying to break her heart. This is why he will forgive her. He tells her not to be scared, she will see. Osman asks her if she has news about Yasin, did he not call her at all? Songül says not to bring Yasin's name up. Osman said he did not mean it to bother her, he thought she stopped being mad at him. Songül said her anger did not pass though. Osman makes funny gestures to tell her to breathe and go.

Baboon failed at catching Turgut, so he cannot look like a hero in Feride's eyes.
Komiser orders the officers to patrol thoroughly the roads, avenues, yards, everywhere!
Turgut as the officer. Very comical... He tells the other officer to go, he got that side covered.

Songül goes inside to confront Mahir:
S: Abi... I know that you are very mad at me. I am sorry, you are so right. Hit me, shout, yell at me, but do not turn your face away from me!
Mahir stops working.
M: Come, I want to talk to you. How did it happen? When did this whole thing start?
S: Last year...
M: Everyone made mistakes. You and I. And until we realised them, time passed! Which one should I be mad about? Yasin is a grown man. But you? You are still young! You said you would study, but instead, you go and accept the ring! My father consoled himself with your diploma while being over there. He said "My daughter will study! She will study in college!"
S: Brother, I am so sorry... Forgive me...
M: [...]
He gets up and wipes her tears.
M: Songül... I did not say not to be in love, and not to love the one you chose. You certainly have the right to be by the side of the one your heart chose. But only when the time comes! Ah, but if you tell me your intention is to not study, then we will look at another solution.
S: I will study!
M: Then pay attention to your studies. Only your studies. Do not be interested in anything else. Is that all right?
Songül nods in approval, and they hug.

Feride is in Sinan's car, and Rıza is following them in her car. She feels bad for him, and says she could have went on her own ... She tells him she has something to tell him; that since publishing Turgut's picture in the newspaper, she did not expect this much from him - coming along with her, setting his mind on Turgut... She appreciates it, she is grateful to him. Sinan adds "but... what is bothering you, Feride? You can say it openly." Feride then says that Turgut is someone very dangerous, ... Then Sinan says he thanks her for thinking of him, but she does not have to worry because he will not allow this prosecutor to hurt neither him nor her. She says she does not know, what he did for her was a huge favour, and she owes him big time. Sinan says what matters to him is to see her smile (piss off you baboon). Feride says despite all those bad events happening, this contributed to their friendship so this is why she is happy. Sinan smiles like a %$#@!#! idiot.

Mehmet Saim commits infraction and violates his daughter's personal space!!!!!!!!
He starts looking everywhere, in her vanity and endtable's drawers... Until... Boom, he reads her personal diary.
He reads some pages... throws it on the floor, but puts it back in its place. Mamafih calls.
MS: Yes?
T: Surprise!!! I am still not caught, it seems your son-in-law is incompetent!
MS: What are you saying Turgut?
T: What business has Sinan there? Next to the police... Are you playing a game on me, Mr. Saim?!
MS: Do not say nonsense! Besides, the job has changed. Let's meet in the evening, at the port.
T: Alright then.
(Hah... ahaha...) Man: Have a good day, officer.

Ilknur comes home immediately and asks Safiye what happened, she does not know how she hung up the telephone and how she got back home? Safiye says her son went crazy. When he said his father is not coming to see him, he got furious, opened the door and ran out! He is very bothered by this, and she says she poured him some soup, he threw it on the floor. She did not do anything as she did not know what to do. She tells Ilknur to go see him, she did not want to give Nazif a hard time, and he has been upstairs ever since the incident.
Ilknur goes to see Nazif, but he is sleeping on her bed. She sees the pictures with Bulent's face cut out. She asks him what is this, why did he cut pieces from the pictures? Nazif says his father has forgotten about him, he will too. Look, he is not here anymore. If his father does not want him, then he too does not want his father, and he does not love him! Ilknur tells him is this possible? But Nazif runs out of the room.

Feride is back to the courthouse/her office:
Umit bey comes in.
U: Hakime Hanım! Please excuse me, I did something very wrong today.
F: What is up, Umit abi?
U: Seeing you running and leaving like that, I forgot about it. The report from the forensics came to the courthouse today.
F: For the button?
U: Yes.
F: Eh where is it?
U: Since you do not trust anyone from the courthouse, me too I distrust them. So I took the report and put it with the files in the drawer. As you know, this button will finally give the fate of Süleyman Başsavcı case. And there are still people that respect Turgut bey. So, I was scared that the report gets ridden of, so this is why I hid it.
F: Excellent thinking, Umit abi.
U: I am also curious about it, Miss judge... Are you going to open it?

Will spare you the donkey and the caveman... but in short, he has come to see Orhan to eat and ask for some $... Bulent says he yearns for his son, Orhan tells him to go and see him. Bulent says it is not that easy, what will he say to the child when he meets him? That he loves his mum but he could not make her happy? That his father %^&%#@! up? What will he say? Orhan says let whatever happen, happen brother-in-law; in the end, he is Nazif's father. Orhan gives him some cash, then tells him to get himself straighten, cleaned up, clean his hair to look like a man again then go see his son. Then Orhan tells Bulent to not dare ignoring what he said; he will not interfere in other things, but if Bulent lets his nephew fall apart and leave him so, he will break Bulent's heart.

Sinan and Necdet at the office:
S: Necdet? I did not know that you are here.
N: No problem I waited a little that is all... I reached my home in the morning, and you know, as I got home, the house is gone. May be you know something about that...?
S: Of course, would I not? I looked and found that no rent was paid for this house for the last 2 months. So thought my father sold it before he left. After searching, I found out that the house did not sell, but someone asked to make it yours... A big mansion by the water... Do not be sad, but it is very valuable, and I think you did not deserve it...
N: NO, no... I did deserve it... Although that issue was not yours, it is ok; I understand...
S: However, the human being can change his destiny with his own hands. I am always defending that. What about you do something for me, and before you know it, you will have deserved that palace and other things too. Necdet you want to change your destiny?
N: How will this happen?
S: Find turgut and bring him to me. Then, I will give you anything you want.
N: Is turgut so valuable to you?
S: I want to make someone happy, someone valuable to me.
N: Ok, as you wish, Sinan bey. I will bring Turgut to you.

Nilay, Süreyya and Orhan are not worthy of the time spent translating...

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